Spice Gift Set Carolina Reaper Chili Powder Ghost Pepper Scorpion Powder 3 Pack

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  • Chili Powder Spice Gift Set
  • Ghost Pepper Chili Pepper Powder 1,000,000 Scoville
  • Carolina Reaper Chili Powder 2,000,000 Scoville
  • Scorpion Chili Pepper Powder 1,200,000 Scoville
  • Chili Powder 3 Pack Extreme Heat


Spice Gift Set Ghost Pepper Powder Scorpion Chili Powder and Carolina Reaper Chili Powder

3 Pack of 1.5 oz spice bottles. The world’s hottest chili spice gift pack.

Devil’s Chili Powder is pure ghost pepper chili powder. Extreme heat. Ghost peppers are over 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Red Tail Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili pepper powder is extremely hot. Scorpion peppers are over 1,200,000 Scoville Heat Units and are among the hottest peppers in the world.

Wicked Reaper Carolina Reaper Chili Powder is made from the world record holder Carolina Reaper pepper at over 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units. Very intense and lasting heat.

Warning: Do not use these products if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Additional information

Item Weight

10.1 ounces

Shipping Weight

10.1 ounces





Important information

Salsa, tacos, chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, chili

Ghost Pepper Powder, scorpion chili powder, carolina reaper chili powder

Dust a little on anything you want to be extremely hot!

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

89 reviews for Spice Gift Set Carolina Reaper Chili Powder Ghost Pepper Scorpion Powder 3 Pack

  1. L. RELF

    Great combination of spices!
    Delivered as displayed and fast shipping.

  2. Tahira Muhammad

    Arrived exactly as described, and and earlier than expected.

  3. JMiller

    Good heat but careful not to inhale
    I use a number of different hot sauces but I love these as they do not have added sodium. They transport better since regular hot sauce can change a lot due to temperature fluctuations (I like to leave some in the car). Careful when using this it can go airborne and mess with your and others’ sinuses.

  4. franklin


  5. Anonymous

    If you love hot spices this is for you
    Amazing product. This was purchased as a gift and was highly praised. If you love really hot spices this is the product for you!

  6. Mia Regan

    Perfect for that spicy obsessed person
    I gifted myself these hot powders and I’ve absolutely loved having them. My new thing is to baste bacon with either honey or pure maple syrup and sprinkling one of these on the bacon. You truly don’t need much and get a ton of heat. I am a spicy LOVER, so having these around to add to soups, stews, dips and whatever else I care to has been amazing!

  7. Avid Shopper

    Absolutely Mind-Blowing. 5/5!
    All 3 of these peppers are uniquely mind-blowing and completely knocked my socks off! Here’s my experience..

    Disclaimer: I have been ingesting hot peppers since the age of 8. So, my ability & experience to handle hot peppers is not typical compared to an average person.

    1. Wicked Tickle Ghost pepper powder
    – Has a smoky flavor. 10x better than chipotle pepper imo!
    – Perfect for spicing up soup, chili, a hot bowl of ramen, BBQ, any type of grilled meat or seafood

    2. Red Tail Scorpion chili pepper
    – Perfect for spicing up fast food or greasy food such as pizza, fried chicken, burgers & fries, sandwiches etc
    – Beware. Only dust 1-2 times on your food. You may not feel the heat at first. After a few minutes, you’ll find yourself sweating buckets and your lips & tongue on fire! This one creeps up on you very slowly but surely.

    3. Wicked Carolina Reaper chili pepper
    – Perfect for spicing up ethnic food such as Indian, Thai, Chinese/Szechuan, Middle Eastern, Latin etc
    – Be Extra, extra careful. This one is electrifyingly, blazing HOT! It will make your heart race and all your glands firing on all cylinders. For those of you who are familiar with the show “Hot Ones”, this is pretty close to “The Last Dab”. Dust once to check your tolerance. Do not try to be a hero.

    I got too co*** having handled the ghost pepper and the red tail scorpion pepper with ease that I dusted about 10-20 times on my food the first time. At first it was fine.. Then about a few minutes later, my entire body felt like a 1000 degree brick oven. I was kind of dazed and confused for awhile afterwards though it was a great experience. So, I can’t imagine what that is like for someone who isn’t used to ingesting hot peppers like I am.

    Based on my long time experience with hot peppers, here’s some tips for the “cure”. Highly recommend you have one of these handy before embarking on this exciting adventure:
    – a glass of milk
    – Ice-cream or frozen yogurt
    – bread or any starchy carbohydrates. Cakes, sweet pastries work too.
    – fresh limes
    Pro Tip: If your stomach starts to burn and hurt after ingesting these hot pepper powders, squeeze fresh lime juice on your tongue and swallow it. You’ll be fine in a matter of seconds.

