Hotter Than Ghost Pepper Scorpion Habanero Hot Sauce Wicked Nightmare Extract

(265 customer reviews)


  • Chili pepper extract over 2,000,000 scoville heat units
  • Capsaicin extract
  • World’s hottest hot sauce
  • Hotter than ghost scorpion and reaper peppers
  • Warning: extreme heat use with caution


Chili Pepper Extract Wicked Nightmare

Incredibly hot hot sauce that is pure chili extract

Scorpion chili peppers and ghost peppers are the hottest peppers in the world. This chili pepper extract product is much much hotter than those and hotter than ghost pepper hot sauce.

Wicked Nightmare extract (pure capsaicin oil) is over 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units and laboratory tested and verified to be over that amount.

Do not consume this product directly. It is to be used a little at a time. Not for sale to anyone under the age of 18.

CAUTION: Severe heat llasting over 5 minutes. Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Do not get in your eyes, on your skin, or on your clothing. Keep out of the reach of children.

If you like the heat from ghost peppers and scorpion chili peppers but still need something hotter, this is for you. This makes a perfect gift for those who say nothing is ever hot enough.

15 ml container with a dropper for total control over the use of this product. One drop is all you should need.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

1 x 1 x 3 inches

Shipping Weight

0.8 ounces





Item model number

wicked nightmare

Important information

Safety Warning
Do not use if you have a respiratroy or heart condition.

One drop at a time into a large amount of food or sauce.

Ingredients: Pure Capsicum (capsaicin oil) aka chili pepper extract.

Very very very small amounts.

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

265 reviews for Hotter Than Ghost Pepper Scorpion Habanero Hot Sauce Wicked Nightmare Extract

  1. David D.

    not all that hot
    Not sure how this can claim worlds hottest sauce cause it is not . Go try Mad Dog 357 Plutonium Sauce it ranks in at 9,000,000 yes million scoville units this stuff is wimpy compared to that !

  2. Blondie75

    It’s barely hotter than jalapeño
    It is not as hot as it states. I wound up putting 3/4 of the bottle in under a quart of buffalo sauce. Even with that, it’s just mildly hot. Even let it sit a day. Same.

  3. Chad Cooper

    Really not that hot
    It’s not as hot as advertised. The bottle also leaks all the time. No matter how careful I am I get some on my fingers which seems impossible to get off. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this.

  4. Aaron

    The heat comes slowly
    Very good for making hot sauce

  5. 75 MERC

    Its HOT!
    Dont worry it’s hot. Take it everywhere with me so people can try it. Can be a lot if fun with willing participants. Everyone thinks they can take the heat until they try it. Too hot to play pranks on people with though.

  6. NoTimeToShop

    BE CAREFUL…great flavor!!
    This product is extraordinarily HOT. I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend who loves heat. He disregarded my advise of only using 1-2 drops in bottle. He used 2 drops in his food…ouuuuuch. The bottle needs better sealing as it spills during delivery, but ultimately it has a good flavor..So I’m told.

  7. Anonymous

    Look no farther
    I’ve been thru alot of hot sauce trying to find a seriously hot hot sauce many claim to be. Dont waste your money looking. This is it. Seriously one drop will set you on fire.
    Says it tested out around 2 mil scoville. I believe it!

  8. Seth Dodson

    It is HOT
    It can be very painful if consumed in too large quantities but fun to have friends try it responsibly

  9. Layla

    Pussy sauce don’t waste ur money its not all that
    Hot as xx texas pete

  10. Home Owner

    The flavor remains with you for awhile.
    I used this in beef jerky and the flavor was good but it was very hard to combine with the meat.

  11. David

    This stuff hurts!
    Ouch! Just what I wanted.

  12. Scott wylie

    Used it for a prank for people eating my food. It was priceless

  13. Anonymous


  14. Valerie Lowery

    Hotter than hades
    Gave this as a present to my son who loves hot sauce

  15. Johnny Ramsey

    Pretty hot for the price…
    Not too fond of the flavor but, was fairly decent heat wise… I raise ghost, reaper and scorpion peppers so I’m use to eating hot…

  16. john goodin

    Hot as hell
    HOT 3-4 drops to a gallon of chili

  17. Samuel C.

    You want hot, this is it.
    If you are looking for hot, this is it. One drop is enough for a large bowl of chili.
    I bought a bottle two years ago. I just order a second bottle.

  18. Lewis B. Battle

    Do not buy this garbage, you can find more heat in a tub of ICE CREAM.
    This literally is crap idk if I have been scammed, but it’s like your first rejection you feel cold, sad, and left with empty feelings. COLD being the key word. You could give it to a baby no problem and If this is 2million scouvilles then WATER is 1 billion.

  19. jane b

    No taste
    Flavorless but spicy. Good for mixtures but not by itself.

  20. Scott lemansky

    Dr. Kavorkian
    Very hot. I like stuff scorching but this led me to emergency room with respiratory distress and high heart rate only used 8 drops on 4 eggs.

  21. Black Fin Grouper

    Good Sauce, Terrible Package
    Sauce is as hot as advertised and a great addition to meals. However the packaging is very subpar. The sauce is thick and adherent to the dropper. When opening the dropper, sauce immediately drips one to three drops wherever you are opening it. Worse, even with a tight close, the oils in the sauce leech out onto the label within a use or two. I ended up having to use a ziploc, but ultimately threw the bottle away After 2 uses to avoid the mess. Stray sauce of this strength on home surfaces is unacceptable. I have small children and was concerned i could not be careful enough to protect them with the defective dropper…

  22. Woodcj


  23. NJ

    Hot, Hot, Hot!
    This concoction is as hot as Hades and I would not recommend it for the faint of heart! As with many of the posters. As soon as I opened the bottle the liquid got all over my hands and the bottle. The substance was blood read and it truly looks like blood. Fortunately, I had on gloves when the substance got all over the bottle, yet I inhaled the fumes from the spill out and the fumes stayed in my nostrils for over an hour. Wow!! Given the hotness, in Scoville units level of heat, this small bottle will last for quite a while.

  24. Marcel

    Hot and awesome
    Great product, smoky Ghost pepper flavour and an amazing amount of heat. Love it on eggs and I am not joking here, but three drops in a bowl of chocolate soft serve is frickin amazing!!!!

  25. Kimster

    Went to a restaurant that offered ghost chili extract. My dad loved it since it was very spicy and brought a lot of flavor to his food. Came upon this brand and decided to gift it to my dad. He loves it so far and it definitely is very spicy. My boyfriend had tried it and said it really has a good punch as he gets stomach aches but loves adding it to his food.

  26. luke hall

    Hotter than a freshly fukt fox in a forest fire!
    Wear gloves. It will stain you

  27. Anonymous

    It is hot
    It was pack nice didn’t wait long my package. It’s hot but only thing it so hot there no favor. Also be carefully when you open it ,don’t get on ur hand it stay even if you wash your hand.

