Scorpion Chili Powder Spice Seasoning Trinidad Moruga Red Tail

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  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chili Powder Spice
  • One of the World’s Hottest Chili Peppers 1,200,000 Scoville Heat Units
  • Extremely Hot Scorpion Chili Powder
  • Much hotter than habanero hotter than ghost
  • Extreme Heat
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Red Tail Moruga Scorpion Chili Pepper Powder 1.5 ounces

Red Tail chili powder is an extremely hot spice, Trinidad Moruga scorpion peppers average 1,200,000 Scoville. The scorpion chili is among the hottest chilies peppers in the world, very spicy.

USE WITH CAUTION. Do not use scorpion peppers if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

1.8 x 1.8 x 4 inches ; 2.08 ounces

Shipping Weight

2.4 ounces





Important information

Salsa, tacos, chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, chili

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chili Powder

Dust a little on anything you want to be extremely hot!

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

132 reviews for Scorpion Chili Powder Spice Seasoning Trinidad Moruga Red Tail

  1. Sandi

    Great for Chili Heads
    This was a valentines day gift for my husband who is a major pepper head, and it was a big hit. Highly recommend if you have someone in your life with a particularly high tolerance for spicy.

  2. Jankus

    This stuff has a bit of a kick to it. Highly recommended!

  3. Average joe from Chicago

    If you like Hot, then you need this.
    It?s Hot !

  4. sean jacobs

    Great buy
    Love this stuff

  5. Rjones

    Exactly as described! ??

  6. Nancy L. White

    Hottest thing I?ve had that wasn?t an extract.
    I was rather surprised when I first used this Maruga powder. I?ve been using Ghost pepper powders and fresh peppers for years now. I figured this being only a few points higher in SHU wouldn?t be a problem. Boy was I wrong. I added some to my ramen noodles and thought I hurt something. It?s so hot that it actually made my gums ache and caused a bit of a chili buzz.

    I couldn?t be happier with my purchase. This powder is amazing and will be a repurchase from now on.

    Note of caution… as with any high SHU foods, do try to avoid getting any into sensitive areas like the eyes or farther south. Judicious hand washing is highly recommended.

  7. LeAnne Gilbert

    How does hell.
    Unbelievably hot like super hot like metaphors don’t describe how hot this stuff is. Unless your buying this to hurt someone, Don’t put more than a teaspoon and a gallon of whatever you’re cooking.

  8. Link..

    To hot
    This stuff is HOT HOT put a little bit in my beans so hot had to throw out the whole pot…????????

  9. Sharon

    That?s hot.
    Really packs the heat. Love it. It hurts so good!

  10. Chris

    Great value.
    Exactly as I thought it would be. And considering how long it’ll take to use it all up the value is excellent.

    I love it.

  11. Fredo

    Fire ??
    Love it!! Put this on everything. If you like a nice smooth spicy taste this is the one for you. Goes great on pizza and soups.

  12. Anonymous

    Hot Powdered Magic
    Great flavor with significant heat.

  13. Brandon W

    Product as described
    Definitely hot. I put it on a burger and my tongue went numb and my eyes were watering. A somewhat sharp smoky taste
    Do not touch your face lol

  14. Michael

    Taste great, decent heat
    Loved the taste. Decent heat, not excessive, but not underwhelming either. I sprinkle on snacks like popcorn and chips.

  15. Paul lees

    this stuff rocks
    It’s delicious and works great if you’re adding heat to your spice mixes and rubs. Go for it

  16. JJ

    Love this stuff and it can get hot! A few shakes is all you need.

  17. Anonymous

    Hot!Hot! Hot!
    Exactly what I expected. It was scorpion hot

  18. HC Customer

    Hot but tasty
    This pepper is made from scorpion moruga peppers so I expected hot, and it is. It will definitely light you up if you’re not careful with the amount you apply.

  19. Anonymous

    I like it
    It?s a quicker way to make insane hot sauce

  20. D K.

    Great flavor

  21. YoHimBe

    We’re gloves : Very Hot!
    Drink 32 ounces of liquid with a strong dusting of this Scorpion Powder.

