Wicked Reaper Carolina Hot Sauce

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  • Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce
  • World’s Hottest Chili Pepper
  • Made from over 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Unit Reaper Peppers
  • Makes a great gift for the hot sauce collector
  • Wicked Reaper


Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Wicked Reaper 5 oz.

This hot sauce is made from Carolina Reaper peppers that are over 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units. Because the Carolina Reaper chili pepper is the world’s hottest pepper, this sauce should be used a little at a time. This reaper sauce has a strong reaper pepper flavor with a slight hint of lime and a long lasting high heat level.

Caution: Extremely spicy with very high heat. Do not use Carolina Reaper chili pepper products or sauces if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Product Dimensions

7 x 2 x 2 inches ; 5 ounces

Shipping Weight

8.8 ounces





Item model number

Wicked Reaper

Important information

Safety Warning
Do not use if you have a respiratroy or heart condition.

Salsa, tacos, chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, chili

Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers, limes, garlic, onion, tomato, vinegar, salt, capsicum oleoresin, xanthan gum

Put a little on anything you want to be extremely hot!

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Use with caution

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

113 reviews for Wicked Reaper Carolina Hot Sauce

  1. Ashli Driver

    My favorite reaper sauce
    One of the most flavorful sauces on the market. Good heat from the reaper yet not overwhelming. Great on tacos, omelettes, etc.

  2. M.Torres

    Not as hother as I would expect.
    Not as hot as I would expect from Carolina reapers. But worth the price.

  3. Ash Ketchum

    My thoughts…
    Where to begin? I suppose the first thing I’d like to say is that I wish the scoville unit rating for this sauce was for the actual sauce and not just the peppers used to make it. If I had to guess I would say this sauce is probably around 100,000 scovilles.

    Now don’t get me wrong, this sauce is still hot. It gives you a nice burn in the back of your throat and your entire mouth in general. Your sinuses will run. This is a very high heat sauce but imo a mostly habenero sauce like Iguana is hotter overall. Now that’s not to knock this sauce. This is good stuff. The flavor is insane in this sauce and it really is a great tasting hot sauce. This would be the perfect hot wing sauce if you typically eat hot sauce on wings.

    I must say that I did expect this sauce to be much hotter than it is, so I am a bit disappointed there. However, I’m still giving this 5 stars purely because of flavor. I haven’t had a hot sauce that tasted this good in a long time and I’m glad I picked this up.

  4. Otto

    worked as described

  5. gene reilly

    …….hot stuff
    ………was a bit cooler than expected …. but hot enough to actually use as a condiment without being too hot …. the powdered version is by far more interesting in heat …. I would buy both again when I finish with these

  6. Anonymous

    Great flavor
    Excellent for a gift

  7. Nick Wells

    Very hot, and and tasty!
    I bought this as a gift for a friend. She LOVES extremely hot sauces. I purposely bought this particular one because on the Amazon web site it states that vinegar is the 6th ingredient, and Carolina reaper pepper is #1. When I received it it clearly states that vinegar is the #1 ingredient. Everyone knows that the first ingredient is ALWAYS the most ingredient in the product. Amazon should correct this. All in all though my friend did like it a lot. Loved the flavor and the heat!

  8. steamed starfish

    IT’S SMOKIN !!!
    it’s the hottest sauce on the market.
    Good stuff !!!

  9. Tom

    I think mine was missing the reaper. It was almost Tabasco level but not quite.
    I was expecting the flavor to be more reaper and a lot hotter. I do really like the powder from these folks though, it will leave a trail all the way through ya.

  10. Derek

    Flavor is bland. And it’s not even hot.

  11. Diablo

    I blow farts hotter than this.

  12. No more account

    I would buy it again
    I love the flavor of love sauce the only thing I didn’t like is the vinegar taste but it’s not that bad

  13. Jojo1980

    Meh …
    This sauce is NOT hot. Way over hyped. It’s maybe slightly hotter than Dave’s insanity sauce. You want hot look for Da Bomb.

