Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Powder Wicked Tickle Wicked Reaper World’s Hottest Chili Pepper

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  • Carolina Reaper Chili Powder 2 oz
  • World’s Hottest Chili Pepper Powder
  • World’s Hottest Spice Extreme Heat
  • Wicked Tickle Reaper Chili Pepper Powder
  • Over 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units


Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Powder Wicked Reaper 2 oz

This spice is made from Carolina Reaper peppers that are over 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units, the hottest dried spice in the world

Caution: Extreme heat with a long lasting burn. Do not use reaper peppers or powder you have a respiratory or heart condition.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

1.8 x 1.8 x 4 inches

Shipping Weight

3.2 ounces





Important information

Safety Information
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition.


Carolina Reaper Chili peppers

Put a little on anything you want to be extremely hot!

Legal Disclaimer
Do not use if you have a respiratory or heart condition. Use with caution

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

569 reviews for Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Powder Wicked Tickle Wicked Reaper World’s Hottest Chili Pepper

  1. Neil J. Burns

    OMG Why does this exist
    Seriously. i put i light dusting on a chicken breast. Now i may have died. I’m not sure, i’ll let you know when the burning stops. Seriously awesome product tho, use extremely sparingly .

  2. Anonymous

    We love this !! You only need a dash!!

  3. A Man Who Shops

    You may want to invest in a bidet or baby wipes with this one. Delicious though!
    This is hot. Like getting a lapdance in hell from the hottest person you can think of hot. Like melt your face off and then pouring it into a mould, baking it for an hour at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and then putting on your new face hot. Man, it’s a hot one… like seven inches from the midday sun, hot. (I know that last one was a little more “Smooth” than the others. You’re welcome.) I bought this originally to prank a food bandit at work, which worked really well (I mean, I’m not tampering with their food, I’m tampering with my own, and if they accidentally burn their mouth off in the process, that’s not really a problem… for me.) but I’ll never expose someone to anything without trying it myself first. Gotta say, I use it myself a lot more than I expected to. It’s pretty solid as a way to kick recipes up a notch or three, and the flavor is great too.

  4. bryan zimmerman

    This stuff is hot! Remember how your grandma would say a smigen of this well just use a smigen unless you want everything to burn uncontrollably fabulous stuff

  5. Anonymous

    Nice kick
    Spicy and good!

  6. Revention

    Best Heat to price ratio on Amazon.
    Best Heat to price ratio on Amazon. You won’t get this good of a bang for your buck anywhere else. I would advise this for any Chili head.

  7. TravisDaDrunk

    A little bit goes a long way. Good flavor, brings the heat.

    Will buy again.

  8. Reyairia

    A less conventional review
    I feed birds.

    Unfortunately, between the bird seed bringing in mice and the dog food (for crows to keep the hawks out) bringing in rats, raccoons and possums, I needed an effective deterrent that would not affect my birds. I then remembered that chili peppers evolved that naturally; birds are not affected by capsicin, only mammals are.

    I guess that I live too close to the border and a bunch of restaurants, because regular chili powder did not prevent some medium to large animal from wrecking my glass jar and taking off with a few pounds of dog food. Time to bring the big guns then.

    Nothing, I left a bowl full of wet cat food on my porch during the night and nothing touched it. Alas, a stray bit of wind blew some up my nose and I felt as if I had been maced.

    5/5 My birds are happy and eating. They dont have to worry as much about predators and I dont have to worry about getting raccoon roundworm. It’s a fantastic mammal deterrent. Just make sure to remember that you too are a mammal.

  9. Cat

    I like spicy food, and this does the trick. Definitely too spicy for the average person, but if you like spicy food, this will do it.

  10. Marlboro Man

    It’s good but it’s HOT!
    Fasten your seat belts for this one. It’s hot. It burns. But it’s worth it. I’ll buy another one if I survive this one.

  11. Anonymous

    Requires very little for massive heat. Lasts a long time. Go easy the first time.
    I bought this mostly to spice up random meals like soups, tacos, etc. It works fantastic for that. I was using a lot of sriracha previously which affects the flavor quite a lot. With this powder, you can add just a dash to get tons of heat without significantly altering the taste of the food.

    The first time I tried it, I went pretty heavy. I was in the bathroom about 5 times later that evening. Ever since, I have been a bit more frugal with my usage, and I haven’t had that issue again. So be careful and work your way up with it. Just a little shake or two in a bowl of soup is pretty strong.

  12. micheal


  13. Terry

    100% Carolina Reaper
    This stuff is the strongest I’ve ever tasted. It’s a weapon.

  14. ASH62

    Respect the heat, use caution with this chili or your in trouble.
    Just what the doctor ordered. Very hot. A little goes a long way. Doesn’t change food flavor, just adds heat. Forever a big fan.

  15. Rocco

    The hottest in the world
    It’s literally the spiciest pepper I’ve ever tried in my entire life. I just added a tiny little bit and it burned me to the hell. I sweated a lot and it almost lasted for a few minutes. So, don’t ever overestimate your tolerance. This is just way too spicy than you think!

  16. Metal Dragon

    Perfect just like their hot sauce!
    If you have had the sauce…GET THIS!!!

    I mixed this with pink salt a little bit of sage and put it on everything!!!! Plus, look at that art on the front! Get it! You wont be disappointed.

  17. Sarah

    Amazing, well worth the buy!
    I LOVE heat, but I’m at the point where no hot sauce or chili powder will even register to me, except this one. I put a couple shakes on everything I eat and it adds the perfect kick! It’s definitely well worth the price, I go through a bottle about every 6 months – and I haven’t had to buy any other hot sauces or powders since!

  18. Beth

    Worth it
    I would never think of eating anything 1/10 this spicy. my husband on the other hand lives for spicy food. He says the flavor is a solid 5 stars but the spiciness is 4 because he thought it would he hotter. That said I’m pretty sure this man could lick a hot poker and say it isn’t that hot.

  19. Prairie Fox

    Superbly HOT, flavorful, fresh… and lots of it!
    I’m a self-confessed pepper-head and have had a lot of quality powders and blends of the usual hottest entries (blut jalokia, scorpion, fatali etc.), but this high quality 100% Carolina Reaper powder is now my true fave. Yes, it is hot–superbly so. Even I have to be cautious and sparing with it, but what’s important is the flavor, which is on par with the heat. It’s incredibly good no matter what you use it on and I was surprised how much you get for the cost. I’ll definitely get this again when I eventually eat my way through my first purchase. Outstanding!

  20. Peter Peconga

    Use very little
    Nice & hot I love it.

  21. Findley

    Yes its hot, and has flavor
    Hot Hot Hot. Has lots of flavor. Use just a little until you get used to it.

  22. howlin at the moon

    Packaging looks almost as if it were printed on a home printer….not a laser printed but an ink jet printer. What is inside is what matters. The container I got is hot. Really hot. I love hot foods. This stuff is great.

  23. Anonymous

    This came to me all damaged,and I can’t return it
    So angry.

  24. Kristin B

    Tastes fake
    I’d previously bought reaper powder from Volcanic Peppers ($$$) and hoped that this would be the same thing but cheaper. This powder tastes cheap and artificial: there is none of the flavor I associate with reaper powder. Not worth the money.

  25. Brian

    Crazy hot …this should last you a long time.

  26. Marilyn C.

    Hot stuff
    This stuff is amazing and really hot! Easy does it! A handful of brown sugar in a pot of chili is the perfect compliment.

  27. Blah Blahson

    I use this stuff to spice up lots of things I cook, from spaghetti to curry, and let me tell you. Eating anything made using this stuff makes you feel like your whole gastrointestinal tract is ablaze. Interestingly, the Reaper has a delayed fuse; it takes about 10 seconds for the spice to go off, but once it does, BURNINATIOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!

  28. Caleb Hou

    Anti rodent bomb
    I got this to deter squirrels and rats from my bird feeder and it works like a charm. Even the smell of opening the bottle from a couple feet away cleared my sinuses, so this stuff will definitely take care of any rodent problem you may have. Flavor? I’ve got no idea. It’s a nuclear deterrent.

  29. J&A

    Very hot!
    The powder doesn’t add any flavor but it wasn’t designed to. It’s an easy way to add good heat to your food.

  30. David V. Tran

    Best for the Bucks!
    Highly recommended if you love spicy hot! LOVE IT!

  31. H_Burg

    Hotter than Hell
    Bought this for my husband’s Christmas stocking in 2018 and we are finally just about out of it- he’s the only one that eats it and a little bit goes a LONG way. For my husband the spicier the better and he absolutely loves this (especially on chicken wings with the Trader Joe’s Sriracha bbq sauce) I will be ordering more!

  32. matt

    Be careful this bottle packs a punch! Great flavor

  33. Gabriel

    This ain’t no joke. Heavy hitters only! Caution!
    This stuff ain’t no joke. By far best and spiciest chili powder I have ever come across by. This is coming from a Mexican who has ate chili since 2 years old.

  34. Adam Zimmermann

    the chili powder I was looking for
    Many things claim to be “super spicy” or “world’s hottest”, but this stuff actually lives up to it.

    The heat is cut down when mixed with a dairy based food, but when added directly to a dry rub or a chili it packs some serious heat.

  35. BAKERBOY99

    Decent chili powder
    Decent stuff, the burn doesn’t last too long, but if you eat enough it will light you up.

  36. Anonymous

    Heat without changing the flavor of the meal!
    GREAT heat with just a LITTLE shake. This’ll last me awhile, but the best part is it doesn’t change the flavor or taste of the meal. It just adds mouth watering heat to it! ??

  37. richard vezzani

    Great product. Very very hot

  38. Taylor

    It’s HOT
    I bought this for my husband for Valentines day, and it was a big hit! Him and his friends thought it would be fun to try some right out of the canister, and they learned fast why that wasn’t a smart idea! It’s HOT! You only need a little bit to heat up any dish. Would buy again!


    Gave as gift

  40. Josh and Julie Maracle

    Really hot but delicious!

  41. Thomas Dawson

    Wow. Hot

  42. Mike C

    Awesome flavor and heat
    Just a very little goes a long way. Love this stuff !! Great flavor and HOT !!

  43. Enrique Palacios

    Wow, it’s definitely special, it’s aggressive but ones you tried for couple of time the fun begins
    This one is a special one, i have been trying to find a good chili powder for quite some time and came across with the Carolina Reaper, I had read of it before but wow, finally you can throw away the rest of the staff that won’t satisfy you, like I said, it’s aggressive but controlable and fun. Good taste, not smoke and it feels good for a good period on you mouth. Highly recommended for people who like spice. Start with small amount and work your way up.

  44. Hayley Bridge

    Got here quickly.

  45. nick

    Perfect for meals when you want to add Heat.
    Great to add to plenty of meals you cook.

  46. Ivan L.

    Don’t Disrespect the Reaper!!
    Awesome easy way to add extreme strong heat to many dishes. Its has a lasting heat and burn. Great value for the money.

  47. Arya B Christiawan

    Hot sensation but tasteful
    Taste great but watch the dose when you sprinkle this to your plate. It’s not as hot as its dried chilly pepper version, so normal people can still enjoy the taste

  48. Mike

    Not for the faint of heart

  49. Jo Jo

    Hell on Earth
    Wickedly hot !

  50. paul scott

    Great product!!
    Use sparingly!! LOL

  51. G.M.

    Best choice if You want a really hot spice!
    The hottest pepper in the world. It really is! Love it!

  52. The Gilliams


  53. JB ??

    Great stuff. Ouch tomorrow

  54. Robbie

    Good product

  55. Diluted Mind

    Damn good
    It’s cut but still hot as hell.

  56. VangVang

    Good product but expensive and taste isn’t too bad

  57. Pam H.

    I found a real jewel for my picky husband!!
    I purchased this spice for my “over the top” heat seeking husband. When he said that he LOVED it, I knew it was too unbearable for me lol. He has since been using it as a marinade, etc… I will continue purchasing for lava-mouth hubby.

  58. Douglas tran

    It really hurts
    For the love of god dont open this in your car. Makes good flavoring and good enough heat with a “single shake.”

  59. Christina rivera

    Great product
    Great seasoning

  60. anthony martinez

    Hotter than the surface of the sun
    If you like hot, this will burn the taste buds to the nub.

  61. Chris caputo

    Flavorful and hot
    This is a staple in my kitchen. It’s hot but really Effon good. It’s cheap just try it and you’ll agree 100%

  62. Manfred Diel

    Smoking Hot!!!
    Talk about some HEAT!!!! Great flavor.

  63. dillon cutler

    dont add to much its got fire in a tablespoon
    great heat

  64. Scott T Calderone

    Amazing hot my brother in law loved it

  65. Rodney

    I was not impressed and any other chilli head will feel the same I think . Flavor not much , heat you would think a gram or two would burn you , it didn’t put it in my palm licked it off slight burn in back of throat lasted maybe 2 minutes . WHERE’S THE HEAT I will say one thing its a better value than that liquid bottled crap and taste it don’t taste like skunk butt ..

  66. Rozay

    Ever since I bought it, I bought it again and again, Everytime it ran out.
    It’s spicy fasho

  67. Jesse e prudent jr

    The heat is there
    Good stuff!!!

  68. Joey

    Good flavor
    Kicks you in the teeth

  69. Michael Jones

    It’s hot
    This stuff is ridiculously hot! Made a spicy mayonnaise with it-and lit my a$$ on fire!! Use it sparingly!! Keep milk close by.

  70. Hill

    Ad says 7 oz but it’s actually refering to price NOT quantity
    Is there a valid reason for NOT posting clearly the AMOUNT? Um, it would seem so. As stated, it looks like one is getting more than you get – so – you get WAY – LESS than you’d expect.

  71. Michael F.

    This is hot.
    I put this on everything. This is my second shaker. I will buy it again. Do it.

  72. ceyko

    Great Value
    Yes, as the other reviewers have said this is quite hot and a little goes a loooong ways. Start with a little and work your way up from there. Awesome stuff if you enjoy spicy foods with a good flavor.

  73. lillycowart

    Fear price
    Great value

  74. Pavel L.

    Super hot and nice flavor
    Just a dash of this goes a very long way!

  75. Ares Skyfire

    Excellent mouth burning pleasure
    Extremely hot! Love it! A little bit goes a long way. Full of flavor. Sadly the container did not have the reaper on it.. would have made it more Epic. Same product different Packaging. great taste!

  76. kimberly

    Love this product and the heat, will be buying more!

  77. Kevin G.

    It’s hot
    Well , what can I say… it’s hot!!
    I love it
    Not just hot but an excellent flavor, a little goes a long way.

  78. Chris

    Dont waste your money
    Way overpriced for the portion and the level of heat is very exaggerated. Would not buy again at this price point. I’ve had hotter Paprika.

  79. magicman516

    Fantastic heat.!!!
    Fantastic. A small pinch is all you need. I rub a pinch on my salmon or chicken with some other spices before putting in my air fryer. Adds just the right heat. Too much can be a very bad experience. I wear rubber gloves when dealing with this powder. But still a fantastic spice for the kitchen.

  80. Dave

    Great for dealing with food thiefs.
    I bought this to find my sandwich thief. It worked. ??

  81. Tom

    I don’t even touch the shelf that this stuff sits on without welding gloves on. A
    This will ruin your insides, I dosed up some red beers and thought that I’d have to visit the doctor the next day. Good stuff!!!