    I like that you get 3 different types of peppers with their own unique flavor and experience. All in all, great stuff. 5/5!

  8. Anonymous

    Fire Flame
    Me and my bf love spicy stuff, but no one’s spicy ness is ever enough. I bought these for him for Christmas and trust they are flaming. The flavors of them are really good also and they add a that super spice that we’ve been searching for 🙂

  9. Don K. Huffman

    Good quality.
    I like the heat, but not the value.

  10. Robert Niko Swain

    Love love love.
    Will always buy this set!!


    Worth the experience! ??
    A gift for the Holidays!??

  12. DubV1986

    Bought as a gift. Tried the mildest tonight and it did not disappoint. Spicy AF. Love it!

  13. Bryan D

    No Joke!
    This is the real deal!, No joke! Do not play games with this stuff it will hurt you! USE CAUTION! A little goes alone way. Excellent products and really enjoying the flavors! A little pricy but should last me a good long while. I got this for my Brother In law as well for Christmas. I gave him samples of it and he loves it also. Will buy again!

  14. J. brian

    Everything I cook gets real spicy now

  15. Ellen

    You better like heat!
    We use this set more than any other spices we’ve bought. The heat is insane and the flavor is perfect.

  16. Joseph P. Benn Jr.

    This stuff is HOT!!!!!! Use it VERY sparingly… VERY SPARINGLY!!!!!!! If you sprinkle it on like you would like when you salt and pepper things, you have probably put on WAY TOO MUCH, and whatever you seasoned is going to be CHERNOBYL MELTDOWN HOT!!!!! You have been warned… happy eating!!!!!

  17. C.L.

    Buy this!
    My taste buds are extraordinarily happy whenever I use these. Definitely exercise caution: don’t add it while you’re cooking, instead after the food is done (otherwise you risk aerosolizing the pepper and ending up essentially pepper spraying yourself). A little obviously goes a long way. But they’re delicious and it is economical, considering how long they’ll last.

  18. Stephen P.

    Great Scott! Good Stuff!
    Awesome Stuff! Super Heat and good flavor!

  19. Chris

    Worth the burn you’ll have the next day..
    Add it to everything, knowing full well what I’m in for the next day

  20. Daryl

    If You Can’t Handle The Heat, Stay Out The Kitchen ?????
    Great product, I got it very quickly and was very happy of it’s contents and how it was handled, but most of all this stuff is hot!!!
    I tried all 3 since these are my favorite peppers, cant wait to use it in some dishes.

  21. Chuckychuck

    Better than my dried thai chilis
    You don’t need a lot to get some heat… it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the food

  22. drake

    thumbs up
    very good flavor nice and spicy so good worth every penny

  23. NN


  24. miguel a.

    Hot 🤯
    Best chili ever
    Ordered it 4× already

  25. Elana Miller

    This is as advertised! The reaper powder is almost unedibly hot. The other 2 are a good heat for wings and other spicy dishes. I touched my face with a residue from the reaper and felt like I had been pepper sprayed!! Great product.

  26. Anthony J. Wilkus Jr.

    Amazing! Nice heat, doesn’t change the flavor of your food!
    If you want heat but not take away from the flavor of your food, this is it! So much better than any liquid hot sauce. I literally use it on almost everything, from soups, pizza and mac-n-cheese to bagels and cream-cheese! And the heat between the 3 is a nice range. You can just sprinkle a little or mix a lot!

  27. Anonymous

    excellent product
    great hot flavors, love love these

  28. Desiree

    The FIRE!
    You want hot then this is your product. I used it on my homemade jerky, little goes a loooong way. Perfect

  29. Warren Weeks

    Spice, Spice – and HOT..
    I already tried ” Red Tail Scorpion Chili Powder..” I like it in my Chile, anything I eat.. I have yet tried the ” Wiked Reaper or the Devil’s Chili Powder, ” yet.. But, can’t wait ti try them..

  30. Michael K.

    Hot xxxcellent
    Good and hot…head sweat !!!

  31. Justus

    Quality stuff
    These go great in sauces, dry rubs and the contact lens cleaning solution of my enemies. 10/10

  32. Jeff Snell

    Best hot chili powder set on the market.
    If you like HOT this will do it for you.

  33. Barbara Hochstetter

    HOT !!!
    ok this is very easy review.. this stuff is right on ..its HOT!!!!! CAREFUL don’t over do it .. if you do expect at lease 30 minutes of burn eat lemons or limes to cut the heat .. Cut the heat not end it .. good luck ..

  34. Kyong Tupper

    Great set!
    All three have slightly different flavors and all three are great….be careful!