  14. Leandro

    Real Sauce
    Took a shot of whiskey with this. Best dab I ever had in existence! As a heat aficionado and know a few that would love this for it’s heat.

  15. Amanda garner

    Hot sauce
    It’s hot sauce

  16. Kelly

    Waste of money
    This product is not hot at all. I feel like i wasted my money. They made this sauce seem like you could die eating it. LIES. You want hot try DAVE’S insanity. Now thats 10 times hotter.

  17. RC

    Very hot

  18. Anonymous

    Disappointed…Watery and not much flavor…
    Very watery and not that hot. Out of the many Hot Sauces I use extremely hot like the Mad Dog 357 and a few others I also enjoy hot sauces that are not crazy extreme and those sauces I enjoy the heat with a good blend of flavor. This just didn’t deliver what I was hoping for. It’s got some kick but that’s about it. I will use it up but won’t buy again.

  19. michele J

    Wanted hot hot sauce!
    Haven’t had a lot yet!

  20. felipe mendoza

    It’s REAL hot!!!
    I had have tasted so many hot sauces around the globe but this one is super HOT.

  21. karl rockwell

    Be careful
    Love the stuff, but a little goes a long way. The bottle needs a drip dispenser! I keep spilling too much on my food .

  22. Kristin Teeter

    delicious and spicy dont buy if you cant stand anything hotter then a jalapeno

  23. drake

    thumbs up
    very good flavor nice and spicy so good worth every penny

  24. Elizabeth Weathers

    Not all it was cracked up to be
    This was not what I had hoped for. Yes, it is hotter than a lot of people would like, but a friend of mine has some hot sauce called Iguana and it isn’t made from “designer” pepper seeds – just good ol’ habanero – and it is much hotter and flavorful. I will finish this bottle but don’t believe that I will buy again. AGAIN – it may be just fine for some folks, just not for me.

  25. Kirk H. Rake

    Hot, very hot! Not for the girly men

  26. Brian

    Hot, but delicious
    FAVORITE HOT, HOT SAUCE. A little goes a long way. Great tasting too. Not just hot

  27. Anonymous

    If you like hot sauce your love this
    I thought it was excellent great taste and the right amount of heat

  28. BettyB

    Gift was liked
    Given as a gift! Was well liked!

  29. Edward Guzman

    It’s very spicy but there’s really not much flavor to it.

  30. Wesley Ferrell

    Flavor great, heat weak.
    This sauce tones the heat down enough to where you can toss your wings in it, put in on a taco, or dip your sub in. Good flavor, not as hot as you would expect.

    To compare, I’d say it’s about as hot as the average raw habanero. The chili’s it comes with are dehydrated. I heated them up with olive oil in a skillet and it wasn’t as hot as the hot sauce itself. That being said, either the sauce itself is deluted, or the peppers themselves just aren’t that hot.

  31. mahriah

    Very hot
    Awesome hot sauce

  32. lep

    Use sparely
    Hot great flavor

  33. Vince

    Variety is the spice of life.!
    Fast delivery, on time. An awesome product. It’s the same Carolina Reapers pepper, just different company.

  34. alex

    Very tasty!
    This sauce adds great flavor to everything I’ve added it to! It’s definitely pretty spicy, but not unmanageable. Highly recommend

  35. Ida Hernandez

    I liked this hot sauce but it was not as hot as I expected it. The hot sauce has heat and has flavor as well.

  36. Joe Smith

    A dash will do you
    Lawd mighty, this is hot. Just a few drops kicks the heat up to high. I highly recommend

  37. Aaron Kahn

    Its hot. Pretty freaking hot.
    Yup, it’s hot. Try a toothpick and then wait 5 minutes. Then try another.

  38. Kaye Torgerson

    Bring the heat!
    Great purchase for my hot-sauce loving husband. He really likes this one – and that’s hard to do. The first one arrived with a broken bottle top. Customer service quickly replaced the bottle free of charge. The second one was intact, but did have a crack that looked like another break COULD happen. Not sure if this is in the way the bottle is made or shipped, but definitely worth looking into.

