Ghost Pepper Chili Powder Hot Spice Seasoning Wicked Tickle Devil Chili Powder

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  • Ghost Pepper Chili Powder Hot Spice
  • 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units
  • Extreme Heat
  • Wicked Tickle Devil Chili Powder
  • 2 Ounce Dried Ghost Pepper Powder


Ghost Pepper Chili Powder Wicked Tickle Devil’s Chili Powder Spice 2 ounce

Ghost peppers are among the world’s hottest chili peppers. The chili peppers used to make this chili pepper spice come in at over 1,000,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Ingreditens: 100% ground ghost peppers.

Caution: Ghost powder is severely spicy hot with a long lasting heat. Do not use this product if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

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Product Dimensions

2 x 2 x 4 inches

Shipping Weight

2.6 ounces





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Important Information

Safety Information
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Salsa, tacos, chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, chili

Ghost Pepper Powder, Ghost Peppers, Dried Ghost Chilies

Dust a little on anything you want to be extremely hot!

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

64 reviews for Ghost Pepper Chili Powder Hot Spice Seasoning Wicked Tickle Devil Chili Powder

  1. iona h alford

    Ghost chili peppers
    Great very very spicy

  2. Jeff Shiner

    Super ghostly intensity
    Use a little, burn a lot! Will last a long time and it’s the real deal! Try it on eggs every morning before deep breathing and cold shower. You will endure –

  3. love2shop

    Some like it hot!
    We love spice in our home, and this ghost pepper fits right in. A little goes a long way. Love that the flavor sneaks up on you.

  4. cabezon

    Great heat!
    Very good for sodium free heat. Didnt add enough habanero to your buffalo wing sauce? Sprinkle some of this on and boom the heat level goes up nicely. Perfect to keep around to heat up pretty much any food

  5. george l.

    hot, but just as hot as CR powder
    kinda the same as there “carolina reaper” powder that ive had flr almost a year now, not much flav but it is still hot as f*%$ wont buy again cause I have their CR powder and it half gone, good price tho, why WT????


    Gave as gift

  7. Ivan L.

    Its got some kick
    At half the strength of the Reaper powder its a little more forgiving, but still give it the respect it deserves!!

  8. karen

    You have to buy this!!
    I’m addicted to hot stuff!!! I bought one and and loved it so much! I had to buy another I keep it in my purse all the time for when I go out to dinner lunch etc. never could have too much spice!! It’s a must have love love love

  9. sno gates

    The boyfriend likes to make his own snackmix for work and we used to get this ghostpepper Chex mix like stuff to add, but we can’t find it anymore so I got him this to sprinkle on his snack mix. He loves it.

  10. Yvonne Brown

    Heat without adding sodium
    HOT,HOT, HOT!!!

  11. Mackenzie

    Huge step up from McCormick’s cayenne!
    This is amazing! Cayenne pepper just wasn’t doing it for me because I had to powder coat whatever I was eating to make it spicy enough. This stuff right here though, a little pinch is enough! I skipped the habanero and opted for the ghost pepper and I am glad I did. This is perfect for me who likes really spicy food. It has a fruity scent and when you consume it the heat takes about 45 seconds to set my mouth on fire. Definitely recommend this but be careful if you’re not used to spicy food.

  12. Rod Markegard

    great flavor
    added a touch of this in my ,marinate for jerky. Wow it added an extra bit and yum yum good

  13. B Sealey

    Hottest seasoning I know of
    This product is used for making our hot wing sauce.

  14. orande

    Very pricey for the size
    Love heat of the pepper but a little pricey.

  15. Michael McCreary

    Very Hot!

  16. True Devan.

    Do I need a warring label if I use this product?
    Do I need to put warring on my Tamales??

  17. Pip

    Hot!! Great for pranks
    I peeled by the cheese on a pizza and covered it with the Ghost Pepper Chili Powder. Then put the cheese back and gave to my Uncle. He burned his mouth and was in misery for hours. Just opening this powder spice will make your eyes tear up. Very powerful stuff. Hot to the point where you don’t get many flavors. But that is fine for fans of all things burning hot in the spice sense. Anyone else attempting this spice, especially amateurs, be cautious ! ! !

  18. Anonymous

    My favorite super hot powder that spices up my life!
    Ever since I found this chile powder I carry it everywhere i go for my food. I absolutely love hot food and this makes my food just how I like it at home or at restaurants. I’ve even given as gifts. ??YUM??

  19. Ryan

    Burns you twice
    A great alternative to hot sauce. Spices foods up without getting anything wet and like I said, it’ll burn you twice

  20. Douglas Leatherwood

    set my taste buds on fire!!!!!!!!!!
    deer chili—set me running–sweat rolling down my for=head—tears falling.l.o.l.

  21. John

    Greatest thing on Earth
    This stuff changed my life. I’ll never use hot sauce again. Thank you for Wicked Tickle!

  22. Kurt Gerlach

    Perfect kick for people who love heat
    I love this stuff! I add it to everything. I have added it to crushed red pepper to kick the heat up, I put it in my cottage cheese, I add it to steamed vegetables, I put it in water with lemon instead of cayenne. I even add it to popcorn. It is perfect for controlling the heat aspect of any food. It will not take away from the flavor of your food, but will add a nice kick. Add a lot, super spicy, add a little , just a little spicy.

  23. Michael

    It’s good.
    I like it and the little container seems to go a long way

  24. Madredarlene

    If you VERY VERY Hot, this is just right.

  25. bradlee miller

    Nice taste

  26. Thrill Seeker

    Freakin Hot!
    You will not need more HEATthan this!