  82. W Fox

    Not that hot, but tastes great and pours easy. tastes of cinnamon. great packeging. 4 stars.

  83. Richard P. Mayhew

    Some Like It Hot!
    I like hot, spicy food….especially stir fry. I chop up cabbage, carrots, onions, bell peppers, bean sprouts, cauliflower, green beans and broccoli throw it all into an olive oiled Wok and turn the burner to high. Once everything is seeping juice I throw in some Iron Chef Orange Sauce with Ginger……and then the heat! I sprinkled a small amount of the Carolina Reaper powder into the Wok on top of the steaming mass.

    This was the 1st time I tried Carolina Reaper….it did not disappoint. I could smell the Reaper’s power as I cooked, even before I tasted the stir fry I could smell the heat.

    I put a heaping of my stir fry upon a small pile of sticky ( Jasmine) rice. The rice had a tiny bit of soy sauce on it but mostly I relied upon the run off from the veggies and the Carolina Reaper juice to flavor the rice.

    The first bite confirmed my suspicion that this was the hottest powder I had ever tried, hotter than the Jalapeno or Habanero powder I usually cook with.

    It made my left eye water, my nose started to run, my gums got numb, and my tongue started burning fiercely. The burning continued for several minutes…this powder is not for people used to the wonderful flavor and heat of simple Jalapeno powder…this is for hard core heat lovers.

    I barely had to use 3-4 sprinkles of the container to make my stir fry a hell-fire-smoking-hot-volcanic-chernobyl-space ship-re-entry heat shield-inferno of a meal.

    It was too hot for my wife so I had no-one to share the meal with.

    I like the Carolina Reaper powder…’s not cheap…but nothing this extreme is cheap.

  84. Anonymous

    Spicy but flavorful
    My father loves spice and he loves this product!

  85. Diablo

    Hot Farts.
    I’ve blown farts hotter than this.

  86. pedler2u

    HOT AS &%$/_!!
    Its Hot and good use less then ya think ..les is better

  87. Theresa M.

    Extremely spicy and everyone loves it.
    Fast shipping and my husband loves the level of heat. Highly recommend this if you love spicey hot seasoning.

  88. Rick Howard

    I can not eat this product, although I have not tried to. This seller has a great product. (I only know because while using, fine partials in the air felt like mace) I live in New England and mix this pepper with Vaseline and coat the metal pole the squirrels climb to empty two bird feeders at the top of the pole. It seems the squirrels would not give this product a good review. I have no or an occasional squirrel. My neighbour’s feeders looks like a scene from Gremlins! (birds don’t have hot receptors)

  89. Andrew Withey

    Awesome hottest chilli powder ever
    Wow this powder is the hottest I’ve ever experienced without the use of capsicum extract Sauces….
    I initially put one small sprinkle onto a single plate of bolognese and it was A bit to much heat!…. you need half a teaspoon into a big pot of curry or chilli and that’s hot with a fiery kick, awesome will definitely buy more when it’s gone, but this may last a year or so I’m guessing
    Amazing powder definitely the Hottest Powder I’ve ever experienced

  90. john

    A couple of dashes transforms a bowl of chili.

  91. ally James

    Kick it up a notch
    Awesome heat that is within your control

  92. B CARV

    Ohh its HOTTT!!

  93. Jerry Raines

    Very very hot beware
    Very hot beware

  94. Anonymous

    Was very hot but not much flavor at all
    Very hot but no flavor


    I EAT THIS ON ALMOST EVERYTHING,BEST FLAVOR AROUND,MY LAST BOTTLE WAS DOWN TO AROUND A QUARTER INCH,I WAS IN PANIC MODE…GREAT JOB WICKED TICKLE,lasts me about a month and a half…this order was 1 day late,i almost went into withdrawl

  96. Ryan S.

    Fire in a bottle
    Just a dash will lite up any meal. Be careful. Super hot stuff.

  97. RJ


  98. Terry

    It burns
    After doing the one chip challenge I found I actually enjoyed the flavor of Carolina reapers. I did a taste test on this just buy wiping my finger across the top of the shaker. Had the same sensa of searing into my tongue as the one chip. Mixed reviews had me worried, and I don’t have any experience with fresh reapers, but I am completely satisfied with this purchase.

  99. Mary Ann L Uruchurtu

    You will definitely need ice cream!
    It’s definitely hot .


    Exactly as advertised, HOT!!!!!
    It’s just what it says it is. In my opinion it’s too hot to have flavor. I think it would be better if the package had the option of removing the pepper by spoon instead of only through shaker holes. I made a small funnel out of paper to measure 1/4 teaspoon to add to a batch of peanut brittle. It turned out to be too much. One shake was better. I would like to be able to take a pinch from the package. Be careful, tiny particles will be in the air, so coughing is possible and in my case was certain during cleanup.

  101. Puddleglum

    Wicked hot!!
    I had this product in my “saved for later“ items in Amazon for a long time for my husband.
    And then in a Twisted Sifter email I saw the video of the man who created the product so I ordered it.
    And it definitely is on fire.

  102. Gabriel Lemming

    Once you pop, that’s great!
    Should’ve named it “Satan’s Rimjob” because it can be brutal takin a dump after consuming a bunch of this in a day. Pretty damn good though.

  103. rlvlk

    Dangerous! And so good!!
    The powder I usually bought is no longer on the market, so I tried this. It is great! I use it to add heat to dry foods.

    I found out it is “dangerous” too. I have to mask up before adding it to any foods. It seems to get into the air and fills my nose. It doesn’t burn. I start having a sneezing fit and my nose won’t stop running. Putting a dust mask on is a small price to pay for all that great heat.

  104. Geena Driven

    I. LOVE. IT!!! Great heat and flavor. I put it on just about everything!!!


    Really hot
    It is really hot as promised

  106. Mary Piner


  107. Loren Lynn

    Will reorder.
    Excellent taste and flavorful.
    Decent heat without pain.

  108. Joey

    Taste is amazing

  109. Troy Irving

    Heat seeker approved.
    Love this. Good heat. Last along time. I honestly use it on almost everything.

  110. William Truman

    I fully expected the Heat but OMG! It’s over the top hot👍

  111. Wayne S.

    Hottest Powder I’ve Ever Had
    Before I used this I put some tape on all but one of the shaker holes cause I was scared of this stuff. I used 6g of habanero powder for a recipe but with this Carolina reaper powder I only used 0.8g and it made it SPICER without compromising flavor. This stuff is amazing. It’s hot and doesn’t take much AT ALL to light you on fire. I definitely recommend this. And for the price, you use so little that this stuff will last you for quite a long while. Worth the buy

  112. Robert Kronenwetter

    This is Not for Sissies.
    This is for serious hot heads. Do not use this as a joke on someone as the heat level is straight from Hell. I use it on Mexican food quite a bit sometimes on scrambled eggs. Yes, I’ll buy it again.

  113. Mario

    If you looking for Spicy this is the one 🙂

  114. travis

    Dont buy its crap!!
    Great presentation for a false advertisement about the reaper. Just wonder what its truly made out of???

  115. Leighton C.

    Good stuff
    No actual flavor but extremely hot

  116. JTaylor

    Some Heat!
    It has some heat, but probably about as hot as my Ghost Peppers.

  117. Brian

    Be forwarded – extremely hot!
    Be forewarned, this is seriously hot! I’ve been using this to add hotness to some of my existing weaker hotsauces. It’s quite great as it doesn’t diminish the existing sauce flavor yet ads an increased hotness which is quite enjoyable.

  118. Chris DG

    Spicy af. Good stuff

  119. Peter Gibson

    To hot
    It’s very hot but a little expensive for a small bottle 10.99 not counting tax but very,very hot your mouth will burn for at least 30 minutes before it stops with a lot of milk..

  120. Parke G

    Burns going in and coming out.
    It seems that when the burn of a pepper increases the layers of flavors decrease. This is great for adding just pure heat. The peppers are ground into a very fine powder, so even opening the cap can release a fine mist of weapons grade irritant. A little bit goes a long ways. Too much and you will be burning at both ends.

  121. Anonymous

    Love it
    Worth it

  122. Stephen

    Intense heat, but that’s what this is all about.
    It’s a Carolina Reaper. It’s going to give you a lot of heat and not a lot of flavor which can be good or bad depending on how you view it, but it certainly serves its purpose. Good powder, nice design cover, and decent enough shaker.

  123. bowman

    The real Deal
    I have never tried this potent of a pepper powder. There is no doubt this chet is super hot. I put a few grains on the tip of my finger and , Look out. No doubt its the real deal. but flavor is another story. I wasn’t feeling it on the flavor.

  124. Jamie J.

    Super spicy!!!
    Super Spicy!!! Used it for a hot food challenge! Worked great!!

  125. Jason

    Good product really hot

  126. kevin parsons

    Sauces no longer required for the heat.
    I bought this over a year ago and put it on just about everything. The beauty of this product is that with small amounts you can greatly increase the heat of your food without sacrificing any of the flavor. I use to use all types of hot sauces but I was sick of the flavor of the dish being affected. This is my go to for anything to do with spice. It is very hot

  127. JBrown

    The EXACT spice you are looking for!!! 20/10!
    I LOVE THIS STUFF. I have been putting it on everything. It’s spicy and it doesn’t really have like… a flavor?? It’s just spicy as h*** and really brings a good kick to anything you eat! I put it on my bagel with cream cheese in the morning, my chips, my soups, my rice… Literally everything. You only need a tiny bit which is nice because it will last a while! I have shared it with multiple people, too, and they really enjoy it. Beware though, if you use too much it stays with you. Also don’t inhale it like I did, cause that will make you sneeze until the end of time. Highly recommend! Will be buying this stuff again.

  128. james

    Burns…great with eggs!!
    Little goes a long way…dont accidentally get this in your nose, it sucks.

  129. Alex Damon Goodrich

    Great product
    Used for wings, chili, etc. Amazing.

  130. Jackflash20

    Throw Mommy from the Train! This is a lot of Heat that goes a long way.
    I’ve ordered every version of Reaper Chilis (dehydrated to powder), and this one is as hot as it gets. Great for wings, salsa, beef jerky, fire nuts, blackened fish, chicken, steak- and anything else you dare modify. Heat is an addiction, and I’m addicted to heat.

  131. Oscar

    Muy bueno para acompañar las comidas

  132. Micheal

    I don’t believe Satan himself could come up with something hotter! Wow!

  133. Anonymous

    As hot as a fresh pepper in my opinion!😅
    I waited to try this so I could compare it to a fresh home grown reaper pepper. This stuff is just as hot if not hotter in my opinion. I think the mouth burn on the powder is more intense but throat burn is worse fresh. It’s definitely hot if you take as much as I did and I eat spicy s**t ever day. I recommend taking a little for your first taste test or it will make you panic a little lol

  134. Anonymous

    No flavor. All heat. It takes about a minute to kick in with just a small dash. Some serious heat. Looking forward to covering some wings in it with the boys.

  135. Rotten Apples

    I love this stuff!
    I keep this on the table with the salt and pepper. It is a great way to add kick to soups, chili, or gumbo. It comes in a shaker so you can add a little heat to anything you want. Be Careful! A heavy pour is really going to light you up. I find it a great way to add heat without the sugars/corn syrup and vinegar associated with hot sauces.

  136. Polanski Morgan

    Exactly what I was looking for

  137. Kyle

    Awesome stuff!
    This stuff has great flavor, and a little goes a LONG WAY! I’ll definitely be getting a few more of these to give out as gifts. I’ve started adding a little bit to almost everything.

  138. Sui Juris

    Hot stuff.
    It’s hot, using just a tiny amount. It should last me years.

  139. Anonymous

    Worth the money
    A little bit goes a long ways! Super spicy and good flavor in my opinion.

  140. randi

    Dont buy
    I have grown my own reaper peppers, and this is no where near the heat. I have eaten habaneros that are hotter than this. This is not Carolina Reaper

  141. Pdpark

    Not as spicy as it markets
    I liked that it is spicy – i was truly hoping that it would be spicy to the point where i would cry

  142. Chilehead Craig

    Chilehead Approved!
    I am always looking for something I can keep at my desk at work for lunch and a good dry spice is an easy one. I saw this one on Amazon, the price and the slightly cheesy label and didn’t think much of it. After reading some reviews, I thought again and ordered it.

    WOW, it packs a punch! As others have said, a little goes a long way! It doesn’t have much flavor, but is pure heat. This will last me a long time and I hope he’s still making it when I need another. If you like it HOT, try it!

    To those that say it wasn’t hot at all. Maybe it was a bad batch of peppers? I have had Blairs Death Rain Nitro powder several times and its hotter than that.

  143. Scott Sowell

    Not good at all

  144. ztennyson

    Freakin awesome!!
    Bought as a prank to play on a coworker, but ended up in love with it. Make no mistake; it’s hot. Like the devil’s bellybutton hot. But it’s real good. Fruity, savory, and plain delicious. However, be advised that the Indian army uses this for their tear gas. So, whatever you put it on will be hot as crap and yummy, but you’ll feel as if you’re having something amazing while getting maced, which is sort of the point. And don’t touch anything remotely sensitive including your hoo-hah for about 24 hours. I love it.

  145. Steve Dockery

    Great product, won 1st place in a chili contest

  146. douglaswanderson

    If you like heat , this is among one of the best . If you’re looking for flavor , this is not it .
    This is pretty warm . Hotter than Habenero by far . However it very bland no flavor , just packs on the heat . If you’re looking for flavor , this amongst the worst of the worst , no flavor period . But gave 1 star for flavor , 5 stars for a heck of a punch for heat .

  147. golden man

    Carolina Reaper is the hottest spice that I know of. it has over 2 million scovil units of heat rating. I bought it to supplement my orders of Thai food. It works fantastic. I think it’s wise to sprinkle the tiniest bit you can on your palm and lick it to experience the heat. This is a university-researched hybred of ghost pepper and another pepper. DON NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE AFTER USING THIS SPICE!

  148. Deborah Shead

    Sister loves anything spicy hot. go it for her

  149. Mike

    Super hot
    This powder is extremely hot. The bottle I bought arrived cracked so some of the powder was in the envelope. Just opening the envelope made me cough and made my eyes burn. The cracked bottle was replaced at no charge. I add just a few sprinkles to a bowl of chili to make it extra spicy.

  150. David Hunter

    Carolina Reaper Chili: How to Squirrel Proof your Bird Feeder.
    Tobasco Sauce and Cayenne Pepper does not work. Red Chili Flakes do not work. Mint oil does not work. Squirrels keep coming back and dissemate your bird feed. Squirrels are curious, persistent problem solvers and if they want your bird feed they are going to get it. After endless internet searches and trying all sorts of methods for keeping squirrels away from my bird food I have figured out a solution.

    Remember, squirrels and deer have tongues and are sensitive to chilis. Birds do not have tongues and are not affected by chilis.

    I have used this solution for whole peanuts in the shell and for striped sunflower seed.

    1. In a tupperware container add desired amount of bird feed.
    2. Lightly sprinkle a few drops food grade oil to your bird feed. (I use both olive and canola oil.)
    3. Shake bird feed in sealed tupperware vigorously to coat bird feed with oil.
    4. Now for the good part – Sprinkle “Carolina Reaper Powder” over bird feed.
    5. Shake bird feed in sealed tupperware until chili powder is dusted evenly over bird feed. (Add more oil, if necessary, for powder to stick.)
    6. Feed your birds.