  22. Anonymous

    Scorpion Power chili
    Use it when making salsa, very hot!

  23. Anonymous

    Hotter than I was looking for .
    It?s hot ?? so hot that I can?t use it .

  24. Anonymous

    Absolutely love this powerful and delicious pepper powder!!!

  25. edkruzel

    Heat with flavor
    Definitely has some heat, but very nice flavor as well. I add two dashes to my one cup of pork rub.
    Perfect heat without burning your mouth.

  26. Albert J.

    Haven?t used it.

  27. Andrew

    Recieved the wrong item
    Bought the scorpion powder and recieved Carolina Reaper powder instead.

  28. John m Barcelos

    It,s very hot
    It has a good flavor and it is hot I put a little at a time

  29. Jason McCully

    My most favorite spice, I carry one with me everywhere
    I LOVE this powder, I literally put it on everything. It?s excellent on spaghetti and meatballs or Chinese food. Be careful, just a little bit will get your mouth burning.

  30. doggiemom5

    Five Stars
    it is quite hot so a very little goes a long way.

  31. Josh Malchman

    very happy with the purchase
    Right in the middle of the two chili powders I bought. I use it mainly for meat and poultry dishes, as well as in toasts. Definitely smell the Scorpion chili, stays fresh a long long time, very high quality, very happy with the purchase. Just the right level of heat for my friends who like spicy, but not too much

  32. britt farni

    loved it

  33. Stan Brink

    Only Carolina Reaper is hotter. Extremely hot, not super flavorful.

  34. FNA

    Good and hot!
    Very tasty and hot! Ill be ordering more i’m sure!

  35. David Scioli

    Very good powder

  36. Macglen

    Five Stars
    Holy this is hot

  37. Alan D. Arnold

    Five Stars
    Serious kick. Be careful.

  38. John R.

    No fillers. Just chiles.
    Nothing but ground up scorpion chiles in a shaker bottle. Super hot.

  39. Grizzly Bear

    150 degrees on 100 scale
    5 stars for product labeling and packaging. My bad for not doing my homework. Have ate Mex style spices, sauces and salsas for many years. Always thought Habanero was hottest. Had no idea what a Scorpion pepper was or the heat gauges out there. Read the reviews and thought would give it a try. Man on man, a very small amount on end of tongue and you will definitely pay!! Nothing will tame the extreme heat either. I can tolerate hot spice but unfortunately will stay below the Habanero types. Take anything Scorpion off my list. Had to throw new bottle in the trash.

  40. Anonymous

    Crazy hot.
    Good flavor.

  41. Ziegenbock

    Take it easy, though
    Really spicy. Take it easy, though!

  42. Jules

    A scorpion with no stinger
    I was expecting something very hot. It is not. Ok if you cover the top of you food with the pepper so you can’t see the food under the pepper then it is hot enough. I was hoping I could use less. Most likely problem is there is too much filler (stems and seeds) ground with the peppers, diluting the heat.

  43. Brandon Czerwinski

    Good flavor affordable product
    This is hot but out of the reaper ghost pepper that scorpion this is the mildest. If your looming for really hot go with the reaper or ghost instead but if your looking for flavor this is it

  44. Jenna Castillo

    Five Stars
    This stuff is great. I love the spicy taste. I’m hooked.

  45. MH Bausch

    Spicy and no taste
    My biggest qualm with hot sauces is the flavor sucks. So decided to try something different and came across this powder. It’s great, ultra spicy and does not change the flavor of whatever you put it in which is what I was looking for.

  46. Anonymous

    Amazing flavor if you get the right base to your chili. I won a chili cook off with this spice. I used pork, beef, bacon, beans, Beer and crushed tomatoes. It was amazing. I added 1.5 TSP of this and man was it hot but it tasted really good. Everyone said the spice snuck up. Pretty cool stuff.

  47. S. Armstrong

    NO Longer a Good Product – Keep Searching…
    I WISH I had trusted other reviews that said that the product had changed for the worse. I thought maybe it was just a bad batch. NO, it has changed. I would have rated it a 5 star before. It was a fine powder that would cling to food and was VERY hot. (Would LIGHT your candle!) This junk that is sold now is not very hot. More course than black pepper, so it doesn’t cling. It doesn’t dissolve in chili and soups. Before, I would have recommended this above many other brands I have bought. Now its just a rip off. For the ones at Wicked Tickle, please let us know if you return to making the good stuff. I’d love to buy what you once sold before. Hope you haven’t changed Reaper too.

