Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Wicked Tickle Bhut Kisser Very Hot Award Winning Sauce

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  • Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
  • Extreme Hot Sauce
  • Made From One of the World’s Hottest Chili Peppers 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units
  • Award Winning All Natural Spicy Hot Sauce
  • Bhut Kisser Hot Sauce


Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Wicked Tickle Bhut Kisser

The ghost pepper is one of the world’s hottest chili peppers at over 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, extremely spicy.

Fiery Food Challenge Award Winner in the Extra Hot Ghost Pepper category.

Use with this sauce with caution, do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

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7 x 2 x 2 inches

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8 ounces





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Safety Information
Do not use if you have a respiratroy or heart condition.

Vinegar, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers), Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Salt, Xanthan Gum

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

54 reviews for Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Wicked Tickle Bhut Kisser Very Hot Award Winning Sauce

  1. Romantic lovaaaah!!!

    Yoe – this is a hot ass pepper! Slammer! Be careful if you got heart problems or respiratory issues!
    This pepper hot ! If you want to burn ur asss- try this!!!

  2. Paul Heaton

    I came I saw it kissed my bhut!!
    Wow this is a really tasty sauce with a heck of a kick on it!

  3. PDT

    Great all around ghost pepper sauce – quick heat, quick fade
    This is one of the better all around ghost pepper sauces. One thing that drew me to this sauce is the fact that it does not use chili extracts to achieve the spice level. Non-extract sauces in the “super spicy” class of hot sauces seem to be getting harder to find. This sauce does a great job of showcasing the flavor of the ghost pepper and the natural level of heat of the pepper. The burn is quick and fast, but fades quickly. Just when you think it is going to get too spicy, the flavors start to mellow. Be careful, because there does seem to be a compounding effect… if I drench my food in this sauce, it will linger and burn. This is a vinegar based sauce, so you might notice that at first until the ghost pepper kicks in. I will definitely be ordering more of this sauce when I run out. On my heat scale of 1-5 (1=Tabasco Sauce), I would rate this a 3.5 heat level. Clever name and funny label.

  4. tom

    good taste
    not bold enough. but its good enough

  5. Anonymous

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good heat
    Hot with decent depth of flavor.

  6. Marcus Raymond

    Worth the price or the gags
    It had decent flavor the kick on it was decent wasnt as hot as I was hoping but definitely enjoyed it left it at a buddy’s and they devoured it so it’s

  7. Chauncey H.

    A little goes a long way!
    This product is the bomb!

  8. Mark J Tooke

    Very Hot but oh so good!!
    Very good, will buy again.

  9. Anonymous

    Tasty & Spicy
    We loved it! It was both very spicy and tasty. I personally carry in office bag, just so I can add to anything in office lunch area.

  10. Jack C. Moler

    A lot like Louisiana hot sauce.
    Not as hot as I’d hoped.


    Ghost pepper.
    A little goes a long way. Unlike other hot sauces, this one does not have the vinegary sour taste, just plain hot.

  12. george l.

    im drunk now and i just ate a left over tacobell burito with it and was tearing and snoting up, you kinda have to use a bit more than you think, will buy again wicked tickle, way better than habanero

  13. michael skeen

    Not like my first sample
    Taste lot less hotter than the first bottle i purchased.

  14. GC

    Not very hot at all!
    A bit of a letdown. I was expecting it to be much hotter. It has a nice low heat. But maybe on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hottest, it might come in at around 6. I really don’t think my tolerance is that high.

  15. Christina Scioli

    Amazing flavor
    Delicious heat!

  16. alexdelara

    Hot and tasty stuff but not super hot
    I thought this would be the hottest thing ever but not even close. I added the whole bottle into my own Habaneros sauce but I didn’t feel much kick. It has flavor though and that is a bonus !