    Observations and Suggestions:

    Carolina Reaper Chilis are the hottest chilis in the world so be careful. Wash your hands after this process and “DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES” with your hands or fingers.

    My goal is to deter squirrels without harming them. I’ve read accounts of squirrels clawing their eyes out with similar methods so proceed with caution. The amount of chili powder that’s needed will be trial and error. My method is after I’ve sprinkled my whole peanuts with the chili powder I a put a peanut in my own mouth to gage its effectiveness. (Of course, with a large glass of milk nearby.) Not much of the Carolina Reaper Powder is needed to create an intolerable heat. This makes using the powder fairly cost effective.

    I was excited to see what would happen with the squirrels. Several squirrels would eat my peanuts in minutes and leave nothing for my blue jays, grackles, woodpeckers, or cardinals. They would watch me from afar and as soon as I would put my bird feed out they would pounce. So here is what happened when I dusted my peanuts with the Chili Reaper Powder…

    The squirrels cavalierly came prancing up to my peanut feeder, giving me the evil eye, of course. A wry smile came upon my face. Then the alpha squirrel took the first peanut as always. Almost immediately I could see a puzzled look on his face. Then he dropped the peanut and and shook his head violently as he ran as fast as he could. The other squirrels got scared and followed. Was I bit worried that I might have harmed the squirrel? Sure I was but only time would tell. It was early evening when I first used this chili method so I did not see the squirrels for the rest of the evening. Even the birds were put off by what they had seen and did not eat any peanuts for the rest of that evening.

    The next morning, however, all of my peanuts were gone. I could tell they were eaten by birds and not by squirrels because the squirrels always discard the shells nearby. There were no shells to be seen. Even so, the squirrels came back the next afternoon. I was glad to see that the alpha squirrel had not clawed his eyes out. This time, however, he was far more cautious. I could see him on top of the peanuts sniffing the chili powder, trying to decide whether or not to take another peanut. He did not. His partner then had her turn. She too sniffed the peanuts and walked away.

    Then there were a couple of squirrels I had not seen before. They immediately took the peanuts in their mouth and just like the first squirrel violently reacted to the chili powder, dropped the peanuts and ran away. So far, so good! My method is working. I hope this method will work for you too. Please, try and it out and report your findings here. I am also curious to see if this will work with deer.

    Good luck.

    Update: April 18th, 2020.

    I have been using Wicked Reaper for 7 months now to deter the squirrels. I sprinkle the powder onto my whole peanuts almost every day and this little jar has lasted this long. I am thrilled.

    Every once in a while I will see how long it takes for the squirrels come back when I don’t use the powder. Two days is the maximum and when the squirrels do come back they decimate the un-Wicked peanuts in minutes. What this tells me is that the squirrels always have their eyes and, most importantly, their noses on the lookout. They are constantly on survelleince. (Smart little buggers.) Sometimes I see them come around and from about 3 feet away the squirrels sniff the air. They can always smell the Wicked Reaper powder and then they run away.

    I’ve learned how much powder to sprinkle on my peanuts so that it is barely enough to deter the squirrels. Every once in awhile a hungry squirrel will snatch a peanut but that’s O.K. with me. I actually like squirrels and think they are adorable. My only issue was that I was putting out the peanuts for the blue jays and the squirrels were eating them like hotcakes and not leaving anything for the birds. Now the birds are happy and occasionally a squirrel will get a peanut too. All is well in the Garden of Eden thanks to Wicked Reaper Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper.

  151. Gina Manuel

    Better than ghost pepper
    I like the taste and strength. Perfect for an avid spicy fan. Not so hot I can’t eat the food. Nice flavor.

  152. Amber Massie

    Brother loves this stuff

  153. dennis coldivar

    Good Lord Baby Jesus!
    As an avid lover of spicy food I can assure you that this powder is FUEGO!! My first use of this was on top of some good old spaghetti and meatballs and boy let me tell you it was divine! Half way into the bowl I broke out in a sweat full on endorphins pumping and a pile of napkins at my side as I tried to contain my runny nose. Overall I really enjoy the heat and kick it brings to anything you sprinkle it on, definitely plan on repurchasing. 10/10 would recommend to any masochists out there.

  154. Customer

    Awesome pepper powder!
    Plenty hot!, will last a long time since I only need the slightest sprinkle!

  155. None

    Amazing pepper
    Really good stuff. Makes my forehead sweat! Don’t use too much or it will just hurt your mouth. 3 dashes is perfect.

  156. Andrew R.

    Very hot, very economical on price.
    This product is hot. It’s not as hot as fresh peppers however it’s still hotter than any others I’ve tried. Flavor is minimal but it’s a great ingredient to add for some serious heat.

  157. HC Customer

    The Real Deal
    If you’re looking for hot, look no further. This stuff is the real deal. It will knock a spark out of your butt 🙂 I used this in 5 lbs. of taco meat, 2 measured teaspoons to be exact and I’m glad I didn’t use anymore than that. Probably would have been too much. At $11 some may balk at the price but it was worth every penny.

  158. J.B.

    Removes wrinkes/bags under the eyes
    Great for bags under the eyes, just make a paste with a little water and rub under eyes. I have heard that it helps prevent wrinkles and promotes natural tears and a high pitched vocal octive range almost instantly. Best applied when you are over tired after a long exhausting day of work and exercise. It will effectively take all your previous problems and worries you might have and roll them all up for you, you will completely forget Anything that was bothering you and step off into a world unlike anything you have experienced before. Once you try this, you will shout, cry, jump around and discover what life is really about. Apply 1 to 2 times a day for 6 weeks, you’ll be horrifically awakened to reality in a way you never thought possible. 🙂

  159. Dan

    Cream of the (Capscacin) Crop
    Lasting tropical fruitiness. Sadistic, punishing heat. Everything good about a hot-af pepper is found in this powder. I recently traveled to New England from Arizona and discovered that the food there is fundamentally broken. This fixed it. Now that I’m back home, this still goes on damn near everything. This is probably the first powder I have to be careful with and likely the only powder I will continue to buy. Please don’t ever change – this is gold!

  160. ABucklin

    It’s HOT and has a great flavor! Has a long lasting heat to it. It does not take very much in anything you make with it for it to rock your world so use it sparingly. Up for the next challenge, adding half of a tablespoon to a batter of chocolate cupcakes, sweet and spicey!

  161. Tyler B

    Great flavor
    Great product, very spicy

  162. Skip Kadri

    Arrived on time. BELIEVE me, it takes VERY little but that is why I bought it 🙂

  163. chrisinnova

    Super hot
    Super hot have only used a few times. Use sparingly!!! Great product.

  164. M Lavery

    This is the real deal 100% Carolina Reaper dust
    Make no mistakes, this is the real McCoy. The ingredients list is just one item, Carolina Reaper pepper. It doesn’t take much to light up any meal. Even for fans of the spicy stuff,be careful, the reaper takes no prisoners

  165. Dustin

    Super freaking hot

  166. Tru Patel

    Holy HOT!!
    I use this product quite often in my wing challenge. Always a great product and a loyal customer of the reaper.

  167. Claire

    arrived quickly and tastes delish
    found this at a local sushi restaurant. all i need is a dab but the flavor is absolutely delicious. Do not come close to this if you don’t like spicy food ! lol

  168. justinlee

    Good and spicy

  169. Anonymous

    Carolina Reaper Powder
    I’m an amature salsa maker. My friends love it.

  170. Brad w

    Don’t get crazy with it.
    Exactly what it says it is. Hot…

  171. Jason Hobbs

    A little bit goes a long way.
    It doesn’t take much to spice up your food and has a really good flavor.

  172. Bailey Reyes

    Sizzling hot!,
    The hottest thing I’ve ever had in my mouth. I usually use the dried habanero . This far surpasses that! You won’t be disappointed I promise.

  173. Benjamin Sheffield

    Buy this product
    Tastes great and is very spicy

  174. Aaron Johnson

    Not as hot as expected
    Other Carolina Reaper experiences have been hotter. A good Hot Chicken and Dave’s Insanity will give you more burn.

  175. Malcolm T.

    Very Very Hot….
    Why pay a bunch on money for the one chip challenge when you can but this and have your own version. I add this to soups and stews or BBQ. It does not take a lot to send your food into high heat mode…one shake is more than enough…have recommended and will buy again

  176. Elizabeth Good

    Hot! Hot! Hot!
    This is too much for me (I’m the wimpy one in the house) but my boyfriend and roommates both love me and curse me when I cook with this. A little goes a long way.

  177. John Agee

    It’s hot
    It has some bite. But not as rough as I expected

  178. Mark E. Swope

    Great bang for the buck
    I like Cayenne pepper a lot in a lot of things. The stuff from grocery stores is ok but not all it should be. I bought some here and it was far more spicy so I thought I would branch out and try this powder after many good reviews that I read. And sure enough it really delivered. I took a very small amount sprinkled into my hand and put it in a nice bowl of Manhattan clam chowder (or chowda if you like). Probably about a 1/4 the amount that I would use of Cayenne and it gave a really nice level of heat. I would be scared to shake this stuff just free form into any food because a touch too much and you are going to be on fire. Can’t wait for my heat loving friends next visit so i can sneak this into something and make him feel the heat. I now have my 3 levels of Cayenne, Habanero, and Carolina Reaper powders to suit all occasions.

  179. Theodore Donovan

    Exactly what you’d expect
    Excellent product if you like spice. I tried a tiny bit on a wet toothpick to gauge its hotness. It’s what you’d expect if you’ve ever had Carolina Reaper or Ghost Pepper powder. I gradually added more and more to some hot sauce, and finally dumped a quarter sized pile into it. It’ll definitely set your lips ablaze and make your nose run. Exactly what I wanted. Be careful.

  180. Anonymous

    I love spice and use sparingly
    I love spicy food the only reason I may not repurchase is the powder is so hot I am not sure how log it will last. GREAT heat. One will last most folks a long time. Throw a bit in your hot wings sauce and stir fry. Very Happy with purchase.

  181. B. Handsome

    Just what I was looking for
    Nice flavor. It bring the heat

  182. a mccabe

    loved this item
    was plenty hot for this i ordered more

  183. MG

    Seriously Hot
    Seriously hot will bring tears whether you’re expecting the heat or not even if used as a seasoning in a marinade. It don’t play. Love it. Grear product. A little goes a long way so be careful.

  184. Pat & Cher M

    It’s so-so. Not as hot as anticipated
    I bought this product thinking it would be great for my husband. He was raised on spicy food and nothing I prepare for him is quite hot enough for him. I was going to use this to spice up his dishes. We excitedly test drove it as soon as we received it with tacos as a previous reviewer suggested. I used a mix of Sazon and reaper.

    Beautiful spicy taste that is definitely unique and cannot he replicated, BUT it wasn’t any hotter than jalapeños. I’m highly disappointed.

    There is a chance that I didn’t use ENOUGH of the spice (but from the heat scale and previous comments I thought being kind to our bodies was a better start) but still should have been enough to give it more of a kick than it did. We both handled it too well & im not a fan of super spicy.

    I’ll update if it changes.

  185. CHill58008

    Hot and tasty
    Carolina Reeper? More like Carolina raper. You’ll feel like that ‘ol boy in Deliverance the day after. Recommend!

  186. Anonymous

    Hottest around
    Not sure how to rate. HOT, HOT, HOT AND HOT

  187. Matt McKinney

    Spicy! Keep away from eyes
    Very spicy! I eat spicy food all the time and have no problem with it. But if I put a quarter of a teaspoon of this on something it makes it inedible. Recommend this if u want to make anything spicy

  188. Hussain

    Not as hot as the real pepper
    Hot but not as hot as a real carolina pepper

  189. Amazon user

    As advertised
    Spicy af

  190. readalot

    Pain relieving gel got a BIG kick and works great!!
    There is no way I’m going to be quaffing this stuff. I’m not ready to die from anaphylactic shock of sort. But I do have chronic muscle pain. cool ice hot ice and such just don’t do much. And doctor “prescribed stuff” doesn’t do much either.

    So I added a small smidgen of the powder into my gel. Mixed it well and applied to the area of pain. Muscle pain is replaced by burning sensation of the pepper. MUCH BETTER!! Actually the burning sensation is more of a hot feeling and quite pleasant. Works fantastic for arthritis or other joint problem.

    Heck of a lot better $$ wise and heck of a lot better in dealing with chronic muscle pain.

  191. Jim Hinds

    The real deal
    Exactly as described. It is definitely Carolina Reaper powder. Best deal for thus product on it off the internet.

  192. Zachary mcgee

    Looking for a spice?
    Exactly what I was looking for

  193. Jemenesk

    Surprisingly good and better than expected
    This is just great, powerful spicy while not chaning the flavor of the food. I WILL buy this again for as long as I live and it is available.

  194. G. L. Koo

    Super hot and tasty
    If you looking for burning, this is the one.

  195. Dan W.

    hot stuff
    great product

  196. d3n3

    I haven’t dared add this to my food, rather I bought it to use to deter deer in combination with Bobbex repellant. Holy cow – this stuff is insane. I added maybe a teaspoon to one gallon of bobbex/water mixture and started coughing immediately after I sprayed. Thumbs up for spice!

  197. JTSerene

    Pure Evil
    This stuff is the real deal. Upon opening, I got about 20 specks of this stuff on my thumb. I shook off my hand over the kitchen sink. I looked at my thumb again and there were only a few grains left. I licked my thumb and felt the burn within five seconds.
    This is going to be great for my fiery candied pecans!
    I’d like to say that I’d buy this again, but this container is likely enough for a lifetime.

  198. mark prusa

    Great Value
    Can you say “Hot?” There is enough product in the jar for me to use it Every day for 5 years. Perfect for spicing up almost anything. Careful. A little dab will do ‘ya.

  199. Miss Tiffie

    Only if you can handle super spicy!
    I’m addicted to adding this to everything. I even dip fresh veggies in it! A little goes a long way… yummy aches and sweating is worth it!

  200. Bill

    This stuff is Legit!!!
    This stuff does not disappoint!! This not a game. The name says it all. A little goes a long way. Do not try and smell btw. U will regret this.

  201. Chris

    Wowie! Who turned up the heat??
    Will put some hair on your A**..definitely packs some heat! If you’re looking to add some punch to any dish or snack, this is it. FYI, a little bit goes a long way..

  202. PartyOfFiveAndADog

    Amazing!!! Just absolutely amazing!!! I am always on the hunt for hot and nothing is ever hot enough for me. I add habenero to everything, then my fingers don’t easily wash the spice away and I’ve been known to have a burning contact. This avoids all that. Sprinkle a bit for the most amazing flavor. (I add it to take out Chines and instantly becomes 5star cuisine). Want kick….sprinkle alot. Not hot enough….put more! I ate the one chip challenge and didn’t flinch. I over sprinkled this in my salsa and headed straight for the milk. Please never go out of business and may I suggest making little travel/Togo packets?

  203. K. Brodkey

    Tres bien

  204. LadyLush

    This is great. A little does go far. The flavor is fantastic. My husband already asked me to order another one these and the ghost pepper one for him to keep at work. We are going to be using both a lot. Went great on chicken, going to make some reaper burgers and reaper chili and reaper whatever else we can think of. Definitely recommend this pepper and the price is great, worth the money for sure!