    Otherwise…he wants more and more and more of this. Good find!

  39. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    My husband likes it. He said it isn’t that hot. I thought it was.

  40. Coralie J Vail

    Great, smoky flavor. Certainly hot enough to get you sweating, but it’s not relying solely on the heat. Great with chicken!

  41. Samuel Sparks

    Five Stars
    Southern taste, goes well with certain dishes. Very spicy.

  42. paul cameron

    Four Stars
    Yeah, its hot.

  43. SirAnthony Corwin

    Not that hot
    Lasted for 30 seconds before wearing off, didn’t even make me sweat.

  44. WorkingAsIntended

    Awesome Sauce
    I love this sauce, i love the flavor and the heat. Im going to end up buying a case if i can. Absolutely my favorite!

  45. Alan

    Five Stars
    Good stuff.

  46. Triple_G

    Five Stars
    if you love hot sauce like I do California Reaper is the way to go!!!!

  47. Tiffany

    Taste like vinegar and paste
    It’s very nasty tasting. Wouldn’t buy it again. Taste like vinegar and paste.

  48. Neftali Rodriguez

    Three Stars
    Could be hotter but does give a kick to somethings.

  49. A. Good

    Great taste and great burn
    Deliciously hot. Love the burn.

  50. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Awesome flavor. Great heat. Thank you

  51. arthur fortner

    Five Stars
    great sauce

  52. Peter Furlong

    Powerful HOT Sauce with LONG Lasting Heat
    This is just a sauce with absolute HOT AS HELL HEAT. This sauce does not have that good of a flavor and will just burn. Definitely do not recommend this to anyone who has not tried “weaker” (so to speak) hot sauces. The scoville rating is really 2.2million which is only 2.8million less than OC (pepper) spray. This is good on crackers, pizza, etc. but it is very hot plain. I would not recommend eating this plain until you have tested (eaten) a LITTLE on food. Would make a great gift to any pepperhead out there. I am totally in love with hot stuff even though my stomach isn’t. Lastly, please make sure you have water, milk, and ice at hand if you plan on eating a lot of this. Label says heat lasting 5 minutes, but with way more than a serving size it lasts 30min to and hour.

  53. Rob Brigman

    Five Stars
    The Reaper has a really good taste. Awesome

  54. Aj Westergren

    My wife wanted to try this as soon as we got it in the mail. When we took the black plastic cover off we found that the white lid was cracked up the side.

  55. Big Lou

    Three Stars
    It’s not that hot. First ingredient is vinegar.

  56. Arlene Bush

    Five Stars
    Very satisfied

  57. J. Daris

    Four Stars
    not as hot as I expected but great flavor.

  58. kaylak1997

    but that it had an awesome flavor too it
    My brother was very excited to get this product but said it wasn’t as spicy as he thought it would be, but that it had an awesome flavor too it!

  59. Anonymous

    Look out Buddy!
    Mama bought me a bottle for our anniversary.
    It was great but be sparing with this sauce.
    The aftermath was brutal, but I felt cleansed there after.

  60. Anonymous

    Not “all natural”
    Maybe my fault for not reading carefully enough. Product description (as well as several reviews) said this was all natural, and extract free, however if you look at the ingredients capsicum oleoresin is clearly listed. Upon opening the first thing I noticed was that nasty, all too familiar extract scent, and sure enough I could clearly taste it in there.
    The heat is also lacking considering it is an extract sauce, there are hotter all natural sauces made with carolina reaper (I bought cajohn’s reaper – sling blade at the same time which is both hotter, and much better tasting). It’s really a shame, with all the other flavors in there this could have been a fairly tasty sauce if they had just left the extract out.

  61. Metal Dragon

    Super tastey
    It is actually very tasty! Yea it gets hot, like white pepper. I use it in enchiladas, spaghetti, omelets, etc.

