Ultimate Reaper Hot Sauce Gift Set Hot Spice Gift Pack Wicked Reaper

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Carolin Reaper World’s Hottest Spice Gift Set

Wicked Reaper-A super hot hot sauce made from the world’s hottest chili pepper.

Wicked Reaper Chili Powder made Carolina Reapers that are over 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Also included in this gift set is a bag of whole dried Carolina Reaper chili peppers 10 whole peppers, plus 2 free peppers in each bag. 12 Carolina Reaper peppers total.

This chili spice hot sauce gift set makes the perfect gift for those who like it hot and spicy!

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Product Dimensions

10 x 12 x 12 inches

Shipping Weight

2 pounds





Important information

Safety Information
Do not use if you have a respiratroy or heart condition. Use with caution.

Carolina Reaper Peppers, Vinegar, Limes,Garlic, Onion, Tomato, Salt, Xanthan Gum

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Use with caution.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

10 reviews for Ultimate Reaper Hot Sauce Gift Set Hot Spice Gift Pack Wicked Reaper

  1. Kelsey Lulham

    Very hot, very good

    My husband loved these! Very very spicy, which is not something he says much at all but he said this hot sauce and rub were very hot and he loves them!

  2. Edwin Gonzalez

    Very spicey! But delicious if you can handle it.

    Anything that is this spicey is definitely something giftable. The dried peppers are perfect for making your own sauce. The powder is great for sprinkling some on some your food but be warned to only tap the bottle so you dont accidentally spill too much. And finally the bottled sauce was perfect for my Pho.

  3. george

    Xxxtra hot

    Extreme heat.

  4. James M.

    Great gift set! Spicy!

    This was a gift I wanted for Christmas and it was great! I eat the hottest sauces and peppers everyday and this collection was even better than expected! I could use the powder on everything and the container was packed to the brim with it! Very spicy and generous portion. The sauce wasn’t one of the hottest sauces but it definitely is hotter than tobasco (unlike one of the reviews said) and it it flavorful with a nice kick and sweetness. The dehydrated peppers are hot! I tasted a tiny piece of one and I’m still burning right now! So I would say on a hotness level coming from someone who eats ALOT of EXTREMELY spicy foods everyday:
    Sauce – 4
    Powder – 7
    Pepper – 9

  5. Anonymous



  6. Billy Johnson

    If you want to burn eat this.

    It made me cry. It was so freaking hot but I got used to it. Now time to find something hotter.

  7. Floyd

    Tabasco is hotter

    Not hot at all Tabasco is hotter

  8. drake

    thumbs up

    very good flavor nice and spicy so good worth every penny

  9. Luckykitten

    My husband loves this!

    Bought this last year I believe after my husband tried some carolina reaper wings at a local wing shop and he always eats this with his dinner to add a “bit” of hotness. Would totally recommend as a gift 😀

  10. claudia p rojas



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