Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers Wicked Reaper World’s Hottest Dried Spice 10 Pack +2 Free

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World’s Hottest Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers Wicked Reaper

These Carolina Reaper peppers are over 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units and the hold the world record for hottest pepper.

10 +2 free reaper chilies.

A nice ripe chili pepper flavor coupled with the crispness and the lasting brutal heat of the carolina reaper chili pepper.

Ingredients: 100% carolina reaper chili peppers

Warning: Extreme heat. Do not use reaper if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Handle with care.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

4 x 1 x 3 inches ; 2.08 ounces

Shipping Weight

3.2 ounces





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Important information

Safety Warning
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Salsa, tacos, chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, chili

Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers

Put a little on anything you want to be extremely hot!

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Use with caution.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

174 reviews for Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers Wicked Reaper World’s Hottest Dried Spice 10 Pack +2 Free

  1. F8Guy

    Wear gloves
    Perfect for kicking it up in my sauces.

  2. John V.

    Be prepaired – these are HOT
    HOT at any level, even the smallest amount will make your head sweat. Really nice addition to my HOT sauce.

  3. TechMom

    Terrible flavor and must have been WAAAY old
    I grow my own reaper peppers and ran out of my own dehydrated peppers so thought I would give these a try. Needless to say they were terrible. The heat was half of what my peppers are and they were really dark in color and had a very bad taste as opposed to the ones I grow. I don’t know how old they were but either they were not dehydrated properly OR they were dehydrated like 5 years ago. So brittle and nothing like anything I dehydrate myself. Buyer beware. From my perspective, the ones I got were NOT fresh and tasted terrible. Threw them out after the first try.

  4. Michael T.

    Dont, its not worth it
    Prepare to sweat and be sick for abit

    Swallowing it is only half the challenge, your stomach is probably gonna reject it and its gonna suck coming up.

  5. Elektra

    Worth it!
    I bought these because my boyfriend & brother love hotness and wanted to try them! But the heat was too much for them so I’d say this was worth the buy and did its purpose.

  6. Jordan

    Coming from someone who eats really hot food regularly- these are NOT going to be that bad. I’d say the heat is comparable to a pretty hot fresh habanero.

    I’ve been trying to source fresh reapers but can’t find any. I tried these as an alternative and felt like I could’ve chomped down the whole bag if I wanted to.

    If you’re looking to use these as a spice, go for it 100%. They have a good flavor to them. Do *not* use them as a challenge or to get a rush from heat.

  7. nick davis

    Very pleased with product… haven’t been able try it yet. I will be a return customer in the future!!!

  8. Patrick McCoy

    Amazon Products
    Enjoy shopping on amazon. You have everything I want at a fair price. Thank you!!

  9. Darren b.

    Take the seeds out
    This is the best pepper I’ve ever tasted if you take the seeds out it tastes amazing

  10. Jack Platt

    Meet the Devil
    When they say that this pepper is worse than biting into Satan’s left testicle, they really mean it. This thing is dirtier than your mom on a Saturday night. The pain settles in the back of your throat and is without a doubt one of the most intense pains you will ever feel. However, this isn’t the worst part. About an hour later you’ll be struck by severe stomach pain which will lead to vomit coming straight from the fiery pits of hell. If you want a one way ticket to the underworld, this is the product for you. Have a drink with the devil himself. 10/10 would recommend.

  11. Samuel G

    Super spicy in such a good way! Add them to a soup or anything you want spicy and it’s exactly what you need.

  12. mikey


  13. kate craig

    Spicy and fresh

  14. luis posos

    it is good. and hot

  15. Clayton graham


  16. M. Diaz

    Consistently good
    I’ve bought the dried carolina reapers from Wicked Tickle a few times now to use in my homemade hot sauce and they’ve always been consistent and very good. Keep up the good work!

  17. No

    You’re irritating
    One star for pestering me to give a review.

