Carolina Reaper Gift Set Wicked Reaper Hot Sauce Dried Chili Peppers World’s Hottest 2,000,000 Scoville

(179 customer reviews)


  • Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce 5 oz
  • World’s Hottest Chili Peppers 2,000,000 Scoville
  • Wicked Reaper Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce with dried peppers
  • Hot Sauce Gift Set
  • 5 whole dried Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers +2 Free


Carolina Reaper Gift Set Wicked Reaper Hot Sauce and Carolina Reaper Dried Chili Peppers

5 +2 Free Gift Carolina Reaper chili peppers. World’s Hottest Wicked Reaper at over 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units.

1 5 oz bottle of ultra hot Wicked Reaper Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce.

The Carolina Reaper is the current world record holder at over 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units, it’s the world’s hottest pepper. Wicked Reaper has as an excellent and unique flavor with a lasting burn.

Caution: Do not use reaper, ghost, or scorpion chili pepper products if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Additional information

Shipping Weight

11 ounces





Important information

Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers, Vinegar, Limes, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Chili Pepper Extract, Salt, Xanthan Gum

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

179 reviews for Carolina Reaper Gift Set Wicked Reaper Hot Sauce Dried Chili Peppers World’s Hottest 2,000,000 Scoville

  1. S.C.C.

    Very good hot sauce
    I love it. I put it on everything. I eat on eggs and ham, dump it on any egg dish. Make a great steak sause. I even put it on pancakes with syrup and eggs. Beware it is hot but it’s a good hit.

  2. joe

    Nice sauce
    Nice heat. Not not the bang I wanted but still very good

  3. cortenia

    Best for those who love heat
    Very hottttttt!

  4. Joshua Ford

    9/10 heat
    It’s not the hottest reaper sauce I’ve had, but it’s very tasty.

  5. Anonymous

    No gifts come with it!????
    I didn’t receive two plus gifts ? All I got was the sauce and peppers. It says I get two gifts with it but none came with it and can’t return it what a rip

  6. Danny b.

    Nice heat and flavor
    Great flavor, but for added heat(not that it needs it), Grind up dried peppers and add to sauce.

  7. Philip Gaspers

    Hot hot but use very generously for good heat.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Good and spicy
    Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce was delicious! The price was fair. Will buy more soon

  9. Carole West

    Good sauce
    I never got the dried stuff with the sauce. My son absolutely loved the hot sauce!

  10. russell

    Excellent kick
    Love … right amount of spice

  11. Tanya A. Peters

    Flavorful and hot
    The friend I gifted this to loves hots. She REALLY loves this sauce… Ate it on everything.

  12. steve k

    Moderate heat, good flavor.
    Nice flavor profile, and decent heat.

  13. Steve

    Gave this as a gift.
    I gave this as a gift to a family member. Their review:
    Sauce Taste: 9/10 Yum
    Sauce Heat: 8/10 A good cry

    Pepper Taste: Couldn’t taste them over the agony
    Pepper Heat: “I cant breathe”

  14. Jerad Nelson

    It’s everything I ever imagined!!

  15. Eric

    Awesome sauce!
    Love this hot sauce. Flavor is amazing, heat is good! Throw in the reaper peppers and it’s a great bargain!

  16. Leo

    Spicy af ??
    Good stuff with a strong kick. Used this on Mexican food, especially breakfast stuff. Awesome!

  17. Ryan

    Great stuff!
    I absolutely love this hot sauce! Before buying I was skeptical about the price ($14.99) but bought it anyways not realizing that it also came with 6 dried reaper peppers along with the hot sauce! I used 2 dried peppers in a big soup and it was nice and spicy! A third would have been overboard.. I recommend this and WILL buy again.

  18. Benjamin Martin

    Highly recommend. As hot as it gets without extracts.
    The vinegar and garlic tastes are there, but the pepper flavor is still clear and present. Tastes like reapers 1st & longest. And it is hot, indeed. Gave me the hickups on the 1st try. This hit my mouth, throat, & chest for about 20 min. Blazing hot, but just barely. I like it a lot.

  19. Tony DuBose

    Excellent flavour. Not just heat. We

  20. Lucille Ciaccia

    Not hot enough
    It wasn’t hot enough, but the pepper flakes that came with it were perfect.