  48. Danny E.

    Like the other post stated, after purchasing before, this is not chili powder, it is flakes, it is not at all hot, the quality is garbage. It smells like old expired dirty chili pepper. The quality has gone from excellent to garbage. My crushed red peppers are hotter than this.

  49. Pax Hamburgana

    If you love spicy then you’ll be in heaven
    It’s REALLY spicy without sacrificing flavor. If you love spicy then you’ll be in heaven.

  50. mike

    It delivers. A pinch goes a long way. This stuff is hot af. Good in soups or on grilled meats. Slow build-up, high peak, long linger.

  51. ML

    They have changed their product. We don’t like the new stuff. Not hot and too coarse.
    This is our fourth jar. The first three jars were beastly hot and ground as fine as baking flour. This jar sucks. It’s not nearly as hot as the old stuff and it is ground very coarsely; roughly the consistency of cornmeal. We’re going to send this jar back, which is very disappointing. This was the best, hottest chili powder we had found. I guess we’ll have look for another product. Very disappointing. šŸ™

    Just tried to return it and found out that it’s not eligible to be returned. I now wish I could give it zero stars.

  52. Michael A. Goodwin

    Has gone way down hill in quality
    About a year ago a co-worker ordered this product and it was intense. as a matter of fact a year later we are just starting to run low on it as there are only a handful of us that can handle it. so since he ordered the first jar i took it upon myself to order the next… this year however this stuff has changed drastically. 1.) it was ground much coarser than the year before – which really didn’t bother me. 2.) it is a darker color and has at best half the heat of the jar we got the year before. – tells me that they used fillers or something of the sort. It has become run of the mill along with all the other powders out there. My friend and I were both really disappointed with it this year. I really hope they read this and go back to the product they had produced in the past.

  53. Scotty Linzel

    Hot stuff
    It’s hot!

  54. Eric Div

    This product is fantastic but don’t be a show off stud
    Beware. This product is fantastic but don’t be a show off stud. Use very little at 1st to test.

  55. Shaun

    Five Stars
    Good solid burn. Not bad for making hot sauce either.

  56. Anon

    Good Alone, & Mixed.
    This Seasoning Is Good By Itself, With Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Powder, & With Other Seasonings. I Can Eat Damn Near Any Kind Of Spicy Food Without My Eyes Watering, My Mouth Burning, My Tongue Burning Just To Name A Few. This Stuff By Itself Will Burn The Hell Out Of Your Mouth, Tongue. It Will Also Make Your Eyes Water.

  57. John Mullady

    Couldn’t get a hot enough bite from hot peppers at the grocery store so I bought this. This will knock your socks off. Or burn them off

  58. yardstick

    Best hot powder in the world
    If you want something with a lot of kick this is your stuff.
    1. Use it sparingly
    2. When shaking put it closer to your food than you normally would or your going to tear gas yourself.
    3. Have someone you really dislike try the cinnamon challenge with it make sure you get a video. After about 20 minutes of hilarity make yourself scarce.

  59. D. Glisson

    Good value
    Better than the liquid (oil)

  60. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Just what I was hoped for.

  61. Shantel Pionke

    Five Stars
    Very spicy!

  62. Monkey Breath

    Five Stars

  63. Tom

    Definitely spicy and hot, however tastes rancid.
    I love really, really hot and I can handle the spicy part, but it just doesn’t have any good flavor to it. Tastes a little rancid.

  64. Anonymous

    Hot stuff~!
    Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Powder Chili Spice Great product – spicy hot as described. Will definitely purchase again! Great vendor also!

  65. Murf the Surf

    Oh so Hot! But oh so Good!