  28. Sylvia


  29. CCR

    Hot as described
    No real taste, just adds heat to whatever you put it on or in. Great for chili, soups etc.

  30. lilfello

    really wasn’t as hot as they claim
    it really wasn’t hot. My kids ate it. so it’s not worth the $$

  31. Roth

    Not hot
    Tastes like chemicals not hot.


    It’s hot

  33. Robert

    It hurts
    I put 3 drops in my 2 pounds of ground beef for tacos, and im currently still crying over the level of heat. Thank you. 10/10 would recommend.

  34. danny

    Very hot
    Don’t use too much. It’s very hot

  35. K. Rowe

    Pretty darned hot
    I got this to increase the heat in my cheeses. Yup, it works!

  36. Royalknight117

    Great spice bad taste and awful smell
    It’s really hot. That’s all I have to say besides it smells horrible and tastes bad but it’s really hot so if you like hot stuff this is for you

  37. Louis R.

    I reordered it twice
    This is worth every dime that I paid

  38. Jamie Plourde

    The real dead
    This is some hot stuff. You’ll be farting blood for a week. Be careful!

  39. Real Deal

    Burns skin, iratates eyes, and one drop is enough for me. Tip: Don’t put on steak tips and then heat on stove. Had the whole house coughing lol

  40. J. L.

    It’s no joke!
    This product delivered on heat and taste! Be careful!


    First off I’m not trying to prove that I’m a MAN by setting my digestive system on fire and putting it out with acid. This stuff is very hot. I use an eyedropper full per 10 gallons of water when I boil crawfish, crabs, or shrimp. That is in addition to the normal seasonings you’d put in the water. One eyedropper adds noticeable kick to an 80qt pot half full of water. The tricky part is that it is oil based so I blend it in with pureed seasonings.

  42. Tommy

    These hot drops are fire for your mouth!
    Quite expensive hot drops, but these hot drops are the deal for spicy. I used these hot drops for my hotpot restaurant and 1 drop was enough for majority of my customers. Caution: After using the drop, wash your hands and don’t rub your eyes

  43. Anonymous

    Perfect for anything you wish to add heat to
    Perfect for pizza, soups, sauces, and for doin hot sauce challenges. Do not eat without mixing in something unless you are use to eating extremely hot items. No flavor just pure heat, as in you licked the stove burner on high heat. Perfect for those wishing to experience hot but not wanting melt skin off your face hot. It’s just melt your tongue hot.

  44. M7MaD

    Very very very very very hot
    This is really the hottest sauce I ever tried.

  45. Erik Generik

    Fookin hot
    Fookin HOT.
    Wash any utincels in cold water to avoid burning the eyes

  46. AL T Ray

    Ghost pepper
    Good product

  47. Sam42

    great animal deterrent
    I used this to scare off rats from our trash cans. I didn’t want to poison or hurt the rats, I just wanted to persuade them to go away. I mixed this with some smelly essential oils (poo pourri), so they could link the heat with the smell, and dropped or sprayed the mix around the cans and garden. It totally worked, and as a benefit the rabbits stay away too and don’t eat our flowers any more. highly recommend

  48. O’Toole

    Great Product
    Hot Hot Hot. Bought it to use with water to stop the deer from eating my flowers. Worked great!

  49. Brett

    It’s hot
    Hot. Soooo hot.

  50. Dean R Bennett

    Keeps the squirrels away
    i use this on my bird seeds that I put on platforms, the ground and regular squirrels won’t eat the seeds. They just come up take a smell and walk on!! Save a lot of money on seeds the last 2 years.

  51. Amy Fox

    It’s all right
    Not that hot at all! It does have a nice back end heat, but I was looking for “OMG that’s freaking hot”, this is not it. I agree that the packaging is not the best, the pepper oil leaked through the dropper top.

  52. George Andrew Plescia

    Four Stars
    Pretty hot though for some reason I thought it would be hotter.

  53. Rafequi Rozier

    Great product great company
    Great product will buy again

  54. Jonathan

    This chili extract is one of the best! I’ve already finished the bottle! It’s not the spiciest you can find but will do the job of spicing things up!

  55. Sydney

    Good Lord
    I’m very happy with this product. I had bought it so that someone at work, who challenged me to find the spiciest thing possible, to try.
    When he tried it he immediately booked it to the kitchen to grab milk and his tongue went numb. I’m very happy with this product

  56. Anonymous

    The perfect pest repellent
    I used 4 drops of this mixed with 2 cups of birdseed and a little water at the base of my bird feeders.

    The nightly raids of my bird feeders have stopped completely and I haven’t seen a squirrel, chipmunk or raccoon in a week.

    Be careful with this stuff, it will burn your face off.

  57. Joe

    Like the fires of hell
    It’s perfect one fat drop is all I needed

  58. Fraud Foiler

    Pure bottled fire!
    This extract is just the ticket for kicking your favorite hot sauce into high gear! For the timid, a drop or two to a liter of sauce is all you’ll want. If you’re a pepperphile like I am, 8+ drops in the same sauce gives you a nice top of the head sweat with the sweet aftertaste of the underlying sauce. Try it in YOUR next recipe. Careful, though, add a drop at a time until the desired flavor/effect is achieved, then add one more to challenge your limits!

  59. Beth

    The best.
    Cannot get enough of this. It is as hot as expected and so good. But beware, don’t add too much. The dropper is small for a reason. Ons drop at a time.

  60. phil salvagione

    Finally solved a problem Iv had my whole life. Paying for take out that is not as spicy as Id like. Put 2 drops in a bowl of curry last night. PRESTO.

  61. Robert zygarowski

    Will burn your mouth, add only a small drop to food, great taste

  62. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Hot ??

  63. chino

    I am convinced this company is out to kill humanity! ONE DROP! me and my homies ate one drop on our finger … worst idea ever .. I’m 25 years old and considered crying .. 4 watter bottles wasn’t enough .. it was the dumbest most amazingly hot drop I’ve ever eaten lmao well worth 20 bucks

  64. Tyler Hobson

    Kills everything.
    Soooooo, I bought this to ward off squirrels and maybe kill some bugs. Mixed one dropper with abut a coup of water and a shot of everclear to get a solution.
    It was actually a bit deadly to spray, held my breath most of the time still came inside eyes watering nose runny.
    I googled afterward to find out it’s probably a herbicide.
    Totally killed some melons and mint -.-
    Jalapenos are fine thought.

    Definitely hot. I only sprayer the base of plants once. Might try it out on wisteria.