  21. Victor H C

    This is not $15 hot, stick to the well known brands search> the hot ones
    This is not as hot as the name and label makes it out to be, don’t get me wrong it is hot but not Carolina ripper hot… Maybe they didn’t put enough chilli powder in it? I would compare this souce to the $2.99 dollar Cholula green souce you can find at Walmart at the Hispanic aisle. Too bad you can’t return it, $15 is way too much for this, I’ll stick to the well known brand .

  22. Anonymous

    It is hot and my husband loves it!
    My husband loves this sauce. I like that it came with dried peppers as well. I am always searching for something hot enough for him. Since Christmas he has ate half the bottle. I havent dared try it.

  23. Jordan

    Not as hot as advertised
    Wasn’t very hot…

  24. Katie

    Great for people who love HOT sauce!
    This was a gift for someone who loves hot sauce, the hotter the better! He says this is the hottest and the best, he goes through at least 3 bottles of it a year.

  25. Jennifer

    Very good favor
    So sweet and hot

  26. Nathan

    Phenomenal flavor
    Extremely hot but has great flavor. It’s nice to find both.. I would like to see a bottle with some sort of way to control how much you dump out. You don’t need a ketchup size glob to season some chicken wings.. stuff is very potient. With a product like this I would expect some sort of cap to control how much comes out or even some type of dropper. Very small complaint overall. It’s very good stuff though. I would buy again.

  27. Paul L.

    The peppers are hot as hell!

  28. Anonymous

    It was ok

  29. Constance S. Morris

    Great purchase
    I bought this for my daughter’s boyfriend who can’t get his food hot enough. He loved this hot sauce he said it was a good level of heat and flavor.

  30. Alan

    Made my Korean friend blush
    Hotter than fire, tasty as all get out.

  31. Shannon Cornely

    Crushed to dust
    This wasn’t hot or spicy at all. The dried carolina reapers were so old and dried out that they were crushed. I wouldn’t recommend this. I purchased this as a gift for my brother-in-law’s family in Germany because they have heard about the Carolina Reapers but can’t get them there. This was highly disappointing

  32. Anonymous

    The bottle is small for the price I think. Got it as a gift for husband. He LOVED it. He likes the flavor and a little goes a long way. Perfect for someone who likes it hot! Don’t over due it or you will clean out your colon!

  33. Jenny

    Lived up to its name. Extra spicy.

  34. Brandi prince

    Worth it
    Flavor was great

  35. Joao Zanella

    Hottest pepper I’ve ever seen!

  36. David Hoyle

    Reaper has some Bite
    I was expecting this hot sauce to be way spicier than the reviews said. Besides that the taste wasn’t bad and I use it in my dipping sauces.

  37. rodney butler


  38. D

    Good proportion of heat and taste
    Great taste, girlfriend is a certified pepper head, I however am not. I could tolerate the heat and had a great taste. Will be very good in chili in the upcoming months.

  39. Roy Elias Carvajal

    Very hot
    Its as expected

  40. Chelsea

    Super hot
    Perfect for wing competitions

  41. Dillon R.

    Great gift idea
    Have not had it got it for a gift for a friend. But it came with a bag of Carolina reaper peppers which was cool an unexpected. And is not expensive. Good gift for people who like things spicy.

  42. john damiani

    Don’t buy
    Complete garbage hot sauce.

    I don’t even like spicy things, I bought this for the novelty of something extremely hot.

    This is not it. Complete waste of money and time.

  43. G.M.

    It’s awesome. I also liked that they sent a bunch of dried peppers with it. Hot as hell.

  44. Tim Place

    Be very careful
    Outstanding! Smell of apricots mixed with strong pepper. And then… BOOM!! So frigging hot and exciting! Release the endorphins, Bobby!!????

  45. Anonymous

    Flavory and Hottie!
    Si savory and spicy. If u re a spicy fan, u gonna love ir!

  46. tom grimes

    It’s hotter than u think.

  47. Aaron

    good product
    its actually good with barbecue and put on chicken

  48. charlie centeno

    One of the best hot sauce has nice kick

  49. KS

    Nice flavor and slow building heat. Had some about 7 hours ago and I’m on my 4th ice cube (no, they’re not going in my mouth) 😀

  50. Jackson

    The sauce is really good in soup.
    Very good. Loved it. Perfect purchase for someone who likes spicy stuff like me.