  66. georgette dixon

    Yeah, yeah
    Whooooo we, got this for my husband, since he likes spicy

  67. Anonymous

    A little bit of home away from home Trini girl forever.
    Coming from the actual island Of Trinidad and Tobago this pepper could not have made me prouder. Being away from home and not getting my Trini pepper sauce this came very close I absolutely love it. I put this on/in everything, so good in curries and soups a bit toxic when cooking in a closed up house where you cough and sneeze until the house airs out. I would highly recommend this to all spicy food lovers. Don’t worry about shipping it usually gets there in the blink of and eye.

  68. M. Mccollough

    Very good pain, good, good pain. Love it

  69. Beefy

    Five Stars
    it’s HOT!!!!!!!!!!! mace in a jar….be careful when shaking it into a recipe.

  70. Francisco

    Ay, ya yai!!!
    This is dangerously hot. I used just a sprinkle on a curry I was cooking. Wow! Just that tiny bit made a big difference. I had to add some coconut cream to tampen it down a bit.I like hot, but this is crazy hot.

  71. Sarah Lee

    Five Stars
    bought this as a gift for my pops and i am sure he loves it!!

  72. Trent

    HOT HOT HOT! Yummm
    Wow!!! If you like spicy this is for you. I don’t mean if you like buffalo wings or Tabasco spicy, I mean if you like to cry and sweat for the next 10-20 minutes then this stuff is for you!! Me and my girlfriend love spicy, so much that every time we order the spiciest something we are always disappointed, BUT NOT WITH THIS STUFF! We love it! Oh and this bottle will last you A LONGGG TIME, one shake of this and your mouth will be on FIRE

  73. John H.

    Five Stars
    Excellent quality – great heat.

  74. Andy

    Awesome ingredient. Will order more soon.
    Great on the beef jerky I make.

  75. D. R. "Uncle Raggy" Ragsdale

    HOT! HOT! …. Did I Mention HOT? Great Fire Starter for the Kitchen ….
    I like HEAT in my morning Hot Tea …. This Takes Care of Business!! Raggy

  76. Ian H.

    I love this pepper and company
    I love this stuff. I is a great flavor and delicious spice.

  77. Vicky

    Five Stars
    Love this stuff. It is very hot buit the hotter the better


    Four Stars
    it’s hot, but not as hot as I expected.

  79. DrDuran

    Delicious & Hot!
    This is a wonderfully delicious powder that exceeded my expectations. A wonder flavor and heat. Not too hot but yummy as a monkey’s uncle!

  80. Historylover

    This is IT!
    Excellent combination of spice and flavor for cooks. If you’re just looking for macho bragging rights for eating the hottest thing ever this is not for you, but if you enjoy flavorful food with some nice heat, this is it.

  81. Ryan Colby

    I wish there were something with more spice, but this is about as high as you get for pepper flakes.

  82. Horus R. IceRaven

    Who could not love this. Hot is an understatement

  83. Mary H. Gilbert

    This powder pepper is the best so far!
    I really love this level of heat! If your looking for very hot this is the one. I love love it!!!

  84. Rochana

    It isn’t spicy at all for me. I have scorpion hotsauce and its extremely spicy and I was hoping for the same result here. Really bummed.

  85. Amazon Consumer

    Excellent hot powder!
    I sprinkle it on lots of stuff but you have to be careful it is pretty darn hot!! Taste very good, can really bring flavor out in your dishes. A little goes a long ways. Very good stuff, would buy again…

  86. sondra r jack

    Five Stars
    so easy to use

  87. Ian J. King

    Five Stars
    really hot – creeps up on you!

  88. benduck

    This is great for chili or stews
    This is great for chili or stews; nobody will want it but you!?*
    1.2m scobel heat. Hottest I have had yet; outstanding as the
    flavor of chili is not robbed, only the heat is turned up…a lot!

  89. kegdepot

    Five Stars
    sweet mother of god. prep your ass, it’ll hurt later. it is delicious though.