  18. Fernando Frade

    The hottest chili pepper by far
    Hot hot hot hot Hot hot hot hot Hot hot hot hot…

  19. Andres

    Wicked hot
    Have milk and icecream ready if consumed raw. I eat habaneros regularly, but this is next level. Feels like smoke coming out of ears, with a consistent high burn in throat and mouth for 20~30min that’s relentless. Also wear gloves when handling, skin contact may lead to symptom exposure.

  20. Shawn D.

    Pricey, but great flavor and satisfying heat.
    Wanted some extra punch for my natural hot sauce and had ran out of my dried ghost chilis. My customers wanted a little more heat so on a whim (and because I was in a rush) I ordered these Reapers. They werent the hottest Reapers I have used, but the flavor was incredible and there was definitely some of that superhot, whole head warmth. I have since found them cheaper directly from other farmers/companies but if you want a quality product or smaller quantity, you cant go wrong with these!

  21. Manny

    Really liked them, we did a challenge only did 1 and mouth was melting lol will buy again

  22. Tim St John

    They are hot
    I liked everything about them. I made some burritos with them crushed up in there. They were nice and spicy. I at one pepper alone, yes it was hot, but not like every video makes it seem like you’re going to die. Eating it alone causes the back of your throat to be on fire. Crushing them and using the makes the whole mouth on fire. either way, nice peppers.

  23. Dustin

    Very hot came on time

  24. GARERO

    Not anywhere as hot as advertised, but added a very nice taste to the sauce.

  25. Ashley Rojo

    Try at your own risk!
    Just one will get you!

  26. George Williamson

    Pretty good stuff
    Hot as hell, but great taste. Perfect!

  27. zachary lyon

    Turn up the heat
    Hotter than a mother!!!!! I bought these for me and a few buddies to try. About 20 minutes of burn!

  28. kenneth kasick

    Joke. Not hot at all with a stale taste

  29. Eisha

    Very Good Product!! Thank You Very Much!! 🙂

  30. JGT

    Real Deal

  31. Jason

    Thankyou they worked perfect. Thankyou for the fast shiiping too. Only thing I need way more to fill up my jar 20 was 1 tenth

  32. StephC.

    As described

  33. Jo Jacob

    Bought for making hummus
    Until winter breaks and I can start my garden, and get my first harvest, buying Reapers will be the only way to get them to make the spicy hummus friends and family have been going nuts for.
    So, I bought these, unsure how different the hummus would turn out using a dry pepper, opposed to a fresh one.

    Turns out? It comes out great, and at the same heat level as before. Very thrilled with the product and results. I will buy from this seller/brand again, when I need more!

  34. Anonymous


  35. hammockstyle


  36. JOHN H.

    Good hot pepper.
    It is hot,I liked it .it did match the expectation.

  37. Dale W.

    Extreme heat, great flavor!!!
    I typically use them to spice up my homemade jerky, chili, etc… They definitely add some kick in the tastebuds

  38. CS

    Peppers were very dry
    I wanted a pepper with a little more moisture. These are completely dry and will crush very easily. Great for sprinkling in food. Plenty of heat.

  39. Siliun Sonsalla

    Good reaper for a nice price.
    Nice flavor

  40. christine clark

    Dont buy if you expect whole dried peppers
    Not one pepper in bag…just crumbs and basically dust….was planning to rehydrate WHOLE peppers this is bag of ground up peppers and useless for my needs

  41. Anonymous

    They were hot like they should be but they were call crushed up so I could not tell how many I had..First batch I order were fine

  42. Dylan B

    Good but could be hotter
    These were good, dehydrated peppers. Overall heat seems a bit lacking, but it could have been a weak batch. It ground into a powder nicely.

  43. Anonymous

    Great Purchase
    I just purchased a pack if these peppers for the second time. I’ve been adding these to my chili. They are still extremely hot and still have flavor despite being dried. Also, yoy cannot beat the price!

  44. j3rzyc41n3

    Adults only and Lots of Pain and heat. Really gotta try them to understand. Be careful
    OMG these are soooooo hot! Lots of Fun. But be CAREFUL do Not let little kids get hold of these.

  45. Oreide

    Not that hot
    Okay, as peppers go, this is hot. However, it is not as hot as typical Carolina Reaper. I don’t know if it was grown that way or did drying it out cause it to lose heat. Yes, it does have a good taste, but I am still disappointed about the heat. Will I purchase again? If I have to and I cannot find anything else.

