Ghost Pepper and Habanero Hot Sauce 4 Pack Wicked Tickle

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  • Award Winning Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Gift Set
  • Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce Extreme Heat 4 Pack
  • Spicy Chipotle Smoked Hot Sauce
  • 5 oz. x 4 bottles


Ghost Pepper Habanero Chipotle Hot Sauce Gift Set

Free wood gift crate.

4 pack of extreme hot sauces.

Bhut Kisser- Award winning ghost pepper hot sauce. Fiery Food Challenge winner in the Ghost Pepper Category.

Wicked Tickle Honey Hot Sauce- Wicked Tickle Honey Hot Sauce Ghost Pepper Honey Hot Sauce is very unique and very hot and spicy, sweet and heat. An initial burst of sweetness from the honey followed by an incredibly intense ghost pepper heat.

The Defibrillator- Smoked Ghost Pepper Chipotle Hot Sauce. Ghost Peppers, Habanero, and Smoked Serrano. Slightly smokey and very hot.

Habanero Head- Habanero hot sauce flavor with a hint of smokey flavor and garlic and intense habanero heat.

Use with caution, extremely hot. Do not use these sauces if you have a respiratory or heart condition as they are very spicy.

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8 x 2 x 7 inches

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2 pounds





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Safety Information
Do not use if you have a respiratroy or heart condition.

Vinegar, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers), Habanero, Smoked Onions, Honey, Apples, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Smoked Garlic, Jalapeno, Smoked Serrano, Salt, Xanthan Gum

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

55 reviews for Ghost Pepper and Habanero Hot Sauce 4 Pack Wicked Tickle

  1. Shelly

    My Brother
    This was a Birthday present for my brother

  2. Deborah

    Good service and product.
    Delivery was fast. Very satisfied.

  3. Chris

    I see myself finishing one bottle very quickly, will have to buy more next month
    I have hundreds of hotsauces and these bring the flavor and the heat… great buy

  4. Johna Perrucci

    Heat plus flavor
    Purchased for a hot sauce lover. Good flavor as well as heat. Nice gift packaging. I only wish bottles were glass not plastic.

  5. Joseph Kelly

    Very good, worth the price, would buy again.
    All of the sauces have a good flavor, and heat level. I often buy hot sauce from many places, I have a small compartment in the fridge for my hot sauces because I have so many of them.

  6. Gare

    Five Stars
    Yes, the last two are VERY HOT*****

  7. Dave Pulver

    Five Stars

  8. Bee

    Five Stars
    Bought this for my son who loves hot pepper sauce. This was hot!!

  9. Missy

    He LOVED it and brought it to a party
    This was a gift. He LOVED it and brought it to a party. It was as hit!

  10. Debby

    Four Stars
    My son loved them

  11. Elizabeth Epley

    Four Stars
    taste great

  12. MDavis

    Sweet Mother of God
    I got this as a gift for my boyfriend, who lives for hot/spicy foods. He loved the flavors and said the heat was pretty decent. He didn’t react too bad and was slathering his wings in the sauce, so I thought I would try it. One tiny little drop is all it took me, I was in hell. It caused my tongue actual pain. So if you are a hot sauce pro, give it a try. If you struggle with heat, you’ve been warned.

  13. Chris Crawford

    Husband really enjoyed! Quite a bit of heat and he is …
    Husband really enjoyed! Quite a bit of heat and he is not easily impressed…

  14. Swan Male

    Very spicy but with a good flavor.
    Very spicy but with a good flavor.

  15. Cecil A. Rhodes

    Just hot enough
    HOT. Very good. I have had hotter sauce, but these are hot enough without making you cry, and have great flavor. Good variety, heat, taste and packaging.

  16. Adam LetI

    Hot Salsa
    was good I was shi++ing good for weeks

  17. Lisa Stephens

    Favorite hot sause of the family
    My husband and his brother in law are hot sauce collectors. These are in my husbands topt 5. He loves the flavor and the heat. No vinager taste just lots of flavor. He recently purchased a set for my brother in law who also fell in love with them.

  18. robbi

    I taste something artificial, maybe even sort of chemically. In large quantities it doesn’t even taste good. In small drops it’s fine, but it doesn’t add to the dish in a good way. The heat is up to par, and if I chose one, I like the defibrillator, a chipotle sauce. I wouldn’t buy the set knowing what I know now. The flavors are very similar. My favorite sauces at the moment are Xtinction ghost pepper sauce for high heat, and Pain is good- Louisiana style sauce for Med-high heat.