  90. Michael f.

    Awesome spice
    If u like hot spices get this. I absolutely love this spice way more than any hot sauce. You can add heat to your food without messing with the flavor much. You only get the flavor of the pepper which has a smokiness to it. I love hot foods and this is very, very hot. You only need a little bit cause this goes a long way. I highly recommend this. You will not be disappointed. I am not affiliated with this company in any way, I’ve just been looking for something like this for a long time and I’m super happy I finally found it

  91. BuffaloSoldier

    It might be just too hot
    Holy cow is this stuff hot. For me it’s just too hot. By far the hottest chili powder I ever tried. Its a very fine line between just enough and too much. Can be downright painful and uncomfortable, but is nicely hot and spicy if you put just the right amount on.

  92. noltervetter

    Good and spicy!
    I love it. It’s very hot and goes great on eggs, meat, potatoes and pretty much anything else.

  93. Larry

    Four Stars
    about as good as crazy hot pepper gets.

  94. Rick A Hyatt

    Stale but hot
    I’m way past habanero level so I was careful. It’s as is stale stuff but did at least make my eyes tear

  95. D. Tatnall

    Five Stars
    If you like it hot as I do, this is THE spice!

  96. Matthew Mitchell

    Definitely the real deal
    Super hot even with only a few dashes. Having had dried carolina reaper though, I can handle the heat from this, but it does burn while peeing and if you have too much in one go it does make you possibly poop blood (it happened to me) sooo yeahhh use at your own risk…..

  97. Terese Sarckees

    Five Stars

  98. J.

    Heat and taste finally combined
    Great taste and good level of burn. It was the first powder that I have actually enjoyed the taste and the heat level. I only need to add a slight dusting to most meals for a good level of heat without detracting from the taste of the food. It’s not the usual chemical burn taste from some products that leaves your mouth numb. I need to get a small travel container as it’s a bit big to keep in pants or shirt pocket for going out with but the size was good as it will last a while.

  99. marvin ginyard

    The Real Deal!!!
    I’m a Chili head that absolutely loves the endorphin rush you get from super hots. Scorpion Tail is the real deal ladies and gentlemen. For the the uninitiated this spice if used without caution could leave you in a good deal of pain for about 30 minutes. It’s honest to goodness dried and powdered Moruga Scorpion pepper!!! Great Product!!!

  100. Matt Rouge

    This stuff is fantastic! The heat is intense
    but it also has a unique flavor that can contribute to a dish. The price is also excellent. Give it a try, and use sparingly!

  101. Darryl Gray

    This is a great spice! Perfect for Jerk Shrimp & Chicken
    But be aware, it’s REALLY HOT!! I was born in the Florida Keys and lived all over the World so highly seasoned foods were the norm! If you’re a “Chili Head” this is for you!!

  102. Neill

    Order this one!
    I love ghost chili, and if you do too this is the right step forward. This pepper powder is fantastic. Quality is amazing and shipping was great, you can bet your ass I’ll be ordering again.

  103. W K.

    Love the burn.
    Great product, fast ship, life is good. Would buy again, thanks!

  104. ArtVisioneer

    … Tail Trinidad Moruga Scorpion does stings and put a nice flavor to any meal
    The Red Tail Trinidad Moruga Scorpion does stings and put a nice flavor to any meal.
    LOVE IT.

  105. osama

    Five Stars

  106. Mrs. ChaCha

    very hot
    Very hot. I got some in my eye and holy cow I was running around the house bumping into walls and tripping over furniture trying to get to something to extinguish the burn. Then when I thought my pain was over I experienced a red tail. Aaaah.

  107. Paul Barnes

    Only takes a tiny bit
    Smells amazing and tastes very good. But extremely hot to the point of being borderline dangerous. Will last a long time….a very long time

  108. Steve W.

    And this is the best I have found for cooking because the balance of …
    It is true that there is hotter ground chili out there, but this is very hot. And this is the best I have found for cooking because the balance of heat and the fairly neutral flavor profile makes this the perfect heat enhancer for any recipe I am looking to amp up.

  109. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars
    Adds Heat without changing the flavor

  110. Hayley Johnson

    Love this stuff, my husband puts it on almost everything. He even takes it with him when we eat out to spice up his food.

  111. Amy S

    Four Stars
    Great product, well packaged with clear warnings

  112. allie

    Five Stars
    Love it,

  113. Destiny Kelley

    Amazing flavor and easy to control the heat as a powder so you don’t burn your face off. If you use too much it will, in fact, burn your face off.