  17. Sharla Breeding

    Its wickedly hot.. use caution
    Use sparingly

  18. david

    Love spicy food
    Great taste

  19. R. Hawkins

    Great ghost pepper sauce, but not for the timid.
    OK so hot is a relative term. I like hot/spicy things. I eat Tabasco for breakfast. Literally, on eggs, hash browns, etc. Just trying to give some perspective, as most people know what Tabasco is like.
    I was looking for a replacement for Afterlife, since sadly it’s been discontinued, so I thought I’d try this. It’s hotter than Afterlife… Not Endorphin Rush hot, but probably somewhere between the two. It does have a good flavor, and a good smell to it (assuming you like the smell of hot sauce). I don’t mess around with it though. A couple drops per bite of sub is enough for me. Much like Afterlife, it seems to build up/sneak up on you – I assume this is a ghost pepper trait. At first, it’s got a good bite and flavor, and you think, “that’s not so hot”. After eating more of it, the burn becomes more noticeable and hangs in there.
    As for the flavors – read the other reviews, I’m not adept at verbalizing flavor, but I don’t like hot sauce just because it’s hot. It has to taste good (again, relative term).
    So yes, it’s tasty and it’ll clear up any sinus issues. Too hot? Get back to me the day after and let me know. Actually… no, keep that to yourself.

  20. Anonymous

    Tastes great and not to hot
    Tastes great and not to hot

  21. Stephen H Sharpless

    A few drops at a time.
    Spivey but good

  22. Anonymous

    Flavor is very good, Heat is a 8/10 for me
    Flavor is very good, Heat is a 8/10 for me. This is the hottest that I own currently, so if you own hotter then adjust the hot scale accordingly. I do enjoy the hot sauce and I pair it with my eggs or steaks even.

  23. Salt Tea

    It smelled like it would be on the vinegar side
    Tried this as soon as I got it, and after using Dave’s insanity sauce, Blueberry Ghost pepper bravado, and Mad Dog 357 for my wings- this is pleasantly surprising. It smelled like it would be on the vinegar side, and it sort of is, but it doesn’t taste as tart because every bit is followed by spices and flavor, then you get the heat. It doesn’t make the lips sting or my throat burn, but there’s a nice heat in my mouth that I need to keep chasing. There is this mild sweetness right before the heat kicks in, which makes it nice to add a thin layer of this to chipotle bbq wings

  24. B. Neuls

    A very nice all-natural ghost pepper sauce.
    I really, really, really love this ghost pepper sauce. Upon first sniff, you get that smokey ghost pepper aroma, which is good because I’m really not a fan of vinegar. Then the creeping heat of this super hot pepper makes an appearance. If you’re a fan of the bhut jolokia as am I, you’ll like one. The heat level wasn’t blazing hot, but if you kept eating this, you’d probably starting sweating a bit, ha ha. Will likely buy this product again.

  25. Jonathon Dwigans

    Five Stars
    It is actually a hot sauce that has good flavor at the same time! It’s very good!

  26. CK1

    Recipient is quite happy with product
    Was sent as gift. Rcvd with no problems and earlier than expected. Recipient is quite happy with product.

  27. Chad Washburn

    Perfect hotsauce for most people.
    First and foremost, the company that makes this sauce ships incredibly quickly. As for the sauce itself, it is great without being way too hot. If you don’t like hot things it may be too much for you. If you like incredibly hot things it may not be enough for you unless you douse your food in it. It lacks the vinegar flavor of many hot sauces. A few drops can go a long way. If you overdo it by accident, no worries because the heat lasts only maybe 10 minutes or so.

    This is probably the perfect hot sauce for me because it brings decent heat without punishing you for going overboard. I’ll buy again from this company maybe going up a bit on the Scoville scale.

  28. Milad

    Wrongly advertised
    Not a 1,000,000 Scoville unit, maybe 50,000. But the taste was good

  29. Anonymous

    Great product, hot but with flavor
    Great product, my friends love it. Great heat however the flavor was surperb and it was the hit of the party. Will be purchasing more soon.

  30. Bigsef77

    Great heat but flavor was lacking
    Hot but flavor was only so-so. Will not buy again.