  62. Anonymous

    One Star
    Vicious viper at 2 million scoville units is gaurenteed hotter the heat will have you begging it to stop

  63. ruco44

    False advertisement
    This sauce was no hot as advertised. Do not waste your money in this item.

  64. Patrick Giles

    Five Stars
    i love it!

  65. Anonymous

    One Star
    didn’t like it

  66. Kindle Customer

    Originally, I got a bad bottle of sauce. I contacted them and they resolved my problem, immediately. Excellent customer service! The sauce is great. Has no e heat and wonderful flavor. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes heat.

  67. Mike Button

    Three Stars
    It’s aight, not as hot as advertised though…

  68. js

    … includes the throat first time my throat ever burn like that. Almost threw up but didn’t
    I am addicted to spicy food and has always tested my limits to how spicy I can take and I tried a lot of peppers my hottest being the Carolina reaper pepper just half of a pepper pod and let me tell you that was the spiciest pepper I ever ate in my life to the point I went deaf shaky all over fire burn from mouth all the way down to the stomach and that includes the throat first time my throat ever burn like that. Almost threw up but didn’t. Felt like I was guna go into shock. It was so hot that is wasn’t even funny milk did not work if anything made it worse. Anyways compared this sauce to the actual Carolina reaper this sauce is not even half the burn but that don’t mean it isn’t hot. The flavor of this sauce is great I give it a 10/10 the heat I’d say 7.5 or 8. Only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star is because I expected to be way more hotter but it’s hot enough. Have my gf a lil to taste and she was begging for her soda but then again she doesn’t eat spicy like I do. Not for the weaklings that can’t hang guaranteed. But if you like spicy but not overwhelming stupid spicy this is great but if you’re like me always wanting more heat this will be ok or even great but not the best. I barely ate my first serving and already used a quarter of it it’s that good. The people that gave it 3 stars and under either they got a bad batch or their spice tolerance is beyond my level and I eat ghost peppers just like that with steaks I litterally just bite into one or two whole ghost peppers to eat with my steaks. Sauce is worth a try. Won’t be disappointed.

  69. Fo The Gr3@t

    Wicked Reaper
    Has a nice flavor, then the heat kicks in.. I’m am very satisfied with this product. This sauce delivers the kind of heat that I need.

  70. TEE

    Three Stars
    Extra HOT but not much flavor.

  71. powerby50

    Perfect amount of heat
    Love this stuff,one drop goes a long way. Has a very nice with the perfect amount of heat. Does not have that Tabasco taste like a lot of hot sauce products do.

  72. Judd Patton

    Very Nice
    Very nice flavor. I’m surprised every time I use it, it’s super hot, but your tongue isn’t just blasted with spice, rather there is a very nice and noticable flavor profile that comes along with the sauce.

  73. Anonymous

    Four Stars
    I liked it until a homosexual stole it.

  74. Steven V.

    I thought this sauce had a really good flavor. It isn’t as hot as I thought it was going to be. The flavor is really good though.

  75. Derrrrrr

    Decent stuff. Not as hot as you’d expect but does pack a medium kick, not an initial one but it creeps up after 5-10 seconds. Get he chilli powder by the same maker if you want a real kick.

  76. Toys are fun

    One Star
    Wasn’t hot

  77. compressor tech

    bough this as a novelty and that’s really about all it is something for you and your buddies to try and see who is tough aside from that it has no place on food

  78. Abilio Mancuello Petters

    Is not as hot as advertised
    I expected a flavor beyond jot sauces made of habaneros but it isn’t. I’ll try with a different Carolina Reaper sauce in the future.

  79. Lydz

    Five Stars
    we love spicy food. This is perfect

  80. George1914

    Very good tast and good amount of heat. Not sure if it’s realy the hottest sauce but very good. I’m not the best judge of heat since I consume so much of the ghost pepper sauces. However I enjoy this enough to purchase it again. Next time I want dilute it with another sauce so I can enjoy the full affect.

