Wicked Tickle Black Skull Smoked Ghost Pepper Powder

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  • Smoked ghost pepper chili powder
  • One of the world’s hottest chilies
  • Hottest chili powder, 1.5 oz.
  • Over 1,000,000 scoville heat units
  • Wicked tickle black skull chili powder


Wicked Tickle Black Skull smoked ghost pepper powder 2 oz.

One of the hottest and flavorful spices made from of one of the hottest chili peppers, the ghost pepper (aka Bhut Jolokia).

This chili powder is made from triple smoked ghost peppers using organic apple wood, which lends a sweet apple wood flavor to searing heat. The peppers are then ground to into a fine powder to maximize heat surface area and flavor.

Do not use ghost peppers if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Caution: severe lasting heat with long burn. Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Do not get in eyes and avoid contact with skin.

In northeastern India, ghost peppers are broken open and rubbed on fences as well as used  in smoke bombs to keep wild elephants away, they are that hot! The ghost pepper’s intense heat makes it a staple in award winning 5 alarm chilies, competitive chili pepper eating, and extreme heat salsas.

The smokey flavor of Wicked Tickle Black Skull ghost pepper powder will help make your chili an award winner.

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0.6 ounces

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Safety Warning
Do not use if you have a respiratroy or heart condition.

Salsa, tacos, chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, chili

Smoked Ghost Peppers

Dust a little on anything you want to be extremely hot!

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

177 reviews for Wicked Tickle Black Skull Smoked Ghost Pepper Powder

  1. bonifacio bio

    Great flavor. Perfect amount of spiciness. It’s what you would expect from ghost pepper. If you want something spicier get the Carolina reaper powder.

  2. Rjones

    Exactly as described! ??

  3. Tassie

    Best Ghost Pepper I’ve Tried
    I frequently buy ghost pepper and always loved Trader Joe’s GP; however, this one is my new favorite! I was afraid of the packaging only because it didn’t look as “professional”, but the flavor is really good and the heat is delicious and creeps on. I am buying more to have one at home and at my office!

  4. Harry Bauls

    Put it on everything
    This stuff is amazing, I always keep it out on the table cause i use it nearly every day. Gives any food a spicy kick without changing the flavor of your food too much like hot sauce. There is a hint of smoke too, which is not overdone. And as little as you have to use to get the spicy effect, this bottle is an extremely good value.

  5. Kenzi

    Now my most used seasoning in the house!
    This stuff is great. I put it on pizza, fries, chicken, in my fajitas and even on chips. Definitely only get it if you can handle a lot of spice and use it sparingly, as a little goes a long way. It is also really great for keeping roommates out of your food-put a little dash on top of whatever your roommate has been stealing and they will never eat anything of yours ever again!

  6. Aizko

    The Best
    This stuff is amazing. Super hot and super delicious. The warnings are real, tho. You definitely have to be a spice loving person to use this in any quantity. That said, it is great.

  7. john sutton

    Great flavor balance of smoke and spice

  8. Zenon Herrera

    Nice all around seasoning
    Gives food just the right amount of kick.

  9. forrest koehler

    love it, tastes great

  10. A.C.

    As a hothead, I always make sure that I have a container of this in my kitchen. I literally put it on everything! It has a nice Smokey flavor and gives everything a (mighty) kick. Highly recommended!

  11. HC Customer

    Not Bad
    Wasn’t as hot as I was expecting but still a very decent amount of heat. The flavor is a bit different but I suspect that that comes from the peppers being smoked. Not unpleasant, just different. I have dried and ground my own in the past and felt that this was just an easier way to go. I will buy again but probably the one that the peppers are not smoked.

  12. M. Kedra

    The Ghost lives up to its Rep
    Definitely lives up to its reputation as (one of) the World’s hottest pepper(s). I have a considerable heat tolerance and love hot food. I literally “microsprinkle” to keep food edible as opposed to intolerably hot. Flavor of the Ghost is quite pleasant, scotch-bonnet like IMHO. I like it on popcorn, just don’t cough and suck it into your lungs while consuming, quite unpleasant. This container should last quite awhile!!

  13. Stc2581

    Great kick to add to beef jerky.

  14. Manaconda

    Muy Hot’O
    Hot ya’ll! Whew mother #$&*)(&#@ HOT! Made some beef jerky with it, and took it to work. I had more people come up just to try it. Then five min later they’re dragging someone else they know to their doom. This went on all morning. Was hysterical!

  15. D K.


  16. Tabby

    Great taste, brings the heat
    Super hot! Got it on my skin and it burned for like 12 hours even after a shower, washing my hands 10 times and swimming for hours!!! Tastes nice and smoked!

  17. chrystal Audu

    Amazon has everything and I’ve been pleased with everything
    I love this item…my husband is Nigerian and loves the heat

  18. Ryan

    Makes chipotle seem like a bell pepper
    Wow, this stuff has some nice lingering heat. Hot and Smoky. Great in refried beans. Remember a little goes a long ways.

