Wicked Tickle 10 Whole Ghost Pepper Dried Intact Seed Pods Plus 2 Free, Super Hot

(162 customer reviews)


  • 10 Whole dried Ghost Pepper Seed Pods, hotter than hot sauce +2 free
  • One of the World’s Hottest Chili Peppers
  • Much hotter than habanero
  • Delicious and fiery hot ghost chili peppers.


Wicked Tickle Whole Dried Ghost Peppers are extremely hot at over 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units. Ghosts make a super hot spice.

10 hand picked, high quality, dried whole peppers in a resealable bag plus 2 free ghost chili peppers, 12 total peppers.

Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. USE WITH CAUTION

The Ghost Pepper has been recognized as one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. Dried ghost peppers make an extremely hot spice.

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4 x 2 x 3 inches

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0.6 ounces





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Safety Information
Do not use if you have a respiratroy or heart condition.

Salsa, tacos, chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, chili

ghost peppers

salads, sauces, chicken wings, secret hot spice mixes, salsa, tacos

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Use with caution

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

162 reviews for Wicked Tickle 10 Whole Ghost Pepper Dried Intact Seed Pods Plus 2 Free, Super Hot

  1. Michael

    the heat
    Love the heat

  2. daniel j kobus

    Nicely dried

  3. Chris Collins

    as advertised

  4. Lyn Renaud

    We bought these for a little challenge we were all trying how about six of us high school kids and one adult she thought he can handle it but it was hot eat a gallon of ice cream and I still felt the heat

  5. Andrew R.

    The Perfect Pepper
    I will never order ghost peppers again. Not because this product is bad, but because it was perfect. I ate one without any water or milk or anything to cool it down. I was praying it would go away at some point. After about an hour, it finally went.

  6. Jake

    Nonstop Stomache Pain
    Food poisoning.

  7. Kyle Westendorf

    It did it’s job. Fast delivery. Good Quality.

  8. Mark

    I love the packaging and the ghost pepper is just as described. Once the Spring comes around, I will know how well these seeds do…I usually have a green thumb…but you can rest assured they are ghost peppers.

  9. michele Stocke


  10. Oreide

    Not as hot as I was hoping for…
    For a Ghost Pepper this was disappointing. The heat was not as hot as expected. The taste was good, but the heat was not. If there is nothing else out there I will purchase this again, but I will look first.

  11. Ronson Lee

    Mint tooth paste helps soothes the burn
    Made an oil with this… Awesome taste kinda sour… Makes you sweat… Wear gloves when cutting this cause I didn’t and then took a shower without washing my hands… Long story short… I should still be able to have kids but it wasn’t fun…

  12. Crystal Goddess420

    Perfect for my purpose and came with enough to share

  13. M. Lomeli

    Five Stars
    Good luck

  14. Roger d.

    Got as hell ????
    By God they are hot????????????

  15. David A. Hall

    Five Stars
    Really hot and excellent flavor!

  16. Michael P.

    Four Stars
    tastes great but just not as hot as everyone makes them out to be

  17. Casey Dill

    Five Stars
    It lived up to its reputation by making my crock-pot chili “nuclear”. Thanks, Wicked Tickle!

  18. Marcelle

    Five Stars
    Added this to my Salsa,,mmmmmm good

  19. Joe Kane

    Holy hotness.
    Hottest pepper I’ve ever added to food. Made ghost pepper ketchup and came out great. These things are deceptive WEAR GLOVES!

  20. mama lemons

    Not hot enough
    They came nearly on time but after adding all 12 peppers to salsa that called for 1-2 peppers I still did not have to grab some milk…very disappointed.I grow habeneros hotter than these I got.

  21. paul aguilar

    One Star
    Received 3 whole peppers, rest were broken.

  22. james stanker

    very hot just what I
    very hot just what I wantted

  23. anna Kim

    One Star
    These pepper are not hot. I ate a piece and no burn at all. Totally fraud!!!

  24. Anonymous

    Small at first got then get really hot when you eat it so far this is the hottest pepper I have ever ate. 🙂

  25. Raj

    but better than others out there
    Not as spicy as I imagined, but better than others out there.

  26. Jeff Sloan

    Good product and fast shipping
    Gave these to my step son for his birthday, he wanted them. Just smelling them burned my nose hairs clean off. Make sure you have a couple gallons of milk at hand.

  27. Michael G Torgersen

    Four Stars
    as advertised. thought they would be hotter.