  81. Peter

    Great sauce! As hot as advertised!!

  82. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    it is what it says it is…hot as F***

  83. James M Scott

    Five Stars
    Hot and a very good taste.Will be buying more.

  84. Josh Marcero

    I did not find this sauce that hot
    I also got their carolina reaper powder, which i found extremely hot, but this was kinda lukewarm for me. Both are the same price, one goes a lot further, and is much hotter

  85. Anonymous

    I am sad, yes is good the flavor but not hot
    It is absolutely not hot! I am sad, yes is good the flavor but not hot.

  86. Richard Chambers

    It’s a hot sauce that does what it says on the Bottle. Why would a human being put them selves through this? Easy, chicken wings and hot sauce is a match made in heaven, and the Carolina Reaper sits at the top of the table when it comes to heat. I’m sure there are a lot of others, but I am a collector of hot sauces and this is one of my favourites. However do not jump in to collecting hot sauces with this bad boy, because it leaves you sweating.


    loved it. Added it to chilli and
    Very hot …..loved it. Added it to chilli and wings

  88. Bruce Tiger ll

    Five Stars
    Conversation piece

  89. Paul V. Rigsby

    Five Stars
    HOT! HOT!

  90. C. Heaton

    Five Stars

  91. Adam

    My Bhut and Naga Jolokia sauces were hotter than this, by A LOT. That should not be. I will not be ordering again.

  92. Robert Richard

    Loved it!

  93. Tammy S Berry

    Five Stars
    Husband’s new favorite hot sauce!

  94. louis martin

    Five Stars
    real hot stuff

  95. Patty schvey

    Too darn hot!
    I didn’t realize this could kill you. Threw it out. My fault.

  96. Anonymous

    One Star
    Not hot at all

  97. Josh

    Five Stars
    Just a great hot sauce!

  98. tyson cobb

    i got this for christmas absolutely love it
    Very hot and very delicious

  99. Lorax

    Low on the heat scale
    Pretty good flavor but if your expecting Reaper heat look elsewhere. I can put this on close to ketchup.

  100. Rob

    Two Stars
    Isn’t has hot has I thought it would be

  101. Nancy Palaganas

    Five Stars
    TASTY HOT !!!!!

  102. Cheesecake

    It is more sweet than anything
    This stuff is NOT as spicy as one would think. It is more sweet than anything. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but if youre going to make a sauce with the record holding hottest chili in the world, please give it more of a kick. My Blairs after death is way hotter than this and I prefer It over the red reaper but even though the red reaper lacks a powerful punch it still has awesome flavor.

  103. Hit Tunarow

    Five Stars
    Beware the Reaper

  104. chester

    Not as hot as I was hoping, but it is a grew tasting hot sauce with a spicy kick! Well worth trying.

  105. Tyson hatcher

    Everyone saying its not hot is lying
    It is super hot

  106. CAP90

    Two Stars
    Not as spicy as I imagined, barely hotter than a jalapeno.

  107. Steven Anthony bowling

    Five Stars
    Love it has a good burn and an excellent flavor.

  108. nicholas

    Like this hot sauce
    Love this hotsauce, better than the reaper sling blade hot sauce imo

  109. Sterling Lynch

    Intense flavor and extreme heat
    The spiciness of this hot sauce is a good 4/5 and the flavors were absolutely delicious. I expected a little bit more kick, but don’t get me wrong if you are not used to eating spicy food, this is like lava.

  110. MATT

    Taste was good but will not order again
    Not as hot as expected. I add to pair it with a hotter sauce to get the desired effect. Taste was good but will not order again.

  111. JOHN M.

    Five Stars
    bottle heat##### too hot

  112. alex arce

    Five Stars
    It was great. ….it was hotttt..

  113. Dubba1980

    Severely Hot…….It’s Not
    Not in the slightest bit hot. Very disappointed with this sauce.

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