  19. thornyyrose

    wicked tickle? lol more like wicked burn…use a pinch goes a long way…perfect for homemade salasa and more

  20. Anonymous

    Be careful!
    Really hot! Good spice to have around

  21. edkruzel

    Good flavor
    Has a good flavor, but certainly has heat.

  22. Michael Tomlinson

    Whoa! Wicked – yes. Tickle – no.
    Truth in advertising. This product is potent and every bit as wicked as promoted. Used (very) sparingly, a light dusting of this pure chili powder will turn just about anything into an exercise of “how hot can you take it?” Just what I wanted, but be cautious users. One dash too many and you’ve doomed the host dish for the rubbish bin.

  23. Roger liby

    Wicked hot love it

  24. peter r

    For spicy pepper pros only
    I totally love the flavor of these dried Ghost Peppers. I use them on sandwiches, in stews. in chili, etc.
    Always boosts the flavor to a new dimension. But beware – these are super hot!. If you put too much you will suffer, guaranteed.

  25. ROCKY

    Good stuff.
    Really good nice Smokey flavor and hot.

  26. Hawk

    great taste
    This stuff will light you up so be careful.

  27. Janos

    HOT but with great taste
    I actually had bought this before off eBay so this was really just a re-purchase. Another words, after using it up, I wanted more so I bought it! While this is extremely hot, it honestly tastes great. It’s not just all heat. The smoked flavor is what I think sets it apart from other chili powders. You don’t need much to get the desired effect. The last bottle of this lasted about 10 months with almost daily use.

  28. Timothy B. Riley

    I love mine. A great high powered chili.
    I like to add some heat to my dishes but I know that not everyone shares my taste. When I make jambalaya, for instance, I make it according to my original recipe which brings it to a medium spiciness, maybe a five out of ten. I then serve it to others and then divide off mine and add some of this spice to it. I know that just a little bit goes a long way and I also offer the Ghost pepper version to some my guests who say they like a real spicy stew. Some can handle it and some can’t. This pepper has a clean but smoky flavor, it is also a little fruity. It is not just hot but it is also complex.

    I bought some canned, high-end European sardines last month that just needed an extra punch. A tiny bit of this Ghost pepper really woke them up.

    If you haven’t worked with extremely hot ground peppers this is not the place to start. This can really hurt you. Use gloves and don’t touch your face when handling them. Since you don’t need much this jar should last most people a year or so, after that I will be buying another jar. I like the heat, the flavor and the quality. I highly recommend it to the chili enthusiast!

  29. Clint Chandler

    It hott!
    Very spicy! Good stuff! Lil dash of it on soup, chili or whatever it works!

  30. Mr. Ruff

    Try meatloaf bbq sauce (sweet baby rays) on bacon wrapped meatloaf.
    Love it on my meatloaf with bacon wrapped around it. Awesome flavor.

  31. nosleepever

    Beyond satisfied
    This exceeds my expectations

  32. grim789

    Great taste
    I ate this whole thing in 3 weeks it’s delicious. It’s hot but has that nice smoky flavor. Will for sure buy more! It’s great in ramen or soup or burgers or salsa literally anything.

  33. toddsayshi

    Burn Baby Burn
    This is exactly as advertised. Just a little bit will go a long way. I added a few shakes to a bag of popcorn, and my lips are on fire. Good stuff!

  34. Todd W

    Please respect this stuff!
    This is indeed one of the so-called “super peppers”. It is very VERY hot. Being a powder, I wear a dust mask when using it. You do NOT want this stuff in your nose! Not even one speck. So also resist the temptation to sniff it to see if it “smells smoky”.

    If you respect this powder, and use it VERY sparingly (increasing it to your desired level of torture incrementally), you’ll be able to take it. I didn’t say TASTE, but TAKE. Truth is it’s so potent that all but a Reaper muncher will have to use such a small amount of it you won’t taste a thing. Even an eighth of a teaspoon will light any bland bowl of soup on fire. However, you aren’t going to taste any smoke, or even pepper. At least I didn’t. This is not Chipotle powder. Even egg salad doesn’t tame the heat much. I never could use enough to taste it.

    I was looking for spicier than Chipotle. This delivered – a little too much. Turns out I am no pepper head.

  35. Matthew

    Use sparingly, it will get ya!
    Best purchase I’ve made in a while! Perfect addition to my Jerky receipts! Co-workers were dying from the heat!

  36. Doreen

    This is HOT stuff. Just a few shakes in my big pot of chili made a difference….however, it tastes good, especially if you like really spicy stuff!!!

  37. Joe

    Lives up to its name
    I LOVE spicy food and Cayenne pepper just wasn’t doing it for me any more 1 light tap of this and my mouth is tingling with fire (and it’s a great way to catch a food thief in a sober house)

  38. Josh Malchman

    Perfect for spicing up dishes for my friends who aren’t …
    Perfect for spicing up dishes for my friends who aren’t ready for Scorpion or Reaper powder, very fragrant, you don’t need a lot, and it does the job. Phenomenal on pizza, not too spicy, very tasty. This company will be my go to for this again and again

  39. E

    Insanely spicy.. just a small dusting will start to make your eyes water before you even eat it. The ingreadents are applewood and ghost pepper.