  28. James Usher

    Five Stars


    Five Stars
    vary hot but teased amazing very good in chilli or on pizza

  30. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    oh baby that’s a spicy peper

  31. Hannah

    Two Stars
    Not as Spicy and Smell Bad

  32. Sunflower homestead

    Hot hot hot!
    Deliciously hot. We made ghost pepper jerkey. Made us all cry! Good stuff

  33. Belkis

    Five Stars


    They are hot and tasty!
    I use these in my homemade salsa. They work great! It is nice that we can buy them any time, instead of just in season.

  35. tarmistead

    Five Stars
    shipped on time good quality

  36. joshua meadows

    Five Stars

  37. G-Force

    One Star
    Not what I expected!

  38. Kevin Ball

    Quite an experience
    If you eat this whole it will absolutely destroy your mouth/stomach/intestines.

  39. Pablo

    made for geat laughs
    used it as a joke and it was great

  40. joe

    I thought they would be so you could plant themy Bombed out not what I wanted sorry

  41. Timothy M. Gorman

    Hot as hell. I’m in Heaven
    These were hot. Had a little hotter, but these tasted better.

  42. Anonymous

    Four Stars
    Not Bad

  43. mofackey1

    still good.
    all the dried reapers ive tried{about 4 or 5} have not outdone scorpions as far as heat goes. still good.

  44. Rustam

    feels like chipotle sauce is much hotter than this one
    Is it even 100k caps lvl? feels like chipotle sauce is much hotter than this one.

  45. Anonymous

    good buy
    really hot, came in a cheap looking baggy tho, but that’s not whats important. good buy for the price

  46. Alice Pack

    I’m a big fan of challenging my self and that’s about eating extremely hot and spicy food and the best way to do it is to eat this.

  47. Michael Angelo

    Worth it if you’re going to add it to something
    Damn hot. I used these and Carolina reapers to make a hot sauce and damn were these hot. Rehydration them works well and they seemed to be packaged fairly well.

  48. Jared M.

    Good expirence!
    Came on time and none of them were broken or crumbled. Two thumbs up.

  49. Vincent Weaver

    Can usually handle hot stuff very well but this pepper was absolutely terrible.
    Made me sick within an hour of eating one. Don’t know why. Can usually handle hot stuff very well but this pepper was absolutely terrible.

  50. efrain

    Three Stars
    hot as hell

  51. Anonymous

    though it will sooth your pain it will make your stomach upset and you will like complete crap
    Man are these hot as heck. if you want a burning sizzle in your mouth that will make you cry then this is the pepper you need. these peppers will make you cry for sure. It will definitely upset your stomach, your’re going to be sitting on the toilet for hours. A little advice don’t drink milk, though it will sooth your pain it will make your stomach upset and you will like complete crap, trust me. gets some ice cubes those will help.

  52. Patick Mack

    Five Stars
    hot hot and arived in good shape

  53. kelly

    … was my turn to eat one i was crying like a baby lol the burn lasts for aleast 25 …
    holy sh*t this is probably the funniest thing to watch other people eat but when it was my turn to eat one i was crying like a baby lol the burn lasts for aleast 25 minutes and when you use the bathroom you are going to sh*t fire!!!

  54. elpa

    Deliver the heat
    These peppers were nicely dried and definitely deliver heat! Not quite as hot as the ghost pepper in Trader Joe’s ghost pepper grinder, but they come close.

  55. Anonymous

    It was a truly horrible, miserable
    It was literal hell. My friends and I decided to eat them for the sake of a challenge. It was a truly horrible, miserable, and awful 20 minutes of my life. However, I felt like it was a great way to bond over a painful experience and I certainly won’t forget this memory for the rest of my life. Great purchase. I’m never buying this again, though.

  56. Chris

    worth every penny
    this was amazingly powerful as my friends tried them I was like OK it’s bad but not too bad right? nope I try it and all the seeds spill on my tongue which sends me into a sprint to cover. I was on the verge of tears contemplating whether I really needed a tongue. avoid water you need cold milk and alot of it. it only burned for about 15 minutes yet I still see it as one of years worst things I’ve ever done

  57. butch2006

    doesn’t take much to spice up dinner ! nice flavor

  58. Pimpman

    Tasty and spicy

  59. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    it was very hot i threw up

  60. Neil Reittinger

    Nice flavor.
    Used to be the hottest. Now they just taste good.

  61. Dorion Carr Jr.

    still love them
    they are hot as hell! still love them

  62. Chase Congdon


  63. Chaz

    good product
    My Son-in-Law has been successful with growing this.