  65. Phi

    Five Stars
    too dam hotttt

  66. S. Chambers

    Terrible vape oil
    This is the worst vape oil I’ve ever used. I turned my mod up a little, because my grandpa was an Army Ranger, so obviously that makes me a bada$$, too. Anyhoo, loaded up the old vape, squeezed and did a pull. At the instant the vape touched my sensitive lung tissues, my head literally exploded. Like, dude from “Scanners” exploded. Hot magma is still running from my ears, and my unborn children are cursing my name. This stuff is NOT what you want to inhale unless you are Lucifer himself. Did cure my congestion, though.

    As an aside, my aforementioned granddad uses this with my grams as an ‘intimate personal lubricant’. But she was raised in East Germany, so no biggie…

  67. Alex marrone

    Buddy brought some over. Took 1 big drop and it was hell. It don’t really have a tongue burn it’s a throat and ear burn. If you have a sensitive stomach DON’T EAT THIS DIRECTLY. my stomach is on fire. It’s a pain I can’t even describe.


    Three Stars
    3 STAR

  69. Anonymous

    I use it to prevent my puppy from eating her own stool. After one introductory experience where she stuck her nose in the snow to soothe the heat, my pup won’t go near poops covered with 2-3 drops of this pepper hot sauce.

  70. Tony Aleksic

    Five Stars
    Good extract strength.

  71. George

    THIS STUFF IS HOTTER THEN HELL, One drop will last you a long, long time!

  72. Anonymous

    Intense heat. Very easy to over-do.
    While this sauce isn’t meant to have much flavor, it’s not horrible. It’s not great, either. It’s easy to use too much, and be warned that if you do, you’re not going to have fun. It can become overwhelming.

    I wish I had known that before I put an entire dropper-full in my mouth….

  73. Juan A. Cano

    Not lava.
    This stuff is super freaking hot when I only port 3 drops into my Rahman and that sucker packed it a punch. My mouth was on fire.

  74. Amazon Survivor

    Satan cum
    This is no joke.

  75. Jon Domachowski

    Slightly misleading…..
    This is very good, but remember that ONE Carolina reaper is over 2 million scoville… the marketing around scoville units is misleading. It is delicious, but get some aged reaper paste and make 100 bottles of your own ??

  76. MrsC

    Five Stars
    I like spicy and really only a little drop in a very large pot of chili will do.

  77. D. Jenkins

    Five Stars
    A lot of heat!!!

  78. Jami J. Russell

    Maybe I should’ve used more than two drops.
    I bought this because 1: I love spicy stuff and 2: My family and friends like to watch YouTube videos of me trying spicy stuff. (I don’t know why, they say it’s cute/impressive.) I put two drops of this into a tablespoon of salsa that I had previously reviewed on YouTube that’s not at all spicy. I mixed it well and – not much happened. Yes, my mouth burned some, my eyes watered a little, but my nose only wanted to run, it didn’t actually run. Perhaps I should’ve used more than the recommended amount. Or mixed it with something else. All I know is while I experienced a pleasant burn, it just didn’t feel like 2 million scoville.

    So I took it out this morning to take a photo of it and a bunch of other hot sauces I recently taste tested on YouTube. The bottle had leaked. Luckily I had put it in a ziplock. Some got on my fingers but didn’t burn, just stained them a bit. I washed my hands a few times, went to scratch an itch on my face, and it burns a LITTLE. Not majorly. Just a mild irritation So I’m thinking this isn’t as hot as advertised.

    Edit: So I’ve tried up to 8 drops of this – I used it in a marinade for chicken. Still no real heat. Just a stomach ache. But no real burning in my mouth. Ended up throwing it away because besides not being spicy, the bottle leaked like crazy.

  79. Anna

    Good heat, poor taste… ?
    I didn’t eat this, I bought this as a gift for my daughter’s fiance. Here’s what happened next: He used it immediately in a challenge. They both ate a drop on one potato chip. They said it tastes like dirt lol. But it was hot. One’s face turned red. One’s eyes were watering. They both needed milk lol. He said it is something he would use to add some heat to a pot of chili. So I guess it provides heat but, according to him, not great flavor.

  80. miscbills

    on the counter and in the garbage. Instead
    I brought this as deterrent for a dog that keeps getting on the stove, on the counter and in the garbage. Instead, he developed a tolerance for the stuff. It is very hot, very thick and last a long time when I got on my skin, even after several washings.

  81. cody

    Its like licking the devils ass crack..
    my brother in law said “it’s not that bad” right after getting probably 2 drops of it on his finger and licking it off.. just a few moments after saying that we all had a good laugh at him as he started running around in circles screaming and violently hiccuping! This stuff is so hot that it’s just ignorant.. in a good way..

  82. Katie

    Five Stars
    Great gift

  83. Maobei Feng

    If you are unfortunately as dumb as me
    If you are unfortunately as dumb as me, you will be pleased that this delivers quite its advertised punch. Be careful taking out the dropper the first time as it might slosh out along the rim and get all under your fingernails like this genius right here… so much burning.

  84. Just a guy

    I will first confess to not having used the product myself BUT…I purchased this as a gift for a friend who is known in these parts as the SPICE KING. He has accepted any hot sauce challenge in the neighborhood & every Friday his office staff are always finding a “pepper challenge” he bats out of the park like a Mike Judge homerun.
    At any dinner or BBQ, he easily captures guest’s attention with conversation related to the chemistry of Scoville measures of heat, or the physiology of perceived heat by chemicals and neuron conduction.

    For YEARS I’ve listened to him talk about his search for the HOTTEST HOT SAUCE IN THE WORLD.

    It was then that I found this product= The HOTTEST HOT SAUCE IN THE WORLD and presented it to him for his 40th birthday.

    I’ve purchased knives, & guns, for all my kids but I was never more scared to give someone such a dangerous gift.


    And I shared my concerns.

    And the stories:
    Seared flesh.
    Heart Attacks.

    Three months later, the King of Hot Sauce has yet to break the seal.

    Savoring the moment or fear, you decide.

    Just know that after exhaustive research this was found to be the HOTTEST HOT SAUCE IN THE WORLD.


  85. David Mosser

    Five Stars

  86. Rio P

    Didn’t stand up to the expectation
    Disappointed this did not stand up to my expectations. All the warnings folks wrote about “very hot” must’ve been due to them eating it directly because that was the only way I tasted the heat when I put a drop directly on my tongue. The heat lasted about 3 minutes which is mediocre compared to 100% pain hot sauce where you feel the burn at least 7 minutes. I made a batch of hot sauce with Dorset Naga and Trinidad Scorpion peppers and wanted this to put it over the top with heat and I couldn’t taste it. I put 10 drops in my sauce and NOTHING! So back to the drawing board.

  87. Jean Butler Chasteen

    This stuff will make your hair sweat, put 2 …
    This stuff will make your hair sweat, put 2 drops in a quart of ghoulash that ma made up, ( Mine to take to work) didn’t affect the flavor, but sure heated it up! Cant wait to use it with my venison jerky

  88. Vinja Dvuru

    This stuff is the BUSINESS! I just took 2 of the smallest speckles on a toothpick and it’s STILL burning!
    Once I took 1 drop and the result was … 30 minutes of pure PAIN before the heat subsided.
    Don’t mess with this one kiddies!