  35. Joshua A.

    Four Stars
    Great stuff

  36. Alfred

    They all taste the same????
    I take it back. Great powder.

  37. Suzanne B.

    Exactly as described
    Exactly as described. Full size. Tasty, spicy as all get out

  38. Actual Buyer

    GOOD STUFF!!! Nice and HOT!
    Finally, a powder that has the heat I was looking for. Highly recommend if you are into the heat! These also have flavor to them, not just pure heat. I use these to make some Thai dishes, bloody mary rimmer, and breakfast favorites. Great product!!!

  39. Burt_Kushman(IG) facebook.com/burtkushman

    Hotter than 2 skunks makin whoopy in a wool sack
    Holy jesus this stuff is hot. I use it to season my special batch of beef jerky that I call Satan’s Kiss and I combine all 3 spices. It has brought many a grown man to tears and I have laughed so hard I thought a kidney might pop out watching them eat it. I will advise you to use caution. I messed around and got some of the seasoning in my eye and it burned like the sweet baby lucifer himself was drooling in my eye. I now wear safety goggles when I use these.

  40. cathy

    I know…
    I’ve seen tons of hot challenges and I’m telling u these powders are HOT as hell.

  41. Julie A Cooper

    Ideal gift
    This was a gift I ordered for someone. They loved the spices.

  42. Britney Collis

    Bought these for my husband. Absolutely loves them. …
    Bought these for my husband. Absolutely loves them. They are exactly what everyone else says they are. Very hot.

  43. Rob

    Potent stuff
    Yum yum yum!!! If you like spicy, I mean really spicy, this is your seasoning. I used to get ghost, scorpion and reaper peppers from coworkers at my last job. I’d dehydrate them then put them into a coffee mill dedicated to peppers. These are definitely made from ghost, scorpion and reaper peppers. Maybe they aren’t quite as potent as the stuff I used to make, but they taste every bit as good. A little bit goes a long way. I cook with these regularly and they will last me about a year.
    WARNING: wash your hands thoroughly after handling before using the men’s/ladies room. Or you will regret it.

  44. GardenFreaK

    I can’t eat things that are not spicy anymore basically …
    I can’t eat things that are not spicy anymore basically, this is the candy I put on all of my food. More intense than delicious, but worth it for me.

  45. Dale Hughes

    Five Stars
    Love the heat!!!

  46. SeaWalnut

    Handle with care – wonderful!
    A convenient sampler, especially if one is working up from hot to incendiary.

  47. Affusonet

    Crazy Hot
    Use with caution, handle responsibly.

  48. Ron Callan

    Four Stars
    only used the red tail so far and it is hot and good

  49. Nicholas Schade

    Great product, subpar packaging
    Fantastic product. The chili spices are incredibly potent and flavorful. My only complaint is that my items arrived with two of the bottles having broken lids. The powders poured out into the bag and mixed together. Seller should consider shipping in a box or at least bubble wrap.

  50. jim creswell

    … soon as mine is all gone which will be pretty soon LOL I love hot stuff nowhere else in …
    All the hot spice peppers in here in this gifts set are exactly what they say
    I would buy it again as soon as mine is all gone which will be pretty soon LOL I love hot stuff nowhere else in stores or anything does anybody sell any type of pepper like Vees

  51. Tamiem Ansari

    They’re amazing.
    Hottest powders I have ever tasted. They’re amazing.

  52. Bridgett S.

    Wow. Be careful!
    Again, wow. Take it easy with this stuff. Nothing but powdered chilies of extreme spice levels. Use heat caution if you want to sniff them- leave the cap off for a minute and let it settle thoroughly. Three amazing and unique flavors to choose from. They aren’t kidding on the heat, either. Completely worth the price.

  53. Joshua R Tafoya

    Five Stars
    Use these almost every other day

  54. Todd

    Holy sheep crap on a stick with a side of snizzle wizzle
    Holy sheep crap on a stick with a side of snizzle wizzle! Whew! If you love hot spices this is for you! If you have heart issues or are pregnant stay away! LOL! Will definitely buy again if I ever get through these.

  55. ANGELA

    Five Stars

  56. PrinceK

    Five Stars
    Arrives on time and product is very consistent

  57. bimzalabim

    Love it
    Im burningg…


    Four Stars
    Great stuff and fast delivery

  59. Jwake

    Avid spicy food fan… these had zero heat and no flavor. They somehow still give me digestive problems when i have never had problems with any of the three peppers. Not sure if I received a bad and/or old batch, but they were not good.

  60. Anonymous

    A Light Dusting
    I am addicted to spicy foods, and will gladly suffer for some good flavors! These taste amazing, with a TON of heat, so be warned! All you need is a light dusting, almost not enough to see, but you’ll know it’s there when you take a bite…..