  205. vik

    Love the flavor and spice
    Love it

  206. carlos lamanna

    Algo flojo de sabor. El nivel de picor es extraordinario. No es para usar solo. Más bien. Para aumentar el picos de picantes de sabor

  207. Lukas Krul


  208. shameous o’shantie

    Be warned this is legit.
    I only add small amounts of this to food due to the heat it brings. I tried maybe half a teaspoon of this when i first got it and it was big hot and it was hot for 20 minutes and it didn’t apologize lol. If you like heat like me you will love it.

  209. eliz shockley

    If you want hot, this is it!
    I use a scant amount of this powder when I want to heat something up. I also mix it with ketchup and mayo for a wonderful fry sauce. You have to be careful though, because a little goes a long way.

  210. Anonymous

    Good flavor
    It is spicy has a good taste, unlike some habanero powder I bought that taste like stale cayenne.

  211. Jim in ak

    Love this pepper
    the second bottle of this I have received and a little goes a long way. Excellent product 10 stars if i could

  212. EJ

    Be careful. Its way hot!
    What better way to cleanse your intestinal track by passing hellfire through it. I love experimenting with chili powders and sauces to make homemade wings. This one is definitely the almighty if you have one of those friends that “can handle any spicy food.” Will order again.

  213. UnderWaterFun

    Not 100% Reaper, Not as hot as expected
    The critical reviews aren’t wrong. This is not hotter than habanero pepper powder and reminded me of a kicked up cayenne on first try. It comes nowhere close to Trader Joe’s dried Ghost Pepper flakes and is closer to some of the Ass Kiicken’ Hot Salts. I buy a lot of spicy stuff and did a side by side taste test before writing this review, Reaper powder was a let down. It may be repackaged $3 Cayenne? Buyer Beware.

  214. Z

    made me cry at first
    wicked hot at first. two weeks later not crying much any more — not sure if oxidation has killed the hot chemicals, my tolerance has gone up, or if life has beaten me down recently such that the hotness phases me less. Anyhow, still enjoyable, despite less crying since I first set tastebuds on it. Will buy again

  215. Tom

    I love it
    This will put some hair on your chest. This makes ground cayenne pepper taste like sugar. I cook with it often and moderation is key. The right amount adds plenty of spice while still bringing out the flavor of everything else. My new favorite.

  216. L. McG

    Eh. I wanted a punch me in the face, “one chip challenge” , life changing experience. What I got was habanero level heat that I could’ve gotten with a red hab.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s hot, but a fraction of the 2,000,000 Scoville I expected.

    Save your money and get 2 red habaneros and you’ll get heat with more flavor.

    Save your money and buy Dave’s Insanity or ghost pepper 10 times as hot and cheaper


    Ice cube on your tongue hot!
    This stuff is HOT! I pride myself in telling people that nothing is too hot for me, but when I got this, I sprinkled some on my hand and put the top of my tongue in it. I honestly had to go to the freezer and put an ice cube on my tongue (while my wife laughed). The flavor is a little bitter, like reapers usually are, but I’m really enjoying this stuff. The holes in the sprinkle top are a bit big, so you have to be really careful. When used properly, adds just the kick I’m looking for.

  218. Jag-Nut-E

    Too damn HOT for real food!
    I actually used this product for rodent control; I’m not about to actually put this stuff in my body!

  219. edkruzel

    Just heat
    No real flavor, just heat, and plenty of that. This came in a three pack with red tail scorpion and black sails. All have heat, the other two have a nice robust flavor. I use reaper on my front lawn to keep the neighbors dog away.

  220. Saint Peter

    Great product, great quality!
    This product is high quality, a lot of fun and taste great. Money worth! You might need milk

  221. D. Cole

    This is hot….
    This is a very in your face immediate heat that loves to affect the front of your mouth and lips. It does not take much at all to feel the effects and the more thats on it, the hotter it gets. I find this powder great in helping you to build up your heat tolerance. You can apply just a little to start then work your way to higher and higher amounts. This is a different type of heat then say an hot sauce made with extract. I find those to be much harsher with a completely different kind of burn.

    As for flavor, I dont really get much of a flavor at all out of this powder. It has a very distinctive smell though, but taste wise, not much at all.

  222. ALAN

    hot sauce powder
    this powder carry’s a lot of heat so a pinch is good for most things, this goes a long ways. !!!! and i love flavor of it and use it as a dry rub on meats.

  223. jkell

    Thumbs up
    Love it gives heat for sure

  224. Melissa and J

    It’s good
    I’ve never had a fresh Carolina Reaper Pepper. For it to be the hottest pepper in the world, I expected it to be hotter. It’s definitely spicy, but I have an extremely high tolerance for heat. Moat people probably wouldn’t be able to handle the heat.

  225. terrence ferguson

    Best hot pepper seasoning
    It’s super hot so be careful how much you add but other than that it adds the perfect heat without that chemical after taste some seasonings have

  226. E. Pruitt

    Use extreme caution
    After trying a mustard based hot sauce that used the reaper pepper, I had to try the pure powder. This product delivers on heat, flavor, and value in a big way. Please keep this product away from children and small animals as it is just about lethal.

  227. Essam

    Very hot and good taste
    I love the taste ?? it’s very hot and that what i looking for

  228. Zenith

    Hot and tasty! Very hot!
    This powder is HOT and tasty!! Not for the weak! Would definitely buy again from this seller. Nicely packaged item that came quickly.

  229. Nicholas Ansbro

    Hot stuff!
    Great product. Very hot. Will buy again.

  230. Eric Garcia

    This stuff is awesome
    Worth the money and will last forever. I use this instead of cayenne in all my food. Pretty dam hot be careful

  231. Patrick

    Easily the best amazon purchase I’ve ever made.
    I feel obligated to say that this is the best amazon purchase I’ve ever made. I love spicy food but good spicy food is difficult to make I feel like.

    Jalapeños taste good but in order to make something spicy enough, you have to use a lot and the jalapeño taste just completely takes over.

    I really don’t like the taste of habanero peppers so although it’s hot, they don’t taste very good in my opinion. Same with Ghost peppers. I just don’t like the flavor.

    So this reaper pepper seasoning, is so damn hot, that you barely have to even put a pinch of it in your food. I probably put like 30 grains of this in my ramen and it was amazing.

    Because you barely add anything at all, you get nothing but the heat which is awesome because your food actually retains its own flavors.

    I’m just so happy right now. This stuff is amazing and anyone who loves spicy food should try it out. It was like $14 on Amazon.

    I should add that I’ve only eaten one thing with this stuff on it. I’m sure this is extremely painful if you accidentally add too much. You’re literally playing with fire haha. But that is my review.

  232. Madie

    Love it

  233. Dalton

    It’s not that hot
    Not hot at all has a powdered milk taste.

  234. Heidi Beatty

    Hot but usable
    A little over a 1/2 teaspoon added to a cup of dip added some nice heat.

  235. zac

    Holy Christmas Batman!! Taste is great but wow please be careful its very. Hot to be mild about it. I use it on pizza etc just the tiniest bit will do. This will last you a very long time.

  236. Jerry Doyle

    Hot as hades!!
    Something wicked this way comes. Not for the weaker tastebuds!

  237. Angela

    I don’t know if the strength is degraded due to it being powderized but this wasn’t as hot as I was expecting. If *I* can handle it then it’s not that bad.

  238. Tom H

    Super hot
    This stuff is great. It’s very hot, even to someone who eats a ton of super hot sauces daily. You can add a small amount to anything to add plenty of heat, with only a hint of pepper flavor. You have to be careful not to accidentally inhale it, because it is very finely ground. Will purchase more when I run out.

  239. RayN


  240. Kenny L

    Look out!!
    Definitely the hottest of the hot, but with an almost sweet flavor. I love the Wicked Smoked Ghost Pepper and this is the next level. Welcome to hell!

  241. JGT

    Real Deal !!!!!

  242. Anonymous

    Don’t give this to kids or old people, they won’t wake up
    My blood pressure Spiked for 3 days and I fainted several times. Ended up in ER after sprinkling a light layer on a chip. Use at own risk. Only use for assassination of your worst enemy! It does smell good though. There’s no tasting this. It’s lava at its finest

  243. Anonymous

    Hot stuff

  244. Katie

    Super spicy goodness
    Amazing heat! You only need a dash for an entire meal. It’s gota great flavor when you don’t use too much. This will last us forever… or will it? It’s so good we use a bit in almost everything we make.

  245. matt fair

    This stuff is hot.
    As advertised. Have ordered several times, quality is consistent.

  246. Johnathan Swain

    This stuff is amazing!
    This is great on everything! I use this on everything that I can’t use my sauces or extracts on. One word to the wise from a seasoned chili head (pun intended), powdered seasonings tend to bind to pain receptors differently than sauces, and they run the risk of getting into your sinuses….which sucks

  247. Russ T

    Hot pepper fans only.
    This is the real deal!!

  248. Nate – Austin

    Anyone who says this is not hot is lying
    Some people like hot. Some are scared of it and refuse to try.
    Since I regularly put habaneros and ghost peppers on sandwiches and in mac&cheese, I thought this would be a good addition to the spice rack.

    I poured a little in my hand (less than 1/4 teaspoon), and on to my tongue from there. Hmm. Good flavor. Tastes like fresh habaneros.
    Wait for it…
    10 seconds later: Ok, it’s getting hot.
    10 seconds more: It’s really hot, and my throat feels it too. Wow!
    About 30 seconds in, I’m really feeling it. My tongue and throat are burning.
    That sensation didn’t go away for several minutes (maybe 10-15), and I eventually went to get some water (yes, I know milk soothes the burning, but it wasn’t needed).

    Since that 1st taste, I have had it a few more times. Endorphins rush each time, and it’s super hot.
    I even put it in my soup, and learned that it also makes your lips burn and the skin in the area around them turn red.

    So yes – this is HOT STUFF! Don’t be fooled by the haters!

  249. Anonymous

    Its hot

  250. bob

    It works on squirrels
    Squirrels are terrible and they hang up there pulling seeds out from feeder. It appears to be working. Birds are not affected by pepper but Squirrels are. thanks

  251. Walter R. Hudson

    This stuff is REALLY hot… Takes very little to light you up big time. Be sparing in using it.

  252. Cameron newberry

    Really spicy
    Super hot, great taste, slow burn. Will definitely buy again when I run out.

  253. Marc Morrisette

    Seriously hot
    This stuff is seriously hot. I use Dave’s Insanity Sauce like a condiment, and I regularly use 1 million scoville unit hot sauce, and even for me this was extremely hot. If you are a chilihead and you’re looking for seriously hot, this is great for the price.

  254. Zach

    Pretty hot but lacking flavor
    If you’re looking for heat and no flavor this is the spice for you. Its not bad but when compared to other spices that give more than just heat, this doesn’t compare.

  255. Anonymous

    A little goes a long way
    Lots of heat with the distinct reaper flavor. Highly recommend.

  256. John

    Not hot
    wasn’t hot. I also received a ghost pepper powder and this wasn’t even close to as hot as that. I was expecting twice the heat and got less.

  257. Roman

    Puro echar relajo con los amigos
    Muy bueno bien picante

  258. Anonymous

    Super hot
    Put a couple dashes on baby dont be scared

  259. Roger


  260. Nathan

    Powerful and great tasting
    A little dusting of this on pizza or pasta is the best for me, always thought Reaper went best with Italian food. Brings the heat and that amazing Reaper flavor to anything. Recommend to any pepper lover.

  261. robert

    This chilli pepper powder is both flavorful and spicy. It is far and above the best chili powder ive ever tasted.

  262. Mike Heinze

    This stuff add heat without a bad flavor. Love it.
    I’ve used 2 containers of this and it’s great. Adds heat without adding a bad flavor. Just be careful a little goes a long way. I’ve had the burning ring of fire several times. Way worse on the way out. I gave one to my friend and he loved it too. I’ve grown the reaper peppers too and this is pretty darn close to the hotness of a fresh pepper. It goes well in any food I’ve tried it in. My favorite is adding to corn beef hash with eggs for a yummy breakfast.

  263. Curtis

    HAWT…very hot
    Well I sprinkled this on a plate and dipped apple slices in it and it is hot that is for sure however honestly I question if it’s truly 100% pure because I was able to eat more than expected and it seems like I’ve had hotter ghost pepper salt, either way it’s good and worth the money and the flavor actually is pretty tasty… just not sure I believe it’s not mixed heavily with other peppers ……

  264. JY

    Super hot

  265. customer 7

    Great product. Great taste. Overall an excellent experience for me. Will definitely be sharing your product with others ??

  266. Nick Delgado

    The real deal.
    Wow! Just wow. This Carolina Reaper powder is the real deal! It is unlike any other chili powders and only takes the smallest bit to light up your mouth and clear your sinuses. The quality of product is fantastic as is there quantity of powder for the price. If you are looking for something new to liven up spicy foods look no further!

  267. John Mullady

    Your taste buds won’t be sorry
    Stuffs amazing. I bought a bottle of scorpion Chile from this brand. Was also very spicy. These guys deserve two thumbs up.

  268. Roy Minjarez

    Good Hot chili
    My customer like the super hot jerky. This ghost Chile is a good addition to my flavors my customer like it alot

  269. Mike

    Top notch company.
    Great product,fast delivery. Highly recommended!

  270. Joshua T.

    Hot hot hot!! Not ??% reaper per the ingredient list.
    This is spicy??????!! It has that crisp pepper taste that kind of gets lost in sauces. They also sent a bottle of their bhut kisser sauce as an add on!

  271. Trishul

    Stings like a scorpion bite.
    Take it from an Indian who loves spices – this one is ‘damn, screaming , potential fire out of your behind’ kinda hot. I put about 5 particles of this using my pinky directly on my tongue – I was sweating within seconds and my tongue went numb for about 10-15 mins. This is an execellant addition to wing sauce and unless you want to hospitalise someone, be careful about the amount you put in. This container will last a looong time and I will definitely buy once its over!

  272. Retired Taxpayer

    Hot, Hot-HOT!
    I started with a light shake on a quarter cup of bourbon sauce on chicken wings. O.K. but not hot enough. Today I’m marinating chicken legs and put a “generous” shake of “Grim Reaper” in 3/8 cup of bourbon sauce. I’m taking it easy, because in shaking the G.R. into my homemade B.S., I “breathed” in some residue. “Managia” that stuff is hot! It affected my breathing while hanging over the sink to wash the bowl I use to mix it. Will make this for supper. Thought for the day: I will try using Aleppo pepper with G.R. to see if the AP flavor comes through next time.

  273. Toasted ravs

    Very spicy, delicious Carolina reaper flavor

  274. James1

    Hot but good
    Awesome seasoning. Great if you like a lot of heat. Hot but it’s expected to be hot

  275. chase cain

    Hot as balls. smells and tastes great.
    Opened container and noticed the smell is fantastic almost like a sweet flower scent. Proceeded to lick the end of a toothpick and touched just the surface of the powder. It tasted delicious for 5 seconds, and then I spontaneously ignited into flames.

    Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
    10/10 would burn again.