  89. Anonymous

    Simply The Best

  90. Tom

    Five Stars
    beware. this is one of the few cases it may be under advertised. it absolutely works.

  91. greg buys

    All I can say is this stuff is HOT. !! I’m a heat junky and it definitely got my attention..

  92. Seweryn Dorozala

    Five Stars
    Its ok

  93. Ivan de Jesus Perez

    Five Stars
    the hottes and most dangerous out there!!!!use a toothpick instead of the dropper

  94. Thomas Guilfoyle

    Super Hot!!!
    Well worth the money and you have to be careful when using it otherwise you will make your food so hot you will toss it out, UNLESS you like torture!

  95. Larry Smith

    Five Stars

  96. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Its Lethal and Dangerous! Beware of the Darkness! One drop Thats all

  97. John L. Bellamy

    Five Stars

  98. Anonymous

    This is a fantastic product
    I use this all the time and it is absolutely fantastic

  99. Christopher Williams

    Used it forgot to wash hands and went to go pee, the head of my dong was on fire for over an hour and i was at school so i couldn’t do anything but sit in class and feel the burn lol

  100. Keith Stephens

    Five Stars
    Great smell and taste but very hot. Found another use also, mix with weed poison keeps animals away.

  101. peggy

    Honestly I haven’t tried this because I’m scared of it. I have mixed it with water and sprayed it on my plants that have bugs and they have left the plants alone. Also I have a dog that chews his bed and I put a bit on it and he hasn’t touched it since.

  102. Anonymous

    It is pretty good, I can make some spicy food with …
    Yes, It is damn hot, but not that hot as I expect. It is pretty good, I can make some spicy food with it~~~

  103. Jacob

    I love this stuff
    I took it to work. Me and the coworkers add a drip into everything nowadays. We started small, but now use about 4 to 6 drips of it in all meals. Taste great and will leave you roasting.

  104. Richard cranium

    Not that hot! My dogs love it!

  105. Anonymous

    Spicy, but not the spiciest as they claim, there is mad dog 357 and the source hot sauce just to name a few but can really kick the scrambled eggs

  106. Eephus6

    Three Stars
    Nice heat level. 3 stars because it leaked through the cap and all over.

  107. Rocky

    Three Stars
    over priced for the quanity

  108. Nathan lyddy

    And it’s super hot. Love it
    5 drops in a big pot of chili. And it’s super hot. Love it

  109. frank

    Five Stars
    Very ?? fire!

  110. Anonymous

    I’m on fire…but not forever
    This will put some fire in your mouth and on your skin if you get it on your body. Has a little bit of an earthy taste behind the heat but it’s not bad, it’s strictly for those that want a little fire internally, not for the weak.

  111. Porsha

    This hot sauce is simply perfect. I grew tired having to douse my gumbo and red beans with Tabasco’s Habanero Sauce and wanted something not only hotter but that I could use less of. Not only does Wicked Nightmare add the perfect amount of heat with just a few drops, but it also adds intense flavor as well. Highly recommended and will definitely buy this again.

  112. Laurel Rose

    Works Very Well for Neuropathy Cream
    Not sure I would be a very happy camper if indeed this IS hot pepper spray from a gas station as one person posted. My experience is a bit different. I opened the package, and carefully took the bottle out, and later on my eye started to burn, anyway, good thing I had eyewash, and I guess I would forewarn you to wash off the bottle really well in something like Dawn. I thought my husband threw it away, but he just washed the bottle for me, and that ended my nightmare. I actually use it in coconut oil for peripheral neuropathy, and I use 8 drops in 1 ounce of organic virgin coconut oil, and it works well. I would be VERY upset if this was not the real thing, but because its oil based, it is so much easier to use. I did work my way up the heat ladder, so I would first get your skin used to smaller amounts, and see how you fare. There is no medication for neuropathy that really works except capsaicin or heat similar. It seems to be working for me, no blisters that I can see, and thats the biggest problem with neuropathy, we cant feel if something is hurting us, and on the flip side, our nerves are sending jolts of pain, because our brain synapses arent getting the correct message. I could give myself third degree burns and wouldn’t feel it, oh wait, if its third degree it destroys the nerves, so second degree burns, and thats sad. I was very angry at this company at first, because had I lost my eyesight, oh boy would someone be in trouble, so I hope this is a wake up call, because I see other complaints that there IS a problem with packaging, so straighten that out, and dont scare people off from making creams for their skin. Its working for me, but I built up the heat over time, so try one drop in three ounces, and go from there. I put it on both feet every night, and then put socks on.

  113. Jesse Marquez

    Wasn’t hot like it’s advertised as and the born in date was 4 years old

  114. Turbojugend

    HOT AS %$&*#@!!!

  115. Brandy Umbrello

    Wow. Talk about HOT!!! But very delicious in dishes (a few drops in pot of chili to add bite and flavor). Do NOT put directly on tongue. They are not kidding when they say hotter than ghost peppers. Hottest stuff on the market, use sparingly. Thank you! Will buy again!

  116. Rat

    Can’t wait to add this to big meals!

  117. Leon Sassaman

    For those who like the great taste and subtle heat
    On drop is all you need to compliment homemade hot sauce. For those who like the great taste and subtle heat.

  118. David Osborn

    Mmmm hot
    Great stuff use at your own risk hot.

  119. Tommy Joiner

    Satisfied Customer
    I am happy with this product, it was exactly as described in the product details and it really packs in the heat!

  120. Colley, M

    Loved it!
    I know I wasn’t really supposed to eat this product directly, yet I did. I tasted a nice peppery flavor that doesn’t burn the mouth too bad, with a small drop of extract. Then I could feel the warmth coursing through my body. It felt amazing. Also tried with some chips and salsa, delicious!!!

  121. Nicolas

    Hotter for begginer but interesting for spicy lover
    I was expecting more hotter than the description but the tast is ok for me (for spicy lover) but for spicy beginner…quite strong.
    I buy it to prank someone…hin hin

  122. MERC

    Oh geez! I dropped a drop on the table, took a toothpick and barely touched it. Touched my tongue just hardly and four seconds later? OH CRAP! Good stuff! I can’t wait to make chili now! Flavor? Slightly sweet at first, then dry mouth followed by snot nosed wet mouth to the extreme! Not to be played with!!

  123. Anonymous

    Not disappointed. Looks just like blood
    Very very hot. Not disappointed. Looks just like blood.

  124. Anonymous

    Hotter that ghost pepper!
    It was pretty good but for me i need something a lot hotter.

  125. David

    like REALLY hot
    This is some hot extract, like REALLY hot….