  64. Sidney Sakamaki

    Five Stars
    good hot pepper

  65. John R. Brown

    Five Stars
    Yep, they were hot.

  66. A March

    Ghost pepper review
    I received these just a few days ago. The package is simple plastic bag containing 10 peppers. We have tried these in our chili mix, and they are pretty hot.

  67. Anonymous

    Five Stars

  68. Lovette Truong

    Good stuff.
    It was hot. Good stuff.

  69. Chris

    Very hot, and they taste amazing too
    Came faster than expected, 12 nice sized peppers. To sample, I recommend ripping a sliver or a square about a square cm or two of the pepper skin, and chew it up nicely.
    Seed pods are nice and intact, I’m excited to see if I can germinate them.

    I tear the peppers up into bits with scissors and sprinkle them on food sparingly, and I’ll be sweating real nice. Good on meat, sandwiches, soup, dips, and many other things. Just a little will make you sweat nicely. I feel like I just found a new addiction.

  70. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!

  71. Drewsome

    Perfect peppers. Dried just right
    Item is exactly as described. Not even one piece in my package, all whole. Man ‘o’ man are they HOT! I mean like holy s**t hot. They also arrived in just a few days with the free shipping.

  72. Douglas Mc Dunnell

    Five Stars

  73. Bill C

    Hottest pepper I ever chewed on…….
    holy #$%$. Make sure you have a 1/2 gal chocolate ice cream next to you when you chew on one of these.
    I put a couple of these in a pot of chili. Simmered for a while. Removed them ….well…. must have missed one.
    Found it today…….in my mouth….. holy #@$%……..

  74. Her82

    Four Stars
    just as advertised

  75. Anonymous

    I love it
    Very Hot ! I love it

  76. Omen

    Not really that hot. Ate one whole it was hot but habanero peppers are hotter. 2 Stars because it had heat behind it but nothing worth mentioning.

  77. Fish Jc

    Oh Yea!!!!
    Thanks for the seeds – hope they grow!!

  78. SamTurn

    My anus hurts. 4/5. 5/5 with rice.

  79. Anonymous

    Wish they were hotter…
    These peppers were disappointingly not hot. I was expecting them to be much hotter than a habanero but they were about the same heat level.

  80. Aaron Avila

    Five Stars
    You get exactly what your expecting… My friend planted some of the seeds and they actually sprouted 🙂

  81. Anonymous

    Four Stars

  82. Anonymous

    Scorching hot

  83. Klavare

    One Star
    None of them came up

  84. wldman222

    Five Stars
    as advertised.

  85. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    im 12 years old and about to do the ghost peeper challenge

  86. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    I got 16 peppers, and I am pleased

  87. Anonymous

    They smell good and have a really good taste live them until the hit kicked in they are nothing like habaneros

  88. savannah mitchell

    So happy with the salsa I made with it
    Got every bit they said would be there!!! So happy with the salsa I made with it!!

  89. DrBun

    Five Stars
    Wish these were fresh.

  90. Laura Knipe

    One Star
    its not that i hate this its just I ordered this like a month or so ago

  91. Connor A.

    Four Stars
    They’re hot!

  92. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    It was awesome and very hot.

  93. Jory Dodo

    One Star
    smelled bad

  94. Crazyblackdragon

    And it burns, burns burns
    I can see why the Indian Army weaponized this crap.

    My father loves spicy food, and normally puts crushed red pepper on his pizza or chilli, so I snuck some of these bad boys in all cut and crushed up on April 1st. I probably should have only used one. The result ended with a lot of yelling, groaning and a plethora of four-letter words, and trips to the bathroom the next morning that can only be described simply as ‘uncomfortable’. Then in the end, I realized that this was no longer a prank, as it was pure evil. Like, tired of hating on the Nazis? Just find a guy who put this stuff in your food.

    Ultimate word of advice if you get some of these; wear gloves, for the love of god. Otherwise, wash your hands thoroughly, and don’t get your fingers anywhere near your eyes, nose or unmentionables – it WILL burn.

  95. Kathleen M. Andersen

    nicely packaged in protective wrap and it came sooner than …
    Exactly what I wanted, nicely packaged in protective wrap and it came sooner than promised. I am very satisfied.

  96. Jerry

    Five Stars

  97. Kai DS

    Five Stars
    They were every bit as hot as expected.

  98. ESS

    I got what I ordered…
    It was as stated…but I did not find them very hot!!!!!!