  31. Aaron

    Eat it.
    So my tolerance for spicy stuff isn’t the highest in the world, but it’s higher than most. That been said, it’s kinda hard to find a good hot sauce. Most of them are just vinegar with a hint of spice (aka lame). This one, on the other hand, pretty awesomely spicy. It’s not so spicy that you won’t be able to eat your food if you “accidentally” over do it, but it’s spicy enough to make eating that food really… fun.

  32. dr.orders

    Three Stars
    not as hot that i expected.

  33. Tracy

    Very good but if you’re a heat fanatic, this is not the hottest.
    Very good flavor. On a scale of 1 – 10 for hotness, I give it a 6. I love hot so my 6 to others 6 may not be the same. If you’re looking for super hot, this one is not it but it has a kick and the flavor is wonderful.

  34. G.M

    Solid spice
    Purchased this ghost pepper because I wanted something little bit spicier with more flavor than the general grocery store had. I am happy I took a chance on these, it’s hot but not too hot. The taste is nice and smoky, flavorful with an hint of spiciness.

  35. Jerod Lytton

    One Hot Bhut Tickler!
    Great flavor, not numbingly hot, and has a fantastic name.

  36. rayb

    Five Stars

  37. Rocky S

    Five Stars
    Powerful pardner!

  38. Allison62

    A TRUE hot sauce with great flavor.
    I’m a hot sauce veteran and lover. This has a very decent bite. I think the reviews that claim it’s not very hot are somehow trying to show off. It’s definitely hot.

  39. MAJ. Mr. PhD

    dericious. scoobi rooni roo
    Its perfect. I wanted something hot, but not chemical burn hot. This is it.

  40. Human

    Five Stars
    As good as I thought

  41. Lydz

    Love the heat
    We love eating something hot. We liked the heat of this sauce…We would surely buy again.

  42. Miss Marmie

    not super hot. On a scale of 1 to 5 …
    Ex0ected hotter but was OK, not super hot. On a scale of 1 to 5 I give it a 3

  43. Rhonda Ghodeswar

    Five Stars
    Really really really hot!

  44. Hankz

    Four Stars
    Nice and hot, but lacking a little in flavor.

  45. Michael K. Kilpatrick


  46. DeyQuan Reid


  47. cchristensen

    Taste + Heat
    Very good. The taste/smell are amazing. A sauce that has an incredible flavor I don’t normally expect from a very hot sauce. You should probably buy two bottles. I wish I did.

  48. Jou Yee Moua

    Five Stars
    It’s was good and great..

  49. B-rent

    Decent sauce!
    The sauce has an all around pepper flavor, not nearly as hot as my previous XXX and actually considerably close to a lot of habanero sauces. It has a very runny consistency without overwhelming vinegar or salt taste. Would be excellent for someone who wants nice heat that won’t cause a panic attack. I’d buy it again and use this as a general food enhancer.

  50. C. Moore

    Hot but not insane
    It’s not any more hot than the habanero sauce I tried, but the vinegar flavor is subtle…something I prefer

  51. rezbear

    This chili sauce is as advertised it is only for serious lovers of EXTREMELY HOT chili. Buy and eat at your own risk, if you can’t eat it please send the remains to me. I love it!!!!!!!yeeeoooowwwwww !!!!!!!

  52. barry

    It is a hot and great flavor sauce Try it I was amazed at the spice.!!!!! A drop goes a long way

  53. Dana

    Gift for fiance
    He loved it! He got Dave’s as a present from my mom, who received it by accident in an order. Neither she nor he like the stuff. Dave’s was too hot without adding any good flavor. I was nervous about this, since it was wrapped for my fiance already by the time he tried the Dave’s, but he ended up LOVING this stuff. Adds flavor and still quite a lot of heat!

  54. Euphoricthc

    Did not disappoint
    This sauce is very spicy and great. I like to let my friends try it and see just how long they can take the heat.

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