  126. Anonymous

    I’m a little disappointed. A friend of mine revels in finding the hottest stuff around. This product is said to be quite freaking hot, 2,000,000 on the scoville scale. Much to my dismay, he was not impressed with this extract. He even put a drop of it directly on his tongue. No milk or anything was needed to help with the heat. While in Gatlinburg a year ago, my husband and I bought him something called “flashbang”, this lit my friend up! Unfortuneately, this product did not. I have not and will not try this myself, as I am not a glutton for punishment, however, my friend was not impressed at all. Back to the search.

  127. Leroy Hamilton

    One Star
    Not that hot

  128. Jo

    Five Stars
    Bought it as a gift so I do not know the quality of the product.

  129. Sean

    Awesome product
    This is no freaking joke. Be very careful with handling this. One drop will have you in pain for about 7 to 10 minutes. Also it creeps up on you. Totally worth the 20 bucks. Comes with an eye dropper which is really nice.

  130. tambourinemonkey66

    he was more than pleasantly pleased the first time he used it
    got this for a friend who is into the hot stuff…he was more than pleasantly pleased the first time he used it..”insane” was his comment…

  131. Anonymous

    GREAT product!
    hard to find carribean red habeneros and only find “orange”… this extract REALLY “pumps” up the “heat volume” of the habenero paste
    that i use for much cooking where “hot &spicy” is desired… GREAT product !!!

  132. Don Harr

    Don’t use like you would Sriarcha or other hot sauces
    Hotter than hell! One drop will destroy your mouth (among other body parts)! Don’t use like you would Sriarcha or other hot sauces; best used in cooking things like chili. Definitely not for those unaccustomed to serious heat!

  133. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    this is hott

  134. Anonymous

    Hot as hell
    Hot!!! My friend spillled some on the bottle and from that if you touch the bottle and touch anywhere on your face i feel bad for you.. Once i touched the bottle forgot about it and had to go pee…… Not a good experience….

  135. Vega

    not nearly as hot as we were expecting. Had to use about a drop per tablespoon to make people turn red and sweat. Don’t get me wrong, it was hot, but from the reactions of the people trying the sauce I made this wasn’t living up to the hype.

  136. mrseaw666

    Yes it is THAT hot!!
    This is amazing! It came earlier tham expected and it really is that hot!! It was perfect for my son who complains its never hot enough. I will be buying another for my dad for his birthday!!

  137. Rufus Roberts

    Five Stars
    love it

  138. nigel x darby

    Five Stars
    Hot hot

  139. Anonymous

    I loved this, well… I didn’t try it, but I PRANKED my best friend on my YouTube channel if you search ‘ryanboyer1’ on YouTube. Worked great!

  140. Anonymous

    Five Stars

  141. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Super hot! I would listen to the label and don’t take it straight. It’s a bad idea haha

  142. Eric

    … HEADPHONES OR ANYTHING this bruns for a while its like a oil and will stay on any thing it …
    DO NOT GET ON HEADPHONES OR ANYTHING this bruns for a while its like a oil and will stay on any thing it touches even if you wash it 3 times

  143. SANZONE

    This is really hot.

  144. Shawn Fitness

    Not as hot as expected… But would kill the normal person 🙂 great product would definitely recommend

  145. Anonymous

    One Star
    Not that hot

  146. Bruce Tiger ll

    Five Stars
    Strictly for adding raw heat to your pot of stew

  147. Mark

    Love it.
    This is the HOTTEST I have ever tasted. I wish I found it much sooner. Thanks. Love it.

  148. Devan Harkenrider

    2,000,000 scoville is no joke
    This stuff is awesome. I’ve had my fair share of spicy things, but two drops of this was the hottest thing I have ever eaten. The full burn takes about 3 or 4 minutes to kick in, and doesn’t stop for about 20 minutes. Water and ice cream don’t help for more than a few seconds. Definitely a great purchase.


    Five Stars

  150. Anonymous


  151. Michael Chainey

    Worth the money
    Don’t get me wrong it’s hot…but…not as hot as I was expecting bit deffently a good burn…

  152. Paul P.

    Three Stars
    It seems to be okay. It is way too thick.

  153. Dana Myers

    Extremely Hot Extract
    Using the included dropper is tricky given how much extract clings to the outside of the dropper, but this is an excellent, hot-as-molten-lava extract for your pure heat requirements.

  154. tim villaverde

    Great Heat/Flavour Not So Great Container
    This is in my experience, hotter and thicker than Blair’s 3am sauce; the flavour is pretty good as well. The only issue I have is that the bottle leaks obviously from the top. But if I tighten it too tight, the dropper begins to pop out from the plastic lid, thus making it worse. But other than its container, this is a great product.

  155. Ezcardpm

    Five Stars
    A drop will do ya’, and I mean that literally:)

  156. Anonymous

    but has good flavor!
    This stuff is not only HOT, but has good flavor!!

  157. Cody L. Hess

    Five Stars

  158. Andrew L.

    Five Stars
    Spicy and yummy, thanks

  159. Leilani

    … my brother in law and he thought it was pretty hot. He loves really hot
    Bought it for my brother in law and he thought it was pretty hot. He loves really hot, hot sauce, and it was good enough for him.

  160. William D. Dewitt

    My work is having a chili cook off and I despise the judges, I bought this based off the reviews. Will update after the tasting by the judges

  161. James Sluss

    Not as hot as expected
    Not near as hot as you think. Got daves insanity sauce and it hotter. Its hat really hot but not even close to what their saying. I used the whole bottle on 2 cups of hot sauce, i mixed it in.

  162. cdboss

    Five Stars

  163. Ethan

    the hottest stuff i have ever had it comes in …
    the hottest stuff i have ever had it comes in a dropper i put (a drop) on my tongue and my throat started to swell up and was sweating but the burn wasn’t long lasting

  164. Terry

    I was expecting worse. Added half the dropper full
    Didnt think it was all that hot. I was expecting worse. Added half the dropper full, which I guess would be a dozen drops or so to some Texas Pete and used it on wings. Sure you sweat and its kinda hot but quickly dies out.

  165. Linton

    Tastes like chemicals not peppers.
    Its hot, but it does not taste like real pepper extract. Tastes like something concocted in a lab.

  166. Tito Rodriguez

    The Mad Dog has a better lid, it’s harder to spill because it’s thicker
    I would go with Mad Dog which is also on Amazon. This extract is OK, but the dropper has come apart on me on a few bottles now, and it ruined a pair of pants which it got all over. The Mad Dog has a better lid, it’s harder to spill because it’s thicker, and it’s a little bit hotter which to me is a good thing. If you’re storing it in your kitchen only, you’re probably alright, but I carry these with me when I go out to eat because I love spicy food.

  167. Adam Cantrell

    Perfect for adding heat to any existing hot sauce without changing the flavor. Example, if you like franks red hot but wish it was hotter, add 4 drops to the bottle and now its got kick!!