  99. Ryan Yelvington

    I was dared to eat one of these by my friend, to whom I replied without thinking “yeah sure”. I immediately regretted my automatic rws

  100. William Dyer

    pretty disappointing from 1 of the “WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPERS” do …
    i took a bite of a pepper the heat started coming on, when (to me ) hit the high medium level, it plateaued. pretty disappointing from 1 of the “WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPERS” do not know if this was a weak batch or the norm, will try a different seller next. on a positive note it arrived quickly from the seller.

  101. Aaron Ptak

    Five Stars
    Had exactly what it said. Fast shipping too!

  102. Michael Allen

    Five Stars
    Awesome item and lighting quick shipping

  103. Julie Athmann

    So far they are not as hot as I expected. Good flavor

  104. Pierre Harden

    Fast shipping , same as described.. Super hot

  105. Tomas DellaMorte

    Five Stars
    Fantastic product and exactly as advertised. Very well packaged,right on time. Quality at a great price!

  106. Magnus

    Gives you a good tickle
    If you are brave or stupid enough to buy this awesome product the you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. I don’t recommend eating this while having any form of irritation in you mouth.

  107. yaroldger

    Four Stars
    Hot like my husband

  108. Amanda P.

    My husband wanted Carolina Reaper peppers and I ordered the wrong thing, so he was upset with me and said “but I wanted the HOTTEST” so I said if aren’t hot I will kiss your *&%. He took a bite. It took about 30 seconds for it to kick in. LOL it was great. He tried everything for 45 mins to get the burn out of his mouth while I sat and laughed. Great produce delivered on time, as described. Worth every penny to see a grown man cry.

  109. Brandon French

    As described
    They’re ghost peppers that are dried. Basically what you would expect, nothing more or less.

  110. Alice Gauna

    Five Stars
    I love these peppers!!! I love to eat really hot peppers so they are good.

  111. Kevin

    One Star
    These peppers sucks

  112. FBI Surveillance Van

    Great for the Office ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Yes Yes.At the place I work someone kept using MY coffee machine in which I usually put MY expensive brewing mix in.This time I decided to add a little twist.Ordered these bad boys and crumbled them (waning:please use gloves because I did not and touched my face and burned for at least an hour) and threw in coffee mix.Never was my coffee ever touched again.Totally worth getting if you need to get rid of annoying people who can’t stop touching you stuff.

  113. Debbie Carras

    Five Stars
    Oh they are hot. I actually ground them up and use them sparingly in everything.

  114. brandee patrick

    Five Stars
    husband LOVES them

  115. David Ahseln

    You’ll like it because
    An interesting pepper. You’ll like it because, just like you, it has no flavor…it’s only hot. Because you’re you…you have nothing of interest…you think because you’re hot, you’re interesting…well, no. This pepper is interesting because it has no flavor, only hotness. You’re boring because you have only hotness, and no flavor. Why must we suffer you to live?

  116. Darian

    And the heat last at least a good 20 min
    These things are HOT! And the heat last at least a good 20 min. They also have a strong smell (had to triple-quadroople bag it to store it) only problem i had was the packaging was rather suspect. Only came with a ziplock bag with a logo sticker on it, but they are perfectly fine. Im just nit picking. Other than that, great product!


    Two Stars
    I did not receivethe wicked peppers. that is why I gave it two stars.

  118. Davey

    Four Stars
    These taste like decomposing cardboard but come with a wicked burn. I cried manly tears.

  119. Karin Benson

    Five Stars

  120. Michael Garcia

    Five Stars
    Everything was good

  121. angel

    I got these for my bf and they definitely delivered a punch! Everyone that tried it was writhing in pain. It was exactly the experience he was looking for.

  122. Josh Kanouse

    Five Stars
    some not si hot as others. some are unbearably hot, which is what i was looking for.

  123. Cameron Harger

    Five Stars
    These are so hot it burns when you open the bag.

  124. We are Colt

    Wimps beware!
    Drop one in a big bottle of American Honey (at your own risk). Makes for some real nice sippin.

  125. Blessed with 4

    Very hot as described!

  126. A. M.

    Still a good buy if you need them in a hurry
    A little too dry and less spicy than other Ghost Peppers that I’ve had. Still a good buy if you need them in a hurry!

  127. Out of Oregon

    Not for growing
    Thought we were getting seeds to grow. Nothing sprouted 🙁

  128. Linda Daniels

    Great Peppers
    These Peppers are great.
    Just a little is all u need.
    I will order again.

  129. Stuart

    Completely satisfied
    The pods were as expected, good peppers and reasonable price.

