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Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Gift Set

4 Pack 5 oz bottles of All Natural Ghost Pepper and Scorpion hot sauces wax sealed with unique artwork that warns of the impending heat contained within.

Bhut Kisser is a ghost pepper hot sauce, Fiery Food Challenge Award winner in the ghost pepper category.

El Humo is Spanish for “The Smoke”, this ghost pepper hot sauce is smokey and very hot.

Red Tail Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Hot Sauce has an peppery flavor with an searing scorpion chili pepper heat.

Wicked Tickle XXX is a ghost pepper hot sauce and one of the hottest chipotle hot sauces in the world. Made with ghost peppers that are over 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units.

This is the perfect gift set for a hot sauce collection.

Use with caution. Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

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13 ounces

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3 pounds





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A gift for people who love hot sauce

Vinegar, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers), Scorpion Chili Peppers, Habanero, Smoked Onions, Honey, Apples, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Chili Extract

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34 reviews for Hot Sauce Gift Set Ghost Pepper Sauce Scorpion Wax Sealed Hottest Collection

  1. Wayne Walker (verified owner)

    I received this set as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago, not sure if she was trying to tell me anything but anyway, I got them as a gift. They sat on my shelf for another year cause I really liked the wax seal tops. One day I told my wife I was going to open one. I had no idea which one to open so I just picked one. OOOMMMGGGGOOODNESS, it was the hottest thing I ever put in my mouth but it was very flavorful. Soon my wife started using it and then I had to open another, and then another and so. I put it in ketchup, in chili even in Bloody Mary’s. Every one I tried has a very good flavor. I have found you need to try a flavor a couple of time to get the full appreciation for it. I would suggest JUST a drop or two and I mean DROP as the flavor will explode in your mouth.

    I live down in Texas close to the boarder and even a Mexican friend S**T his pants when he tried it. I just ordered another set but am also trying some other sets as I do not have favorites but do like variety and trying new things.

  2. Anonymous

    Good flavorful product, would buy again for a gift.
    Super cool product, tried it with a couple of friends on some wings at a reunion and all of them were somewhat impressed. It’s kind of hard to preserve the wax seals but, using a razor will do the trick if you’re careful. Lastly, and to me most importantly, the flavor… I’m not very fond of spicy stuff with no flavor… but all of them but the hottest one were pretty damn good. The smoked one was my favorite, still somewhat hot but really good. The spice on all them were bareable except for one, I’ll leave it at that for those to find out on their own. Great buy!

  3. Soul

    Good flavor and enough heat for chileheads
    Love the heat… its three sauces and a forth with extracts in the butt kisser to kick it up to a ten. Smoked ghost peppers is always a good flavor. The humiditor has great flavor and is a bit looser than the rest… hmm i might have the 2 names mixed up lol. The scorpion is also good. I put sauces on and in everything and these bring a good heat. If its too hot for you, try putting it on before you cook it, it will tame the heat a bit but keep the flavors. All in all, good flavor and good heat. I will buy again

  4. Amyah Lee

    Super Hot!
    Got these for my boyfriend, he LOVES spicy. He said that the flavor was strong and it left his lips on fire after a little taste test. The only things I didn’t like about it was the wax seals and the packaging. The seals are beautiful and you feel almost bad when you open them because there is no way to keep it in tact. We ended up using a pocket knife and slicing down the middle in the back and that worked okay. The bottles were each individually packaged (which I did enjoy for thr safety of the glass bottles), but one of the four boxes was banged up and was not at all like the other three. It looked like they dug through the recycling and made a bootleg package for the bottle. Ultimately, I would buy these again when he runs out. Very very good product for the money spent.

  5. Anonymous

    very nice gift set
    very good sauce set

  6. Anonymous

    Great gift idea.
    Great gift idea. My brother loved it. HOT!!

  7. melissa

    Great hot sauce
    I purchased this set of hot sauces for my son. He loves them. The stamped wax seals are a very cool touch and the hot sauces themselves are amazing.

  8. Vana

    Very good
    Husband loves these

  9. Ashley mosely

    Perfect gift for my brother

  10. Felicia

    Very cool gift! They Look expensive
    4 stars because packaging. Wish the packaging was cooler- repacked before gifting. They arrived loose in an amazon bubble mailer. They look AWESOME tho, did not taste gave away.

  11. Anonymous

    Great choice for the hot sauce lover!!!
    I bought this for someone who puts hot sauce on just about everything, and can handle a lot of heat. They have enjoyed the sauces and have commented on all the flavors each pepper adds. They are quite impressed with the level of heat and spice each sauce has. Well Done!!