  168. Scott Alderson

    Just as described. Worth every penny….Www
    I am very satisfied. I put two drops in my Tabasco sauce (5 oz.) and it is good and hot.
    I mark the bottle so others won’t gag….

  169. DrunksFromAz

    Five Stars
    good stuff, use it for bar bets only.

  170. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    very very very hot

  171. Mike hunt

    It’s hot
    Insanity hot, good product

  172. jacob

    and oh boy it delivered I’ve never seen so many faces of agonizing pain XD 10/10 would buy again also it got here a week before
    Me and my bros ordered this to give our food dishes a gnarly kick,and oh boy it delivered I’ve never seen so many faces of agonizing pain XD 10/10 would buy again also it got here a week before thr expected shipping date so it was quick and easy.

  173. Martini

    Goes good at night with the brown rice and some chicken …
    Only a couple of drops in a about 3 cups of brown rice will make this very spicy. Goes good at night with the brown rice and some chicken breast – sometimes cool it off w/ ranch or blue cheese..

  174. KBlopez

    Purchased this as vape juice but was very very disappointed when it didant have nicotine, so I ended up giving it to a friend who I haven’t heard from in awhile I hope he’s okay.. Oh and it leaks ALOUT very very bad bottle had this in my pocket I think it lit my pants on fire because my legs were burning do hours!!! GET A BETTER BOTTLE.

  175. Nicole

    … of our hot sauce bar and omg such a good variety. Great flavors and differences
    Got this as part of our hot sauce bar and omg such a good variety. Great flavors and differences.

  176. Jordan Lipton

    The actual serum does the trick. EXTREME SPICYNESS, however the bottle, and droplets is pure s***. definitely fragile, make sure you keep in a plastic bag and use gloves while using this product.

  177. Barbara

    Correction of former one star rating.
    I had previously given this product a one star rating because I thought there was a duplicate order on it’s way. It turned out that this was an Amazon problem and not that of the Electric Pepper Company. I am so pleased with the product. My son in law thought he had already tried the hottest pepper available. You should have seen the expression on his face when he tried this. Now he knows he’s tried them all.

  178. james

    Definitely hot but had higher expectations
    I grow ghost peppers and this doesn’t seem to be as hot. It definitely burns like crazy and lingers but my expectations were higher.

    Don’t touch the bottle without glove on. I didn’t think I had any on me and within minutes my eyes and face were on fire.

  179. Twitch

    Wonderfully hot
    Fantastic hot sauce. At first a single drop was enough for a full meal. Now I’m up to 5+ drops per meal and I can eat ghost peppers straight.

  180. Benjamin M. Ledward

    Four Stars
    OMFG< IT'S HOT!!!

  181. Brandon ellefson

    All beginners must try
    Really good 3 drops on a buritto makes a difference. And the flavor is great.

  182. Anonymous

    H O T
    As advertised, use with caution!

  183. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Just as described and delivered very fast. Very very hot!!

  184. Ryan Provost

    A single drop in a can of baked beans will make it nearly inedible to just about anyone who can’t enjoy eating a ghost pepper st
    I’m a hot sauce aficionado and this stuff is just obscene. A single drop in a can of baked beans will make it nearly inedible to just about anyone who can’t enjoy eating a ghost pepper straight. I initially thought of buying it as a joke to occasionally prank a coworker who THOUGHT he liked hot food … but it’s just too cruel. You will not believe just how much concentrated pain can be found in a tiny dropper bottle.

    Word of advice – wear gloves or handle as though you were carrying around nitroglycerine. A stray drop running down the bottle has ability to ruin your entire day.

  185. Anonymous

    but great taste.
    This was Stream Hot two drop in the Botticelli was all you needed.
    had enough heat to let you know it was hot ,but great taste.

  186. Jacob Ishii

    The dropper leaks
    1 complaint WARNING!!! The bottle leaks at the squeeze dropper. If you use the dropper you will get some on your fingers. Wash your hands five time and it’s still there. Great heat from sauce. They just need to rethink the bottle design, for consumers safety. I left this bottle at work in my locker for about a month,the sauce melted the rubber dropper completely. Might want to rethink product container.

  187. Sean Taylor

    Worst vape juice ever!
    I bought this as a juice for my vape and was greeted with the sensation of inhaling an entire container of tear gas, makes a good hotsauce when used cautiously though. 3 stars!

  188. Leimomi

    Five Stars
    Chased the squirrels away

  189. jerold murphy

    Five Stars

  190. MR22

    Maybe my tolerance is super high, but if you are chasing that dragon of heat and are well established, this is a good pinch, but it’s not that additive that you are questioning whether you need to call an ambulance..But that being said, if you are new to the game, the price is pretty damn good for what you get..

  191. JT

    Decent amount of heat. I was expecting more. Blair’s 2 AM seemed way hotter and advertised 900,000 scoville.

  192. Judith L. Lenihan

    can’t just use like hot sauce
    Probably my fault but it can only be used when combined with foods, can’t just use like hot sauce…….

  193. nic robison

    Demon blood
    HOLY JA-MOLY !!!!!!!!!!!
    Look I bought this to get a buddy back for a prank ….. he went to medical thinking he got acid on his arm !! Super strong with a kick of devil spit !!

  194. kaimalino

    Excellent! Handle with great care!
    This is an excellent chili pepper extract! Provides excellent heat while leaving the flavor of what it is added to unchanged. Unless you have a very high tolerance for capsaicin, which I do, I highly recommend adding only one drop to any dish when first trying, or you may get (way) more pepper heat than you bargained for. Also handle with great care when dispensing, and try your best not to get any on the bottle or dropper top as most will find it very unpleasant to get on the skin (unlike myself who enjoys licking it off my fingers, and, do not follow my example unless you have a very high tolerance for capsaicin). If you do get this on your skin be sure to clean the affected area thoroughly so as not to cause extreme discomfort when touching sensitive areas on the body afterward.

  195. Arlow Farrell Gadget Efficianado

    This is literally pepper spray. I tasted it and some 3.99 pepper spray from a gas station and it tasted identical. I couldn’t believe they put a 10x mark up on self defense pepper spray.

  196. Lady Phoenix

    My new favorite hot sauce!!
    I was given this as a gift from a friend. This is delicious! I tried a little drop of it and (stupidly) got cocky. It’d only slightly made my eyes water and I wasn’t thrilled with the flavor, but overall, felt it should’ve been hotter. Big mistake. I tried a dropper full (straight)…airway started closing, eyes watered, face turned about 3 shades of red, and I thought my tongue was going to melt. Drank 2 big glasses of milk and was fine. Won’t be that stupid again, but it does taste AMAZING in chili! I love it!! When taken straight, the flavor sucks. But when you mix it into a dish, it really shines! I will definitely buy this when I run out of it. <3 It's my new favorite hot sauce!!