  276. Talbert Pope

    Buy this powder and you will not be disappointed
    Best hot pepper in the world IMO!!!! As hot (or hotter)than you want it to be but the flavor is unmatched. Be very careful and start with a little dash in a lot of food cause the heat will slowly creep up on you and linger for a while but if you like the heat this powder is perfect cause you can control how hot it gets. Love it A+++

  277. Rich Mysteries

    Like it HOT??
    LOVE this Carolina Reaper Pepper Powder! I had been buying Ghost Pepper Powder but using it would either make me cough or sneeze! The Carolina Reaper Pepper Powder seems to be hotter and I suffer no bouts of sneezing nor coughing!

  278. John

    Heat with a micro sprinkle!
    Super hot, just a little will surprise you with the intensity hotness

  279. alma

    Is really spicy
    It’s really spicy but really delicious 👍

  280. J. Jose

    Nice product!!!
    Good product as advertised. Very satisfied.

  281. Carrie B.

    Hot, hot, hot!
    Even more delicious than described. This is so spicy and perfect. A little goes a long way.

  282. Anonymous

    Great product- wish it was cheaper

  283. Chris M

    It will make you cry.
    Got it 2 days early & this stuff is fire I would only suggest putting a very tiny amount on your food. If you think the ghost pepper is bad this really kicks in so much faster, very intense. Crying, sweating, stomach pains are all to be expected when eating this. I took a tea spoon full and personally will never attempt such savagery in my life again.

  284. Avinash kapoor

    if you very hot food
    It is very hot. Be ready when you eat it

  285. N-C-5-0

    Have a phone nearby
    Agonizingly hot. No matter how little you use, it’s too much. Does not subside with breads and/or milk. Excellent ant or aunt repellant!

  286. Janos

    If you’re looking for SERIOUS heat, this is the sruff!
    There’s no question this is exactly as advertised! This stuff packs one hell of a punch and you DO NOT need much for it to do the trick. A light sprinkle is all you need. One observation though is, at least from what I’ve noticed you mainly get the heat without really much of the taste. I’ll admit though it could be how I’ve used it so far – I’ve never used this before. The ghost chili pepper powder that I have is HOT but also has a smokey taste that I like. Overall though, no complaints at all! This stuff is NOT for the faint of heart!

  287. Seraphim

    Very hot
    Twice as hot as my smoked ghost pepper powder, as expected from the worlds hottest pepper.

  288. Bill B.

    Great seasoning!!
    Great flavor and hotter than, as my dad would have said, “hotter than a two peckered billygoat”!

  289. Matt Perkins

    Adds a Great Combo of Heat and Flavor
    I put a few shakes of this pepper in some pot roast which ended up giving it the same heat range of Tabasco sauce. But what amazed me was the flavor it offered. Usually even when I put hot sauce or hot pepper powder in my soup or other foods I still need to add both salt and pepper. Not with this stuff. Very impressive. I will be sure to order more whenever I run out.

  290. Juan S.

    It’s okay
    It’s like a step up from cayenne pepper, but without flavor

  291. Sherry P.

    Very Good
    I am a Chile Head, and love this product. Has good flavor and a good kick. For those of you not used to really hot pepper, I would test this first. I put a dab on my tongue and wow. Then about 3 minutes later….bang. Hit me like a ton of bricks. I am going to enjoy cooking with this. Highly recommend to anyone who appreciates hot pepper spice.

  292. christopher

    Heat just right
    I like it, I thought it’s gonna be extreme.

  293. jenesaiquoi

    I Like It A Lot
    This is legit extreme hot pepper. Is it Reaper? Who knows, but it very well could be. I’ve had it a few weeks and it will definitely boost the heat of whatever you’re cooking. I make my own hot sauces and my peppers weren’t quite hot enough from the garden this year. A 1/8 teaspoon of this mixed in when I open a new jar of sauce, and it gives the sauce just the right amount of kick. I’m going to buy new seeds for next year, but this Reaper powder saved the sauce that I put up (around 20 pints). It’s a great value considering what it takes to make a jar of it. I will say that it loses a little heat once it’s been opened awhile, but that happens with all hot peppers. It’s still plenty hot, and you have to respect it or it’ll get you.

  294. Big Ben

    Born and raised hot foods. Gets a 4.5 here. Good S~~t!

  295. chris

    My poor mouth lol

  296. festive squash

    Not even close
    Don’t know if I got a mislabeled bottle or if they used filler. but there is NO WAY this is 100% pure Carolina Reaper. Don’t get me wrong, its spicy. But habanero spicy. I have bought a couple of different brands of Carolina Reaper powder and this doesn’t even come close to it.

  297. Eddie Abbott


  298. Guy Hartogh

    Keep out of the reach of children
    First class heat, not for the faint hearted good flavor, use sparingly

  299. Roach

    Real deal reaper powder. Use it on everything

  300. LF Houston

    Hot, hot, hot !
    This pepper is very hot. Lives up to its name.

  301. Hear

    Hot and plenty
    Carolina Reaper powder, what else is there to say it’s good and there’s plenty of it I’ve been using it for a whole year and still halfway

  302. Ivan

    Hot Spicy Fun
    Exactly as expected. It was hot but I’m a man of spice so adding a pinch into my recipes never seems to not please me.

  303. TDenmark

    Really Brings the Heat!
    No matter how high your spicy tolerance level is this chili powder brings the fire! Does no one else like the meal as spicy as you? So you tone down the heat and make a bland dinner, but with this secret weapon you can sprinkle just a dash (and I’m warning you: use just a dash) on your serving and you’ll be reaching for something to quench the explosion in your mouth.

    And it tastes good.

  304. kasey a hancock

    Hot AF
    So damn hot! Accidentally touch your eye around this stuff and kids’ eyes will burn.

  305. westin.

    It’s hot but not what you’d expect.
    I love spicy food and trying different spices.
    Carolina Reaper was among the least flavorful super hot peppers I’ve tried its like a cayenne pepper in flavor and mouth kick.
    The real kick is the lingering heat as well as the heartburn/stomach heat. That portion of the burn is by far the most intense of any processed pepper I’ve come across.
    I’d described this one as good lingering heat / chest heat. Not much flavor as far as adding anything to a dish (good for some dishes). Best when used on flavorful foods missing spice.

  306. scott willis

    HOT!!!!! Very hot. You wont need much.

  307. jeff h

    it’s hot, but the flavor is amazing!
    I bought this as a gag joke for work and it fulfilled its intended purpose. However, we started putting it on everything from peanuts to pizza and the flavor is just excellent! It’s just a wonderful spice that is priced very nicely. Buying a second bottle for home!

  308. Minnvet

    Love this stuff!!!!
    I mainly eat my food with the Ghost Pepper powder from the same company. The Carolina Reaper is great in a jar of pickles. Just add a 1/2 tsp and enjoy. The longer they sit the hotter they are.

  309. SteeITaco

    Maybe it’s me.
    This is what I considered my “Go To” for extra heat on just about everything. I’m on what I belive my third shaker and either my tolerance has went way up or this batch is a bit underwhelming. Still warm but I like heat without a vinegar or chemical taste and this go around was a bit unimpressive. It could be my tolerance has gotten higher however.

  310. Matthew. F

    Just a tiny dash!!
    I sprinkled a tiny amount into a cheeseburger, oh wow…WOW, A little DEFINITELY goes a long way. This product is tasty and sweat inducing!! (January 2019)

    Edit: One year later I ran out a week ago and just got a new bottle in the mail, And it’s somehow a little bit hotter than the last bottle! I’ve bought three bottles in two years and I still love it!!!!

  311. B. Looney

    Great Stuff!
    I love Reaper peppers, this stuff has all the flavor and much easier to add to just about anything! Be careful as a little goes a long way. This shaker bottle should last a very long time! When I’m out I will definitely order more!

  312. Charles

    Love it
    This powder is awesome brings Heat to everything you put it on. A little bit goes a long way. I love it.

  313. D

    Not that spicy at all.

  314. M. D. Young

    This is Hot
    This is the hottest pepper I have ever come across.

  315. Bobert

    If anyone says this is not that hot they are lying. I like extremely spicy food. This does it.
    Was looking for super hot chili powder. I found it. I put a teeny tiny pinch in my bowl of chili and get way more heat than I expected. This container will last me forever being that I’m the only one in the household using it. If you want to do these crazy one chip challenges or similar. You will get way more bang for your buck making your own. Caution advised. Very pleased with this purchase.

  316. Knox4602

    Hot, very hot.
    A little bit goes a long way.

  317. Vince

    The heat that don’t retreat
    Love this reapers hot pepper powder. It’s very hot, there is nothing to not love about this product, well, except for answering the call of nature, this is awesome, if you love a hot pepper that keeps pouring on the heat after five minutes. Great company, great product. This pepper is hotter than the hinges of hell ! and yes I’m a return buyer.

  318. J. Johnson

    Great. Very hot.

  319. Jordan

    It brings the heat
    Great product

  320. moremotion

    Pain enthusiast.
    As spicy as I had hoped for. Stellar product.

  321. Dana

    I never believe companies when they say it is going to be hot, but this was such a great surprise! I LOVE spicy food and never feel like anything is hot enough but wow. This stuff is great!! I have to use it sparingly on sandwiches etc. 10/10

  322. Josh Malchman

    This stuff is just the best. Favorite seasoning bar none. Spicy, fragrant, great in any number of types of cuisine, really does not need a lot to get the kick, and can simply be cranked up if I want to sweat bullets with a good Thai curry. I will be buying this by the crate-full along with this companies other pepper powders

  323. Kamdin Gutierrez

    I’ve bought three different Carolina Reaper Powders from three different sellers, this is the third. This is the only one that has the heat I think it should. The others were hot but no more so than a poor Ghost Pepper Powder. I was looking for proper heat without having to use a ton of an expensive product, this covered both bases, something the others could not. This was the cheapest option with the biggest kick.

  324. Erica Ivy

    Mama Mia! That’s a spicy meat a ball
    It’s hard to trust hot sauce and hot chili powders these days. I call them WonderBra sauces – looks so promising, but discard the packaging and there is disappointment in store. Pictures of dragons, fire, skeletons, radioactive symbols… and yet the reality is more like a candle. I guess a candle is hot, but I want to feel the fires of hell when I see the devil on the package.

    As the official Beer Spot & Grill Super Sunday Hot Wing Challenge Champion 2018, you must agree that I am indisputably well-placed to assess the heat of this particular powder.

    The packaging features the grim reaper – a reference to the pure Carolina Reaper peppers contained therein. Upon sampling the powder, it was not the icy grip of death that I encountered, but a heat the likes of which I had never previously encountered from a chili powder. It was like french kissing Dhalsim as he performed the Yoga Flame.

    A little mixed into my chicken and rice lunch added a major kick. Be very cautious with the volume you add, these guys aren’t messing around.

  325. Theodore L.

    A little goes a long way
    Warning: do not use this powder with a heavy hand. ????????????

  326. David Winter

    Potent and painful, use responsibly!
    A tiny tap on the bottle spices an entire plate with heat and flavor. Use responsibly, more than 1/4 of a teaspoon is WAY too much.

  327. Matt Johnson

    Fear the Reaper!
    After doing several extreme heat challenges, I decided I needed some Reaper in my daily life as a means of taking my every day foods to the level of insanity. I purchased this powder as an addition to my regular seasonings, and the flames my tongue experienced did not disappoint! I use this on pizza, in chili, anywhere you would usually use regular chili powder as a replacement. The difference is, the intense heat kicks everything up to 10. Great product! I’ll definitely buy again!

  328. britt farni

    loved it

  329. jeep09

    All I can say is ” This is hot as H—“.

  330. Scam Reviews

    Honest review (Ha just kidding I’m just making you waste your money)
    Honestly this Is one of the best products I have bought online. 100% Carolina Reaper with no filler, I don’t know if there will always be free shipping but I it arrived in 2 days. This is some seriously hot stuff that will leave all you weak coloned chilly heads with firehole for days at a time. 10/10 would buy again.

  331. David L. Jones

    Butt Burner
    A little bit goes a long way. Hot stuff

  332. Ricky Shelton

    Best Chili Powder Available
    Great flavor. I have high blood pressure and need to cut back on my sodium intake from all the hot sauce I use. This took a little time to find my tolerance but once I did, I now use it on everything. It is definitely hot so be careful. In small doses it adds a wonderful flavor to any meal. Will definitely reorder.

  333. Robert Wilson

    Three Stars
    It is good and hot. But it lacks overall flavor.

  334. david slaymaker

    Its got a perfect grind. Just the right size, not clumpy, ect. It is certainly HOT! If you need some powdered heat, this one will do it for ya!

  335. RobmarC

    It’s Hot!! Excellent!!

  336. Yea I’m high

    Super hot put my cuz down for 2 days but he said it ruined the flavor of what he was eating lol

  337. marie r.

    Very potent! Love it!
    You get a strong kick with a few sprinkles (and take it from someone who is addicted and highly tolerant of spicy!)
    The spicier the better
    This is my new go to from now on!
    Love love love

  338. Customer #42

    :Lots of heat, and doesn’t disrupt the flavor of whatever you add it too.

  339. Chad Washburn

    Very good value. You can use this for many meals effectively. If you’ve never had this, start off slowly. Build up until you learn your own tolerance and what quantity is sufficient for you personally. This is a great product and I’ll buy it again when I run out.

  340. Amazon Prince

    This is amazing! This is my first time buying California Reaper Chilli powder so I cannot say if this is actually the Reaper but I know it is very good. First thing I did was smell it and it has a delicious, fresh tangy fruity smell. Next, I used a tiny amount, just a sprinkle, on my freekeh & beans and it was HOT! I do believe this is the real deal because of how hot it was compared to the tiny amount that I used. Definitely recommend.

  341. Will

    Hot and spicy…a little goes a long way but adds spice to lots of dishes.

  342. David Scioli

    Very hot
    Very hot powder and I love it

  343. STEVE

    It’s the real deal
    This stuff is the real deal. I knew it was hot going in, so I sprinkled just a little bit on my chicken. My lips were tingling for 15 mins. This stuff is for the pros. Tread lightly my friends.

  344. Yvonne Sandoval

    Very Hot and good!
    The ONLY thing I found for my salsa customers who like it VERY hot!!

  345. J.T.

    woooo WHAT a Punch!!
    At my office we like to try out different spicy hot sauce and seasoning. This one truly packs a punch not a complete knock out but one that you will feel for a bit. If you are looking for a spicy seasoning this is it. Guess not really a seasoning just grounded up Carolina Reaper peppers no taste to it.

  346. Dason

    was expecting it to be really hot but kinda just mild even the lady thought was pretty mild. dont get me wrong has some heat …
    really not that hot. was expecting it to be really hot but kinda just mild even the lady thought was pretty mild. dont get me wrong has some heat but not enough to be scary and or anything like that.

  347. DonSanAnto

    Beware, the Reaper cometh…
    It’s HOT, very HOT, just the way I like it; however, one should tread lightly with this wicked powder. Whenever I sprinkle other spice powders I simply shake the container vigorously over the dish but not with this puppy –I highly recommend shaking gingerly and try to count the powder specks…

    I used some on an avocado half, some homemade soup and on some ‘barbacoa’ (beef) tacos and the Reaper is a good compliment but not meant to be used generously unless one if fond of breathlessness or gastrointestinal malfunctions.