  12. gjutras

    good variety, decent heat
    I liked the lower two heat as they’re natural and have really good taste, but if you’re a pepper head, they offer only a little in the way of heat. The hotter two have also a really great taste but for a pepper head, they offer an ok amount of heat. So they end up being a great set of sauces. If you really like it hot, then use a fair amount of one of the two hotter ones and you’ll end up with great heat and great taste. I’m partial to and particularly like the el humo and the XXX (smoked pepper flavors).

  13. Anonymous

    Very nice!!
    A very nice gift pack.

  14. Anonymous

    My husband loved this gift!

  15. Anton

    Great heat
    Ordered them with international shipping – all sauces were packaged really well, so all have survived the travel across the globe (from US to Russia).

    As for the taste so far I’ve opened just a couple of bottles (moruga scorpion and bhut jolokia ones) – both are really nice and hot with some addional flavors hiding beneath all that heat.

    Also, skull waxes on bottle caps can totally be kept – just by cutting them near bottle cap with a knife

  16. Suzq

    Very cool!
    I got these for my dad for father’s day and he absolutely loved them! He said they did have a kick to them but that’s what he likes. The bottles are so cool! I wish there was a way to get the wax seals off without breaking them though.

  17. Shelby

    Four Stars
    Gave as a gift for my boyfriend. And he uses it for just about everything

  18. Adam

    Five Stars
    Definitely hot!

  19. Sandor

    Four Stars
    It was a gift I believe he liked it
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  20. Kushal Vyas

    Five Stars
    Great set of sauces. Super hot and flavorful

  21. Valerie

    Jesus H Christ. Flavor? Yes, it is …
    Jesus H Christ. Flavor? Yes, it is there. Then a swift punch to the face and mouth. So hot it will make you believe in God.

  22. Elexis Fugitt

    Hot deal
    Wax is hard to get off, but packaging was good. Tastes great.

  23. Vicki

    if you like hot, baby this stuff is good and hot
    Finally hot sauce that is actually hot, woot! I will be buying this again, if you like hot, baby this stuff is good and hot.

  24. CME4zzzz

    Lite my fire
    Before your tongue catches fire, there is a small window of smokey flavor!

  25. Anonymous

    Great for hot sauce lovers
    Came on time and the wax toppers are beautifully done. We have only opened one of the ghost pepper sauces so far, but can’t wait to try the others because it is amazingly good and hot. If you are a lover of hot sauce like us, I definitely recommend giving these a try!

  26. sara

    They were 4 months passed their use by date.
    I gave these as a gift to my boyfriend for Christmas. Hes been eating them and loves them. But he was looking at one of the bottles yesterday and realized they expired 4 months ago. Really dissapointed that we got expired product for how much these cost.

  27. Kelsy Gee

    Very hot, not for wimps
    My dad is Italian and I’ve been looking for a hot sauce to make him tear up. It’s the family joke. Nothing is too hot for him. After reading reviews and the fact that it was ghost peppers I decided to buy this set. My dad poured a bunch on his food, thinking that this sauce would be mild like they always are to him. His eyes turned red and started watering. He had never had to cool his mouth down before so I had to tell him to get milk. It took a few minutes before he could get his mouth to calm down. I wish I’d taken a video. Bottom line, if you are looking for hot, this is a winner. My dad is fine by the way. He says it has a great taste as well.

  28. Anonymous

    Four Stars
    Expected product to be boxed together

  29. sch

    Everyone who sees the bottles starts a conversation and certain aspects of the packaging are great for a laugh
    I cannot rave about this product enough!

    Everyone who sees the bottles starts a conversation and certain aspects of the packaging are great for a laugh.

    Big disclaimer: cannot emphasize enough how hot the sauce is/sauces are!

    I love hot food, enough to order Thai hot at a Thai restaurant, but I use this sauce sparingly. Literally a chopstick end dipped in, then mixed into a stirfry. I would caution working up slowly to larger amounts .

  30. Lynda M. Breeze

    Great hot sauces
    I like it hot. Great sauces & depending on how u use it u can kick it up a notch or create a five alarm fire. I love the combo of hotb& sweet. So many uses. Als stopped our puppy from chewing. Great product & I will buy more hot stuff!

  31. Liandra Cervera

    My father loved it and he loved the flavor it has to …
    It was well worth it! My father loved it and he loved the flavor it has to it. Great buy!

  32. Anonymous

    not disappointed. Wicked hot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Onn bottle in, not disappointed. Wicked hot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  33. The Photographer

    Great ollector item
    This is a nice set of collectable hot sauce bottles. The wax seals are done very well.

  34. Jorge de alba

    Five Stars
    Great stuff hottttttttt and it arrived way early

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