Spice Gift Set Ghost Pepper Scorpion Hot Sauce Mega Pack Ghost Trinidad Scorpion Chili Powder Whole Dried Chilies Spice Gift

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  • World’s Hottest Hot Sauce Chili Powder Gift Set
  • Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Ghost Pepper Chili Powder and Whole Chilies
  • Scorpion Hot Sauce Chili Powder and Whole Scorpion Chilies
  • Dried chili peppers over 1,000,000 Scoville Extremely Hot Spice
  • 5 oz.bottles, 3 1.5 oz spices, 2 chili 10 packs


Spice and Hot Sauce Gift Set

3 Ghost Pepper and 1 Scorpion Hot sauces, 2 ghost pepper powders, 1 scorpion powder, 10 ghost peppers and 10 scorpion chilies plus two free chilies of each type (24 chilies total)

Sauces include Bhut Kisser- Award winning ghost pepper hot sauce. Fiery Food Challenge Award Winner.
Wicked Tickle Ghost Pepper Honey Hot Sauce- Sweet and very hot hot sauce.
The Defibrillator- Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. Ghost Peppers, Habanero, and Smoked Serrano chipotle. Slightly smokey and very hot.
Red Tail Scorpion Sauce- Made from the trinidad moruga scorpion chili.

Chili Powders Include: Red Tail- Scorpion chili powder. Extremely hot, at over 1,200,000 Scoville Heat Units.
Devil’s Chili Powder 100% Ghost Pepper Powder, 1.5 oz over 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units. Extremely hot spice.
Black Skull Smoked Ghost Pepper Chili Powder made from apple wood triple smoked ghost chilies, very hot and spicy.

Mega package chili spice gift set.

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Dimensions 10 × 12 × 12 in
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5 pounds





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Do not use if you have a respiratroy or heart condition. Use with caution.

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Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Use with caution.

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4 reviews for Spice Gift Set Ghost Pepper Scorpion Hot Sauce Mega Pack Ghost Trinidad Scorpion Chili Powder Whole Dried Chilies Spice Gift

  1. Crystal Denker

    Great gift

    Got this for my sister she loves anything hot! I was worried about some of the reviews but the shipping was fast and nothing was broken. She loves the flavor and spice. Will be buying again!

  2. Marie


    Gift for brother in-law he’s always covering his food with spices and sauces nothings ever hot enough although I’m not sure if any was hot enough for him I know he enjoyed it

  3. drake

    thumbs up

    very good flavor nice and spicy so good worth every penny

  4. Momo



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