  46. Dennis R.

    Seeds out of the pods don’t grow
    There not growing 3 weeks out That’s what I bout the pods for but I have a feeling there not going to grow. And it’s not me it’s the seeds and the other seeds are a different strain to prove I can grow them well

  47. Anonymous

    A little goes a long way!!!
    Flavoring salsa

  48. Jordan Miranda

    Burned like hell
    Did a hell of job kicking me and my friends ass. Caused me to hiccup right after eating it. Buy it if you want to have a bad time.

  49. Vince

    Great gift for those who love hot peppers
    I love these peppers, these pods are hot. They are packing heat.

  50. Jakub Atlak

    Bettter to find other seller
    Not sure if I’ve got carolina reaper

  51. Drew Sherrod

    Not terrible… but not hot.
    Maybe I got a bad batch.

  52. C. D. Beccar Varela

    Hot as h….!

  53. tm

    The real deal!
    These are hotttttt!! Dried very well, they crumble easy which is great for cooking but be careful if you want to use them whole. They need more protection than the bag they come in or they turn to dust.

  54. Michael Lame

    I ate 3 and threw them up

  55. Mike

    Four Stars
    It was good an it was on time

  56. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Why write review You know it’s hot ?? and you want it

  57. Erin Rogers

    Do you want blisters😁
    I grow these babies at home. I didn’t realize how many they were sending so when I opened the package I was shocked for the money! I was skeptical but as I looked through the peppers they were indeed the REAPER! Great purchase!


    CONSISTENCY…. That is the key here.
    Just super yummy when making my special hot sauce…
    Always comes out perfect every time…

  59. Michael S.

    Three Stars
    not very hot

  60. Nick

    Great for hot sauce!
    Making hot sauce! Used two packs for a gallon of hot sauce, soaked them in vinegar for 24 hours as the heat base and it turned out great. Not melt your face spicy but still gives enough heat that you know whats up. Not sure if its the reaper but the hot sauce has a much smokey flavor than when I made it with ghost peppers.
    Tried one by itself and I would not recommend unless you just want to know what its like to not feel your face and cry for an hour while white knuckling the toilet.

  61. Isaac meza

    So. Try these by themselves, and prepare for some of the worst 10 minutes of your life. Really? I could bite off Satan’s left testicle and feel more satisfied than eating one of these. Really terrifying when you pop one in.

    Buuuutt.. If your looking for some awesome kick in your anything? Grind these babies up, mix a tiny bit with some salsa, chilli, or even guacamole? And oooo-baby, you got yourself some fire.

  62. Neonflames

    Five Stars
    Hot asf

  63. Anonymous

    Buy these if you have the guts
    Bought these so my me and some friends could eat them together. Let me tell you guys, I will probably never buy these again. Simply because they are so hot. It’s not even a spicy hot. It’s a painful hot. So be aware that this is not something tonplay around with. These are the real deal and should be taken with caution.

  64. Stephen S.

    Hotter then a two dollar pistol on Saturday night.
    I have a friend who brags that he could eat any pepper, so, I saw these online billed as the “hottest pepper on earth” and instantly I thought of him. Well to make a long story short, he now he says he could “ALMOST” eat any Pepper on earth. They are no doubt the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten, ( I had a piece the size of a pin’s head) but they have a good taste, my friend said, so, try ’em out and see.

  65. Antoine Davis

    HoT HoT HoT ??

  66. Adrian

    Exrtemely hot pepper
    These things are extremely hot! EXTREMELY HOT!!! 2 Million Scoville heat units I should say! If you like your food spicy or you just want to try something new, these are worth it! Buy them! You will love them!

  67. Anonymous

    My stomach is lava
    My stomach felt like lava and I wanted to die.

    10/10 would send to a friend

  68. Boywonder2

    Peppers definetly had some heat to them but lost some heat being dried. Handling was horrible only got about 4 or 5 in tact peppers.

