Wicked Nightmare Extract Hot Sauce Hotter Than Reaper Ghost Pepper Scorpion

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  • Chili Pepper Extract over 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units
  • Capsaicin Extract
  • World’s Hottest Hot Sauce
  • Hotter than Ghost Scorpion and Reaper Peppers
  • Warning: Extreme Heat Use With Caution


Wicked Nightmare Chili Pepper Extract

Incredibly hot.

Reaper, Scorpion and ghost peppers are the hottest peppers in the world. This chili pepper extract product is much much hotter..

Wicked Nightmare extract (pure capsaicin oil) is over 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units and laboratory tested and verified.

Do not consume this product directly. It is to be used as a food additive a little at a time.

CAUTION: Severe heat lasting over 5 minutes. Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Do not get in your eyes, on your skin, or on your clothing. Keep out of the reach of children.

This makes a perfect gift for those who say nothing is ever hot enough extremely hot.

15 ml container with a dropper for total control over the use of this product. One drop is all you should need.

Additional information

Product Dimension

1 x 1 x 3 inches ; 3.04 ounces

Shipping Weight

3 ounces





Important information

One drop at a time into a large amount of food or sauce.

Ingredients: Pure Capsicum (capsaicin oil) aka chili pepper extract.

Very very very small amounts.

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

32 reviews for Wicked Nightmare Extract Hot Sauce Hotter Than Reaper Ghost Pepper Scorpion

  1. Cody Maxfield

    Best hot sauce ive ever had
    This is the beat hot sauce ever!!!! It doesnt change the flavor and only takes a couple drops yeah its a small bottle but it will last you for 6months to a year

  2. Anonymous

    Hot heads enjoy
    Do you enjoy anal burning? Do you get semis from mouth flames? Then this is the sauce for you! About 8-12 drops into your favorite sauce or homemade sauce for wings and you are set! Be ready to have the tummy rumblies the next day and do the 50 yard dash for the toilet, and make sure you have plenty of toilet paper. Which amazon also sells. I have nicknamed this “fire down below”., great flavor with my homemade sauce, smells of death but tastes great! Keep away from people names Fred in med school, as they tend to think they can place it on their tongue directly and then go into a giant fit about why it’s hot and put their head into cold water. Fred’s of the world, stay away from the sauce.

  3. Olin Weeks

    Good Stuff
    This does live up to its name. And does have a very smoky flavor to it. The nice burn lasts a good 30 minutes pluss.

  4. Marie

    Gift, I’m not sure if they’ve used yet will edit if it’s undesirable

  5. Jennifer Cimino

    Beware, very hot!
    Gave this to my brother for Christmas. If you’re looking for something hot to give to someone, this is it. He gave me a good laugh, as I watched him gargle with milk to try and lessen the intensity.

  6. Juan luis Bravo

    Super hot
    It is not for everybody extreamly hot.

  7. MikeG

    You get what you deserve
    I tried it once. It is now on the WTF display in the kitchen. Little amount bites. Dared to take teaspoon, declined. Did add teaspoon to large bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce of approximately 2 quart. It burned going in and during it’s stay in my gastric-bnb like it was an 80’s rock band party burning the drapes and throwing the Furniture out the window. On its way out, the damage was assessed and the decision was made to ban this from the property. Not doing that again unless compensation is paid upfront. It is seriously, pure entertainment unless looking to spice up a barre of chili.

  8. Anonymous

    Use with CAUTION!
    This thing smells like HEAT anything more than a drop and you’ll be in trouble. Don’t over do it!!!

  9. Mark M.

    As advertised

  10. Bilal e.

    very hot more than expected
    if your looking a potion of evilness and want to prank others, then guys i can tell you this burns like a hell fire, i litterly tested it out on over a dozen people 10/12 where mad about the heat that lasts later i gave them just a bit on a toothpick

  11. traci

    great gift
    was great

  12. Chris G.

    Burns going in and coming out
    This stuff is great! If you like heat you’ll love it. YOU DONT NEED MUCH start with 1 drop and go from there.

  13. asha k.a

    Lives up to its name
    I tried this diabolical shit last night. I did the toothpick challenge at a local bar. The Wicked Nightmare is next level! It burned my tonsils. Now, if it was burning my tongue, I would be fine…but it burnt my tonsils (I personally dont think thats healthy and hope I havent done serious damage). Then it worked its way to my stomach, but at a lesser burn. And it lasts longer than five minutes. My eyes were dripping tears and I wasnt crying. All I did was the toothpick challenge, so just imagine having it on your food. When I first tasted it, I couldnt place the flavour. If you want something hotter than a dragons breath,if you want to set your tonsils on fire, if you want to burn a hole through your own stomach…..this is the one for you.