  40. Big-T

    Oficially HOT!
    Be careful! Try dipping a tooth pick into the stuff for a sample. My tongue is burning after eating a cup of ice after a dash on the back of my hand for a taste. And, I eat Jalipenios raw out of the garden. One dash in a pot of soup will be plenty.

  41. asf146

    swabbed a little of the dust off the top of the shaker upon opening, to taste it.
    I don’t know what else to say other than, it is hotter than hell.

  42. Chris Harris

    Not as hot as I’d expected. Still very good smokey flavor and a bit of heat.

  43. TX_CMR

    Delivers a might blow of ghost pepper!
    This stuff is awesome! We add it to sauces, trail mix, taco meat, steamed veggies, hamburgers and popcorn for a punch of heat. A little goes a very long way.

  44. Andrew Roguski

    Hot stuff
    Great spice

  45. David Scioli

    Hot stuff
    Very hot powder and very good I love it

  46. Michael

    Great on burgers
    This is Hot. a little dash goes a long way. Great on burgers,tacos and we added a little to Salsa, works GREAT!

  47. Thomas Carter

    If you like the heat you will love this
    This stuff is hot. If you like the heat you will love this.

  48. Some Cali Guy

    Good Smokey Flavor – Recommended!
    Heat factor is as expected and was pleasantly surprised by the nice smokey flavor. Works especially well with pasta or on meat dishes. Be careful when using in liquid style dishes (soups, sauces, etc.) as the liquid really exacerbates the heat by spreading it around in your mouth.

  49. Chad C

    LOVE LOVE LOVE what this does for my IBS! Super hot and flavorful intense ghost pepper powder. Great for rimming Margarita glasses also! Your guests will love you…

  50. Peter

    Hot and tasty for the cook seeking heat with flavor

  51. Allen

    Five Stars
    Very hot good flavor and a little gos along ways

  52. Anonymous

    Hot with slight fruity taste
    First, it’s super hot. But I think everyone ordering smoked ghost pepper powder not only expects but demands that.

    But it’s not just hot. It also has the wonderful fruity flavor that ghost pepper has. Depending on one’s heat tolerance, you can use a little bit to add spicy and still have the added pure fruity flavor that one doesn’t find in a lot of sauces, particularly those which contain extracts. Again, though: it is super hot! Absolutely 5/5 stars. Not to mention — the jar will last most people a long while!

  53. stephen j mcdonald

    Five Stars
    Good product; good value

  54. Brave Dave

    pretty spicy but don’t expect it to knock your socks
    Strong smokey flavor, pretty spicy but don’t expect it to knock your socks off

  55. UBME

    Scale 1- 10 I give it a 7 on HOT
    Great Flavors and great heat could be stronger but over all good

  56. Anonymous

    Nice Product!
    Makes a great gift!

  57. Greg Hallenbeck

    Five Stars
    Hot Stuff!!!

  58. KW

    Serious heat and good flavor in a powdered form
    Nice! Very nice! When I got it, I took a whiff. I could tell right away that it was seriously hot, but with a nice smoky flavor profile. As with most powdered spices I obtain, I shook out a little (perhaps about 1/16 tsp) and put it to my tongue. The flavor was wonderful. The heat crept up slowly and built to a crescendo about 2 minutes later. It had been years since anything like this had caused me to drool in pain over the sink, but this stuff did! The flavor and the heat are well balanced and will no doubt find a place in many of my ad-hoc dishes.

    For comparison, it is much, much hotter than cayenne (~20-30x). It is on par with similar quantities of extract-based hot sauces. I doubted the 1,000,000 scoville rating mentioned on the label, but now believe that it is at least within that ballpark. A little sprinkle on your eggs in the morning will definitely get your day off to a nice start!

    For dinner, I had an Indian curry and garbanzo bean dish that I served over rice. Before augmentation, the dish was plain, not spicy. I put a small ‘sprinkle’ (far less than I would put of salt or black pepper) on the dish. After that, it was seriously hot. About what I would expect from a good Indian or Nepalese restaurant after asking for “extra hot”. It was actually seriously and respectably hot! (like, Dave’s Insanity hot) Just from a little sprinkle!

    I am very pleased with this purchase. The amount I got and its seasoning capabilities are well worth the price.

  59. mondaymoos

    We like flavored popcorn
    This stuff is not here to play. We like flavored popcorn, so we bought some spicy and some blue cheese because we thought… “wooo wings flavored popcorn!” Nah. This ain’t that. This is here to burn the face off of your friend who brags about how much they love spicy food.