  51. kendall

    Great taste and extra spicy
    I’ve purchased this hot sauce for my husband several times now. We have tried others hear and there but he always asks me to buy this one again. He says it is very spicy which is great cause it lasts a long time versus the other hot sauces which go quickly because they are not spicy enough so he uses a lot more. I did accidentally taste it once and it was not pleasant for me as I’m not accustomed to spicy food. So, if you like super spicy food and hot sauce I’d say you have found a good one. I’m sure I’ll be buying this again.

  52. Leslee

    Maxwell seal of Aproval
    One of the best tasting sauces I have! The sauce isn’t crazy hot but flavor is perfect. I could do without the peppers if you could get the cost down, because I will be buying a bottle every time I run out and with how good this is I’d say once a month. You guys have a customer for life!

  53. Donny W. Adkins

    Soooooo good!
    It was surprising How good the sauce actually taste. But I would say it fools you for the first initial taste because you’re like wow this is so tasty and then you get immediately hit with that nice heat so The reapers really kick in after about four seconds so like I said some people could be fooled from the initial taste. Handle with care lol!

  54. Aroven

    Good choice
    If you want to become a dragon, then this is your choice. 5 fire dragons of 5.
    very good sauce.

  55. Richard Boyd

    Definitely hot

  56. iPodTouchMyself

    Almost as hot as your wife
    Fantastic, even hotter than the ghost pepper sauce, really kicks hard for at least 5 minutes. It does feel a bit watery but that shouldn’t discourage you

  57. Tlc

    Not a lot flavor,but its fire hot

  58. Micky Benitez

    Extremely hott!!!

  59. Brandon S. Stratton

    Great flavor with good heat
    I was expecting a much hotter sauce but it does have a great flavor with decent heat. Definitely hotter than the average sauce. The addition of Carolina Reaper peppers in a baggie is a nice touch. I recommend this product!

  60. ConnorMcH

    Iffy spice level (for spice addicts)
    Good flavor and heat at times but a bit of a letdown as it’s the worlds hottest pepper. Was hoping for really spicy but In all honesty I’ve had hotter things with weaker peppers.

  61. DCRocks

    do not drink directly from the bottle
    This hot sauce is hot.

  62. jonathan pupo

    The sauce taste good
    The peppers are much hotter than the hot sauce nonetheless it made me throw up .

  63. Benjamin Turbeville

    Not much flavor but very hot! Just tried a drop to see how hot it was and took a couple minutes for the heat to go away

  64. Dub

    It gets you in the end
    I got high and drank the bottle, didn’t feel a thing.
    Sobered up the next day, went to the bathroom.

    Then I felt it.

  65. Frank.wallaker

    Real hot
    it’s as hot as they said it was going to be

  66. Diego Surman

    Extremely HOT !!!
    Great flavor and a burn that lasts a long time

  67. J Edwards

    Perfect heat and flavor
    I bought this hot sauce to make peach hot sauce. The company sent 6 Dried Carolina Reapers with the sauce. I added two ounces of the hot sauce to 8 ounces of the peach sauce base. It was perfect. The heat was there but not overwhelming and you could taste the flavor of the peppers. I took a bottle of the sauce to a party and it was a hit. Peaches are in season in GA and I made peach preserves using two of the supplied dried Chile’s in 6 pounds of peaches. Great flavor. Habaneros have the best fruity flavor, but the Carolina Reapers have z bit of the juiciness of habaneros. Good flavoted hot sauce that isn’t all heat and adds flavor to your dishes

  68. Cameron O’Malley

    It tastes good but it’s not that hot
    Not hot enough

  69. Junior Shaffer

    Eat or use as ice melt in winter
    Face melting

  70. rentedhobgoblin

    Hot, but amazing
    New into hot sauces and this sauce i was afraid to try at first, but its become a favorite at my work to help add more flavor to all the fast food we order

  71. zyzay

    Nice, even heat
    Great in soups, and on tacos and burritos. Will purchase again.

  72. Len

    Eat with caution!
    Sooooo hot! Sooooo good!

  73. Alex A

    6 peppers come with this order prime reason for 5 star
    the sauce like many others is not as hot as I’d hope for from a sauce using worlds hottest pepper however due to this coming with six peppers you can make it to your liking and that is why it is a five star

  74. Rick C

    Found my replacement for Tapatio!
    At first you get a nice sweet flavor, follow by the heat. Then give it a few minutes and the afterburner kicks in.. mmmhh, absolutely awesome hot sauce!! I added to my salsas, pico de gallo, ramen, barbecue sauce.. it’s just kicks in the flavor and heat to anything you want it to!