    I recommend the buyer to first taste it by first licking one’s index finger and sprinkling a bit of powder on it and then licking it off a bit at a time. I also having a glass of water nearby just in case.

    I eat and cook with Serrano peppers all the time ’cause Jalapeños are too mild but I already know I won’t ever eat/cook with Reapers on the same scale.

  348. GardenFreaK

    Three Stars
    hot but not flavorful enough

  349. gary f. burns

    This is perfect for me
    This is perfect for me. Just a tiny bit of this is enough to spice up any
    dish. So I don’t get any flavor from the pepper. Just heat. And this one
    is all about heat. I’m not sure if it is enough for the SUPER hot eaters though!

  350. Mr. Al

    It might as well be pepper spray without liquid
    Hellfire in a can

  351. Mike

    give food a little kick
    Hot but great taste

  352. Seth Crosby

    Pure heat
    Just pure, controllable heat. Very little taste. A must-have for the true pepper-head.

  353. Anonymous

    Two Stars
    It was alright i thought it would be hotter

  354. Macglen

    Five Stars
    holy hot

  355. Anthony whalen

    Very pleased
    I am very pleased with this . I just made a meat loaf out of deer meat and sprinkled it on top and it had a very good taste the only down fall is . I have eaten these peppers and it was not as hot as I expected it to be .

  356. stephen j mcdonald

    Five Stars
    Good product; good value

  357. Kevin M.

    Love it!
    I add a little to my chili and it’s fantastic! Great flavor, it only takes a tiny amount to taste the flavor and the heat. Good stuff.

  358. William Siber

    Hot and Dangerous
    Love this stuff. Super hot and a little goes a long way. I add a dash to most of my proteins that I cook to give it a nice kick.

  359. able

    Three Stars
    Dont be stingy with it.

  360. Taras Kasprik

    Wery nice smell and taste
    Firts time eating the Carolina Reaper (powder). Wery nice smell and taste, wery hot, wery wicked! I’m in melting love!

  361. Qdogg

    I am hooked on this stuff. Put it on everything! It actually has a decent amount of heat but yet has good flavor and enhances whatever you put it on. Wish it can in a larger size.

  362. polson

    Five Stars
    if you like it hot, here you go!

  363. marvin schinske

    … hot a little goes a looooong way hoooooot but good
    This stuff is hot hot hot a little goes a looooong way hoooooot but good

  364. UBME

    Great product
    Amazing flavor and amazing after taste will buy again not hot at all so enjoy it

  365. CP

    Awesome pepper powder. Put it on everything… A little goes a long way. I like hot and spicey and this delivers.

  366. cory j leitch

    Five Stars
    Super hot but good product

  367. Kyle Meier

    Five Stars
    its hot.

  368. Karen M.

    Four Stars
    Not as hot as I expected and I’m weak when it comes to heat

  369. Aquamarine

    Five Stars
    It’s exhilarating and I love it and it’s hot as Hades.

  370. Karl Hungus

    Great product.
    I bought this stuff to make my own one chip challenge chips because the prices are ridiculous for just one chip.
    Works great. This stuff is hot and one tiny sprinkle (20 tiny grains) is enough for anyone.
    I started adding a few sprinkles into home made salsa. The reaper powder has an excellent smoky and almost fruity flavor.

    Highly recommended.

  371. Rob

    Five Stars
    If you like to cry from spicy food, this is what you want!

  372. Kindle Customer

    jeepers creepers, ya gonna like tha reaper
    Ooh yeah. This bottle gonna last me some good time. Jest a little bitty shake and oh Mama!

  373. Justan alan garza

    Great flavor to everything.
    Very hot, very good flavor. Love it.

  374. Sam

    It has chili peppers as a filler. This should be way hotter!

  375. Anonymous

    Brutally hot. Definitely Carolina Reaper.
    Ever since I completely owned the One Chip Challenge (no milk or other heat remedy needed) I’ve been excited to experience that same level of heat again. This powder is it. Even small amounts will ruin you. Use sparingly as it is very unforgiving. At the right amounts though the taste and heat are sublime.

  376. Michael Clough of Delaware

    Top quality and good and hot….
    Great on any food….love this stuff….will buy more….

  377. thewolfs

    Great way to get heat on your food but be …
    Almost too hot. Great way to get heat on your food but be careful.

  378. Tina

    … bought this mostly as a joke but it is fantastic. I just got it last week so I …
    I bought this mostly as a joke but it is fantastic.I just got it last week so I haven’t done much with it yet. I tried it first on scrambled eggs. But the real winner was avocados with an egg in the middle. Took the whole thing up a notch.

  379. Stephen J

    Four Stars
    got a little kick

  380. Mister G

    It’s exactly as advertised
    I’m a spice freak that can’t ever get enough. I like this because it is versitle enough to add to things when sometimes you don’t want to add a “hot sauce” per se to spice things up.

    I had a sandwich from my local deli the other day that came with a side of macaroni salad. I added a couple shakes of this ground up Carolina reaper to it and it was the best Mac salad I’ve ever had.

  381. bob

    Real good flavor for adding to a chili
    WORTH IT!!! Real good flavor for adding to a chili!

  382. Rad5030

    Five star for hotness!!!
    Trust me a little goes a very long way! I will love to share this with people who want their chicken wings extra extra hot… LOL highly recommended with stipulation use sparingly. Enjoy

  383. Jennitalia

    VERY Spicy – I love it
    I LOVE this stuff – I put it on almost everything I eat. I am on my second bottle, now, and I plan to buy more when I run out. A great way to add lots of spice to foods without changing the flavor of the food too much.

  384. Darrin Brackett

    Not really sure what it is but its not Carolina reaper. I am no pepper expert but I would shop elsewhere.


    Five Stars

  386. Adam

    Great taste, great heat!
    On my second order and will continue to order from here as I run out. Quality is great. I put it on/in most foods/soups. I used ghost pepper before obtaining this and will not go back!!

  387. Casey

    It has a smokey sweetness that is great on meat
    It’s surprisingly flavorful. It has a smokey sweetness that is great on meat. I use this on my salmon that I make for lunch. Be warned it is super super hot and the burn can last 30 minuets or longer. Use it sparingly, you can always add more!!

  388. Michael T. Tretick

    Hot Stuff
    Great stuff! If you like spicy, this will blow your mind!

  389. VL

    Will be purchasing again and again. Love the flavor and the heat!
    This is the real deal. The description says 1.5 oz. but the jar I got is 2 oz. I’m not complaining about getting more because this is great stuff. Very good flavor too. I love ghost peppers and make my own puree with them to get really hot sauce. This stuff leaves ghost pepper in the dust! Be careful with it. Burns for a while. Heat builds up too. I put about 1/8 teaspoon in a big bowl of chili that was mild. The first bite had awesome flavor. I was sweating by the end of the bowl. The heat stays a good 10 minutes and then starts to fade. Reaper is supposed to be about 2 times the heat of ghost, and I would say that’s right where I put this. Friends tried it and bought their own.

  390. Lucas Kirby

    10 dollars for this bottle will last you years! Amazing!
    Oh, my hell! Not only is it the hottest powder I’ve put on anything in my life, but it actually has a pleasant smell and I really like the taste. I put hot things on just about every meal if it’s appropriate. I have no doubt that I’ll get 10 years out of this bottle if I do so. I’m not exaggerating. It’s unbelievably potent.

  391. Upgrade Taos Computers

    Awesome Carolina Reaper spice. Very hot.
    Delicious and HOT. Eat enough and prepare for the next morning fire.

    These are GREAT, pure reaper heat and flavor

  392. Asanawa

    yummy and HOT!
    yummy and HOT! The taste is amazing and the heat is a slow, volcanic creep of heat.

  393. Justin D

    Not for the faint of heart
    This is so amazing! Has some great heat and good flavor.

  394. Bryan Campbell

    Very hot
    I bought it for my nephew for Christmas and he tried it and just a couple grains all it was very hot

  395. Allan powell

    Somebody toucha my Spaghet
    I like it but I do believe it needs to be paired with something else as it’s not a stand alone spice. It did help make some very very good beef jerky and has spiced up some devils spit BBQ sauce. It is something every dude should have in his spice arsenal.

  396. Sarah

    I like that it is in the form of powder
    This is not for the faint of heart! If you’re looking for something hot, you have found it here. I like that it is in the form of powder; it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, stores easily and will last a long time. I have a dozen boys who LOVE hot sauce. We have tried man, and they say Carolina Reaper Chili Powder is the best!

  397. Avery

    Five Stars
    Just like the one chip challenge

  398. Ghislaine Roelant

    A little goes a long way. When ghost pepper …
    A little goes a long way. When ghost pepper no longer was enough, I turned here. Just a 1/16 of a teaspoon in a bowl of a dish will be enough most times. Have some milk and carbs ready when you first get it until you figure out where your limit is.

  399. Anonymous

    It’s gotta kick 🙂
    I left a bad review from my last order but this batch, HOLY CRAP! Great flavor, great heat and a great price! I’m so happy and my jerky is marinating as I post this. There are gonna be some burning rectums. Hence my jerky maybe Rectum Wrecker. Will order from again without a doubt. Thank you.

  400. Stephen S.

    Four Stars
    Good taste. A little bit goes a long way

  401. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    Nice and hot with a good muted flavor.

  402. Yukon

    Used half of this product and the heat is only …
    Used half of this product and the heat is only average. Had a similar product from The Pepper Shop and it was hotter than heck. This may be fake.

  403. YAY!

    Nice, a little goes a long way. if you like heat without an overwhelming pepper flavor this is great!

  404. Andrew

    Excellent heat addition to foods with minimal to no added flavor.
    Dosage needs to be very carefully managed. A dash added to a plate of food is enough for a reminder visit to the bathroom later. A spoonful may help you see into the future.

  405. sabigmike

    Five Stars
    I guess you ask for what you get! This stuff is HOT real HOT just be prepared.

  406. Z

    Five Stars
    Great product! Extremely hot, nice reaper flavor. I would recommend it.

  407. MerankU

    Great taste and will be buying again!
    Great taste!!!!

  408. Chris Shoup

    this is perfect. This is one of the few hot-related things …
    As a person who loves spice to a point of excess/pain, this is perfect. This is one of the few hot-related things where I have to limit myself from having too much. It really brings out the flavors of any food I sprinkle it on, my favorites being mexican, chili, and italian… But it can really replace or be added to any dish you’d put regular pepper on.

  409. A. Seeling

    Good taste, just less than what i expected for heat.
    Not really good at explaining it, but it isnt as hot as a expected after 2 meals with it. Still leaves a little tingle in the mouth, but i pair it with ghost pepper salsa and that burns quite a bit. i will say, i am fairly used to habanero to ghost pepper, i wanted to try and expand upwards. so you know the context of me saying it lacked heat.

  410. db

    Good Groceries for Goodness Saks
    Shake a little on my burrito….NICE

  411. Anonymous

    Description misleading!!
    This is not very hot!!! I bought this to replace my smokin edds reaper powder. Ed’s appears to be out. To get the same burn i use about 4 times more of this milder stuff then i do Edd’s. Now with that said the flavor is good and it’s easy enough to add more. I would have given 5 stars but i hate misleading descriptions.

  412. Anonymous

    Wow just got it at 3:02pm and it good,. I got just a little pinch and it burned my tongue so not bad but i could have got the same stuff cheaper o well

  413. Anonymous

    I love it. Just remember to wash hands before touching …
    You can just sprinkle a little on something and it will be no hotter than tobacco, but the more you add, the hotter it gets, I love it. Just remember to wash hands before touching any *ahem* sensitive parts of your body or you’ll regret it…

  414. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    super hot

  415. ferry

    Five Stars
    Super spicy

  416. alana gillooly

    good stuff. use it on a lot of stuff.
    super hot just need dash. we are a spice loving family though. trust me my tolerance is just need a dash.

  417. Alma R. RoJo

    I believe its spicer than before!!

  418. Brandon Czerwinski

    Exceptional flavor and High heat!
    This is what i excepted nice amount of heat at a fraction of the price compared to others selling the same pepper. A little truly goes a long way with this pepper. Exceptional flavor and heat

  419. Atlanta Jack

    VERY hot stuff without the chemical taste
    This stuff is REALLY hot, but it doesn’t have that “chemical taste” of some hot spices. It’s delicious in the right proportions.
    I make a standard egg and sausage casserole with a dozen eggs and a pound of ground sausage (maple sausage) and along with the other ingredients, I use 1/8 teaspoon of this pepper. That’s right … a dozen eggs and sausage and I add only 1/8 teaspoon of this stuff. And that amount is just fine to season the entire casserole. It’s not fiery hot, of course, but even that small amount is adequate to season that whole casserole.
    Of course, more can be added if you want to make a “joke” or a “challenge” dish, but in small amounts, this can be a fine seasoning and a great addition to casseroles, stews, chili, etc.

  420. Fister

    This is my favorite pepper.

  421. lee a dewitt

    Fantastically HOT
    Finally something almost too hot for me. Will definitely buy this again. A little goes a long way!

  422. Anonymous

    Extremely spicy chili powder! I was tired of my 100,000 scoville powder and wanted something spicier. This product certainly delivered on that!

  423. Sarah Lohry

    Hotter bu not to hot still are to able to enjoy the flavor

  424. Kevin Reel

    Great pepper. Good flavor. My husband love spicy food and salsa. I put 50 jalapenos on my slasa but not enough for him so I ordered carolina reaper and put 4 more tablespoon on my salsa and turned are awesome.

  425. Anonymous

    Good taste, some heat, but not too hot if you’re used to heat.
    I like the taste. I’ve brought this to work and have been pouring it on everything. It’s almost gone now, so I’ll need another soon. It gives me some burn, but I wouldn’t really call it hot. If you’re not a pepperhead, you’ll probably cry, but for those of us who regularly have reaper-based sauces, it’s just a nice little burn for when you’re not near the good stuff. Goes really well mixed with mustard.

  426. Scott

    Fantastically spicy,
    Real deal, as you can imagine a little goes a long way, put this on your nachos, and it’s fantastic for tolerance building, I put this on all of my food now, love the taste, I grow caroling reapers at home so I can tell you this is definetly real and great at adding an extra spike to home made hot sauce

  427. Anonymous

    Really Awesome!
    I rarely write reviews, but really like this stuff. Hotness wise it beats the Habanero options (many of which I like) that are out there. I also really like the flavor. I’ve tried scorpion and just didn’t like the flavor – but this was a complete win from first taste. Taste is of course a personal preference, but I was just surprised how much I liked it and wanted to give them a very positive review!

  428. Barbara J Fox

    Hubby loves this stuff
    I bought this for my husband. He absolutely loves it! I’m not a Chili-head like he is but I tasted it and it has a very nice flavor. At the rate he’s using this I’m sure I’ll be ordering more sooner than I thought!

  429. Eric Div

    great taste but beware
    great taste but beware, use very little and don’t be macho and show off. this powder is the hottest in the world so dont forget that. just a couple of light taps will bring you tears.

  430. michael macchia

    Five Stars
    This is no joke. It’s the real thing. Just a pinch in a pot of chili will do ya…

  431. Gator

    Five Stars
    Good and hot.

  432. Nefertiti

    Five Stars
    Loved it!!