  60. AmandaFamanda

    Good, but be careful.
    Awesome, as long as you don’t dump it into a pot of boiling water.
    Hubby ended up practically pepper spraying the house!

    Super hot!

  61. d

    The spice is very potent but not rude like say a green jalapeno. It comes on solidly like a chipotle Jalapeno and builds to a profound caspacian firestorm. The smokey flavor is perfect and real smoke. It is not the artificial smoke either. This is now one of my favorite spice products. If you honestly enjoy ghost pepper this little amazing jar of awesome will not disappoint !

  62. C. Curry

    VERY VERY VERY hot- and you HAVE TO LIKE this kind of heat to ENJOY this porduct I …
    I found a suitable REPLACEMENT for a habanero powder I was running-out-of. This product is HOT.
    VERY VERY VERY hot- and you HAVE TO LIKE this kind of heat to ENJOY this porduct
    I would give it MORE STARS if AMAZON would allow it. I will purchase MORE when needed.
    GREAT on pizza, fries, popcorn. AMAZING on chicken/meats. SEASONED pickles and olives- YOU haven’t LIVED
    until you’ve had a HOT/SPICY olive.

  63. Morgan Swaim

    really good. Fun to use on people not
    I still have this, really good. Fun to use on people not expecting

  64. ML

    Hottest thing I’ve ever tasted.
    HOLY S**T!!! My wife sprinkled a tiny little bit in my hand and asked me to try it. I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO DIE!!! She bought this stuff to sprinkle on the bird seed to keep the squirrels off of it. If any squirrel can survive eating this stuff it DESERVES to steal the seed. I thought I knew what hot was, but I had no clue.

    And don’t ask me how it tasted. I have no clue. My mouth was on fire. I couldn’t taste anything.

    By the way… I love spicy stuff. I grew up in New Mexico eating raw jalapenos. I can handle some heat. When I order buffalo wings I always order the hottest ones they sell and I don’t even get the sniffles. Nothing compares to the heat from this powder.

  65. brandon

    switched from Blairs dry rub to this and its great

  66. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars
    Really hot and I love it!

  67. Mel73

    Use on anything!
    Whenever I order food or buy spices and the product says hot or spicy I’m usually disappointed. Not with this powder. I’m going to use this to supplement everything!

  68. Joshua

    I put this on everything because not only does it have a nice burn but also adds a smoky flavor to what …
    Very delicious smoked ghost pepper powder. I put this on everything because not only does it have a nice burn but also adds a smoky flavor to what you’re eating

  69. Jana

    Five Stars

  70. Sarah Lohry

    Five Stars
    hot! My son loves it

  71. Janie

    Awesome. Best one out there. It brings the eat. Do not eat unless you are a major league chili head. Great smoky taste,as well.

  72. Andrewal

    Love it and I’ve kept reording it
    Hott but with favor. Love the favor and heat this produces. I put this on everything I literally eat.

  73. Roger Samms

    so good i reordered. good gifts
    made me go out and grow my own.

  74. Keith Stephens

    Five Stars
    Great smell and taste but very hot.

  75. Shaun

    Five Stars
    Good in hot sauce. Don’t breathe it in, you will sneeze.

  76. D. G. Henry

    Flame on!
    A little history, just so that you get a sense of my tastes. I’ve been a flame breather for over 25 years so my tolerances are very high… I love the burn so much that my Hispanic friends don’t even come close, in fact they say I’m crazy. With that out of the way I’ll say that I’m on my seventh container of this stuff, I love it… It has a very nice bite to it, but not so bad that if you “stump your toe” you’ll ruin the dish.. I will also admit that the heat seems to dissipate over time, if it takes a couple months to consume, it’s definitely milder near the end… I certainly can’t explain that.

    The last package arrived ripped with no contents inside, a quick e-mail to Wicked Tickle with a picture of the package and they quickly sent a replacement.

    I’ll be back again and again…

  77. S. Gila

    I love it!
    Powerful Heat. I love it!!!

  78. JM

    Five Stars
    Great product.

  79. J V

    Five Stars
    nice heat, great flavor!

  80. Filburt_Turtle

    but also has a great taste. A word of caution
    This stuff packs a serious punch, but also has a great taste. A word of caution: be careful with this stuff. I first used this product when I was grilling a couple hamburgers. I shaked a very small pinch on each burger very carefully, and within a few minutes I apparently inhaled the fumes of it and had to walk away from the grill to breath. I now only use this as a seasoning after food items are cooked. Would definitely recommend it if you like spicy.

  81. Nick

    Good stuff! Great flavor! Hot too! 🙂

  82. Mary Smith

    I make jerky an everyone kept wanting it hotter, well I finally got it hot enough. To hot for some

  83. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars
    I use it on everything.

  84. zentara

    Five Stars
    This is what I’ve been looking for. Just a sprinkle gives you all the heat you need.

  85. Heidi

    Great stuff – hot and awesome

  86. Anonymous

    Hot Stuff!
    Smoked Ghost Pepper Powder Black Skull Great product – spicy hot as described. Will definitely purchase again! Great vendor also!