  75. Astha Bista

    For people who like challenges
    I love this sauce, not just because it is hot, it just makes everything taste good when you add it to food.

  76. Lisa Bailey

    Wss a present.

  77. Anonymous

    Great price, product was excellent.
    Enjoyed everything about this product.

  78. Arturo M.

    Hot & Tasty
    As advertized. Hot and tasty and on time.

  79. tankiulhasan

    Totally disappointed !
    Not enough spicy for my taste buds . Totally disappointed ! Mexican El yucateco is spicier than this .

  80. Anonymous

    Wasn’t very hot
    This had a decent taste but was not very hot at all

  81. Becky

    Absolutely love this hot sauce!!! It has great taste and it’s super hot, just how I like it! I will definitely buy again when I’m finished with this bottle.

  82. Bj

    Try the dry rub
    Good heat an flavor without the burn on the backside

  83. Jacob Sanchez

    About as hot as Tabasco.
    The flavor is good but it say on here that it is at 2.2 million sku. I put a little bit on my food expecting a bite but all I could taste was the flavor. So I dumped it on my food and it was just moderately spicy. I bought this because Dave’s gourmet does have their private reserve Trinidad moruga scorpion hot sauce anymore and was very disappointed.

  84. Corey Glasson

    Great Sauce!
    I love this sauce. Ordered it and a bottle of Wicked Reaper’s ground reaper chilis, and they returned the love tenfold. It came a week earlier than I expected, and the package came with 6 dried reaper pods for free!
    This is a spice/sauce company doin it right.

    Peppers are literally dirt cheap to grow. The Carolina Reaper, though difficult to raise on your own, is no exception. However, most reaper sauces or whole pods are ludicrously expensive due to the prestige of its top spot on the current official Scoville scale. These guys charge a premium, sure, but it’s cheap by comparison in addition to coming with more than advertised.

    I first tried about two tspn of the sauce on my breakfast sandwich, and it immediately lit me up. I was in blissful agony as I sat munching on blistering sausage egg and washing it down with a piping hot cup of jasmine tea.

    The taste itself is great, and well done to complement the natural taste of the chili. I live for a good, tangy vinegar based sauce, and this delivers. It’s not the most concentrated as far as heat goes, but when I inevitably want more I can easily kick it up a notch with the powder.

  85. ozz

    super hot sauce bottles have it were i just drop at a time not this one it just poured out for this price it should be right

  86. Robert Evans

    Real nice
    Be careful if you get the one with the peppers added . They can give you a contact burn lol Great in helping spice up your chili lol

  87. Derrick

    Very hot but good
    Very hot!!! Exactly what I was hoping for. Good taste also, considering how hot it is.

  88. Madie

    Worth it

  89. Kirk H. Rake

    Hot hot hot
    Nice and hot

  90. Henry I

    Makes every meal interesting
    Spicy and tasty. Am also a victim of the Hot Ones series on YouTube and randomly chose this hot sauce. This stung more than Zombie Apocalypse hot sauce, but tastes better. Added it to a bunch of different foods, and it makes every meal interesting.

  91. BagOfDicks

    Tastes good, could be hotter
    Tastes pretty good but doesn’t really have the heat I was looking for. Was definitely a little disappointed. I’ve had sauces at buffalo wild wings that were 5 times as hot as this and I’m not really sure how that’s possible.
    Again, this sauce does have a good taste to it though and it is hot, just not the extreme heat I was hoping for

  92. Eisha


  93. GC

    Nice heat, but….
    It has some nice heat, but it’s mild compared to a bottle of ghost pepper sauce I have (search: Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Wicked Tickle XXX Chipotle Extra Hot World’s Hottest Hot Sauce). It’s okay, but a bit of a letdown.

  94. Joseph P. Derderian

    Good product for the price

  95. Juan

    Not hot enough
    Not hot at all really disappointed

  96. Jhossie Ubillus

    Mission Complete

  97. Brandon T. Clem

    Use carefully. GREAT hot sauce.
    Welcome to hell. This hot sauce does not have much of a focus on flavor. This hot sauce is meant to show you what eating a Reaper is like, straight up. I know that because it came with a bunch of them. Best heat I’ve had in a hot sauce yet!