  130. kyle janulis

    not hot like a actual ghost pepper
    Not hot like they describe

  131. Paul T.

    I must have gotten a bad batch. I tasted literally 0 hotness
    My 12 year old sister (with no experience eating spicy foods) ate one raw with no chasers as part of a dare and also thought nothing of it. I’d honestly say flaming hot Cheetos were hotter.

  132. Henry

    Five Stars
    Great product! Lots of fun!

  133. Johnny

    love this stuff
    Great heat and taste. Love making salsa out of these. The only downside is that you only get 10.

  134. Ekim Suleven

    Serious Heat! Excellent Flavor!
    I am no Ghost Pepper aficionado so I am rating this pepper on my limited knowledge.
    Before eating them, we reconstituted the peppers by soaking them in water for a few hours.
    Then cut the pepper in thin strips and tried on a cheeseburger.
    I must say the flavor was really good! We will be adding them to our chili in the future. And yes, these peppers are really hot!
    So the thin strip idea was smart because the next day I decided to eat larger pieces with the pepper seeds on pizza.
    This was no shining moment seeing as my Bum was on FIRE for a couple hours the next morning. You have been warned!
    I would highly recommend not eating a whole pepper unless you are a masochist. Also washing hands after handling is a good idea!
    I will be purchasing the peppers again. Was fun for family dinner! Thanks!

  135. gary ruhland

    love the heat
    always wanted to try like the peppers

  136. Ricardo R.

    love them.
    HOT!!!! HOT!!! and MORE HOT!!!!! love them.

  137. Anonymous

    The only issue I had with the peppers is they may have been dried at too high a heat because I can’t get the seeds to sprout to grow plants of my own.

  138. Timothy Payne

    Four Stars
    only got 11 but oh well.

  139. Matthew

    Don’t waste your time.
    Crap that was left unattended under grow light & died on the plant. Some green or rotted to a air-like texture. The peppers smell bad.

  140. Jamil S. Fakhoury

    It sucked
    Garbage wayyyyy to dry

  141. Jesus Velez-Borras

    Presently making what is going to be a great hot sauce
    HOT!!! and tasty. Presently making what is going to be a great hot sauce.

  142. Zechariah Baker

    Five Stars
    Very very hot!!!

  143. Helenna N.

    Crazy Hot!
    Put two in apple cider vinegar and made a ridiculous spicy pepper vinegar! Great for fermenting!

  144. Sam Yarbrough

    Five Stars

  145. Dariela

    Sent me to the ER!!
    Eating it is only half the battle. The real battle starts when it hits your digestive system. Very intense pains. Still worth it though

  146. Richard

    They pretty well crumbled on touch
    Weren’t hot at all and we’re very dried out. They pretty well crumbled on touch.

  147. Thomas Park

    Five Stars
    hot, hot, hot

  148. Sam

    Five Stars
    Hot! Stupidly hot.

  149. Ryan

    Five Stars
    They are just as hot as you have heard about

  150. Lucas M.

    The heat is there…
    Got what I paid for. A scorching mouth and throat. Definately packs a punch.
    Received 15, maybe to compensate for two that didn’t look very good or apetizing.

  151. Travis

    Pretty hot they arrived on time and fully intact. Excellent.

  152. Dema

    Five Stars

  153. WinstonMagoo

    I made a HORRENDOUS mistake having a competition with my son eating these. NEVER before have I had anything so incredibly hot. Try them if you dare!

  154. Virgil Torres

    Five Stars
    2 peppers weren’t spicy

  155. Chris

    S****ING FIRE
    FYI, if you eat the whole thing, you WILL S***FIRE! Other than that, it was pretty hot! I ate half of it, and the burning lasted a good 25 minutes. Good luck anyone who eats one 😀

  156. javier salinas

    Five Stars
    Faster then expected and i got 2 extre peppers

  157. matt

    Five Stars
    really hot love them

  158. Toby

    good delivery
    Very hot, good delivery time

  159. Ryan Kelly

    I ain’t afraid of no Ghost
    I just got them, pretty quick too and I got all of them intact and the heat is there. Some of them are smaller than I expected and I only say this because i got a couple the size of my index finer and some half the size of my pinky. Other than size consistency It is a solid product, would buy again!

  160. tasaintsfan

    could’ve been better, but still great
    I thought I ordered whole chilis undried. I got the dried ones. They, once reconstituted were out of this world.

  161. Jacob Rocourt

    Four Stars

  162. Cristian carrasco

    Three Stars
    I expected the peppers to be really hot. But it arrived with in less than a week.

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