  87. Michael Kowalczyk

    Unless you are high or drunk
    This is overwhelming
    Threw it out

  88. georgette dixon

    My husband loves spicy

  89. C. Gonzalez Aviles

    Don’t breathe it in!
    The reason I bought this stuff is that I was getting tired of having to cut up the whole smoked-dry peppers everytime I wanted to spice up my food. But the problem with this product is that the powder is so fine that it can get into your nostrils if you are not careful. I guess I was expecting flakes, maybe even some bits of seeds, etc., not the very fine powder that I’ve got. Anyway, I do hope that I can find a way spice up my food without having to sneeze 2 or 3 times in the process…

  90. M. Mccollough

    Very good pain, good, good pain. Love it

  91. B.J.

    Five Stars
    I love this item, will buy again soon

  92. Steadfasting

    Not the same as it was. Very disappointed!
    I purchased 2 bottles of the Smoked Ghost Pepper powder back in April of 2016, and then 2 bottles in November of 2016. I was very satisfied with the first order. It was awesome, pretty much perfect. It was a nice hot, slightly course, powder with a great smokey taste. It was so good that I ordered 2 bottles again several months later. The second order was sadly totally different. The 2 bottles have about zero smoke flavor and they ground it into a finer powder that floats in the air. It almost taste like hot lawn clippings this time around. I still have a little left from my first order, so I did do a side by side and taste comparison. I’m so disappointed that they let me down and ruined their recipe. Unfortunately I’m now considering another option.

  93. jOdY kNiGhT

    WOW!!! XXX HOT
    I’ll admit, I’m a seasoned spice lover. I’ve built my tolerance up for hot stuff throughout my life, starting at age four. I’m now thirty seven. I use to be able to handle about anything but I’ve noticed over the past couple years, my ability to handle the super hottest things on the planet that you see in novelty stores with crazy names like death sauce and stuff like that has started to weaken. Don’t get me wrong, my weaker state these days makes things feel hotter but, I truly believe that this dust is one of the hottest and best tasting fire dusts on the open market today. And, it tastes really, really good. Has a strong, smoky, grill taste that screams steak and potatoes. But, it’s real good on other stuff like chicken, fish, fries, green beans, hamburgers, chili dogs and yes, even vanilla ice cream. I disn’t think it was going to be this good when I bought it but I was pleasantly suprised. I’m sure you will be too. So, buy it up and burn it up. You’ll be in a painful state of bliss, I promise!!!

  94. Adrene Davis

    Nice tickle.
    Not the hottest pepper product. Nice tickle.

  95. cslimfu

    Five Stars
    Nice super smoky smell, but be warned it’s hot. Good stuff though.

  96. brian reams

    Five Stars
    Great stuff. Fast shipping

  97. Eriverto Reyes

    Five Stars
    I love the flavor and it has just the right amount of heat for my taste.

  98. Loki

    Hot stuff

  99. Dan Beranek

    Five Stars
    It has a smoky component that I really like.

  100. Mark A. Craig

    Hot Stuff!!
    This is the real deal. Very not yet flavorful. Just be careful on how much you use as you don’t want to overdo it.

  101. viviana ramirez

    I have already ordered this several times i use this for every food haha now its a necesity for me

  102. Mountain Man

    Great on BBQ
    Defiantly not the hottest but the flavor is incredible. Great on BBQ.


    My favorite spice to add heat
    Great flavor, and great heat. Won’t overpower the flavors of whatever you add it to.

    ***Update, my last bottle has very little heat. Not sure what changed but I have to add a lot more to get the same heat.

  104. Sterling R. Harris

    Five Stars

  105. Wayne A. Mcdowell

    Great taste variation
    Great with a smoky taste! I mix it with reaper powder, scorpion powder, and smokes dried pods of all three!!!!! Add mango purée and distilled vinegar and some balsamic. Pest hot sauce in the world?

  106. joseph kollgaard

    bought for a friend. She said it lived up to the expectations.

  107. corinne foote

    Like, REALLY H-O-T
    This stuff is really, really hot. Like, REALLY H-O-T!

  108. Horus R. IceRaven

    Great peppers, a must for any kitchen.
    Better then scorpion peppers. Scorpion peppers may be hotter, but lack flavor of the Ghost Pepper. A nice rich flavor and intense heat gives a full chili pepper experience.

  109. Michael Piteo

    Good flavor, great heat
    I like to think I’m a pepperhead. I can eat my share of real spicy foods. This stuff is perfect. Great flavor from the smoking process and good heat. Add a little to any food to make it hot, add a lot to make it REALLY hot. Very versatile and lasts a long time (use it almost every meal and feel like I haven’t made a dent in it) worth every penny

  110. scott geiger

    Five Stars
    great product arrived fast and perfect

  111. Anonymous

    I again put this amazing spice on my pizza
    I just got this a few days ago and now I use it for everything and I’m basing my cooking on it. Breakfast, Dippy eggs I sprinkled some spice on them. Lunch, I again put this amazing spice on my pizza, and dinner smoked chicken covered in this amazing ghost pepper. I’m sweating a little when eating and I feel the burn the entire time it’s not overwhelming but you can obviously use your desired amount a few dashes seems to be enough for a whole meal it’s very flavorful and you can tell its homemade with the bits and pieces and different little bits you get.