  98. Ulfson

    A red line in the pepper wars it is probably inadvisable to cross…
    I am transitioning to a diet primarily vegan- beans, beans and more beans, and veggies in an effort to lose weight and stave off encroaching diabetes. I was already a hot head and addicted to fiery Jerk and Liberian fried pepper sauces. Sigh. The meats, seafood and white rice I ate with those are not part of the current regimen. What has helped greatly in the transition to lentils and diabetic friendly grains like barley and quinoa, is the addition of a smidgeon of the reaper sauce or a sprinkle of the dried powder (lasts forever). Hot curry powder is great too, but this stuff has helped me greatly to, in the words of Emeril Lagassi, “Kick it up a notch,” (or ten notches??????)!!! Adds excitement to healthy, albeit somewhat bland, porridge style concoctions formulated for health first, and your real desires – second??.

  99. Anonymous

    It’s no hotter than Texas Pete’s Hotter Hot Sauce
    Considering the fact that it’s advertised as a Carolina reaper sauce, it’s very mild. Mild enough that the amount I had to use to get enough heat for it to be on par with a competing Carolina reaper hot sauce made my stomach upset for hours. Normally I don’t mind having an upset stomach because of spicy food, but this wasn’t nearly as hot as it should have been.

  100. Charles hall

    Hot, hot, and hot. So hot I melted the porcelain off the toilet.
    Hot sauce is stupid hot but the peppers gave me hot snakes and bubble gut. 10/10 would recommend

  101. Jay McClendon

    Love it
    A lot of heat with great flavor.

  102. Talbert Pope

    Looking for really hot with a great flavor? Order now you won’t regret it
    Best sauce I have ever eaten and Hot!!! Perfect for anyone who loves the burn and pain of super spicy food. The extra peppers are awesome and the flavor of the reaper is unmatched in the world of peppers. No doubt the Carolina reaper is my new favorite hot pepper. Just be careful it is stupid hot!!! Fast shipping great products A+++

  103. Dianna S

    Hot as promised!
    Bought for my spouse. He loves it! Eats it on everything!

  104. Chadwick

    Pretty decent
    The flavor was the best I had in the super hot pepper category. I was expecting more heat though. Threw this on some burritos no problem. The dried peppers that came with were the ticket though wayyyyy hot. Plus tons of seeds in the peppera to grow your own. 4 stars because with having C.R.’s in it, it should be hotter.

  105. Louis R.

    I will reorder again very very good product

  106. HS

    My husband loves spicy sauces, and this is the spiciest one he’s ever had. He sweats and gets the hiccups and loves it! They even sent extra peppers!

  107. YK

    Gave as a gift for Christmas. The receiver enjoys hot peppers and this was perfect.

  108. Robert Schoenfeldt

    Very hot
    Great product

  109. Patrick Whitney

    Tasty sauce
    Tasty hot sauce with a respectable amount of heat. It hits you hard and fast and the heat tapers off after a short while so you’re not left with a burning mouth for too long which is nice. Only complaint is the opening of the jar is a very large hole so be careful while pouring.

  110. Phil Roberts

    Poor flavor
    It reminds me of canned tomato soup with extract mixed in. Not a good product IMO

  111. Anonymous

    Packs a punch, and flavor !
    Absolutely love the flavor and heat this brings!! I’ve already repurchased this once and I think it is amazingly flavorful and packs a punch! Highly recommend.

  112. awilt

    Sauce is good, peppers are smashed to bits.
    The sauce smells and tastes good. It was a great gift. However, sadly the peppers didn’t make it through shipping so well. EDIT: customer service did a great job at quickly sending my new peppers.

  113. Enrique

    Spicey but not too taste.
    I like it because its spicy as hell. Good to prank friends with. But the smell and taste isn’t very appealing to me. Its not too bad, and im sure if you try it the taste will be gone in 6 sec due to a burning tough. ??

  114. Matthew T. Svantner

    Received item broken, also unable to return.

  115. Brad Murchison

    Great combo of flavor and heat
    Brought this to work the day I received it to see everyone’s reactions. I’ve tried Carolina Reapers before, so I knew they were amazingly hot. To my surprise, it was universally agreed upon that this was the best hot sauce people had ever tried.

    A lot of hot sauce brands struggle to find a good balance between heat and flavor (Dave’s Insanity, Da Bomb). This is a rich, flavorful sauce that packs a punch, and leaves you with almost a “euphoric” mouth tingling afterwards.