    I also care about what the bottle looks like, and this one is cheap. It’s squishy plastic with a white screw off cap. The cap has no control spout so you always dump out too much.

  19. james h williams

    Four Stars
    Good stuff!

  20. Mkoz

    Two Stars
    Not much flavor in any of the sauces, just a whole lot of burn.

  21. Anonymous

    These are good..
    These are good . . . a bit too hot for me, but good.

    I do like my hot sauce. Frank’s Red Hot is kinda between hot and mild, I can eat as much of it as I want. I like some habanero sauces and thats probably about my heat level of enjoyment. I had never tried ghost peppers before but figured I’d just use less if they were crazy hot. These sauces weren’t bad, I found I could use a good amount, they were really tasty and good heat but not killer heat. So hotter than what I normally eat, hotter than Tobasco for sure, but not melt your face off, as hot as we can make them kind of thing). If I have the ghost pepper sauces for dinner though, my stomach wouldn’t feel great in the morning. Kind of a shame, I enjoyed them. Getting too old for the real hot stuff I guess. Still giving them five stars, I think they are really good. Figured I’d try to give a sense of the heat level since thats tough to describe and likely what a lot of people are wondering

  22. Veritas

    Muy caliente!
    Super hot!

  23. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    This was a gift for my hot sauce junkie husband. He loves them. Cute set.

  24. Anonymous

    Excellent hot sauce
    Excellent hot sauce!!! Very flavorful. Great kick to the taste buds! Hot as heck, but not dangerously hot for the overly sensitive.

  25. Suzanne Warren

    The hotter the better!
    My son loves these hot sauces! The hotter the better!

  26. tricia nerdin

    Love heat you will enjoy
    Hubby loves it. Great taste

  27. dylan

    Four Stars
    Wood casing is a nice look but didn’t stay together very well

  28. Nicole

    … of our hot sauce bar and omg such a good variety. Great flavors and differences
    Got this as part of our hot sauce bar and omg such a good variety. Great flavors and differences.

  29. Chris

    good flavor though
    sauces aren’t really that hot, good flavor though.
    One person found this helpful

  30. Eurika Shantel Ellison

    HOT and good. Have purchased more than once
    HOT and good. Have purchased more than once.

  31. Amilcar Guerrero

    Five Stars
    great price and flavor

  32. Meghan Mettling

    My husband loves it and says it has great flavor.
    Lives up to its name. My husband loves it and says it has great flavor.

  33. Lesia kmetyk

    Really good each one was unique and all equally good

  34. Sandra

    Five Stars
    These are great! Extremely hot.

  35. Ignacio landeros

    Five Stars
    Very good and hottttt!

  36. ryan corpse

    one of the bottles was leaking
    Not spicy. Tastes like vinegar

  37. Migdalia Velez

    My guy was definitely satisfied with this hot sauce, and he’s a hard man to please!!
    Bought this set for my boyfriend, he was initially skeptical about how spicy these sauces would be, since he hasn’t found a good spice/ flavor with other brands and thought these would be the same. However, he loves them, they have a good amount of spice in just a few drops that he adds to his food without having to drench his plate to get it to its desired kick. I got this set for him in mid February and its April now and he still has about a bottles-worth left, when normally with store bought hot sauce in the same size he goes through it in a few days. He isn’t an easy man to please, so believe me when I say this hot sauce is definitely worth trying out! I’ll be reordering another set real soon!

  38. Charity June

    delicious and killer hot
    I tried the habanero head first – my first thiught was “delicious” followed by “oh yes spicy.” All three had a very pleasant flavor and were very spicy. I think it was the bhut kisser that really kicked up the spice level – my tongue is still very pleasantly burning 10 minutes after trying all four (and I tried a tiny bit of each).

    Very good purchase! Wide variety of flavors and heat levels, starting with way too freaking hot and moving up. I wish you could trust schoville claims when evaluating hot sauces, but most companies seem to advertise the heat of the pepper in its pure form rather than of the sauce as a whole, which is deceptive. I would say that all four are as hot or hotter than the 100% PAIN I’ve bought previously, however, which is also extremely spicy and far too much for the vast majority of ppl.

  39. Jennie Knight

    Five Stars
    Great product

  40. DeAnn B.

    Very good flavor, not too hot like some sauces that …
    Very good flavor, not too hot like some sauces that completely cover the taste of food but hot enough to work up a sweat!!

  41. Chiung-yueh Hsieh

    Three Stars
    Good price but not as hot as I expected!