  27. Robert Abbensett

    Flavor and the heat

  28. Kyong Tupper

    Nice, portion control is important
    Nice smokey flavor and if you use too much it will bite!

  29. Jonathan Cox

    Four Stars
    Good product I use it daily

  30. Zachary

    Five Stars
    This stuff was excellent! No real flavor, just pure heat! I love it!

  31. kenriquez

    Great product
    Great product at a great value. Will stick with this brand from bow on

  32. Anonymous

    Five Stars

  33. Sunshine

    Super Hot, Super Delicious!
    The heat…. The flavor… The HEAT! Great, great, great stuff!

  34. Sadie Clark

    10/10, Would Recommend
    Added the perfect spice to my chili!

  35. Susan Wallace

    Five Stars
    so good in a green bean casserole

  36. MrMike

    Sticker shock
    I bought this as a gift and was dismayed at the big white warehouse sticker Amazon or its affiliate had stuck over the label showing a upc code and a proclamation of it being a “NEW Product” (etc.). It doesn’t peel and destroys the factory label if you try to remove it. Real classy there Amazon.

    The chili powder may be good, but the sticker ruins the gift appeal. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  37. Nick

    Awesome! Heat-level is just right, not insane or too mild. It has a weird smell though. I bought this for a stocking stuffer and one for myself. I tried it on a microwaved quesadilla and it was great, can’t wait to grill with it.

  38. ORDPSP

    Ghost stands for Great Heat On Satisfying Taste!!
    I’m that guy that orders spicy food extra, extra spicy. Your spicy is my mild. But this stuff here, kicks everything up to the next level.
    This is NOT for the faint of heart.

  39. Michael Ashley

    Best chili powder ever
    This stuff is great. Goes great on pizzas and pastas. Hot enough to enjoy the heat and still taste the flavor.

  40. Jon E. Nissen

    Five Stars
    Very hot. Just what I expected it to be.

  41. James Koberstein

    Five Stars
    Item arrived on time and as advertised.

  42. jamie

    My favorite flavor and awesome heat! I put this on everything

  43. kelvin hubbert

    Five Stars
    No comments

  44. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    excellent quality and extra spicy.

  45. francis geiger

    Great Product.
    Exactly what I was expecting. Great Product.

  46. Human

    Five Stars
    Hope i don’t die of too much capsaicin

  47. J

    Love it.
    That’s some hot stuff. It will blister you if your not careful. Love it.

  48. Amber Holencik

    Five Stars
    Thank u fast delivery and very hot and good

  49. justin casey

    wow it was awesome i literally felt high afterwards with a nice burn …
    i got this today and lightly sprinkled it all over everything on my dinner plate…. wow it was awesome i literally felt high afterwards with a nice burn in my mouth..

  50. Jeffrey Markell

    Five Stars
    Nice and hot, just the way i like it! Thank you!

  51. Nick Lindner

    It is every bit as good as what I thought it was going to be
    It has a weird smell to the stuff. It is every bit as good as what I thought it was going to be. Would recommend.

  52. Mickey

    Five Stars
    This stuff is smoking hot!!

  53. Janie

    I can not seem to order enough.
    Nice heat for the crazed Chile head. A little goes a long way. This is my….probably tenth order. I put it on everything. Nice touch of smoky, but adds good heat to any dish, without changing the flavor. My friends like to see who can take the heat. For reference, I am a super heat lover. Scorpions and ghost Chile’s for me. With this, you can modify by the amount.

  54. john brad shake

    Five Stars
    Has heat with a smoky taste nice love it will buy it again.

  55. Michael D. Perry

    This pepper is so hot tha if you could roll it up into a rod,you could use it as a welding rod.

  56. Michael K. Kilpatrick

    Just hot enough for me. Other pepper powders are too mild. it’s great on potatoes, meat veggies, chilli, etc.

  57. lisha wang

    such a waste of money
    When I used this chili powder lately I found out that the powder is hard to get out, when I checked it out and opened inside I was surprised to find out that this product has a died moth inside, I almost threw up and threw away the bottle, such a waste of money!!! BE AWARE!!!

  58. Delcolion

    Definitely HOT!
    I thought I was getting the flakes, and this is ground very small. But, it is HOT, and that is what I wanted.

  59. Dave

    This will kick any dish up to the top. You can make the hottest chili, ribs, wings ever. Super hot!!!!!! I will definitely buy again.

  60. Kristina

    Could be better
    Bought this for my husband who loves spicy food to the level that he starts crying. He tried this powder and said that it’s a good spicy powder though also gives an odd flavor and smell to the food. So I guess we are back to Sriracha.

  61. Siamak

    Very hot and tasteful!
    This is the second hottest pepper I’ve ever tried. I like its flavor and degree of hotness. The price is reasonable as well.

  62. olga cortes

    Not hot
    Chili is not that hot, has no flavor,had to do a lot of doctoring up.I did write them a review,

  63. John

    man this stuff is SPICY! I put a tiny tiny amount on my finger to see what this pepper is all about… wow that is one spicy pepper. good price and more than you’ll ever need. I dont eat alot of spicy but ive dabbled with habañeros and serranos before, this stuff is the real deal. 5 of 5, super spicy.

  64. Eric C Davis

    I think my nose is gone.
    Purchased for a coworker of mine who said “get me the hottest powder you can find.” We’re both regretting this big time. Not from the product, the powder’s spot on what he asked for, it’s so hot that when I took a sniff, my nose felt like the Devil punched me as hard as he could.
    If you’re into the hot stuff, this is pretty strong stuff. Much recommended.

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