    Definitely makes a good companion to Hispanic foods.

  116. a mccabe

    hot sauce
    this hot sauce was not as hot as the powder. but still good for flavor. thanks

  117. Matt Perkins

    Not As Spicy As Advertised
    The serving size of this sauce should be changed to a tablespoon and it should be labeled medium heat. 3 drops of Dave’s Insanity Sauce is far hotter than a tablespoon of this sauce. The sauce is also far more watery than I expected. I’m giving it 2 stars because it’s not as hot as it should be and to get to medium heat you need a tablespoon rather than a half a teaspoon. What saves this from getting a 1 star is the flavor. I do love the flavor of this sauce compared to Dave’s Insanity Sauce. If you want hotter than Dave’s then don’t buy this. But if you want spicy with good flavor then this isn’t a bad choice.

  118. Timothy Clifford

    Worth the price
    This product is definitely hot, I personally put a drop on my tongue and it went numb, feelings similar to eating food too hot from the microwave. Not thoroughly impressed otherwise on the hot basis, although I’d like to say the product had a decent flavor. Dried peppers look gross and probably wont be eating them, haven’t gotten anyone to try eating them yet.

  119. hector

    Easy alone whole other thing with food
    Alright first thing first the sauce in of it self is good flavors are balanced and goes well with fries and chips. But when used with hot foods like proteins and soup it becomes a whole other monster. Cream soups are crazy hot with this I don’t know if it’s the way the peppers bond with food but it’s insane

    Loved it can’t wait to try the paste and powder.

  120. romance reviewer99

    Great heat and flavor
    The sauce is no joke and the bundled peppers are a huge plus hands down. Will be reordering.

  121. chris c

    pretty good
    Really nice taste. It’s got a nice kick to it. I wouldn’t let small children try it tho.

  122. Cody Paradee

    Tasty and spicy
    Very spicy. Good stuff

  123. David Robinson

    Too much vingar
    NOTE: Wicket Tickle’s “Ghost Pepper” sauce is MUCH more tasty and thicker.

    BAD:This Carolina Reaper sauce has too much vinegar (first ingredient) and is too weak.

    GOOD: There are some dried peppers included in the package! EVERY manufacturer of hot sauces should do this. The dried peppers are HOTTTTTT! Thinly slice them up and put them on some pizza.

  124. arizlang

    Good Sauce, Good Flavor
    Good flavor, Good Sauce

  125. Matthew. F

    This is the hottest sauce I’ve EVER used!!
    Holy heck, this stuff is HOT! I cracked the lid off and licked the top of the bottle…The tip of my tongue hurt for a good 5 minutes from JUST that! This’ll go great with some ramen or chicken.

  126. c. carpenter

    Excellent Sauce
    The heat is just what I wanted and not so hot that you lose the flavor! I would definitely recommend to any chili head wanted to feel the burn!

  127. Anonymous

    ?????? death in self
    Is crazy hot??

  128. Ashli Driver

    This is a great hot sauce
    I just tried my reaper hot sauce and it is really tasty. Plenty of heat and lots of flavor. A must have for hot sauce enthusiasts. My new favorite sauce.

  129. janice mcardle

    hellish hot
    So full of flavour! If you like your food hot and spicey this is the one for you! Not for wimps! 😉

  130. philip buzzanca

    Very hot

  131. Vince

    Both make for some hot chili.
    IMO, this hot sauce is hot enough to mess you up, the peppers pods are even hotter. Nothing to dislike about either the sauce or pods for the price of these hot babies.

  132. sai srivastava

    Not spicy , failed totally. My ghost pepper sauce is spicy than this

  133. Tammy S Berry

    Great stuff
    Very hot very good

  134. juho lappalainen

    Two Stars
    not spicy enought

  135. Shane Cheatham

    DAMNED HOT! but good.
    I’ve just recently started trying different hot sauces thanks to “Hot Ones” on YouTube.
    I went out and bought 6 different “hot” sauces, starting with a Jalapeno sauce(around 1500 scoville) and going up to a Habanero sauce(around 40,000 scoville)……unfortunately, none of these seemed very hot to me. So I bought a sauce I had tried before, years ago. Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce(250,000 scoville)…..since it’s very thick, I mixed it with the Habanero sauce….no problem, still didn’t really effect me.
    SO I decided to get the Wicked Reaper sauce. …I haven’t yet tried it on wings(which is my plan), but I did try one drop on a plain tortilla chip….