  69. Pretty

    however the flavor is amazing. If the packaging and handling was better
    I only received 5 or 6 intact peppers. The rest were crumbs on the bottom of the bag, however the flavor is amazing. If the packaging and handling was better, i would definitely order again.

  70. AU

    Four Stars

  71. marina abreu

    i like
    very good I like

  72. Isaiah R.

    Five Stars
    Hot! I don’t mean Tabasco hot, I mean pepper spray hot!

  73. Anonymous

    Not spicy
    I must have gotten some bad ones they were not hot at all. Japaneños are hotter than the batch I got.

  74. Eric Standfest

    Two make it amazing!
    These puppies are hot! One will make your chili crazy hot. Two make it amazing!

  75. Spl

    One Star
    Wrong order …

  76. chris

    Five Stars
    there good with chilli

  77. amateur biker

    HOT!!!! Dried however reduces the temp a little… who are we kidding most won’t try it let alone be able to keep one down.

  78. weewayne

    One star for the gophers don’t like them.
    tiny little bunch of off color peppers. What are these things gold. One star for the gophers don’t like them.

  79. Tim

    Five Stars
    Its hot

  80. tina williams

    None in package
    was not in package. I got the reaper sauce but no peppers at all.

  81. Tanario

    Taste like Rainbows & Gum Drops
    Surpassed my expectations….
    Id rather Swallow a whole Cactus and chace it with Everclear than try it again

  82. Lea K.

    Five Stars
    Love them.

  83. Anonymous

    A good pepper
    Not as good as dried flakes. Still worked well with making my salsa.

  84. Anonymous

    Like eating a lit sweet and flavorful charcoal briquette
    Really just punched my in my mouth and put me in my place. Like eating a lit sweet and flavorful charcoal briquette, after about 10 minutes and 3qts of milk later the burn was tolerable. The real pain came 2.5 hours later, when I started to digest it. I highly reccomend pepto bismol to pair with this spawn of Satan.

  85. Robert Taylor

    Five Stars
    Great heat.

  86. Buzz

    Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!!
    truly the hottest pepper I have ever tasted….loved it although they were a little too pricy.

  87. Todd

    However the consistency seems to vary from pepper to pepper as mine were not as spicy as I had anticipated but it did give me bad stomach pains later on that night & felt like …
    I bought these for a pepper challenge with some coworkers and I can tell you they are potent. 2 of my coworkers became very uncomfortable, sweating, nausea, bloodshot eyes and all around misery. However the consistency seems to vary from pepper to pepper as mine were not as spicy as I had anticipated but it did give me bad stomach pains later on that night & felt like I had something warm in my stomach for most of the day but nothing nowhere near what the other two experienced. The spiciness seems to concentrate on the back of your throat instead of on your tongue like I thought it would. But they are potent even if some are less spicy than others.

  88. Michael G Torgersen

    Four Stars
    as advertised. thought they would be hotter.

  89. Pablo Flores

    Great for the lulz
    Arrived on time in a Ziploc bag. The peppers are extremely hot but have very little taste to them.

  90. Scott

    Spicy af warning
    Me and my friends all had one and I was the only one who really has a spice tolerance so it was a lot of fun, I felt under control until I Swallowed but the dry flakes stuck to the inside of my throughr, I grow Carolina reapers at my home and I can guarantee hat these were the real thing, so much fun, I would recomend if you are looking for whole peppers, otherwise I would tell you to buy the red reaper dried Carolina reaper powder also sold on Amazon, warning the outside of the bag is contaminated and even just touching that and then your eye will cause a reaction

  91. Andrew

    This pepper is EXTREAMLY SPICY it lives up to it name. The pepper is spicy even when you go near it, when you eat it, it will take about 30 minutes until it is bearable and An hour and a half for the full effects to go away. They will usually send 1 or 2 more peppers then you ordered but you will not eat more then one unless you didn’t learn from your first mistake.??

  92. Logan M. Hoy

    They’re reapers, alright. The burn is real and it is glorious.