  197. Ashley

    Two Stars
    My husband isnt to thrilled not as hot as he thought it would be

  198. Scott S.

    Hotness And Awesomness With Each Drop
    I make my own hotsauce, and put on average 10 decent-sized habaneros into each 5 ounce bottle. Each hotsauce batch I make also includes a can of Rotel crushed tomatoes, white onion, garlic, pineapple, mustard, white vinegar, honey, cayenne, and crushed red pepper. I won’t reveal how much of each ingredient I put into each, but it’s always been a total hit with everyone who’s tried it. Anyway: I recently bought this Wicked Nightmare extract, and adding a drop or two to each bottle of the hotsauce I normally make put it over the edge, and has people raving even MORE that it’s the Greatest Hot Sauce Ever! So hell yeah: I highly recommend this extract, and give it an enthusiastic 5 stars for sure!!!

  199. anil jacob

    good product, but the packaging could be better
    It was hot. Very very bloody hot, however, the packaging it came in was weaker than my grandmothers bones. After I opened it the first time, it started leaking so I was forced to contain the deadly toxin in a ziploc bag. The second time I opened it, the dropper broke. There was no other way for me to carry it around and brutalize my friends and family because it was pouting out the top and leaking onto my boxers. Bottom line: good product, but cheap packaging.

  200. John Bates

    Excellent Product When Used Responsibly
    Trust me. This stuff is excellent! I am a licensed chemist and like spicy food, however, DON’T take it for granted. One drop for a nice spicy bowl (12-16 ounces), two drops for an exceptionally spicy bowl. TAKE SPECIAL CARE NOT TO TRANSFER THIS PRODUCT TO AN UNINTENTIONAL SURFACE! It is oil based, not water based. This means you can rinse the s*it out of if with water and still be in pain. Only soap and warm water will wash it away and even then enough hangs around for a day to two to remind you how strong it is. It clings to the dropper and if you are not careful, will scrape off on the mouth of the vial and run down the sides. At full strength it will repel pets from areas you want to protect, but it will stain the area brown.

    I highly recommend this product to add a bit of spice to your food, if done carefully. Also, as a pet repellent. DO NOT PLACE THIS DIRECTLY ON ANY ANIMAL OR HUMAN AS IT WOULD BE CRUEL AND INHUMANE. Again, trust me, no one will consider it funny if you try to slip this into their food or pet.

  201. Hemlockfen

    So caustic that it melted the rubber dropper bulb.
    I don’t dare eat it or add it as a seasoning to my food. I use it as a deer repellent. 20 drops per quart does the trick. I add it to my liquid fence repellent mixture and a little spreader sticker to help keep the oil in suspension. It does not harm the deer. The deer learn to eat something else other than my shrubs and flowers. After a while the rubber dropper bulb melted because the chemicals in the oil attacked it. The dropper needs to be made of another, non-reactive, material.

  202. clarence ball

    I love it! But it needs a new bottle that gets the extra off the sides of the dropper. All and all for people how love to put some heat in their food its great.

  203. Steven Chau

    Good heat for a decent price but I think you should be careful when picking the bottle up cause it leaks everytime you open it, I got it on my hands and touch my face accidentally and it burns. After a while the bottle is completely red

  204. Kamil K

    Just WOW
    Great shipping got a day early thanks 🙂
    ps its hot then you think
    so beware you need 2 cup of milk and also the hot souce it little buts thats fine who the heck is going chug down this 🙂

  205. Dwight Schrute

    Thanks guys!
    Hot as hell, made me cry. Great customer service.

  206. Jesse Turner

    Bought this b/c a co-worker refused to believe me. That some other sauce was the hottest sauce.
    Needless to say just one very itsy bitsy drop. And I proved him wrong.
    Later today, he told me he scratched his back. It was burning for almost an hour.

  207. Terrygirl

    I love it! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  208. John Strong

    Holy @$#% !! This is hotter than ANYTHING you will ever let pass your tongue!! Period.

  209. sweetheart20

    The best hot sauce I give to a friend because he said nothing is spicy for him lol and I told him to be very careful with this produce cause it’s very very very very extreme hot but other then the I love it

  210. Steve

    had a lot of fun burning people who thought they liked hot stuff
    Be very very carefully with this stuff, had a lot of fun burning people who thought they liked hot stuff, they were wrong.

  211. Kim Brooks

    and I found an amazing product in this Wicked Nightmare
    Wow! What a kick! I am a big hot sauce addict and a heat-seeker, and I found an amazing product in this Wicked Nightmare. The bottle is very small, like a small vile rather than a bottle. The extract is a deep (very deep) red. It looks black at first. It advertises at 2 million SHU, and that is 100% true to that. Do not use this if you can’t handle heat. I chugged close to a half a gallon of milk and could still feel it burning away at my soul. Wicked Tickle has amazing products and I will continue to buy from them.

  212. Andrew Leach

    tasty stuff
    great flavor, very potent. One drop in a bowl of soup gives it lots of heat!

  213. michael

    Too hot
    It was too hot


  214. Ashley Lander

    Five Stars
    Very good. Very hot.

  215. 626

    First I would like to start off by saying that yes, the container is small. You get a small vial with dropper like seen in the picture, but what is inside that vile will knock your socks off if you are not prepared. They do not lie when they say that it is 2 million scoville units. I added one tiny drop into a big bowl of soup for dinner, and I ruined the soup! USE SPARINGLY

  216. Ann Gamoba

    Five Stars
    My son loves this wicked stuff!

  217. Peterson

    Thank you amazon for making me poop out fire balls
    My anus was on fire 10/10

  218. elmer mcfarland

    Five Stars

  219. charley m chilton

    Five Stars
    It’s hot…

  220. brandon

    One Star
    Not as hot as described

  221. gormley

    110% satusfied
    Product arrived quickly and was exactly what I wanted

  222. marlon battle

    Five Stars
    If you really want some heat No BS. This is what u need!!!! .

  223. Kayla Lynch

    Five Stars
    Bought it for a gift and they’re scared to even try it hahaha

  224. gnostis tis mia anyparkti

    awesomely hot
    This extract really is hotter than the Bhut Jolokia, very hot. Eating a drop causes involuntary hicoughingand an intense burn with no flavor to speak of. Very addicting.

  225. Derek

    Five Stars
    This stuff is hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Gabriel Watkins

    Five Stars
    Great and fast transaction.

  227. Mz Shopaholikz

    Hot as heck!!!My husband wiped the dropper with a napkin and locked the napkin. The napkin touched the side of his lip and within a minute that area swelled up nicely. Use caution with this but Overall loved it.