  112. A guy in America

    Fantastic stuff!
    Great flavor, great heat! A lot of pepper for the price too. Highly recommended for smokey hot heads!!

  113. Sasha

    Great product! Good heat and taste.
    I’m so glad to have this and at a great price.

  114. John Weedmark

    Three Stars

  115. Robert Griffin

    Hot Stuff, Handle with Care!
    Hot! If you need to heat up your Chili, this is it. Be careful not to add too much and handle with care. I use to blend with other spices for recipes.

  116. Rob

    Awesome flavor, but packs a nasty punch. I actually wish it wasn’t so spicy because it tastes so good but it does come with a caution label if that tells you anything. No complaints. This powder will probably be enough to spice every meal I eat for decades, no exaggeration. Seriously, this stuff is spicy as all hell.

  117. Charlie Davis

    Five Stars
    very good product.

  118. Anonymous

    Really good to suffer yourself
    The hottest chilli I ever tried. Really good to suffer yourself.

  119. Larry D.

    Four Stars

  120. jeff hagemann

    Keeps me regular ??
    Put it in my lunch to warm up my sandwiches tasty!

  121. Keith Durocher

    Good stuff.
    Very nice smokey flavor. Hot but not rediculess.

  122. Hope

    This is a no-joke powder which brings the heat! A tiny amount goes a long way in our jerky and chili.

  123. L. Mulei

    This has a good fairly strong bit of heat to it, and good fairly mild taste, imo. Which is just about perfect for me. I am using this on foods when I want some heat but when the vinegar of my favorite hot sauce (Tabasco) won’t go well.

  124. salem alqaydi

    Five Stars

  125. peggy arnall

    Five Stars
    love hot seasonings.

  126. Matt Barlow

    Proceed with caution!
    This will put hair on your chest! Those who cry from jalapeños need not apply!

  127. JaSeM ALSaRRaF

    Five Stars
    nice for after cooking

  128. Carl S.

    Great but not perfect.
    Has all the heat you’d expect from a ghost pepper but one star off for not much of a smoky flavor. Or maybe it’s just so hot I couldn’t taste the smoke. Still, I’ll buy it again.

  129. Bruce

    Five Stars
    It’s going to burn from lips to ass…… so if hot is not your thing, STAY AWAY!

  130. dnc

    Five Stars
    hot as hell ans loving it!!!

  131. D. Emmert

    This is some HOT stuff. Just add a dash …
    This is some HOT stuff. Just add a dash to chili or whatever you want to spice up, stir well and eat with caution. This will last all year.

  132. Sifo Dyas

    One of the best! Not just raw heat, but a ton of flavor too (very smokey taste). Goes fantastic in salsas, caesars, bloody marys, scrambled eggs, perogi and sour cream dishes, chili, you name it.

    NEVER throw this on top of a stir-fry though: it’s a fine powder, and aside of ruining the taste, the heat will aerosolize the pepper and your entire apartment will be like someone just discharged a canister of bear spray in it (something with which I have first hand knowledge, sadly).

    Excellent product!

  133. randy

    Real good, quality ghost chili pepper powder. The smoked applewood makes a wonderful additive. Im a big hot fan, and a good ounce of this makes you salivate like waterfall, fully satisfied.

  134. Josh

    Good heat, but the pepper is overpowered by the smoke.
    This stuff is very spicy, but the smoking process they use completely masks the flavor of the pepper, which has a unique and delicious flavor of its own. It’s better off used in bbq flavored foods where the smoke flavoring works great. It also works amazingly well in a heavily seasoned chili. Just avoid using in traditional buffalo wing sauce, the smoke seems out of place and makes things just taste odd.

  135. Andrew C.

    Great flavor, only good heat
    One of my coworkers used this in his chili. I enjoyed it so much, I had to try some. It gives food a good flavor as well as a good heat. I’m only deducting a star because I was expecting more heat for the amount I used. I get more heat per measure from cayenne pepper powder.

  136. Steve W.

    I prefer the taste and heat of he scorpion chili
    Using this alone provides a nice heat level and okay flavor, but combining with other chilis brings out a bitter after taste similar to habanero. I much prefer the scorpion chili which has equal heat without the bitter accent; I find it much easier to balance.

  137. SayNo2NWO

    I don’t like concentrate, so this powder works great for me
    This stuff is hot. I’ve been a pepper freak all my life and have built up a big tolerance for heat. I don’t like concentrate, so this powder works great for me. I also like that the smoke flavor is not overpowering, which I found to be the case with Volcanic Pepper brand powder. Which is also a great product, I’m not knocking them. Black Skull, large quantity for an excellent price. It WILL melt your face if you use enough!!!!