    OH MY GOD! VERY VERY HOT….hottest thing I’ve ever eaten……took a good 20-30 minutes to recover…and that is with drinking milk to try and cool things down. Can’t wait to try it on wings next…because, even though the heat IS intense, the sauce does have a good flavor.

    OH and as for the dried reapers….not sure if I’ll ever have the balls to try them

  136. Anonymous

    Wasted $7 on a subway sandwich
    This was a really good product. I had one of the peppers whole and I threw up my subway sandwich. Really hot 5/5 would eat again.

  137. Amber monteverde

    I was going to buy slingblade again but decided to give these guys a try, amazing!!!! They even threw in some carolina reapers for free! The sauce is perfection and great lime hint. Definately trying more products.

  138. scotty d campbell

    Five Stars
    Hot as F&$@!!

  139. Brandon

    Hot but still tastes good
    The sauce is no doubt hot. But it still has a really good flavor and worked well when making burgers and spicing up the meatloaf.

  140. Mavavelli

    Crazy Effin hot
    This shiz crazy hot

  141. Dave Donahue

    Not hot hot but great taste!
    Uh yea. You want pain? You want your aS# burning like a forest fire? You want your tongue to feel like it’s a burning coal? Get this stuff. This will send you into the t he fires of hell for a good half hour with just a few drops! This hot sauce is so hot but actually has a good taste that I wanted more. Be careful though, you don’t treat this like your run of the mill hot sauce. Stick just one drop on your tongue and see how it goes. I guarantee you, you will be tested. Well.worth trying but be forwarned.

  142. Sarah McCauley

    Bought this for my brother who is obsessed with spicy! He loves it in chili, and says it burns if you try a drop of it straight!

  143. Jesus Centeno. Jr.

    Five Stars
    Good product, came in on time, had no issues and was exactly as it was described.

  144. Derek

    Not as hot as they make it seem.
    Great taste but expected it to be a lot hotter. Da Bomb blows this out of the water. I add a couple tea spoons to my eggs which also have cayenne pepper over them and I handle it no problem.

  145. Rdb

    Be careful it’s really hot as described. Love it

  146. John Herrick

    Five Stars
    heat is good.. flavor is there.. only thing make it better would be if it came in a puree

  147. Ismael

    Four Stars
    Had a nice taste but it only lasts one week


    Five Stars

  149. 808D’va

    Hot stuff!
    Good stuff! It’s hot stuff and I love it. My friend told me how popular it is in Japan and I had to try it. I’m glad I did because I love using it every day.

  150. Flyingpooter

    Great taste, plenty of heat with the right amount!??
    Very taste with a feel of heat after a few seconds. Not to intense but very hot and taste. You can consume more of this if mixed into your ingredients right. Worth the purchase at this price. Not record setting heat but will spice up your chilli just right. Plus the free dried peppers! You can’t go wrong for the money.

  151. Khalil Alkaissy

    Extremely tasty. Great hot sauce for any chili head! Defiantly has some heat to it! This stuff is no joke. However it’s not going to send you into shock and leave your body useless for hours. Don’t get me wrong, it makes franks red hot taste like ketchup. If your looking for a strong heat with plenty of flavor, this is the right bottle for you!

    Added plus – came with a bag of dried Carolina Reaper peppers! Awesome!

    Seller accidentally sent me 2 orders. I messaged them and let them know and they advised me to enjoy the extra free bottle! These guys are awesome! Would absolutey buy again!

  152. george fenick

    Be careful!
    Very hot and bottle pouring is very fast!

  153. Anonymous

    The sauce was pretty hot. The whole peppers were a good touch to burn your mouth.

  154. Anonymous

    Good product!
    Not nearly as hot as Carolina Reaper powder or peppers themselves, but this is actually appropriate. If the sauce was full strength you would not be able to use it as a sauce. As it is, the sauce is sufficiently hot but still approachable by normal humans. If you want it hotter, I suggest you take advantage of the 6 dried peppers. That will solve your problem. Good product!

  155. Richard Carrow

    great stuff.
    Lots of flavor as well as the heat, great stuff.