  93. John Mann

    The first 5 minutes after eating was like pure torture from the fires of Hades
    I grew these in my garden in North Carolina. Be warned – do not eat them unless you have a glass of milk handy. The first 5 minutes after eating was like pure torture from the fires of Hades. If you are into extremely hot peppers, you will not be disappointed.

  94. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Love them so good I had to grow my own find product came to me in fine condition

  95. Weston

    Five Stars
    I love heat, and these are HOT

  96. wendyh

    So so good, too
    HOT! So so good, too!

  97. cynd05

    Really hot
    They are the spicyes peper that I ever try I will try to grow a seed. From the pepers. Let se how these. Goes but I really. Liked them

  98. Cody

    Great for cooking
    Hot hot hot

  99. bradley crymes

    Five Stars
    Super hot great product

  100. Shaun

    Five Stars
    Good peppers.

  101. Anonymous

    It’s a beacon of fire on the way in and …
    It’s a beacon of fire on the way in and on the way out. Challenge your friends and watch them in agony for 20 minutes. 9/11 would buy again to troll.

  102. Mando

    Fantastic peppers, so strong you can smell them through the bag. I made the best wing sauce I’ve ever made with these last night. Going to experiment with batch 2 tonight.

    My only regret is not having more.

  103. Vincent Tallurico

    Five Stars
    loves these peppers

  104. Adam DeVries

    Definitely the hottest thing I’ve ever ate. Was absolute hell for about 10 minutes then calmed down

  105. jose Manuel adorno jr.

    Not hot
    It was not hot at all very low heat

  106. tyler

    Five Stars
    We’re hot af

  107. Anonymous

    Exactly what you’re asking for.
    Exactly what you’re asking for. It comes in a Ziploc plastic bag which isn’t the most professional but I understand this isn’t a large company selling these.

  108. Client d’Amazon

    it was like i was imagining it would be .
    I did all the hot stuff I could find so I was not scared of the 1 to 2 millions scoville units idea , after a few seconds of chewing it the saliva was kind of a pain to swallow .
    it could replace extract in food preparations but you don’t need much and bit’s will hurt so passing it in a filter is wise if your friends don’t like spicy .

  109. Anonymous

    10/10 pissed math teachers
    Very Hot, ate it in the middle of math class and was able to sit still for two minutes before I ran to the bathroom and drank several gallons of milk and water

  110. Nick

    These are great! I’ll order more.

  111. sniper_1x1

    Made some great chili with some and got a lot of laughs …
    Received quick. There were even a few extra peppers in the bag. Made some great chili with some and got a lot of laughs giving the rest to people at work.

  112. Anonymous

    Five Stars

  113. RUBEN Luna

    Quality and flavor very good and definitely spicy
    Definitely met my expectations! Quality and flavor very good and definitely spicy!

  114. raouf

    Four Stars
    Very hot like I was was expecting.

  115. steven

    Its a dry heat
    Has a good flavor for the .5 seconds you can actually taste before your mouth is subjected to the heat of Satan’s gooty cheeks recommend 1 per 6 gallons of chili

  116. Anonymous

    Very HOT! And very fun to get friends to try.
    Wow, what a story behind these for me! Very Very VERY HOT! Lol, I would recommend these if you enjoy trying new things. Or love VERY VERY VERY HOT things. The only thing I dislike about these, is that they was dehydrated. So if you are able to get ones that are not dehydrated, well you should go for them instead.

    P.S. They are fun to get friends to try and eat them. Or just prank them and hide a little slice in their food. They will never trust you around their food again!! Lol.

  117. Rebecca Millican

    Very hot!
    Husband loves pranking his coworkers and this is exactly what he was wanting

  118. Anonymous

    Five Stars

  119. Jacob Empie

    absolutely by far the hottest thing ever…. i made people cry including my self…. these are un-real i have friends scared of them.

  120. James E Mello

    Five Stars
    Very, Very, Hot Peppers.

  121. Anonymous

    Three Stars
    This hot stuff

  122. Patick Mack

    Five Stars
    hot hot hot thank you

  123. Ralph Watts

    Five Stars
    they was hot but not wicked

  124. steven

    Made a great dip at first to guage the flavor and then, made some bbq hot wings! Very nice flavor!