  138. Patsy

    Then my buddies can enjoy it to
    Keep it in my lunch bucket. Then my buddies can enjoy it to. Fantastic flavor I add it to a bottle of salad sald dressing. WOW

  139. Henry Blessitt

    Bought it for my daughter who loves hot stuff but it would kill me if I ate it. ( my head is sweating just thinking about it )

  140. Brian

    the flavor is good that’s all it has going for it
    Wasn’t near 1 mil units at all but is still spicy. the flavor is good that’s all it has going for it.

  141. cynthia

    Five Stars
    Love it

  142. J. Reis

    Black Skull Powder Is Magic
    This is my second bottle of this chili powder. I’m a “heat seeker” and love all things that are spicy. The spicier, the better… My first bottle had a great smoky flavor and a good amount of heat (compared to eating a fully seeded jalapeno) but nothing too crazy. The second bottle I received had that same great smoky flavor but with 10x hotter. I actually had to scale back the amount I used this time around. Needless to say, spicy or mild, they both still tasted great on everything.

  143. mia kedzie

    Three Stars
    Not as hot as expected but will definitely add to all my salsa

  144. ray4122

    Five Stars
    Great smokey and hot!

  145. Nick gordon

    Hot shizzle !!!
    This stuff is no joke !!

  146. Anonymous

    This is the best.
    Best stuff on the web. Great flavor, perfect heat!

  147. Kindle Customer

    Hot and on time
    How that’s Good

  148. casey sullivan

    This pepper not only brought the heat, the smoked flavor really added a fantastic taste. It is great on pizza and lasagna especially.

  149. Clayton Maris

    I put this in everything. I measure it in shakes..

    1 shake for some spice

    2 shakes for a kick

    3 shakes for a burn

    4 shakes to clear out the sinuses

  150. howard smith

    Five Stars
    Hell hell hot hot.

  151. Jose

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Taste good too!
    Really great powder. For those who say this is not that hot… You are not human or have no taste buds. Face it its extremely hot, but it tase good. Its spicey but edible! (:

  152. Carrie

    Five Stars
    Condensed orgasm in a spice container.

  153. Windy Scobey

    Good flavor with decent amount of heat. If you are looking for hot hot hot ghost pepper, this is not it!

  154. Kirk

    I love this stuff
    I love this stuff. HOT AS HELL so use caution when handling. Wash your hands, use gloves and keep your hands away from your eyes or else you will be sorry… Good on a variety of things such as, popcorn, meats, veggies, even cocoa, just about anything except desserts. Finally, unless your from another planet, a little ( I mean little) goes a long way. If you accidentally use too much, throw the stuff out! Don’t take the chance! This stuff take chilli to another level! Yummy! I keep a bottle in my car.

  155. Maria Molinari

    Five Stars

  156. Thisbytez

    If you like to really spice up your food, this will definitely do the trick and a little goes a long way. Even better, the flavor is amazing. This isn’t just chili powder with more “heat”. It has a rich smoky flavor that improves the taste of anything. I add this to finished foods to kick them up a notch, but it’s soooo much better when cooked into your food, like meat on the grill, or in chili, etc. But be careful when cooking with it indoors, because it can and will cause eye and nose irritation throughout the house if you cook without good ventilation.

  157. G-Man

    Wicked good
    First, the Apple Wood smoke adds a depth of flavor that absolutely works well with the ghost pepper. As crazy as it sounds, the Apple Wood actually pairs well with grilled fruit. Dash a little of this powder on the grilled fruit and it helps to balance the sticky sweetness of the caramelized fruit with a little smokiness and some heat. What it does for any vegetables is make them even more palatable. Meats and sauces are kicked up with the heat, but also with the slightly sweet smokiness of the Apple Wood. Don’t forget to use it on seafood either! What a great addition to the pantry for those who like some flavor with their heat. Enjoy!

  158. chantola vong

    Love it
    Came on time and the level of spiciness is off the charts! My brother tried this powder and he loves it.

  159. Erik Winkler

    Hot and tasty
    Use this very sparingly. I used way too much on my pizza and it took a pint ice cream to quench the flames. Good flames though.

  160. helen ashby

    HOT hot pepper
    My hubby like his wings, salsa and everything else I make for him VERY hot. This is a great product, I add it to many food recipes.

  161. Mark Pearson

    lots of smoky heat with a minimum of bitterness
    Really love this stuff on just about everything but dessert. Just a little shake adds a delicious smoky heat. I don’t have to worry about buying the hottest salsas any more as I can crank the heat up to any level that I desire with this. Love it.

  162. Tasha

    I got this for my mom who loves spicy food, but always complains that the spicy food she eats is salty not spicy. She’s not complaining anymore. She loves putting this in everything she eats.