  42. E.C.D.

    Four Stars
    Very hot stuff!

  43. Betty Jackson

    Five Stars
    Purchased as a gift for my son-in-law and he loved it!!

  44. Keith Leach

    Christmas present
    Bought this for a friend that grows his own ghost peppers will update it later on when I find out he likes the difference hot sauce

  45. AWGO

    have went through a full set of these liked them all yes they are spicy and as with …
    do not be fooled by some of the comments..(IE) one is void of all flavor.. have went through a full set of these
    liked them all yes they are spicy and as with anything like this if used as a spice a few drops 6-8 for a large blow of chili works great… added some to father in-laws bowl and he said i thought you said this was HOT…hmmm well ok .. have had 2 people try this and were able to eat a teaspoon full straight and say mmmm thats good never blinked an eye??? OMG.
    1st set did not come as pictured.. disappointing…the 2nd shipment for a gift was as pictured

    In closing do attempt to drink out of bottle.

  46. K

    this last year for a gift and they absolutely loved it. My friends love their hot n’ spicy …
    Purchased this last year for a gift and they absolutely loved it. My friends love their hot n’ spicy and were pleasantly surprised with this 4 pack. I have given other brands as gifts in the past, but this really got their attention. I knew it was a big hit when they inquired where I got the Wicked Tickle 4 pack. Just reordered another 4 pack & it arrived so quickly. Thanks for the awesome product in the cool gift pack.

  47. CB

    Great Gift Item
    Ordered these for my husband for his birthday. The packaging is fun and he’s really been enjoying the sauces. Received promptly!

  48. Michael Kane

    Not so wicked
    Have yet to try the habanero *only* one. The ones with ghost pepper were good, but not as hot as I had hoped they would be.

  49. Tim

    Great gift
    Gave these away to friends (I can’t take hot sauce). My pastor used the Bhut Kisser and loved it. I thought the name was highly appropriately sarcastic.

  50. brian beckwith

    Ghost pepper and Habanero hot sauces are awesome.
    My wife has tried and loves the taste of all 4 hot sauces purchased. Packaging and delivery time was excellent. Look forward to doing business with Wicked Tickle in the near future.

  51. Estead

    Spicy in Wisco
    *update* The seller was very willing to work with me on the issue, and we ended up keeping the spices and working it out. So I didn’t try the sauces, but the seller was very good at working with me. In the end I gave my dad the choice of the spices or the sauces and he chose to give the spices a go, haven’t tried them yet but they smell great. *update* I ordered these sauces for a christmas gift and was very excited about them. While the shipping was exceptionally quick considering it wasn’t prime and the week before christmas (4 days), I received the wrong item (dry spice powders) but was able to work it out with the seller.

  52. Kenneth L. Jordan, Jr.

    “HOT” R U Kidding me……….
    After reading that the “Ghost” pepper is the hottest pepper grown, had to try this product. So far there has been NO disappointment.

  53. Janie

    I love this company and products
    These are great tasting sauces with good heat. The price is awesome compared to other brands I have had. Highly recommended.

  54. Gary D. Cox Jr.

    Wicked Tickle: It Is What It Claims To Be
    4 bottles of very hot sauce. Some too much in more than minute doses, although, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

    Habanero Head: Absolutely, without a doubt, the best hot sauce I’ve ever tasted. I thought that the habanero version of Tabasco was the best until I tasted this concoction. It is what it should be – very hot with plenty of flavor. 3 drops into an average frozen dinner will give you the few beads of sweat you wanted while eating your bachelor meal (or meal at work, if you eat while working like I do).

    Bee Sting: Slight touch of honey mixed with the incredibly powerful ghost pepper. Great with beef or pork, but use sparingly.

    Bhut Kisser: I used this on some cajun sausage, and it was tasty. However, it did make me sweat even with only 4-5 drops as a flavor enhancer. More hot than flavorful, to be honest.

    The Defribillator: Probably too much for most people. Simply a way to demonstrate to the weak of heart (no pun intended) that this is one serious sauce. No punches pulled and no holds barred on this one. Flavor is almost absent in the quest for world-class heat. Bring your big boy pants.

  55. Jeff

    excellent sauces for an even better price
    This 4 pack came within a few short days, and man is it delicious! The Bhut Kisser is quite warm as is the Defibrillator. The Bee Sting gives that awesome Bhut taste without a killer amount of heat… prob due to the sweet honey they added. Def my favorite from the pack. The Habanero Head is way more flavorful and smoky then most hab sauces. I will be purchasing from here again!

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