  14. jennifer householder

    I’ve searched high and low finding everything HOT for my husband. He’s forever saying, “it’s not hot enough”. Well, I’m thrilled to report this stuff is the BEST!! He says it even made his teeth hurt and he loves it! EXCELLENT!!!

  15. Keith man

    Not as advertised
    Not hot as advertised

  16. Illtakepink

    Used this at work for the food thief!
    My husband bought this to put on his food. Someone has been stealing his food and it was getting quite expensive. After he rigged up a flaming hot sandwich, no one has touched the food again. Thank you! Well worth the money.

  17. Paul Costanzo


  18. Billy Johnson

    This is the best heat out there.
    This is freaking hot. When it comes to hot sauce I threw caution to the wind and placed a drop directly on my tongue. I know it’s an additive but you could get this and let friends try the toothpick challenge.

  19. Nick

    Very HOT! added it to some hot sauce that I made that wasnt as hot as I wanted.. couple drops of this was almost to much

    Doesnt have a flavor so you wont change whatever you put it on definitely worth it.

  20. Eric velazquez

    Great product questionable packaging
    Just what me and the guys were looking for amazingly hot and no flavor. We used this product to make a wide variety of sauces. Definitely going to rebuy, the only complaint we had was that the closed bottle leaked when it got knocked over.

  21. Sydney

    He learned the hard way…
    So I work at a Cub Scout camp during the summer season. One of the guys on staff for the past few years has dared me to find the spiciest sauce.Every year I have to one up myself find the spiciest sauce know to man possible. It started simple and is now extreme. Even though this is extract, it still counted and I ordered it. So my friend took it and put a good amount onto his food not thinking I could one up last years. Well he learned it was to hot as he went running into the kitchen to grab a gallon of milk and chugging it down in at minute at least and yet it still burned. I highly suggest this if you like stuff extremely spicy or to prank a friend even.

  22. VIN

    Perfectly spicy
    Super hot without compromising flavor!

  23. Damian Margason

    Very hot
    The wicked nightmare extract was quite hot and did not add any flavor to my food. I will definitely buy again.

  24. Anonymous

    This product is great!!
    The Wicked Nightmare Extract works well in providing a wonderful “CRACK” to your taste buds, in our already ONOlicious sauces..Adds that extra punch at the customer’s request for “do you have anything a bit spicier??”

  25. Angie J.

    My hubby loves it

  26. alphonse

    really good, really hot.
    I add a drop or two to a bowl of chili and it makes it perfect. Do not play with this, it will hurt you.

  27. Gordon Gearhart

    a gift for a friend

  28. Gert B Frobe

    perfect…..lots of heat

  29. Thomas L. King

    Hotter than blue blazes!
    I haven’t been bold enough to taste this, but I accidentally got some on a finger. I thoroughly scrubbed my hands with dish washing soap as well as pumice based hand soap. An hour later I forgot and rubbed my eye. Wow, it was still on my finger enough to burn my eye. I got this for the purpose of discouraging mice in my car. Mice have ruined two cabin air filters by building nests in the air filter. I have traps in the garage, but the mice seemingly head straight for the car. The last time they also started eating ( or at least chewing up) the dash. As a long time collector of trivia knowledge I knew that capsaicin mixed into the covering of wire will prevent the rodents from chewing on the wires, I decided that a bit stronger dose of the same material should help keep them out of my car. After getting the hot sauce I put two drops into the cabin air filter. I also put four drops down the defroster vents under the windshield. So far, so good. I could not detect the odor when entering the vehicle after a couple of hours, but I am confident that it is still strong enough to be effective. The stuff is expensive, but much cheaper than a 1000 dollar dash. I gave this 4 stars for the smell and strength and the eye dropper applicator. I will revisit this after the rodent season has gone on for a while.

  30. M. Scott McElhaney

    Five Stars
    This stuff is crazy hot and excellent to work with.

  31. HSvenson

    Really hot
    I gave this as a gift. Friend dropped it after third drop and broke the glass container. He did say was some hot stuff.

  32. TwitteryBat727

    Warning Hot!
    So my husband and I like to collect and try Hot sauces. Let me tell you. This is not hot sauce. Its straight extract. When it says use a teeny tiny drop on something not directly on your tounge do it. This is very thick and the smell alone makes your eyes hurt. This stuff is pure heat and no flavor. Not enjoyable but enough to put hot spice lovers to tears. The burn can last up to or longer than 5 minutes and milk can not put this out it’s just that hot. But if you think you can handle the hottest of the hot then go for it!!

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