  163. jay purcell

    extremely hottt!
    Exactly as described product is really hot so use caution. And anyways remember a little goes a long way lol

  164. bfb2k

    Great flavor.
    It really isn’t as hot as you would expect from ghost peppers… but what it lacks in heat it makes up in flavor. This stuff it awesome in chili or sprinkled on french fries. I will be buying again before I run out.

  165. KSarahSarah

    Great Smokey Flavor and Very Hot!
    I got this as a stocking stuffer for my husband who loves really hot food. The bottle made it on the the Christmas dinner table and was a big hit. My brother-in-law said it was the highlight of his Christmas!

  166. Dave

    Super hot!!!!
    I love hot stuff and this HOT!!! Anyone who says its not is crazy. Bought this in combo pack and am not disappointed. I now make the hottest wings in Florida. Fast shipping too.

  167. Firetech2

    Ghost Pepper Chili Powder
    The taste is awesome! But the smell is even better. The applewood comes through beautifully!!! I would recommend this to any hot pepper fan.

  168. cherie young

    fantastic taste
    I ordered this at first as a joke to my husband who loves everything very
    spicy. As you know Ghost pepper is the HOTTEST pepper there is. I was surprised to find that it is tasty too! I find myself adding it to many dishes-don’t be afraid of the heat-it’s good for you.

  169. kchercmech

    Wonderful flavor – but not as hot as I was expecting
    I am a man who LOVES heat in his food. This was the first 100% Ghost Pepper I have ever tried. Typically I enjoy the Red Savina habanero as it is somewhere around 400,000 scoville. Supposedly, this is supposed to be over a million scoville; however, it has not ‘lit me up’. I think it is due to it being a powder – don’t really know.

    Ok, the taste – the wonderful smokey flavor will do wonders for your food especially if you grill often. I have put this stuff on everything to include cucumbers and watermelon with great results. It DOES have heat, just not as much as I expected. For comparison, I think the hot sauce named “Da Bomb” is a bit hotter than this – but, Da Bomb cannot compete with the mouth watering flavor of this applewood smoked powder.

    NOTE** When you use it outside, it quickly becomes a tear gas with even the slightest wind. I accidentally released this novice chemical weapon at our last cookout and resulted in a bunch of people sitting around me begin sneezing. Kind of comical actually, but it was not intended.

    All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this as the flavor enhances any cooked meat, or salad, or even fruit. It gives everything a smoke hint similar to “Liquid Smoke”. And it will make you sweat a little bit. I have since moved on to using actual ghost peppers and slicing and dicing them myself to add to my concoctions because I cannot find a commercially available sauce that comes close to where I think 1-2 million scoville should be. The real peppers are VERY hot especially because I use the seeds as well as the pepper’s ‘meat’ in my sauces.

  170. BC

    Wicked heat
    I little bit gos a long way for wicked heat and a nice flavor to it. A chili head would love it.

  171. The Dude

    This will get your attention
    Arrived quickly, appropriately packaged; no issues there. This stuff will get your attention. Go lightly until you find your heat level. You can always add, you can’t take away.

  172. B. Turley

    Good Flavor
    So many chili powders offer heat without flavor. Or the flavor is just plain awful. This one’s different. It’s actually fairly mild. I sprinkle on main dishes, salads, and sides as I would regular pepper. It gives every dish I have tried it on a nice tangy bite. But the smoky flavor is exceptional. My friends love it. The kids love it! And I recommend it!

  173. DigMeUp

    Plenty Hot
    As a person who has consumed a lot of the 4 million Scoville sauce made by CaJohns called, Z Nothing Beyond,. I can honestly say that this is a seriously hot powder. And that it is safer mixed into a sauce or cheese or something so that you are not in direct full contact with the powder in any way. A little of this powder goes a long way. And the powder has a nice strong smokey quality that is more smokey than Chipotle pepper powder.
    All around it is very very nice. But it’s hot,. Be Careful.

  174. Tim

    i love this i use it on anything i can only problem at first was getting used to it. it can also dry out whatever you put it on so use wisely, otherwise buy if you like a lot of heat on your food.

  175. M. Tison

    Slow burn!!
    I bought this for my husband who can’t find hot sauce or powder hot enough. He loves this and uses it on everything. That to me means this is a great hot powder.

  176. gamerdev

    Great Taste, tons of heat!
    Great taste, not too hot when used in moderation, and fire hot when not! This sure turned up the heat on my chilli!

  177. vet

    Hmmmm good, smoked ghost peppers…
    Best tasting crushed pepper on this planet. Yes it’ s smoking hot but what a unique flavor. The smell of this smoked pepper arouses the taste buds. Full body and flavor, resulting in craving for more. Not bitter such as bonnet or habanero. Best to try with a tooth pick to determine one’s tolerance, then sprinkle accordingly and enjoy this unique flavorful smoked pepper. Hmmm good and well worth every penny as a little goes a long way. Lingering flavor has the brain craving for more.

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