    Because I need such a small amount, this triple-pack will last me a long time!

  61. Bob Wilcox

    Five Stars
    You better like hot as much as I do!

  62. Zpence

    Five Stars
    Fantastic deal, great flavor great heat!

  63. KC

    Five Stars
    These are hot as all get out and a little goes a long way.

  64. Delraider Len

    The trio of hot to super hot!
    You’ve been warned, so go e-a-s-y or else! Fantastic flavors.

  65. Anonymous

    Three Stars
    The Reaper powder definitely has the kick but the Ghost and Scorpion are not as hot as expected.

  66. Alfredo S.

    Five Stars
    love it

  67. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Very good

  68. Mike Thomas

    Five Stars
    Love this stuff!! Perfect on anything that requires a little extra heat. I will definitely buy more!

  69. Roguey

    Five Stars
    they are great…

  70. Anonymous

    Four Stars
    Taste is good

  71. F. Cortez

    Perfect for the price
    Great seasonings when you want to use a pinch that goes a long way. We make a lot of jerky and using this seasoning let’s us know how hot we are going to make it. Excellent product.

  72. Zarlodious

    then I tried my favorite flavor-wise the Scorpion next ouch now they are both …
    Oh my, I only tasted a dab of the Reaper my mouth is on fire, then I tried my favorite flavor-wise the Scorpion next ouch now they are both burning my mouth so good. I barely had a few milligrams on my finger when I tasted it. The ghost is the least hot and my least favorite flavor but they are all a great investment and will provide a ton of heat for months maybe years to come these are very potent!

  73. Scott

    Super spicy noodle challenge!
    Bought these to make the spicy noodle challenge more interesting! All three varieties have great flavor and heat!

  74. Evan Xavier

    This is a very good deal. Do you know how many peppers it …
    Hot. As. Hell.

    Each bottle is 2 oz. This is a very good deal. Do you know how many peppers it takes to make that much powder once they’re dried? A lot. Worth it. Good stuff. Fire.

  75. Russ Wood

    Five Stars
    Awesome and super hot!

  76. Jane

    Good Buy
    Excellent, great products reasonable price.

  77. Farious

    Didn’t get moruga scorpion, but it’s fine
    I got the carolina reaper and ghost pepper, but missing trinidad moruga scorpion – i got an extra ghost pepper instead “hard wood smoked” version with black skull art on label.

  78. Michael Ashley

    Super hot
    Poured half an ounce of each into a pot to give it a kick. My neighbor’s eyes were burning as they came up the stairs because the powder got into the air. Had me breathing fire for a few days. Loved it.

  79. Randall Hicks

    Five Stars
    outstanding flavor!

  80. Thomas Bernstein

    Five Stars
    Great selection if you like Hottt stuff, also very flavorfull. Not just all heat.

  81. Matthew I baker

    Five Stars
    Exactly as advertised, I will purchase this again.

  82. tricia nerdin

    Hot! Just like he likes it
    Hubby loves it. Very hot just like he likes

  83. Anonymous

    Best purchase I made all year
    Exceeded all my expectations! Best purchase I made all year. I will be back for more.

  84. trisha

    The next one i tried was the Reaper which has awesome heat last for at least 5 min after eating …
    First tried the scorpion it was spicy as powder but didn’t contribute much to cooking. The next one i tried was the Reaper which has awesome heat last for at least 5 min after eating definitely would buy again. Would not get if you find habanero spicy.

  85. D. Martin

    Five Stars
    Worth it

  86. Ernest F Castillo

    Best buy for your $.
    Loved the products. Realy liked the scorpion pepper effect. Use the Carolina reaper with my Tapatio sauce to bump up the flavor. Great price to get all 3. Recommend it for chili heads.

  87. Alan Osborn

    Five Stars
    HOT stuff and good quality, A little goes along way.

  88. John Schleppy

    Dangerously and Deliciously Hot
    At first I was turned off by the labeling images, as I thought they were more goofy than professional. However, once I tried them, the inspiration for them became immediately clear and now serve as warnings to anyone that dares grab them from the top shelf of my pantry. You could transfer the powder to your own containers, but BE CAREFUL of airborne pepper powder while doing so, not to mention also while cooking with it. Merely the distant essence of this stuff hitting your nose stings the nostrils.

    Since using these three nearly every day with a light dusting across my food since getting them, I can now tolerate fresh jalapenos much more easily than I did before. So if you’re looking for a easy, cheap, and effective way to increase tolerance to spicy foods, or for their health benefits, this is a great choice. It will last you a very long time between 1 or 2 people.

  89. Douglas S.

    Hot and delicious! Fast shipping! Will order again when my taste buds grow back.

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