Frohlich: That Garlic Sauce Truffle Oil Infused Hot Sauce

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  • Garlic Hot Sauce
  • Award Winning Hot Sauce
  • Truffle Oil Infused
  • Truffle Oil
  • Mild Medium Sauce


Truffle Oil Hot Sauce Frohlich: That Garlic Hot Sauce

Frohlich, the German word for happiness and that is the best description of the flavor of this sauce.

A Truffle Oil infused hot sauce made with 5 types of chili peppers and 3 kinds of garlic. A very complex and explosively flavorful medium heat garlic hot sauce.

National Award Winning Hot Sauce: Fiery Food Challenge Award winning sauce in the Medium Hot Sauce Category.

Winner of a Scovie Award in the Unique Hot Sauce category.

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7 x 2 x 2 inches

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9.6 ounces





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Fröhlich Garlic Hot Sauce

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Truffle Oil, 5 Types of Chili Peppers, 3 Kinds of Garlic, Vinegar, Salt, Onion, Tomato

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27 reviews for Frohlich: That Garlic Sauce Truffle Oil Infused Hot Sauce

  1. Demetrius

    So good!!!
    This is so good, so addictive. Is it the hottest sauce? No. But the flavor is fabulous. It’s garlic sauce first not hot sauce, just keep that in mind. Already ordered more.

  2. David Berglund

    Awesome hot sauce
    Taste great. Lots of garlic.

  3. Britanie Schreiber

    Too smokey
    Too Smokey for me. Was hoping for more tang and umami from the vinegar and truffle.

  4. Jasaltz

    Love it
    It’s delicious. Very good balance of garlic and truffle flavor while being a solid hot sauce. Incredible on good New York pizza and burritos. Will definitely be buying more.

  5. Rex Gettman

    Garlic never went down so “smooth” !!! .
    Great on steaks, chicken, or “seafood” !!! . Goes well with noodles, rice (dishes) and pasta, recipes as well, !!! . Deliciously tasty with a bit of a “twist” !!! . (“Zing”) !!! .

  6. Big D

    Different in a good way
    Very good i use it on everything!

  7. Christopher Montt

    Great price and solid taste
    I like this sauce a lot. Very tasty hot sauce. The Truff hot sauce also on Amazon is slightly better but for the price this is also 5 star.

  8. SupaDave

    Great Flavor…
    Ugly bottle… But bold flavor… Would purchase again

  9. Chris B

    Better than “Truff”
    Love this! Great flavor. Better than “truff” in my opinion

  10. Robert O’Brien

    Very good sauce
    So at first you’ll think it’s not hot but the more you eat it, the more the heat builds. very good garlic flavor. hint of truffle.

  11. E.R.

    Buy this. You need it.
    Oh…my…goodness!!! If you love spicy and garlic and TRUFFLE, this is for you!
    I’d say its low to medium low on the heat scale, which allows for the delicate truffle and garlic notes to shine.
    Wonderful with eggs and fried potatoes.

  12. Anonymous

    Mild heat, the garlic and the truffle kinda have a weird marriage, but it works alright

  13. seolchan

    Great flavor low heat
    Easily one of my new favorite things. The mixture of flavors is incredible. I put this on everything!

  14. Martin J. Dembosz

    Great Flavor
    Love it on Spinach!

  15. Blumper

    Vinegar bomb!
    I purchased this instead of Truff, as I read that Truff was a bit on the sweet side and I love garlic. This sauce isn’t bad, but it’s waaaaay too vinegary. It overpowers everything else in the sauce to an almost comical degree – and I’m someone who likes vinegar. Too bad. Still looking for a good truffle-based hot sauce.

  16. lsciarra

    Very good
    very good but shake it well . When I first tried this I didn’t shake it and it tasted like pure garlic . The next time I had it I shakes it . It’s one of my favorite sauces now .

  17. Charles Dawson

    Yup, Garlicy.
    A very nice garlic sauce, full of flavor. Great on roast pork or bbq, A nice way to add great garlic flavor to any dish.

  18. Dan G

    I put it on everything but, I love truffles.
    Great tasting hot sauce. A little pricey for the size but I keep on buying it

  19. Anonymous

    Perfect for garlic lovers
    Great sauce. Though I wish it wasnt so expensive because I’m in love with it. I’d like to see if this company makes any other sauces.

  20. aaron e.

    One Star
    Don’t like the flavor at all. Give me Sriracha any day

  21. SPB

    Incredible flavor and smell
    Simply…. best….. hot…. sauce….. ever.

  22. CC

    Relatively mild, but absolutely delicious. I’m addicted now.
    I’ve become totally addicted to this stuff. That’s a problem, given how much it costs, but I’ve started putting it on all sorts of food, especially eggs. Absolutely delicious. It’s much more garlic than truffle, but that bit of truffle gives a nice extra kick. It’s not particularly hot, I’d call it mild but many people would probably call it medium. It’s definitely not nearly as hot as Tabasco. But the flavor is MUCH better. I’m halfway through the first bottle in just 2 weeks, and I just ordered my 2nd bottle.

  23. Brian

    This is a fantastic sauce. Great blend of heat and rich flavor of truffles.

  24. Adam Oestergaard

    Truffle goodness
    Very delicious. Strong truffle aroma from the white truffle oil.

  25. Eric

    Five Stars
    This is really good stuff but it’s really not spicy. Still tastes amazing.

  26. Anonymous

    Unique and tasty
    Good garlicky hot sauce with truffle oil. Tastes amazing and goes great with pork and chicken especially.

  27. R. Hall

    Awesome flavorful hot sauce!
    Awesome and very flavorful hot sauce! The garlic, the truffle, the nice heat. Not too hot, but enjoyable for those who like heat. Only quibble is that it is a tad pricey. But it is oh so good! I went through one bottle in less than a week putting it on everything! Soups, wings, marina sauce, french fries, salad dressings, etc. Bought a three back after that. Fast shipping too!

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