  125. Anonymous

    Missing Heat
    Peppers had good flavor but didn’t seem to have the heat that I expected.
    Everyone loved my hot salsa that I made with them.

  126. Jake Wheeler

    Five Stars

  127. Mega-Watt

    Cooking the does not diminish the heat!
    My daughter’s first day of kindergarten was celebrated with a chili cook off. Parents were only supposed to give minimal help and make sure that the kids made enough for 12 other students to have a taste. Well, to make a long story short, I thought that cooking peppers in chili pretty much eliminates most of the heat. I wanted my daughter’s entry to stand out, so I figured a little bit of kick would be just the right thing.

    The Reaper’s actually gave the chili a great flavor, for about a second util the devil himself shoves his red hot fist in your mouth. Almost in unison all 12 kids start screaming and gagging, the teacher also must have taken a bite because the stuck her head in the class fish tank.

    The teacher asked me what we put in the chili and I told her “Literally one Carolina Reaper Chili.” She then screamed back “Why in the world would you put something called a reaper chili in a kindergarten chili contest?” The little moans and cries of terror carried on until the police arrived.

    I’m not going to bore you with the rest of the details/interrogation, but I would like to know if anyone has a kindergarten home school program they can recommend.

    Carolina Reapers are as advertised, but not sure it was worth my legal fees and the restraining order granted my daughters school.

  128. Anonymous

    Makes great hot sauce!
    These peppers actually have a really good taste to them if prepared properly. Soaked them in vinegar with garlic for several days to soften. Then added cumin, salt, and onion powder blended then strained. Wonderful hot sauce for a pepper head!

  129. Anthony

    Yummy peppers
    Like to torture yourself? Get this. Guaranteed to hurt oh so good…

  130. Christine B.

    It did not list that they were dried so I can’t use them as I intended to make a sauce.

  131. J. Picknell

    Excellent product. Excellent service

  132. Jer_bear87

    These sun dried tomatoes taste funny…and by funny, I mean like molten magma. But seriously, these peppers are spicy, as expected. Fun to eat raw if you like spice.

  133. Anonymous

    One Star
    Stupid not hot FAKE!!!

  134. scotty d campbell

    Five Stars

  135. Kathy Jones

    If ya want to get even with someone dare them to try a Carolina reaper pepper. Lol!
    We liked the reaper peppers. Made my sisters boyfriend cry like a baby ??

  136. Neil Reittinger

    Oh my goodness. These are really hot. Give them to your friends to have fun videoing them eating them.

  137. SCROLL WHEEL ??

    not as hot in my mind but hot
    Pretty hot but not as hot in my mind they pack a punch Im 16 and i ate one whole and i don’t need water.

  138. Photonut

    Should Do The Trick
    Waiting to head from the birthday boy how he likes ’em. He’s a connoisseur of anything hot, so each year I come here to find the latest and greatest to make him yell Uncle. He’s talked about these, so I figure he should get smoked with these!

  139. Priscila R.

    Hottest pepper
    This was probably the hottest pepper I’ve ever tried. Definitely worth the buy. Me and my cousins challenged ourselves to eat this and its been 45 minutes and we still feel a slight sting

  140. Raymond tiger

    Great for lung
    it’s helps fight off infection in your body combine with garlic cloves.Great for lung infection

  141. Deanna kraft

    Five Stars
    Ita pretty spicy if u love super spicy food but these

  142. Tony madrid

    One Star
    To be honest I expected them to be fresh. I didn’t know they were dry.

  143. Sheryl Peavy

    Three Stars
    Was not for me, but was told it wasn’t all that hot. But the man is weird.

  144. Anonymous

    One Star
    I expected to get some chili’ but all I got were seeds

  145. KaptNKrunk

    They are great in salsa
    I thought they would be deadly hot, but dont believe the hype. They are great in salsa, and the bag comes shipped in what looks like a sandwich bag with the logo again. I will order again, but if you are expecting these to be delivered via chemical packs like in Resident Evil, you might be let down.