    He said this is great. He loves adding it to all food
    My husband loves everything hot. He said this is great. He loves adding it to all food.

  115. Carlos Salazar

    Five Stars
    Excellent Chili powder

  116. mb


  117. David B. Paz Sr.

    thats all i can saw well worth it if you like it
    HOT HOT HOT ..thats all i can saw well worth it if you like it HOT

  118. Peter Fleming

    A supreme adventure for those who like things spicy!
    A volcanic and intense experience. I would suggest that if you purchase this powder, use it carefully and sparingly. Since it is about 8 times hotter than a habanero pepper, it will quickly open your sinuses. So don’t drown your food in it. See what it is like before you experiment. One very unusual combination is to sprinkle it on squares of dark chocolate. It is amazing!


  119. Mark M Melechinsky

    I thought I was going to die… but I didn’t. Still using it to spice up my home made salsa.

  120. Richard Michael Holt

    Five Stars
    I love super hot. But this stuff is mean!!!

  121. Thomas Masson

    Two Stars
    Not that hot.

  122. David Wood

    the sun in a jar
    Let’s start off with shipping. . Will be quick and easy.. fast! Like 2 days.. well packaged as always. I use this with a smoked flavor combination. . Call it smoked scorpion. Or to spice up random foods.. have an amazing recipe for sweet and spicy.. look up kramers sports bar on facebook and ask me some ideas! Limitless possibility. The heat of these peppers.. well jalapeƱo is rated at 5000 Scoville units. . We all had jalapeƱo before. This stuff is on average 1,200,000 units.. even the tiniest taste will leave a burning sensation for 20 minutes. I love this stuff.. have bought a couple of these and will buy more.. please be careful these are the hottest chili peppers in the world

  123. Alexander Jin

    Yeah, it gives heat alright but little disappointed. I was expecting a LOT more. Then again, this is in a powder form, and not a pepper itself, which explains the reduced heat intensity. I use about a teaspoonful mixed with tabasco sauce. It goes well with omelet and hotdog! Yum! =^.^=

  124. J. Shoemaker

    Five Stars
    Used this to add a kick to a wing sauce, a little goes a long way!

  125. Kevin James Reiling

    Five Stars
    Excellent pepper, great way to spice it up!

  126. J. Greene

    Jerky that workies
    This stuff is awesome for making hot jerky. I’ve not used it for anything else, but think I will as the need presents itself. Caution…be sure to wear gloves/wash hands. This ain’t your mama’s cayenne!

  127. B. t. Nielsen

    Good for travel
    I travel a lot and this stuff i keep in a keychain vile. It is perfect to add a kick in a pinch.

  128. Dana T

    From a true heat lover
    If you don’t regret eating it then it needs moar spice. I have built my tolerance of heat up to a point I don’t sweat anymore. Which I kind of don’t like, actually because that was part of the experience. but I still get the endorphin rush. I use a lot of different spices from jalapeno to 90 SKU cayenne, habanero, ghost pepper and this amazing Scorpion powder. This powder is so fracking hot that it will easily get you to the regret you so desire (as a true heat lover). It is the hottest thing in my spice rack. The only thing hotter is the Caroline Reaper which isn’t widely available yet but have a friend growing some. You will NOT regret…well, you WILL REGRET using this spice. lol. It is that awesome.

  129. Matt Horton

    Best spice ever!! I love the taste and the heat that it brings. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Don’t put a lot on though!

  130. Gerald Bohn

    Beyond hot!
    This is the best Chili Powder I have ever used! I have cooked with it almost daily. From eggs to peanuts and Carmel to Chili!
    If you love hot food as I do that this is the best you will ever try! Your lips burn your eyes water and your nose runs and I loved every second of it! I was alive and lived through it!!!

  131. Siamak

    Excellent Pepper!
    The best pepper I’ve ever tried. Good taste and very hot; exactly what I expected. It’s a little bit pricy, but it’s worth it.

  132. ScubaKathie Lawler

    This stuff is hot, but not insane hot. I think this is actually Butch T powder and not Moruga. What the heck, it beats the pants off of Cayenne.

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