  228. keirafairy

    I actually expected it to be hotter i ate it directly even though it says not too! So it was just ok not the hottest thing ive ate by far

  229. Fredrik Nyheim

    Five Stars
    Use gloves when you use it

  230. Daniel Hansen

    Its not so hot as i thought but it was easy to use and gave a nice flavor to the food. And you dont have to cut hot chili and be afraid of scratching your eyes..or other unplesant places. I think this is a good choice to make sauce and much more

  231. frank

    holy sh!
    This is hot as expected, it is not a sauce, needs more when you add it to food, but one on one with this bottle of fire is intense one drop will set your mouth on fire! Loved it, worth the money.

  232. Merlin

    Son loves hot sauce
    I purchased this for my son who loves “the hotter the better” hot sauce. He loved it and took it with him when going out to eat to add to his dishes. I was surprised at the small amount for the price. But, according to my son, only a few drops are necessary.

  233. Walter D. Kaiser

    Five Stars
    yes it is hot

  234. wyatt blake

    Super freaking hot
    A friend of mine bought this and we tried it. So he put a drop on my finger and I tasted it and it was hot as hell. Now I had washed my hands or so I thought and later on I went to scratch my penis and it got on my penis and it was the most have ever felt so I recommend that you make sure you wash your hands good if any gets on your hand

  235. glammorazzi

    This makes everything takes sooo much better. One drop is enough to make one bowl of salsa deadly. I have always had a thing for spicy foods, this is perfect for my everyday use

  236. Anonymous

    hot hot
    Its awesome!

  237. Les Quevillons

    death on a bottle
    Deadly heat lol. Great buy.

  238. Arnesto Johnson

    Hottest Stuff EVER
    So the reason why I gave this a four star is because I payed more money to get this in one day shipping on the 29th of December… And it came on January 5th…. I’ve been waiting so long for it!!! When it came in it was well packaged. When I opened the box it was then also surrounded in bubble wrapping. After I spent time having fun popping the bubble wrapping. I then took the bottle unscrewed the top filled it half way with the dropper (totally for getting that this is Hot Sauce…) Because I was so durn excited to have something come in the box with my name on it… Squirted the stuff into the back of my throat. And about 8 seconds later it felt as if the blood flushed out of my face, and my eyes started watering like mad. And it felt like I had minimized the sun and put it in my mouth. It took like 15 minutes before the searing fire in my mouth, ceased. But it wasn’t done yet…. Several hours later when I was taking a dump, It felt like I was craping out molten lava! For now on I will never underestimate the power of the Wicked Nightmare hot sauce!!!!


    Its hot one on one on your finger, but is an extract, put 5 drops in my hot sauce , but found it needs more so will try 10 drops next time, hope I can drop my friends this time when its wing night

  240. Doug Davis

    Five Stars
    Not an overpowering flavor like a lot of others that I have tried. The heat is off the scales.

  241. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Super hot, super awsome

  242. The Dmister

    so good. like hot Cheetos
    OMG! so good. like hot Cheetos! So good I ate it strait. No hospital visits so this may be a good level extract

  243. Mad Dog

    Five Stars
    Hotter then hot

  244. Jacob Urban

    not to bad
    Okay so $20 for a small bottle of hot sauce seems a bit much, but you really do not need much at all for a big kick. 4 stars though for just being small.

  245. Chrisptaco

    Satans hatred in a bottle
    Bought this as a Christmas gift for one of my closest friends and its definitely potent. He likes rediculously spicy food and I can smell the intestine-destroying fire through the glass. Caution, the bottle is a lot smaller than the pics lead you to believe. The bottle is about the size of an average thumb.

  246. john brad shake

    Lots of heat use with care but great flavor use small amounts until u figure out the heat level u like will buy again.

  247. ken Reeves

    Five Stars
    this is the hottest of the hot…. And a lot of fun

  248. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    wicked good

  249. Erik Lach

    don’t try this at home.
    Someone at work was stealing all of my moist wipes I use in the bathroom. I put a little in the package I had opened. I found out who had been using them within the hour. They don’t talk to me anymore, but they also don’t use any of my personal belongings either.

  250. Chase Power

    Not deadly hot
    I watched 5 of my students each take a couple drops of this pure because it didn’t seem to be hot. Not really what I had in mind.

  251. JB

    Just like it says you get it in your mouth it’s …
    Just like it says you get it in your mouth it’s a nightmare real hot I got this to pull pranks on family members LOL but word of caution I had it on my hands and I washed it off or so I thought 4 hours went by I won’t get into detail but I went to scratch somewhere where the Sun don’t shine and ow my god the worst pain ever so be careful do not get it on your hands

  252. jeff stotts

    Five Stars
    Great, extremely hottt!!!

  253. Ian H.

    A great thing to spice things up
    This stuff is great to spice things up! I use three drops for personal mixes (wing sauce, and bloody Mary’s) and I add by taste for larger mixes (salsas and things) keep out of reach of kids and adults that can’t take the heat.

  254. williambrooks

    This stuff is no joke…
    This is the hottest thing I have ever tried. This causes severe burning which will last over five minutes. Bread made it worse and milk gave relief in two to three second intervals.

  255. Richard B Y

    About as hot as one will find anywhere!!
    Although this has more heat, my friend has a powder at 1.5 million scovill heat. He will use the Wicked Nightmare in his cooking. His only complaint is that it did not have any flavor………just heat

  256. Eric J. Stanczyk

    I would have to say one drop would be pretty close to the heat of one habanero pepper
    I had Carolina Reaper puree and it doesn’t compare to this. This extract is very potent. I would have to say one drop would be pretty close to the heat of one habanero pepper.

    I use it in sauces and I don’t have to use much.

    Taste wise…it’s pepper extract, so it has a strong pepper taste..but how much you taste it is based on how much you use. To get a nice heat source from it I don’t taste it much, but if I go a little extra I can definitely taste it.

  257. C Smith

    Very HOT
    This is HOT!!! Bought it for a friend who loves hot sauce and can consume ghost pepper hot sauce easily. He said this was still hot 10 minutes later! So hot that his TEETH were bleeding!

  258. John Ganoe

    Great buy
    Great addition to sauces. worked with 3 drops per gallon and was perfect. Got here in a timely manner. exactly what we wanted.

  259. Ginger

    Five Stars
    Amazing! But can cause chemical burns on skin.

  260. robert

    it’s like a volcanic eruption !!!!

  261. Roy Trask

    Five Stars
    Tastes amazing but use the dropper, this sauce is wicked hot!

  262. P. Chan

    will buy again soon
    Nice and ass kicking hot… almost lava killer

  263. Joseph Douglass

    Its hot
    wanted to try something really hot seen this only thing can say yeah its hot . no problems everything want smooth

  264. jerry

    not what was expected
    Was not nearly as hot as expected.was looking for a hot sauce hotter than black mamba, not this one.nope
    Not this time

  265. Saihong Kelly

    What can I say? I finally meet my hot stuff. Love it!!!
    Wow!!! This is hot stuff. I finally meet my match but loving it. Beware when smelling or touching it! It’s very very hot!!!

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