  146. Jose Martinez

    Really spicy pepper it made my hands go numb. I had nothing to drink and I felt like I was going to die. It’s really good when you put it in food but when you eat it alone you might want to get milk and ice cream. I was on the bus with 2 other people and we ate the pepper. My hands went numb and they were shaking.

  147. Lucas Rugar

    Good peppers, good vibes
    At first, I bought this just to eat while I listen to some AC/DC. It didn’t disappoint; quite hot and gave me a good vibe. But now, I use it in small doses on my pizza, soup, etc.. It has a wonderful taste which gives you the right amount of spice when proportioned properly.

    If you have a sensitive stomach, eat some ice cream before you eat a whole pepper or you will be in foetal position on your bed for about 15 minutes, wishing that you had listened to the guy writing the amazon review who said to eat ice cream before.

  148. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Same here, no complaints

  149. Anonymous

    … expected it to be I thought it would be awesome to cook with em and as far as heat …
    Just wasn’t what I expected it to be I thought it would be awesome to cook with em and as far as heat it just wasn’t there when it came to cooking I was disapointed

  150. Tim

    I do not believe these are actually reapers. Used the entire bag in for a batch of salsa. Not very spicy. I’ve had spicier results from habeneros.

  151. tekkenjam

    Four Stars
    theyre dried not fresh but thats okay still burnt my insides out for a day.

  152. Bobbyjospain

    Five Stars
    very hot

  153. dylan jeffery

    Five Stars
    Pretty spicy, some friends threw up from the heat.

  154. Brendan T.

    Spicy stuff!
    I love its spice! Carefuller with it though!

  155. Diane Ghalbouni

    Five Stars
    Finally a HOT pepper!!! Fast shipping

  156. Anonymous

    great hot
    Quick delivery, decent price, great hot pepper

  157. Sebestian R.

    Great job! Very pleased!
    Very high quality. Came in 4 days earlier than they were supposed to! They are very hot! Definetly get these if you are looking for an unimaginable level of hot.

  158. Krissielee21

    Five Stars
    they are freaking hot…..

  159. fatih tuncal

    Five Stars

  160. Anonymous

    It isn’t fun. It isn’t funny
    So five stars for getting what I asked for- a truly painfully hot bag of peppers.
    But I gotta say, don’t buy these. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. It isn’t fun. It isn’t funny. It sucks. Bad.
    So yeah 5/7 would recommend.

  161. Anonymous

    Five Stars

  162. Wendi L. Wright

    very small
    peppers arrived in good time and in decent condition.
    for the price they were quite tiny, slightly disappointed by that.

  163. Anonymous

    If you like hot, then this is for you. Faint of tongue need not even try… Great price and quick delivery.

  164. Christopher O.

    Five Stars
    hooooot, made me cry. beware the second burn…

  165. Bigdaddy

    Five Stars

  166. Anonymous

    Super Hot!!!
    These peppers are fantastic ,the shipping was extremely fast and the peppers were packaged very nicely as none of them were damaged whatsoever. The smell and taste of these peppers is great but beware they are super hot! I have a high spice tolerance myself and these peppers kicked my ass. Great experience all around.

  167. DBA

    Do not waste your money.
    Worst seeds. Not a single one germinated.

  168. Sean

    Burn like Hell. Much Hotter and tastier than the Trinidad …
    Yea, baby…These do what they are intended to do. Burn like Hell. Much Hotter and tastier than the Trinidad Scorpion.

  169. Larita

    These are insanely hot! I tried the Carolina Reaper Challenge and I ended up spending 30 minutes with my tounge under the faucet.

  170. Rodolfo Garcia

    Five Stars
    They were Great!!

  171. Lee White

    Five Stars
    Yes they were good and hot best pepper i have ever had

  172. Bowe Peelman

    These peppers are fantastic. They came intact, and they’re real Reapers. I just couldn’t wait for my seedlings. Thank you!

  173. Diana Muhlenbruch

    everyone is happy.
    My grandson was interested in these and ordered some for himself. His friends became interested and he ordered another bag and split it with his friends. No complaints, everyone is happy.

  174. Paul

    Are the peppers oven dried to where i cant save the seeds?

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