  433. Anonymous

    Hot can even describes this
    Only the brave will ever try this and will regret it soon after

  434. eBae

    My friends tell me the head is awesome on the jerky
    Bought this to add to my beef jerky ive been making. I was worried that it wouldnt be spicy after reading some reviews, boy was i wrong…. I added half a tablespoon to 6lbs of meat and its still very spicy. My friends tell me the head is awesome on the jerky.

  435. Anonymous

    Five Stars

  436. Jon E. Nissen

    Five Stars
    They are as HOT! Use with caution.

  437. Harley H

    Reaper chili
    I made a 3 quart batch of chili and added reaper until the heat was right – 2 teaspoon. I normally use 3 tablespoons of habanero powder. It has great heat but taste was just OK.

  438. Duane A. Harrell

    good and HOT!
    I like hot and this fits the bill. be careful if you are not used to pepper this hot. it will put the hurt on you. love it!

  439. arthur fortner

    Five Stars
    Great powder

  440. comfyshoes

    The last jar I bought was very good. But they have begun mixing it with other …
    Obviously not pure Carolina Reaper. The last jar I bought was very good. But they have begun mixing it with other peppers for filler. I’ll go ahead and use it…. shouldn’t take long. I guess we’ll have to look for a label that says “100% pure”.

  441. Glenn Psychopath MacKay

    Very Good, & Very Spicy
    This Stuff Just Like Scorpion Powder Chili Spice Seasoning Trinidad Moruga Pepper Powder Alone Will Burn Your Mouth, & Tongue. It Will Make Your Eyes Water, & Is Very Hot/Spicy. It Is Also Good With Scorpion Powder Chili Spice Seasoning Trinidad Moruga Pepper Powder, & Other Seasonings.

  442. Kindle Customer Brenda

    Hot hot hot
    Hot as hot can be. I use it for making beef jerky for friends and family they love it to hot.

  443. GreenMan

    Tread with caution
    If your looking for heat this will fit the bill! All I’m saying is a little goes a LONG way. Try very little it is way hotter than ghost pepper and creeps up on you. If your into eating fire though I would buy for sure! I loved it.

  444. fen23

    This has the heat I crave!
    Great heat! Fast shipping. I’d like to say this will last me a while, but I put it on just about everything. Will buy again…and again!

  445. Drums and Life

    I like to combine it with some ghost pepper liquid sauce …
    Come on. this is some spicy stuff. If its not spicy, shake some more out. you’ll feel it. I like to combine it with some ghost pepper liquid sauce for added intensity.

  446. Auzzy

    Edible I.E.D.
    Don’t use on a pizza. It sounds good but don’t do it.

  447. fb.masterikey

    Now that’s Hot ??
    Yes I love spicy food and this was great, came right on time earlier than the estimated date

  448. T. M. Sowell

    Just a few grains are enough for a person to …
    Just a few grains are enough for a person to gasp to catch your breath and gulp a big glass of milk. Try eating a banana before trying it. Bananas is what competition eaters eat before spicy food.

  449. Anonymous

    I’ve eaten reapers. Maybe I’m used to the hot stuff I’ve subjected myself to. It seems deluded a little bit. Still packs a punch for newbies. Bit I expected more

  450. Shopper

    I think I received a bad batch, because this is not as hot as it should be.

  451. Daniel C Williams

    Great product for a confirmed pepper head.
    If you like spicy, you will love this. A little is all it takes.

  452. StarPathOne

    Great smoky, spicy heat flavor when a hot sauce just won’t do!
    Excellent product and has that great smoky, spicy flavor and of course the serious heat of the Carolina Reaper pepper. I use this on foods where a hot sauce wouldn’t really work. You get more pure pepper flavor that most hot sauces in my opinion. Its great in salsas, chili, hot dogs and sausages, anything Mexican, bleu cheese dressing on salads, wings, fish, and all kinds of sauces like aiolis or even for a slight kick to beurre noir, or vinaigrettes. Use very, very sparingly until you build up a heat tolerance or it WILL bite you.

    Please don’t use this on animals. Cayenne is bad enough for them, (and works just fine), as this is a whole different level of pain for any animal, human or otherwise. Be kind.

  453. warren

    Five Stars
    nice and strong

  454. D. Young

    Fast Non-prime shipping and an amazing flavor from this pepper.
    The flavor of this is amazing. It just smells wonderful. I haven’t tested the heat straight up, but I find I can tolerate it very well. I sprinkled a modest amount in a soup and it added a wonderful kick. I would have had to add about 3x as much ghost chili pepper to get the same heat level, and that would have made the soup only taste like ghost chili pepper.

    Reason I mention the heat is that I felt the jump between ghost chili pepper and this would be too much. I know tolerance is very user dependent. But for those of you who love ghost chili pepper or something comparable, then you shouldn’t fear trying this out. This is not something you just take for the macho-ness of it. Like I said, the flavor is just great.

    The bottle is kinda cheapish, so I put it in a clean, empty spice bottle that is much more durable. I’m not knocking anything off for a bottle that is fully functional.

    The shipping was fast. I didn’t have Prime shipping available for this product, but it still came within a couple days. No guarantee for other buyers, but the sellers are certainly compentant at moving their product.

    Edit: March 28, 2017, this has heat!

  455. hussen albandri

    Five Stars

  456. Filburt_Turtle

    The people who say this isn’t hot are either a) lying b) crazy c) have no feeling in their mouths or d) they got a bad batch.
    Hot and tasty! The people who say this isn’t hot are either a) lying b) crazy c) have no feeling in their mouths or d) they got a bad batch. Not only is this super hot but it’s got a great unique flavor. A must for chili heads.

  457. R. Kline

    Spice Snob Approved
    First off I love spice in everything so I consider myself a spice snob of sorts. But liking my food spicy doesn’t mean I’m picking products to try to win some sort of competition on spice level. I actually like spices to have lots of heat but not just make you burn. This spice for me is a perfect spice level to enhance all of your favorite foods. I actually have a container of this in my car and anytime I am out at a restaurant I bring this with me. It has way more flavor and heat that you will find with the typical siracha (rooster) stuff you get at all the Asian restaurants. It’s way hotter and more flavorful than that Cholula hot sauce from Mexico. I also like that you can add more than a sprinkle and it will not ruin your dish. It definitely is not as hot as the bhut Jolokia powders out there but I like the flavor much better. It also will last you a while (unless you a major pepper fanatic) so it’s actually a good value for the amount of uses you will get. Best in soups and stews but it goes with everything. I’ve even sprinkled it on a salad and it tastes great.

  458. Anonymous

    Four Stars
    Great flavor and spice. Not for the faint of heart

  459. Shantel Pionke

    Five Stars
    Tolerable and tasty for my spice-loving Hubby.

  460. KAL-EL

    Warning…EXTREMELY HOT!!!
    I am a chili head and this stuff is H.O.T! Man, just a few sprinkles and that is all you need. Wow this stuff is hot, hot, hot! Do not think you can just order this and spread it on your pizza like you do them red chilli flakes the pizza place gives you in a packet. This stuff will burn a hole right through your pizza!
    Awesome stuff.

  461. Arielle

    Hottest in the world indeed!!
    HOTTTT stuff lol

  462. N F

    Hot stuff.
    Pretty darn good. A little peps it up a lot but I just don’t think it’s quite the hottest in the world. I’ll buy it again.

  463. Anonymous

    Great stuff
    Spicy. My father and I put the “Death Powder” in our gumbo. It was very spicy and actually a little makes gumbo taste great. He hasn’t used it again but that’s fine, it wast sort of a “gag” gift. Lol

  464. Darren Jones

    I really like this shake. I have recently ran out of Blairs death rain and because they do not make it anymore, have been trying to find something comparable to the same heat and taste. This has not disappointed I am a person that uses Daves Insanity for breakfast and knows the value of a good tasting pepper in any form. This dry form of Carolina Reaper has given me some good insight as to what the actual pepper taste like. YES, I havn`t actually tasted Carolina Reaper off the vine. I live in “unfortunately” Indiana where we do not have anything grown or delivered but cayenne jalapeno or fortunately habanero.Never the less I have grown my own Ghost peppers. This makes the cut for sure!!!

  465. Nick

    This seasoning is hot and creeps up on your taste buds with hellish fires. I enjoy it. 🙂

  466. Mary Joiner

    Five Stars
    Love it

  467. Carl Starwalt

    So nothing is too hot huh ?
    As soon as I catch my breath, I will tell you how hot this stuff is…Wow ! added a crap load of this to some ghost pepper nuts….This is what I give to all the tough guys that nothing is too hot…. this is brain altering hot !!

  468. Cesar

    Three Stars
    I didn’t know…. The last time I bought it was a bit hotter but now, not so much.

  469. Bill

    This stuff is hot!!!!! It rocks

  470. zack alexander

    This stuff made me cry….
    This stuff made me cry, not because it was hot, but because it wasn’t. I poured this stuff on jalapenos to mild them down. Exaggeration aside I tried a few specs at first. I could taste it but wasn’t hot so I stepped it up to a pinch and still very mild. I then poured some in hot water hoping I could draw as much spice as possible out of it. Made a concentrated paste from it. I ended up unfortunately disappointed. I compared it to a jalapeno and the jalapeno was definitely hotter. To bad it doesn’t have a good taste either. I believe I got ripped off with a mild chili powder instead of Carolina reaper powder.

  471. Shaun

    Second bottle better
    The first bottle wasn’t very hot but the second one was. Everyone (soldiers) loves this stuff. I’ll reorder again. Very flavorful. Be careful not to breathe it in.

  472. Anonymous

    This thing is hot like no joke
    The description says 1.5oz but the shaker is actually 2oz which is a plus! This thing is hot like no joke! When it’s coming out the other end …oh god it’s like the devil is having his way with you back there.

  473. Larry

    Did I mention Hot.
    This is great and hot. Did I mention hot? Well it is. I purchased this Reaper three times.The first time was a shock of how hot it is. I dared everyone to try while laughed my bass off . The second purchase was not as hot as last time, like some of the other reviews. But still hotter than most other things. Maybe the blend was older, I do not know. But you can rest assured my third purchase was hot as hell. I am used to the Carolina pepper now, I can even drink lava and eat burning wood simultaneously now.

  474. Zpence

    Five Stars
    Great taste awesome heat!

  475. Anonymous

    Yes, it’s quite hot.
    Got the product the other day. Fast shipping. Very hot. 5/5.

  476. Anonymous

    Four Stars
    Very good product. I tried it in my homemade beef jerky and it came out great.

  477. Gigmaster

    This stuff is awesome! Great flavor, sand plenty of heat. Very economical, because you can only use a pinch at a time.

  478. L. T. Spence

    Hottest Spice Ever

  479. Miguel Contreras

    I swear i love spicy things. This isnt pure carolina reaper powder but it still adds a huge kick to your food. Loooovvvvveee it

  480. Anonymous

    Hot Stuff!
    Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Powder Wicked Reaper World’s Hottest Chili Pepper Great product – spicy hot as described. Will definitely purchase again! Great vendor also!


    Great Anonymous Gift for Friends and Enemies!

  482. Edwin

    Five Stars
    Nice heat – I use it on everything!

  483. Murf the Surf

    Very good
    HOT But Good

  484. Warren Malcolm

    Spicy stuff.
    This pepper is pretty spicy, you only need to use minute amounts. Put it in your spaghetti or rice, any meat you want to season real spicy, this is your pepper. It’ll last a long time since you don’t need to use much. Highly recommended!

  485. Palgume

    Nowhere near where it supposed to be hotness wise!
    This pepper is hot. however it’s nowhere near hot enough to be called Carolina reaper. I have ghost pepper that’s three times as hot as this one I expected way more from this this product. whoever wrote this is like hot lava is hundred percent wrong and never tried the real reaper pepper. The product is good but nowhere near as hot as it should be. I used half a teaspoon on the small tiny bunch of beans and they were hot but not Carolina reaper hot. I’m sorry I cannot recommend this as the hottest pepper in the world to anyone!!!!!

  486. Jean

    It comes in a nice, easy to open package. You need that, because this is lethal stuff! The flavor is wonderful. And it IS very hot. We love it!

  487. Uncle Ott

    This stuff is awesome! It gives you the full range of as huch heat as you want, with a nice light & subtle flavor.
    I love it! It’s HOT!!!! (you don’t need much!), but still, it adds some nice flavor, too. The label verbiage varies a bit, but it’s the same stuff. Adds as much heat as you want. Test it out SLOWLY, using just a tiny bit. I did just that, and found that that was the perfect amount. This is definitely good stuff!

  488. Rosemarie Pochron

    Five Stars
    The very best you can buy!!

  489. M. Mccollough

    Very good pain, good, good pain. Love it

  490. Kerry

    I especially like it for bowls of soup
    Very hot. Sprinkle lightly. I especially like it for bowls of soup.

  491. Emily Doran

    Spiciness level = perfect
    I wish I could give this seasoning more stars! I’m a spicy-food addict – finally I’ve discovered a seasoning that satisfies my heat-craving! This ounce and a half bottle was gone in a few weeks; I will certainly be ordering again soon!

  492. trailrunner

    Great spice
    I find the heat varies with the foods I use it on. It can be hot or it can be spicy and flavorful. If you want just pain and no enjoyment or flavor, you’ll have to use quite a bit. The heat also tends to creep up. My favorite use is in my spicy broccoli beef recipe.

  493. bob

    It is 2 the hottest!!
    I used to buy Tobasco by the gallon. This stuff has cut that need in half. It brings the heat and the sweat beads on command.This pepper has a pretty good flavor to it and wont cramp you up like satans blood. I’m on my third shaker of Reaper. Every one in my house has been “got”. Now I only have to threaten that something has been “Reapered” before I put it in the fridge ; )

  494. NastyB

    Not as hot as i thought but not bad at all.
    It’s fairly hot and it doesn’t add any flavor whatsoever to food so if that’s what you’re looking for right on. It’s supposed to be hotter than the ghost pepper but I found that this powder isn’t at all. In the real world Carolina Reaper is hotter but not in this powder form i have to add way more of this to make things hot.

    The smoked ghost pepper powder from Kiva adds an amazing flavor to food if you’re looking for actual taste as well as heat the Kiva Ghost Pepper powder is WAY hotter than this.

  495. phillip lendenbaum

    Buy This
    Skeptical at first but this stuff is REALLY HOT. GREAT VALUE. I can handle a lot of heat and I only use a sprinkle with this stuff.

  496. Michael


  497. Jason

    Very Hot
    lots of fun, very hot

  498. Amy S Douglass

    Flavor and heat, very nice
    This is hot, very hot, however by starting small (just a few flakes) and working up gradually spice tolerance builds. I now add this to slow cooker recipes, eggs and other foods that benefit from a solid “kick.” I regret not taking it hiking, to add to freeze dried meals. The seasoning adds distinct flavor and heat. Thus regular spice jar container should last a long time. Start slow and work up. Impress your friends.

  499. Casey Jones

    Five Stars

  500. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    It’s hot as hell! Really loving it!

  501. Anonymous

    Only need to add a little amount to food, it’ll add heat without overpowering the flavor of your food. At least in my experience of using it.
    For me it will last for a long time.

  502. John Hauskins

    Enjoy with caution
    This is seriously hot pepper powder. You need to use it sparingly and with rubber gloves on. Please remember NOT to rub your eyes after touching this spice in any way. You could be injured!!