  156. Anonymous

    Three Stars
    to damn hot

  157. Smileyface

    They loved it because it wasn’t just hot it had a …
    It was a gift for someone. They loved it because it wasn’t just hot it had a good flavor. It came by the beginning of the delivery timeframe.

  158. Leslie A Griggs

    Five Stars
    it is delicious eat them everyday

  159. Kristin Teeter

    Five Stars
    an awesome hotsauce better then anything ive tried

  160. Kevin Boyer

    Five Stars
    I love it

  161. WorkingAsIntended

    My new favorite hotsauce.
    Love it, love it, love it!

  162. candie

    Great if you like hot stuff.
    If you really like hot things, this is for you. WOW!

  163. Kevin Lee Miller

    Four Stars
    Tastes very good, could have been hotter

  164. Trevor Bloom

    Five Stars
    hot and great taste

  165. Anonymous

    Two Stars
    Not as hot as it should be

  166. P E Scott

    IT’S HOT
    good and hot just like I like it, even tho it has vinegar in it, I don’t care for vingar.

  167. Elijah

    Was a very good mix of hot and flavor
    Was a very good mix of hot and flavor, hard to find a decent hot sauce that has both. Heat stays with you for a couple minutes. Would definitely order again!!!!

  168. Mel

    Crushed peppers
    The sauce in itself is ok, I’m going to try another one though… didn’t impress me much. What I was really looking forward to were the peppers, and when I open the package, they were all crushed!!! So disappointed

  169. Frank Morales

    Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper has both a great taste and spice whereas this sauce lacks both
    The peppers are damn hot but the sauce lacks a lot in spice. Dave’s Gourmet Ghost Pepper has both a great taste and spice whereas this sauce lacks both. The peppers were the only redeeming quality in my honest opinion.

  170. Eniola Oni.

    Meh, is the level of heat
    The hit sauce gets a meh, not what I expected fron the word hot

  171. Anonymous

    Bought this as a birthday gift along with another hot …
    Bought this as a birthday gift along with another hot sauce. This sauce was supposed to be hotter, 2,000,000, the other was 800,000.
    This sauce was not hot to my boyfriend but the 800,000 one was.
    Even the dried peppers they gave as an extra were not that hot
    Blairs ultra death sauce (the 800,000 one) was way hotter than this one

  172. cj

    Three Stars
    It was a gift, don’t know how he likes it.

  173. Kenneth A. Buckley

    I’m not a hardcore chili head but I like taste while I sweat in pain and this
    Ok so before even trying it, plus A for sending actual dried reaper chilies with my purchase. Really that was a plus right there. Now on to trying it. I’m not a hardcore chili head but I like taste while I sweat in pain and this, THIS is it! So I tested the waters with a little taste. Yes, it was hot but with flavor. Ok, I hate sauces that just to kill you. No flavor, just intense pain like you’re Freddy Krueger. Hot but a great taste. So cooked up some sausages. Used the sauce as a spread with some creole mustard. Expecting just pain. No!!!! It was like a tropical day at the beach in south Florida. Hot, with a mojito in hand, and just relaxing once the euphoria kicks in. Sauce with a decent amount of heat, fruity taste with hints of lime, garlic, and something which I can only describe as soothing. This isn’t just a “hey guys I got the hottest sauce.” It’s more of an extreme hot sauce which you can enjoy. I can only fantasize about a cold evening, with homemade chili, and throwing this into the mix. Great sauce!

  174. Frank

    Five Stars
    great flavor and HEAT

  175. Chesterfield

    Much Too Sweet
    I don’t mind sweet hot sauces, like Melinda’s Naga or Scorpion, but this one’s over-the-top sweet and has far too much lime in it. Not a great flavor. I like just about every hot sauce–sure I have favorites, but there aren’t a lot that I actively dislike, like this one.

  176. lep

    extreme heat
    I grow hot peppers of all types , I am familiar with the Carolina reaper and I must say this is extreme heat and spice !!! love it !!!
    I will definitely order more when needed .

  177. hector

    Five Stars
    Good as expected.

  178. Dan j.

    Five Stars
    It was

  179. SerDuckOfPNW

    Very tasty… Not as hot as I was hoping.
    Really good tasting sauce. After 2 teaspoons, I’d say it’s not as hot as a ghost pepper. This is the second Reaper sauce that has failed to even make me wince. Maybe reapers just aren’t that hot, I don’t know. 4 stars for flavor, would be really good in a bowl of chilli.

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