    Food wise. Try just ONE small amount first and then, if not hot enough for you, try a small another. It is MUCH hotter than Habanero. So, use your own judgement when using it. A little goes a long way.

    It meets the hot hot criteria.

    Enjoy with caution.

  503. glenkissel

    So disappointed. What a rip-off
    Seriously? There is no way that this is carolina reaper. I put this plain on my tongue and it does not seem much hotter than a habanero. So disappointed. What a rip-off.

  504. Lazyboy

    Yep -it’s HOT!
    Absolutely wonderful.
    You can control how hot you want your stuff.
    I love to sprinkle it on lightly oiled raw cashews with a little salt, and then roast the cashews. Hot and delicious.

  505. Anonymous

    Five Stars
    this stuff is hot!

  506. Anonymous

    very happy. Great for toilet paper prank
    Plenty of heat….very happy. Great for toilet paper prank….hahahaha!!!

  507. Andy

    Awesome ingredient. Will order more soon.
    Great on beef jerky.

  508. Albert Lowery

    Just right on the amount of heat, great flavor too!

  509. mario genovese

    Four Stars
    love this item

  510. todd borgmeier

    Five Stars
    Perfect blend

  511. Uvonne T. Gooch

    Five Stars
    Awesome flavor

  512. MaxPayne

    This stuff is no joke!!!
    This stuff is no joke. The other bad reviews here have to be bullsh!t. If you put even the faintest whiff of powder on your tongue you will regret it until you build your tolerance up with this stuff. I do a hot wing challenge with this powder and Franks Red Hot and a couple of guys threw up after eating a couple wings and some other guys swore they would never touch this again. This is the real deal. If you eat too much of this stuff in one sitting it will upset your stomach badly and you will regret it the next day on the way out!!

  513. Jeremiah Kern

    Very good. A little goes a long way

  514. DrDuran

    Yumm Drumm City!
    This is one of my favorite powders ever! Not only is the flavor yumm drumm city but if you disrespect it, you will get smacked in the face. If you’re careful with this powder there will only be happiness. If you don’t, it will beat you down like an old chimp on Sunday morning!

  515. Lenard Bernhard

    Nice heat ! I would suggest that people be careful using this stuff, it”s really easy to use too much as the bottle has lots of larger holes to pour it from.

  516. Josh Marcero

    This is the real deal!
    I love trying hot spices, and I was skeptical, but this powder is extremely potent. It is among the hottest, if not the hottest, I have come across. Worth the money. A little goes a LONG way

  517. Michael Ashley

    Powdered teargas
    A few shakes of this in the air while cooking and everyone in the building knows you are cooking something spicy. My neighbors thought I opened a can of teargas. The chili I made was awesome.

  518. Zois

    Hot but super tasty.
    Great price and hot. This pepper tastes amazing. I like it as much as the ghost pepper!

  519. Jack Hornbeck

    If you like it VERY hot. Buy it.
    I used to complain about not getting my moneys worth when buying hot sauce or ground peppers, not any more. I still have two thirds of a bottle left. I will absolutely buy another one again. I love it. 🙂

  520. Edwin

    It’s good!
    This product is good. Lil bit goes a long way

  521. clay

    Wicked hot!
    Hell in a bottle should be the name of this stuff.

  522. kickn

    Awesome powder. I use a dash in a large bowl of chili and it leaves a nice light burn.

  523. Anonymous

    Awesome powder
    It has the heat without ruining the taste of my meals compared to liquid hot sauces that has weeds like flavor

  524. nathan

    A little goes a long way!

  525. Matthew White

    Super hot
    I used about 2/8th tsp on my egg sandwich I made and my mouth was on fire. Definitely will buy more

  526. Burrito the Night Wolf

    Tasty but disappointingly mild
    First off, this powder does taste nice. It has a faint smokiness and doesn’t taste as bitter as some cheap store brand cayenne powders, it tastes fresh. Of course, I was looking for something with far more heat… so… yeah. This powder really is not that hot. I regularly eat ghost pepper sauces and other very hot pepper products, so my tolerance may be higher than the average consumer, but honestly guys this in no way extremely hot. I found I was able to put a generous dusting of it all over my food, and while it gives a nice building warmth in the mouth that will get hot if you dump a whole bunch on, don’t think that a tiny pinch is going to set you over the edge. So, while I do very much like the taste and warm heat it brings, I believe it is much over hyped for how hot it is.

  527. Josh Staton

    Great! Hot! Safe!
    Was super hot and burned skin on contact. Don’t worry, it is edible and won’t kill your stomach, only your mouth. Great product. Will buy again.

  528. ZombiePartz

    Not as hot as some Reaper powders in the market, but was okay for the price

  529. Brian Powell

    Five Stars

  530. The Wayne Brady Effect

    I’ve had this stuff for a while now.. man.. I throw this in everything. A dash in mac and cheese, a tablespoon in my chili, a little on tuna, throw it in rice.. possibilities endless. My next review will be on Pepto Bismol.


  531. Steven Uliasz

    Five Stars
    Love it.

  532. AC

    It would be cheaper to light a pack of matches in your mouth and wash it down with gasoline but won’t be nearly as hot and tasty as this.

  533. Liggitty

    Five Stars
    Good stuff. I put it on almost everything.

  534. Dr. Dan Meyers

    Please have mercy . . .
    I don’t know what the people who are giving negative and “it’s not hot” reviews are talking about. They certainly didn’t get this powder. This stuff is the REAL DEAL. It will knock your socks off. I handle scotch bonnet and habs without major problems. I’m in discomfort with two drops of Ghost but i manage. Upon receiving, I carefully opened container (it’s a flimsy plastic shaker) and dipped my pinky into this stuff picking up a few grains. My mouth and throat were on fire. So very wonderful and just what I wanted. Also a huge value as you get a honking container for $12. Much better than the value of CR hot sauce which has garlic, vinegar and spices that I can add myself, thank you. For all you “It’s not hot” reviewers, please oh please update your review with a video post of you putting just 1/4 teaspoon in your mouth. Show us all how unhot it is!

  535. John

    not as spicy as it’s supposed to be
    i bought this expecting to add powder of the spiciest pepper in the world to my collection, but after using it for a month i realize why it’s so cheap and in such a big container (compared to other pepper vendors). the heat just isn’t there.

    even when you use a bunch it doesn’t come close to being as hot as my Volcanic Peppers Scorpion Dust Powder 0.75 Ounces which i purchased 4 years ago and still have some left in the container. unlike this (carolina pepper powder), you actually don’t have to use a lot for it to be hot. (even using a ton of this carolina powder, it doesn’t get as hot as the scorpion powder is with way less)

    if you’re looking for “”the spiciest pepper in the world”” powder, do not buy this brand. it’s not hot.

    t’s still tasty though.

  536. Dan

    Good Value
    Good price for what you get. Not as hot the the reapers I grow in my garden, but I can’t grow enough to last me through the off season. Have and will continue to buy again.

  537. no

    Very misleading and disappointing
    It was loaded with mild pepper filler and is completely worthless if you bought this to be Carolina reaper powder and nothing else. I eat jalapeños that are stronger than this. The amount you have to use is an insult to chefs that want to add exactly what they want to add and nothing else. It’s a cheap mild spice blend and dishonest marketing. The chili powder tastes like 90% of the mix.

  538. Kindle Customer

    Not the hottest
    No where near as hot as the magic plant brand. If you want the hottest get the one from magic plant. You don’t get as much but it is better quality.

  539. Ryan Mathis

    Great taste with some heat.
    Received the product ahead of schedule, Amazon said it wouldn’t be received until possibly one additional day to 4 days later. The product was received as described and completely sealed and safe. The powder taste good and does leave a burning sensation in and around the mouth, although I was expecting a little more heat. I will note that the powder is hotter than any of the other seasonings I have. I eat habaneros on the regular so I know my heat tolerance is fairly high, so to others it may be very hot. All in all I am happy with my purchase. The only way I could be happier is if it was a little cheaper.

  540. Nedwons

    Hottest heat and best burn around
    Originally received a pack of dried Carolina reapers by accident, but the seller was quick to send me the correct powder soon thereafter. This stuff is magnificent and packs the best heat I’ve ever experienced.

  541. Charles M

    Love the flavor, great heat!
    Update: Second bottle much hotter. Intense red pepper flavor and smell. More heat too. First bottle a bit of a disappointment. While good, wasn’t as hot and had a smoky flavor. If habaneros are hot to you stay away.

  542. john

    Five Stars
    If you like some heat this is good.

  543. Blake Blong

    Five Stars
    Came quicker than expected and is very spicy. Solid buy!

  544. John Weedmark

    Five Stars

  545. Patrick D

    Reapers are one of the best tasting super hot peppers IMO, and that carries over to dry/powdered form. It’s one of my favorite choices for adding heat to food. Hot sauces are great and all, but a lot of them only pair well with a limited set of foods — this stuff is much more versatile than a typical sauce.

    … and the price is significantly lower than some other brands, while the product itself is indistinguishable.

  546. Brian D.

    Five Stars

  547. Keith Levkoff

    Five Stars
    Just as described – now to work up the nerve to try it 🙂

  548. Anonymous

    Four Stars
    I like it

  549. Falconite

    Five Stars
    Use just what you need. Just what I was looking for.

  550. Isaac Elllis

    They are not lying this pepper is wicked hot.
    It’s taste last with the heat I will buy it again.

  551. D. Martin

    Five Stars

  552. GarlicSlap

    Carolina Reaper – Hot
    Pretty darn hot – good flavor – sprinkle on everything

  553. TGB Family

    Great will buy again
    Great for people into the highest tier of spicy food……. it also works great for keeping people out of my salsa in the work fridge. it’s a hoot to watch people try it for the first time, starts out fairly spicy…..then it builds……. Oh Lord DOES IT BUILD……..

  554. Jeff

    Some like it HOTT
    Awesome spice!! This is HOTT. I like it a lot. Great punch for great value.

  555. Protean Verve

    LOVE /// HATE
    UGH. I love the flavor of this super fragrant powder. I love the heat too, it’s the first chili that’s given me a head rush. Upon eating a TINY quantity I can feel the blood rush to head, and sweat start up in my scalp. It’s not a sharp green acid searing hot like a Thai chili, it’s a round, very warming wall of smoky dried fruit kind of burn.

    So why the Ugh? This is the first “hot” thing to f*** me up. I got a little too carried away one day, and added too much to my food (Jalapeno Cheetos). All tolled, I probably ingested about an <1/8 teaspoon. I had a hard time breathing due to it generating what my GP thinks is a stomach ulcer. Have the calcium carbonate ready. An interesting side note, the morning after (if you know what I mean) is really not too bad. Hab and Jolokia powders give me a much rougher time on the bowl.

    This is awesome. Hot, tasty, powdered death in bottle. If you like hotter than hot, with tons of character, this is it, but seriously, creep up on the quantity you're ingesting, don't get crazy. Don't aerosolize it. Wear gloves where practical. DON'T GET IT anywhere near anything on your body but your mouth. For god sake keep it away from un-attended kids.

    I definitely recommend this if you or someone you love is into absurdly spicy stuff.

  556. Neuro

    Great Price for Fantastic Carolina Reaper Chili Seasoning!
    Fantastic Reaper Chili Seasoning. Excellent flavor and heat. Much cheaper than any Carolina Reaper Seasonings I have been able to find and you get a large bottle of it. I highly recommend this seasoning!

  557. E Romero

    Best ever…
    Wow!!! This powder is HOTT…with a good taste. I’m a chili head and this is the hottest yet. Maybe the other reviews got a bad bottle or they are just unhappy with life. Highly recommended and great value.

  558. Glen Eckinger

    One Star
    did not get what I paid for and ordered

  559. Jared

    My friends and I had burning tacos from hell. Your toilet trip will be to visit the devil himself.
    Edit: 2019, years after I originally bought the powder, and it’s still strong. I have about 1/5th left. I can’t describe the hilarious stories and experiences I’ve had with people not taking the powder seriously and eating it pure with me. They all sob and fall to the ground in pain, always in disbelief. You disrespect the Reaper, it will disrespect you.
    This is by far the most bang for my buck I have ever gotten in a purchase.

    I was very skeptical about getting very much hotness from 13 dollars of powder. I spent hours and hours looking for pure reaper powder or liquid. liquid is ridiculous because you only get like 40ml worth. The bottle here is decent sized and will last me for a long long time.

    To the hotness though. I got my buddy over to my house to make tacos for lunch. My brother happened to be home and so he joined in. I suggested using my carolina reaper powder that had just arrived and explained how it was supposed to be the hottest pepper in the world yada yada, we are men, we can take the pain…
    Holy crap. We poured a lot of powder onto our tacos and ate them. No milk, no cold ice. We stood there for probably 15-20 minutes sweating, and spitting fire hot saliva(magma), while having each word spoken feel like breaths of hot fire. My brother was leaned over the sink and the blood rush to his head form the heat caused a nosebleed. we were all honestly tearing up because it felt like our mouths were on fire. Once it went down, my guts were turning all day and we decided to eat some ice cream.

    The next day was pretty bad. My buddy called and told me that he has the red ring of fire in the bathroom. soon after I had to use the toilet and sure enough my butt was flaming hot and I was hoping for it to just be over. Fortunately it only lasts around 2 minutes when it comes out the other end.

    In the end I decided to never use this again. Lol… no. I actually put small (way smaller than before) amounts on most of my cooked foods to add some spice. I love that only a tiny amount goes a long long way. 13 bucks is an amazing price for the kick you get. 5/5. so worth it.

  560. Mary H. Gilbert

    Five Stars

  561. Bruce Wilkinson

    Good heat
    Good heat, flavor a little strange.

  562. B. t. Nielsen

    Five Stars
    Literally the hottest chili powder out there. man this stuff goes a long way

  563. Anthony

    Not for the timid.
    I like the dry peppers better because you can control the amount of heat you want desired. Whenever I try to use the liquid form of this pepper I put way more then I wanted. With powder if its not hot enough you can always set it on the table and have others or myself sprinkle on their on accord.

  564. clay wilson

    Good and hot

  565. E Penders

    Five Stars
    great for a hot wings party. and you don’t feel this stuff as much the next day.

  566. Jason

    Sweet smokey lava
    Very good flavor heat is as advertised beyond hot

  567. Johnnie West

    One Star
    it was not very spicy and had a nasty taste to it

  568. scott bearden

    As hot as it gets
    If you love heat, you are not going to find anything on the market hotter than this. A little goes a looooooong way. I like to sprinkle a little on my food and it lives up to all of my hopes. Ghost peppers are hot, but I can handle them in sauces. Same thing with Trinidad Scorpion peppers but a lot of those approach the caution side for me. This product is right there in the red zone. I don’t know if I would want anything hotter. I love the flavor and heat it has. And this company gives you way more powder for a heck of a lot less than several competitors. I was worried that it may have been cut with a lesser hot pepper but my unscientific taste buds say this is the real deal. It is easily twice as hot as ghost peppers in my opinion. Use with caution. Don’t spill it or get it airborne. It is not for the faint of heart.

  569. Happy Camper

    Attention heat seekers
    I love hot peppers, and this powder packs a mighty punch. I know I can always give myself a fiery wake me up whenever I feel like it now.

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